Album Review: “Notorious” by Adelitas Way

21767958_10154764120570966_6708122785896192437_nBack in 2014, I was recommended the Las Vegas native band Adelitas Way from a friend, she told me that I would love the crap out of their music, but unbeknownst to her I had already started hearing their music on one of my music channels on my TV but it was nice for somebody else to send you new music. That’s one of my favorite things about music is that you can send people either a couple different singles or a whole album to a person and you see whether or not they liked it. Sometimes they don’t always appericate the same music choices but it is nice when they surprise you and they end up loving it in the end!

The band consists of Rick DeJesus on lead vocals, Tre Stafford on drums and Andrew Cushing on bass. Unfortunately, I don’t like every single or album that Adelitas Way has released but I’ve been a little pumped for the newest album, Notorious that was released last month. I’m a bit behind on my album reviews and have collected about four others that I need to make a jump on, but I wanted to do this one first!

The album starts with the title track that was released earlier this year and I’ve been loving it! Everytime it comes on, it makes me so happy! I love the powerful and almost motivational tone and way of the lyrics. I feel like if this was out when I was in school, this would probably be my anthem! Technically, it works now as an adult because I am notorious for certain things. My feet are kind of legendary so I’m mainly notorious for having great foot writing amongst other things too. Anyways, it’s a great song! The second track is “Ready For War (Pray For Peace” and I love this song, I’m in the middle of doing NaNoWriMo so this goes with that and what kind of story I’m writing too! I like the fact that the lyrics are so meaty, but yet the music itself is kind of low. It’s not too heavy and powerful, they’re allowing the lyrics do that instead.

Third is “Trapped” and I really liked the low, bass-y sound it opens to. As much as I love drummers, bass guitarists are pretty rad too! I love Rick too, he can create some good songs and I love the story telling in this one. You can see everything unfolding with each verse. It also has a good meaning too, nobody wants to go back where they feel trapped. I definitely don’t want to either! Next song is “Tell Me” and this was released as a single back in December and I kind of forgot about it. Oops! I do love that though, it’s a nice “ballad” it’s slow, but it’s still upbeat musically so I don’t necessarily know how to categorize it. I also think it’s a very sweet too. So maybe that’s another reason why I want to count it as a ballad too.

We have “I Want You” now and I was torn between wanting it to be dirty but yet sweet too. It was literally split right down the middle of how I figured it would go! Once the beat kicked in, I knew it was going to be dirty rock song that I have a love and hate relationship with, but I do love it! Despite the fact that it has a nasty undertone, the music alone is amazing! I’m kind of glad it ended up like this instead. Sixth song is “You’re Not The Holy One” and once I saw the title, I was really intriguted! I love these types of songs that could have a religious vibe to it, I think they’re interesting! I thought the song as a whole was freaking cool! It kind of has this acoustic sound to it at first before it explodes to the chorus and you can hear the full band together. I also love the orchestra in the background, it gives it a bit of an edge to it. I think it could be a favorite of mine!

These are the last three songs of the album. Yup, the whole thing is only nine tracks but they’re all so good that you kind of don’t care until you realize that there’s only nine. They do have four other albums you can look into afterwards though!

Seventh track is “Real World” and I listened to it with headphones and I loved being able to clearly hear the subtle bass in the background. It’s another fast tempo song. It’s good, but it’s not one of my favorites though. After we have “This Goes Out To You” and I feel like I’ve heard this one before, it could’ve been played on the radio but it’s slower. Remember how I said the other one was a “ballad” this one is definitely a ballad. It could be a great wedding song actually! Question, has Adelitas Way released this song already or is it just me losing it? I swore this has a more upbeat version too? Send me a comment to set me straight please! The last song is called “Vibes” and I had some good vibes when it started, kind of dirty but dreamy at the same time. It’s another good one!

The album is a whole is good, really good! It’s been a while that I’ve actually heard a full album by these guys and you’re probably thinking I only wanted to review this because it was so short. I mean, I’m not going to lie, it was one of the reasons but I do enjoy listening to the band and their music so bottom line, that was my main reason for writing this review!

Are you a fan of Adelitas Way? Have you heard of Notorious yet? Or have a favorite album? Let me know!


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Vegas | Confetti


Hey guys,

Well, we have come down to the last post of Blondie and Brandon’s adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada! I didn’t mean for there to be such a gap in between the second post and this one, but I had no room for it last week. Sorry!

You probably think that since this will be the last post and I am going to take a break from talking about my sister and future brother-in-law for a while? That is not the case! I actually have one other post that kind of goes with these adventure posts, but it’s more like the Taylor Swift concert post I published last year! Keep your eyes out on that one next week!

Right now, we gotta get down to business. As you probably saw in the “Hail Caesar” post that it was very photo heavy, this one will not be that way as they didn’t really do much on that last full day they were there. They did attend one more party tour around, Unfortunately, I don’t (and neither did she!) know what building they stood on top of to get these beautiful pictures! I just thought it was cool that you could see the tall Harley Davidson sign in the background of the photo of all of them blowing confetti out of their hands. Correction: They were in the Fountain Room at the Manadalay Boy!

After the hell they endured driving to Vegas, they didn’t necessarily take as many breaks throughout their journey home to take some more pictures, but once you cross the Indiana border, there really isn’t much to look at unfortunately! They did take Allen home and picked up Chipper, who was staying at a friend of Brandon’s. Once at home, they went back to life in their apartment with their five fur babies!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them throughout the last two months! Onto the next adventure I say! 🙂


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Vegas | Hail Caesar!



