Explosions In The Sky!


Howdy folks!

A couple of weeks ago, America got to celebrate its independence! A holiday that requires a large amount of excitement and the day where you hear Katy Perry’s “Firework” over a hundred times, but you still sing it every time!

On Saturday, I went out with my parents to Wal-Mart. You can see what I wore here! I am going back and forth on whether I want to do a “recent purchases” post on what I got because even I was impressed with myself! Anyways, when we got back my dad went into town to buy our yearly fireworks. And as usual, my mom got the text from my dad stating that he shouldn’t go buy fireworks (he says this every year!) because he came home with a full box of different of awesome stuff that made me giddy with joy!

Every year I blog about it with very little pictures of how I celebrated it with my friends and family, this year was no different except for the fact that thunderstorms made me very restless. It rained all throughout the weekend, our weathermen said we wouldn’t have any rain, but we did! I was basically a nervous wreck. I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the night without hearing the electric of pops and cracks and seeing flicks of red, orange, and green explosions in the sky. …I also had a full box of 40 snappers that I wanted to at least make a dent in before the day was over with too!

We went behind the neighbor’s garage for the second year in a row. I ate and proceed to give myself a workout when I was throwing the snappers on the ground of the garage! My Uncle Russell and neighbor Ronnie were trying to help me out by stating I could take breaks in between to breathe and relax my leg, I wish I had listened because I woke up to my upper thigh hurting whenever I rolled over on my left side the next day! As it got darker we dowsed ourselves in bugs spray and I watched my future brother-in-law and Sammy’s boyfriend Alex light firecrackers and something else that I can’t think of at the moment. One of the funnier things that I ended up doing was shooting both potatoes and golf balls with a potato cannon? I don’t know what it was called but it was cool! All I did was push the button in the back and watch the barely seen potato shoot over and basically disappear!

I thought that since I had my camera I would be able to use it to get some shots for my blog! I even have a fireworks filter that I was pumped to try out and every time I tried to take pictures I would either miss or my camera would shut off completely! So I had to give it to Sammy to help me out and I’m very happy that it worked for her as she kept clicking that sucker every time one went up into the air! Next year, I’ll hopefully figure out how to do everything on my own so I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone–Sammy won’t admit to or like it, but still! As she was busy doing this for me, my dad sat next to me taking a break as the younger boys got to launch the fireworks this year, so he got stuck helping me finish the homemade ice cream that JuJu had made just for the occasion! I’m still craving vanilla ice cream by the way!

What’s your favorite to holiday(s) and how do you like to celebrate them?



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I Guess I’m Not That Handicapped To Dance.

Remember all those posts about wanting to be a dancer? My love of dance is still going strong and everything, but my mom rented Just Dance 3 for us for the weekend I guess or something like that. My sister said to me while we were at nana’s still that I had to try it. I was glad she asked me to do it with her because mom and dad probably wouldn’t do it with her. So when we got home dad was asleep so that kind of crashed our plans of doing it when we first got home.

After he got up I texted her asking if she was going to do it. She said yes, and mom put me in my wheelchair and I went into my parent’s room. It’s where the Wii is and the only space we have left to do anything that has to do with the Wii. However, the space we do have isn’t that much with a computer chair, my wheelchair, and a bed in the way. So it’s not really much room, but enough to do some stuff though. I’ve played Wii before. Not gonna lie, I suck at it. Guitar Hero, I can only do “beginner” on the songs. That’s it.

I’ve been actually curious about doing these dance-type games on the Wii. Since you just do the moves and don’t have to push anything (which is a good thing for me!) I didn’t think it was going to be THAT bad. Emily didn’t want to do the Sweat part, even though we were doing that anyways. Our first song was “California Gurls” by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. Emily’s actually played this game before so she’s actually a pro at this a little. She’s also a cheerleader too, she’s got better hand coordination than I do. She got over 2000+ points, and I got 1957 points and got called “Lazy.” I’m in a wheelchair, trying not to fall out of it. Trying to do the moves with one foot and keeping myself steady with the other. I was more than “Lazy” I was trying.

After my first try to figuring an idea for the controller, I have elbow pads and I figured if I had ahold of it with my toes and then put them through the pad I wouldn’t be in some pain. Mainly it was my pinky that was hurting. It’s a strong pinky, but it’s very weak. It’s not use to it. Before we went again. My mom went in and did it with Emily to give me a break. They did “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Mom played my character, she got 5955 points. That was her first try too. In her second try she got over 7000+ points. She also knew most of the steps too. She was getting there.

Emily and I did “Price Tag” by Jessie J and B.o.B. and I actually liked that one. It wasn’t as hard as the first song. I knew what to expect. Pain. It wasn’t as bad though with the pad on my foot, but I don’t usually sweat since I don’t use my feet like everyone else, I can’t walk or wear shoes that much. So I don’t sweat there. This time I did, but I had back pain before doing this and it hurt even more afterwards. Pinky, was fine though. Most of the time I just used one foot but then I wouldn’t get the points so I used my other foot. Somehow, I got more points using both feet. After that song we did “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz and “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears. They were group dances and I can say I definitely sucked at both of those but I got “Creative” on the first song. I was happy for that.

