Top 10 Sexiest Females

Well around 7:30 or close to 8pm yesterday, a new trend popped up on Twitter. This time is was “10 Sexiest Females.” I knew the boys were getting jealous. As soon as I saw it, I had to list mine and surprisingly I only had one mistake. I put the wrong girl for #10. The one I listed is hot, not sexy enough for me. Well, I don’t know. I listed Adriana Lima on my Twitter as #10 and I don’t really want to make her 11 because I don’t think I have anymore women that are sexy. I think I could think of some more though while I’m listing the rest of them.

  1. Hayden Panettiere
  2. Nikki Reed
  3. Hayley Williams
  4. Demi Lovato
  5. Christina Aguilera
  6. Mila Kunis
  7. Lacey Schwimmer
  8. Kat Von D
  9. Nina Dobrev
  10. Megan Fox

I’ll Probably Never Get A Tweet Back.

I’m not afraid to admit it but I am a Twitter whore and I’m proud to say this. I’ve been on Twitter for literally four years. I’ve had five accounts. Deleted two of the a couple days after making them because one was just not fun and the second was a diseaster in the making and I should have never made it, but you have to learn a lesson somehow. I definitely did because after I deleted that one I had to delete my first account on Twitter for my actions. I don’t exactly regret what I did, because I was having fun and then I snapped back out of it. I can do that without being judged but not on Twitter apparently.

Two hours after deleting the original account I immediately made another one. I am totally in love with the fact that I can just pretty well explode all my feelings on there on whatever subject I want and not be judged on how I do things. A lot different than Facebook. Since the first day of using Twitter, I made a vow to myself. Don’t tweet your favorite celebs like crazy, they alrealy have fans who do that on a daily basis. I wasn’t going to be tha kind of person and I think that’s where my mature side started to bloom. I’ve tweeted a few people, but I always expect them not to tweet me back. Especially if they have over 100,000 followers sending them tweets at the exact same as me. Sonetimes it’s just not worth it.

Even though I made this vow to myself, I do tweet certain people. I’m a nice person, I’m not as crazy as some who will act like a big shot afterwards. They’re just people. They’re just in higher ground than you. However you do have a right to be excited. My sister got her first tweet back by a celebrity. She tweeted to her favorite cover singer Stephen Jerzak, that he’s cover of a song he did was his best yet. He RT-ed it and said “thank you.” I was sitting up and mom was in my room with me and dad was in the living room. Out of nowhere, I heard a mini scream and feet stomping on the kitchen floor. She went into the living room first to tell Dad. Then mom and I she was SOOOO excited.

While she’s only had one, I’ve had around three. One of the three has tweeted me a few times besides just once. All of the times, I didn’t expect them to tweet me back. I’ve tweeted Josie Stevens, Talinda Bennington, and Lacey Schwimmer of Dancing With The Stars. I’ll explain Lacey’s a little better. Last night Lacey had a Twitter Q&A and she had answered a few questions and I had send her two, I didn’t mean too I just did. I didn’t think she’d answer back so I went on what I was doing. I checked my mentions one last time and there it was, half of my question with an answer and picture. I was stunned and it was midnight on the East Coast and my mom was already in bed so I was a little bummed I had no one to tell so I posted it on my Facebook. Knowing if she woke up in the middle of the night and saw it she’d be very happy and jealous. She loves Lacey too. Sorry mom!

The Road to the Finals.

So last night was a new episode of Dancing With The Stars, and the first couple that went was Rob Kardashian and his pro dance partner Cheryl Burke. They had the Quickstep and for their instant dance they had was the Jive. They did an awesome Quickstep as their first dance of the night. Cheryl has never done a instant dance before so they did ths for the first time.

Even though they did really good in both dances. Somebody came back from having an off week last week. J.R. and Karina were almost at the bottom of the leader board last week and this week they got back on top. They had a perfect score for both of their dances. They had the Waltz and the Jive. Ricki and Derek also had the Waltz and the Jive as well and were flawless, despite what the judges said about their instant dance. Carrie-Ann said Ricki looked like she was in and out of choreography a couple of times.

Hope and Maks were good last night. They decided to restart their whole thing. Since they are infamous of having the intense rehearsals. I don’t remember what overall they got last night, but I know they got a 9 in one of their dances. At the end of the Jive last night they were doing a move and the music stopped and they kept on going. Nancy and Tristan had a good first dance. The second was horrible. Len said, “it was like she was Cinderella at the ball and it had struck midnight and it was her time to go.” First off, uncalled for. Gotta say that thank God Tristan’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut unlike Maks.

Throughout last night’s episode I kept waiting for David and Kym to go on and dance and then realized it wasn’t going to happen. Lacey Scwimmer is dancing tonight, she dyed her hair pink and blue. So I don’t know if it’s permant or not but I’ll be on the lookout for her. It’s the results tonight and I have to update my mom on what goes on, but I didn’t tell her much about last night’s until she got home. Might do that if she doesn’t text me five times beforeheand.

The Insprinig Couple on DWTS: @LaceySchwimmer & @ChazBono

So it’s Wednesday, and last night’s elimination was a sad one and opened a can of worms. Right after Dancing With The Stars were over I got offline and I didn’t see the other half of the drama that happened during Monday’s show. Chaz and Lacey apparently didn’t like the judges comments, mostly it was Bruno’s comments calling them “animals.” I’m sorry, but that is just mean! Both have done good for the past what six weeks into this competition. I understand the judges are there for to give things to work on, that’s fine, but what Bruno said was out of line.

I have to give Chaz credit. At the beginning of the show, he battles an injury on his knee which played a part for two weeks. He also battles all the criticism from all different kinds of people before the show even started. Nobody thought he would go as far as he did. He showed everybody. His fans kept them in the competition. Despite what the judges thought, Chaz and Lacey were amazing and I was glad to see them dance this season. There will not be another person like Chaz on Dancing With The Stars with as much as much heart and courage.