So last week, we got to read the first installment of the Vegas series; how did you like it? That’s kind of a stupid question to ask considering if you didn’t like it. Oh well…

The night they got in, as you saw in the first post they went out walking around their hotel. So technically it was their first “day” in Las Vegas, they went on different tours around and saw some of the popular landmarks like Caesar’s Palace and MGM. I have a dumb question, what building does that roller coaster connect to? It looks a little weird! Out of everything my sister takes a picture of in her time in Vegas and that’s the one thing I think is weird. I know the strip just memorizes you by all the neon lights but the beauty of the place is best seen in the sunlight I think. She took great pictures of the skyscrapers and of their hotel or castle, whatever you want to call it!

That night after they decided to get to Caesar’s Palace for dinner it seemed like, I never got to ask if they just went inside the place or ate there. As I was busy going through Blondie’s pictures, this little title just came right at me and I just had to go with my gut and use it! She took papaw’s key chain in there too, so he got to see the inside of the building. Afterwards, they went out to Tao. It was a free night there so they got to enjoy themselves in a popular and sometimes celebrity filled place! She told my mom she didn’t see anybody. If anybody is wondering what Blondie is wearing, it’s a sleeveless playsuit she found at Charlotte Russe! She looked hot, I’ll give her that! And Brandon looked pretty good too! I can’t forget about him, he’ll never forgive me!


After they began the rest of the party tours around and the next night, Brandon and Blondie had a date night at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.. This time they wore casual outfits, she wore a dress, it was black with white polka dots all over, but I don’t know what happened to that picture! Anyways,  she ended up getting more night pictures and this time getting more of the area, they almost look aerial!

The next day, they spend it at Marquee at Cosmopolitan, I’m thinking this is like an outdoor party/club. She took video and it was nothing but half naked bodies wooting and hollering with their drinks high in the sky. The ladies of the trip, spent the time in the actual pool enjoying the cool of the water and music nearby. That’s all I can share for now! I’ll try to include more in the next one, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!


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Vegas | On The Road Again…



So I am finally starting on the Las Vegas blog posts! HOORAY! Now I should probably say this flat-out that I did not go, my sister and her fiancée went there with a group of his friends as a birthday celebration (of course!) and I get the joy of talking about almost everything of their trip!

Last year, they went to Hawaii for a week and my sister had so many pictures and information about it, that those posts required a few days in between them. This time, despite being there for the same amount of time, the quantity of photos are a little less. Blondie and Brandon and his friend Allen left for their very long drive to Las Vegas the day after my papaw’s birthday! And since we went looking through different stuff of my papaw’s, my sister found this gold key chain of a train and she ended up taking it along as if papaw was really with them!

One of the differences from their time in Hawaii is that instead of flying there, they decided to drive… Guess whose idea this was? My sister! According to my mom’s friend she said that if you take the Red-Eye from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, it costs about $39! After getting through Kansas, everybody realized how BAD of an idea it was to drive! However, they did get some pretty interesting photos of the different places in the five states they went through. From seeing snow on top of mountains in Colorado to nothing but dry heat and desert in Utah and Nevada!

It took them about two or three and a half days to get to their destination! They stopped through Denver, Colorado for a night and went back on the road again but stopped while in Green River, Utah and took some amazing pictures. In some of them below, you almost get the feel they just pulled over and got out to stretch their legs a bit! Whatever the reason, the views were pretty cool! After all that driving they finally made it to their hotel. Blondie said on a photo that Brandon treats her like a princess that they were staying in a castle, and by the pictures she wasn’t kidding! They stayed at the Excalibur!

I think that’s all I’m going to talk about for today! Next week, I’ll go into more details of what they did even though they were broke before they’re first day there! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Have you went to Las Vegas? What is better flying there or driving and seeing all these different environments? 

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REVIEW | Noisey

Hey guys,

We’re back for another review day and I’m still technically talking about music! Back in mid-February I was watching a lot of History Channel 2 because they still aired the historical shows, like Cities Of The Underworld, America Unearthed, and Ancient Aliens. As the month was starting to end though, I kept seeing these promos for a new channel called Viceland and I wouldn’t see them on any other channel except this one. I actually liked the commercials of the different shows they’d be airing once March came, but I  slowly realized that it meant they’d be removing my favorite channel in the process.

I started watching Gayaction which is where Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel go to different countries exploring how each country deals with the LGBT community. I watched it for maybe four weeks and I have to say, I liked it. I thought it was pretty interesting but I stopped and haven’t watched again. The other show I basically fell in love through its promos was Noisey and this was a music based documentary show that aired on Tuesday, I watched it religiously every week learning about the stories of the music and the artists behind it. The one thing I wasn’t really interested in (at first!) was the fact they mostly talked about rap music. I’m not really into that genre anymore but I was so into the show that I didn’t really care!

I think my favorite episodes were when host Zach Goldhaum and his crew went to London, Miami, Detroit and Las Vegas (mostly because it was about the electronic dance music scene), I think I learned a lot about the music, the people, and violence behind it. It was very educational in a lot of ways! I actually used an artist from the London into my Tune Tuesday post about England coming in a couple of weeks! I really want another season and maybe they’ll go to other places and discuss other genres like rock and heavy metal. I really wish they’d go to Amsterdam!

Have you been watching Viceland at all? What are your favorite new shows? Did you like “Noisey” and what did you like or not like about it?