EP Review: “New World: Part 1” by Krewella

18921687_1470247963034588_4553843728616117241_nJune 8th was a BIG day for the ladies of Krewella! They released their new EP called “New World” which had part 1 right next to it, which means we’ll probably be getting another one either sometime later this year or early 2018. They released an EP last year called “Ammunition” that I had a lot of fun reviewing considering I had no Spotify whatsoever. They put up their songs on their YouTube/Vevo account, which is what they did for the seven songs included in this sucker!

Jahan and Yasmin released one of these songs earlier this year, “Team” and the second single “Be There” went out last month, but I will go in order of the setlist and review them that way! Krewella generally does house, dubstep, techno, & drum and bass! They’re also known to be very personal in their lyrics and if you didn’t know both girls also lend their voices onto the tracks.

We begin with “Calm Down” and it was the first one I found on YouTube when I got online that evening! Jahan and Yasmin are kind of known for being very vocal and go heavy in their beats. They definitely don’t “pussy out” of their music or personalities and I love that and I feel like that this one represents that as a whole! It does have some soft moments but I actually like that, it gives the listener a break from the hard and increasing beat you hear throughout, I’ve already fallen in love with it. Second is “TH2C” which means “too high to care” if anybody wanted to know, and this has an exotic sound to it, sort of has a Japanese flare to it in the introduction. At least, that’s what I heard! It definitely has a pop sound, but it’s a fun one so I like it.

Next is “Fortune” that features Diskord, if you heard their last EP the first track “Beggars” also features Diskord on the track, so I’m liking to see that friendship go on into this EP as well! Sadly, I’ve still not heard of their music so I feel bad! This one is pretty chill, the tempo is slower but towards the end of the choruses and the girl’s voices become distorted the sound just sort of changes, but I think it could be the perfect summer anthem! “Love Outta Me” was a song that was released the week before, I hadn’t even heard it until like the day before this EP came out. This one gives me more of a house vibe, but it’s still pretty upbeat. I like it.

The next two songs were the ones that were released as promos. “Team” came out in December? I’m pretty sure around that time. All I remember that it was really cold outside when I heard it on the radio. It’s pretty catchy and almost sounds more pop-y, but I really the bass drop. I think this was our warning that something else was coming! I just didn’t think they’d release a new EP! After that is “Be There” and they just put out the music video of this track, I hadn’t heard it before I watched the video but I really enjoy it! I also loved seeing Jahan and Yasmin in those home videos and the road trips they’re family seemed to take a lot growing up. I also love that it could be a song for the two of them since they’re sisters! The last is “Parachute” and I will say when I heard this, I didn’t exactly like it as much. I was worried because it was like the second song I heard on YouTube after I realized they had released a selection of songs together. My in initial thought of it remains, it definitely has a pop-y sound to it, but it’s very soft and chill, more like a house track. It’s not bad for the second time around.

One thing I always like when Krewella release these EPs is that they’re always so experimental. Music is about evolution and the ladies stick to that motto and I love that! I think “New World” is a good title for this selection of songs since they all have a different flavor. Some have exotic sounds and pop-y vibes. I like this route and all I want now is more! I want to know what kind of sounds we can hear in part two! We’ll just wait out until they’re ready!

Have you heard of Krewella’s new extended play, “New World: Part 1”? What did you like or dislike about it!

EP Review: “Ammunition” by Krewella

13221461_1119630148096373_4165583992012679877_nI’m so excited that I get to do a new review! Now you’re wondering how I’m even doing this review, well let’s say I’ve never been so happy for YouTube in my life!

Krewella is a group that has had some rocky times over the past two or three years, but they’re still touring and released a few singles here and there so I mean they haven’t disappeared as much as their haters wish.  I love Krewella, but I am a supporter of female in music. I think Jahan and Yasmine have gotten a bad reputation from some punks and nobody’s paying any attention to the dedication in their music and to their loyal fans. So when I found this after three days that Sirius XM played their newest track “Broken Record,” I was like is there any more? And then I found the motherload and I haven’t been the same since. So let’s get this shit on the road!

Starting with track number one, it’s called “Beggars” and it features Diskord, which like always I have never heard of before. I didn’t know what this song would sound like but as I’ve been hearing the newer stuff I’ve noticed that the girls are getting louder and maybe a little bit bold in the direction they want to take their sound. This one is a banger. It is so fucking good! It gives that dirty, raw vibe and I really like the almost Hollywood Undead kind of sound because it’s fierce and the music video has this dark and punk look, which I like a lot. It starts off pretty eerie and then boom! It doesn’t sound like the regular electronic dance music you’re used to hearing on the radio, but I don’t see what’s so bad about that! It’s pretty badass!

These ladies don’t just create their own tracks, but they also do their own vocals, which is something that I hardly ever hear out some of the guys of EDM. They have gorgeous voices and I like it when they share them in the slower tracks like “Broken Record” and this doesn’t even have a thick dance vibe, it has a good beat don’t get me wrong or anything but it just sounds like a pop song with multi layers. It’s very unique! Third is “Marching On” and oh man, do I love this one! For one, it has a slow intro and it sounds sort of sexy, which wasn’t something I was expecting but I love surprises! I really love the drop, but it’s kind of hard to explain because it’s not a bass-y drop. The sound intensifies and tempo increases creating different drum sounds within; it has an exotic sound to it that is amazing!

 Next up is “Surrender The Throne” and this is another with a slow, mysterious beginning but it leads into a nice drum beat and Yasmine’s gorgeous vocals. I don’t necessarily like this one, mostly because there’s nothing special about it. It makes me think of their track “Somewhere To Run” in different sections but other than that, that’s all I can say about it. The title track “Ammunition” is surprisingly a slow track and I thought it would be heavier, but what really gets me is that I actually like it. I love the chill vibe and I don’t know why, but it makes me think of somewhere along the beach. It’s a “feel good” type of song. It has a good beat to it. It’s just got me speechless! Last song is “Can’t Forgot You” and I like the lyrics and message of it. It sounds like a normal pop song and I like it. I can’t say I love it… yet. I think I’ll have to hear it a little more for it to get at that scale, but it’ll get there and so will “Surrender The Throne” too.

So I like four out of six songs? That’s not bad.

Have you heard Krewella’s new EP yet? What are your thoughts on it? Please don’t send me hate messages about the girls, I’ll just erase them! 


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