Song Review: “The House Of Shame” by Lacuna Coil

So on Friday, we finally got to hear this first single off of Lacuna Coil’s album Delirium  and I have to say, I’ve been keeping up with the band’s production process since late last year. And the fact that I’m even excited about this new album is a little interesting considered I didn’t care very much for Broken Crown Halo. When I saw the lyric video popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook, I actually didn’t click on it I just switched onto my Spotify and pulled it up on there instead!

Let me just say, I am in love with this song already!

The track is called “The House Of Shame” and I kind of figured the theme would be a very schizophrenic throughout the whole album, at least I’m hoping it will be! I might be a little disappointed considering the song kind of supports my theory. From the time it starts, you get that eerie feeling with a slow intro but then immediately it switches and gets heavy as crap and Andrea does this scream or roar whichever you want to call it! It has that signature Lacuna Coil sound of the guitars – I really love gothic metal music! Cristina has posted on her official fan page on Facebook that she was doing a lot with her voice in this record and we got a snippet of the power in the choruses. It’s very good! It literally could become my favorite song of the month no joke! It’s that bad ass!

The new album releases on May 27th!

What do you think of Lacuna Coil’s new track, “The House Of Shame?” Are you excited for the new album?

Album Review: Lacuna Coil’s “Dark Adrenaline”

Finally, after two days I’ve found the tracks to Lacuna Coil’s new album, Dark Adrenaline. It was released on Monday in Europe and yesterday for USA. I’ve been on a Lacuna kick for the past two days. Trying to find tracks online. Went on YouTube Tuesday hoping maybe somebody from overseas would post something, all I found was their song, “Intoxicated” which is on the new album, so I was pretty happy about because I liked that song a lot. Besides YouTube, I went their website and SoundCloud. Didn’t find anything else. Today, I went to listen to the song again and found the other tracks.

It’s a pretty good album. They did a remake of R.E.M. “Losing My Religion” and I’m not a fan of them, but I have heard a few covers of the song and I think everybody’s sound horrible against this one. Besides that song, I had a couple more I really liked. Their first single, “Trip The Darkness” of course is a favorite, but so is “Kill The Lights,” “Intoxicated,” My Spirit,” and “Give Me Something More.” Those songs were absoluately brillant!

I know I’ve probably annoyed my Twitter followers all afternoon with sharing the songs on my Twitter page. But I only shared the ones I liked, wheren’t very many. I could have just shared them all, but I didn’t. I was very tempted I will say. I think everybody should listen to the album. It’s definitely worth it. I love the band a lot. They’re very awesome at what they do! Hopefully one of these days, I’ll get to see them live. They’re on my very long list of acts I’d like to see one day in concert.

Trip The Darkness

Hello, it just turned noon here. I’m still sick, but the nose isn’t that bad today. I still sound like I’m talking from my nose though. But no pain in my throat or chest, I actually haven’t had much pain in neither one of those areas since Sunday so that’s good I guess. Despite my sickness, yesterday was one of my depressed days. I hate those. Especially when I’m sick. They don’t help me whatsoever but however you can hide it better when you’re sick. They think your eyes are just watering from the cough or sinus pressure. I can’t cry when I’m sick. If I was to do that I’d be gagging a lot and coughing and that’s not fun for me to do, because it always leads to something disgusting. So it’s not really worth it. I hate taking the medicine. One piece that I’m actually starting to like is the nose thingy. You stick up your nose and spray that stuff away. It’s got a really bad aftertaste but works wonders.

I got lots of sleep last night and this morning. I remember waking at 9am and noticing I was cold and I went to fix my blanket and when I did I looked over at the clock, and thought it’s too early, I’m going back to bed. There’s not many times where I will say that and actually do it. I went back to sleep and woke myself at 11:30am. I’m pretty proud of myself. I woke up to wanting to listen Lacey of Flyleaf’s song “Heavy Prey,” Lacuna Coil and In This Moment. (Trip The Darkness just came on!) Apparently I’m not over my metal mood today. Can you blame me though? It’s the best way to release anger I will say that. I’ll probably be on YouTube all day again. Especially since Lacuna Coil’s album gets released today. My day just got better for me didn’t it?

Sisters Of The Light

I listen to a lot of music. Something you can always picture me buying is rock music. We know this already, but I’m not just an “all male band” lover. I love when the girls can get ugly in people’s faces just as much as the guys and yet look and sound beautifully. Since 2009, when I officially got into rock music, I got introduced to Flyleaf and Paramore. Both bands were off the hook, but something I liked with both bands. Besides Hayley’s hair, she really had some pair of lungs on her and the lead singer of Flyleaf, Lacey can scream like the rest of these guys. Except the difference with the females is the octaves they bring and they sound less freighting. Until one day, I had the guts to listen to Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil is in the genre of rock music that I really love, which is Symphonic Rock. Which takes classical instruments and heavy guitar riffs and drums and puts them together. I love how it sounds. When I first heard about what the genre was called, I went looking for even more bands and I was pleased with what I found.

Lacuna Coil, was one of the first bands I got interested. I had just started to listen to Sirius XM Octane and they had been playing a few songs from them like, “Spellbound” and “I Won’t Tell You” and after I heard these two I instantly become hooked to them. At that time, I was still using Playlist. I looked up even more songs by them, and found out they had been around for a while. Which made me feel bad since I discovered on them so late, but it’s what I’m known for actually. After them, I started listening to Evansecence and Flyleaf even more. Then my heart said, look up more bands. I did. I found Nightwish, Within Temptation, In This Moment, and Xandria. There were a few others but those just didn’t seem to click with me. These bands definitely won me over. Out of all of them, In This Moment is probably my second favorite after Lacuna Coil. Maria has some lungs, she doesn’t even sound human, but it works. She’s such a good screamer, I love her in the song, “The Promise” I am seriously addicted to that song. I’m listening to another one of their songs and she just did a big scream. Ahh! I love it!

Here’s some of my favorite songs from all these bands I’ve listed. Hope you enjoy! ❤