List Three Jobs You’d Consider Pursuing If Feet Didn’t Matter.

Originally this was titled, “List Three Jobs You’d Consider Pursuing If Money Didn’t Matter” well I liked the sentence except I had to change one word. Money. It doesn’t really wrong me as much wanting a job that people would have a cow if they realized it was done who something did it with their feet. People are picky these days, and if something is off or different they freak. So I thought I’d keep the sentence and put “feet” in it. So here are my three jobs I’d consider pursuing.

  1. Chef – Surprising isn’t it? Ever since my nana would let my sister and I help her bake different things when we younger and since I use to be my dad’s taste tester I’ve been kind of wanting to be a chef. I watch Cooking and Food Network all the time! From the time I get up in the morning I will watch it. Cooking comes on at 7am on the weekdays. Food comes on at 8am on weekends. I have that down to a science now. I’d like to cook and bake but our counters are too high for me to reach.
  2. Dancer – I would love to be a dancer. This is what Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance does to you after a few seasons, but they’re not the only propgrams to blame. Every dance movies should be listed too. I would love to dance in three styles: Ballet, Hip Hop and Samba. Just one, well two if you think about it. I have long legs which is what you need to dance. Excvept I can’t support myself on my feet. My legs are like twigs. I’d probably break them easily.
  3. Vampire – Sorry, I had to. I couldn’t think of a third job, so I thought I’d put something fun on here instead. Could you imagine me as a vampire? I’d be one mean bitch. I bet you’re wondering who I’d feed off of first. It would either be every guy has rejected me, which is a lot. Or I could kill a few girls that I hated in high school. I’m feeling a little like Stefan Salvatore, on The Vampire Diaries. His new character for this season is ripper Stefan. He’s turned into the dark side again.