I May Not Be Katy Perry But I Can Say My Last Friday Night Was Awesome!

My last Friday night was mind blowing! Everybody knows in our hometown that our football team sucks. For the last three years we hadn’t won a game. The last time we won a game was my freshmen year and we actually won like 3 out of whatever many we had. So last Friday night, we won our first game in the last 3 years and it was our first home game. That’s like the most awesome thing ever! (…I might referr “we” a bunch even though I no longer go there.) The score was 56-21. After we won all the players and coaches all ran together in a hundle. After the band played the school song, all the cheerleaders and students ran out to the field like it was the damn Super Bowl. It did feel like it though.

I thought I’d do the awesome part first and then do everything else from the night last. Technically, everything before the win wasn’t that important to me. It is important because something I am very proud of happened. Usually when I go to games I do my rounds around to see who I can find and talk to certain people too. Well I only did that twice. Literally, nobody my age came out to the game. I only saw about two girls. One I was cool with and the other I don’t like. We shouldn’t go there in this post. Anyways, I didn’t even flirt because I think I’m getting it that nobody in this damn town is worth my time anymore. Definitely proud of myself about that!

Although, I had those to be proud of I enjoy talkinng to old teachers like normally without having to worry about my language afterwards. I talked to my old counselor and apparently she was the probably the last to know about me quitting college last October and in the mist of talking to her about it I almost felt myself breaking inside but yet after saying, “I don’t regret it.” My insides felt fine again. It was a weird feeling. I can talk to my nana about it and my best friend, but not my old counselor? She, however agreed with everybody that I can always go back. I think talking to her just made me feel a bit better. Besides the feeling like a failure needed to stay away from me. I hope I don’t do that again.

One thing, I actually loved but yet hated at the same time was looking at all of these kids I use to go to school with just walk by and not even say “hi” to me. I’ve been never been so agerrvated in my life with them. I even asked a girl who just recently graduated in May, if she thought it was weird? Because she use to be a cheerleader and being able to sit with friends during the game would be weird for me. She heard my question but kept on walking. Let’s just say, that bothered the crap out of me. Around 10 minutes later, I turned my heard to the stairs and this guy, he’s name is Tyler. He was walking down the stairs and he actually stopped walking and talked to me. Even though he had a girl with him he still stopped and and that might my night. Seriously, it had to be a guy to make my rage go away. We didn’t talk much but next time we will.

What If…

I know nobody wants to hear about it or talk about it. Some people don’t want to believe it. I don’t blame them. I use to not believe the rumors either. Why bother listen to what people are saying when there’s two different times of when it will happen. People are saying that the world will end on Sunday. One person said she heard somebody say it was Saturday. What the hell happened to 2012? The whole world is suppose to end in 2012? Who knows if it will end this weekend or not. If you choose not to believe it, thats your descision. I know for me, I can’t help but wanna know what day exactly. Ever since I heard this weekend my mind has been in a daze. There’s so many things going around in my head. I actually started making a mini bucket list in my head. Thing is, there isn’t a way to do all of the things I want to do in a matter of one day.

I started thinking “what if we really do end on Saturday or Sunday?” Would I get into Heaven? Will I go to Hell because of my sins? Yet in the back of my head goes, “Meghan shut up!” I can’t help it. I have thoughts and I have to get them out somehow. Blogging is a good way. I start to think of things I want before I die. The first two things that popped into my head were kids and Linkin Park. I really want kids before I die. Show them that handicapped people are like everybody else too. I want to go to a Linkin Park concert REALLY bad! I don’t think watching Linkin Park’s World Stage this morning was a good idea. Especially seeing the “Waiting For The End” part twice in one day. Bad idea.

My third thought was “I’m not gonna be able to meet all my Twitter friends if we die this weekend.” That left me speechless for awhile. I still don’t know how to answer that because I have so many of them. So many places I’d like to visit and learn more about. After thinking some more, I thought I would never get the chance to dance for real. It’s a goal I’d love to reach but with my feet and legs all I have are doubts. So far I only have 4 things on this mini bucket list. I don’t want to do anything extreme like jump out of an airplane. I am scared of heights and I can’t and probably won’t be able to face my fear. Your lucky you can even get me on an airplaine.

I’m listening to one of the songs from Transformers 2. I’m thinking of how the Decipiticons and Autobots were feuding. Then I started thinking about Battle: Los Angeles and how Aliens were killing all the people. I think I would much perfer robots instead of creepy looking Aliens with big eyes killing all of us. Great, now when I listen to Katy Perry’s song “E.T.” that’ll be the first thing that goes in my head.

I was wondering if watching Oprah’s episode today was gonna make me think and it did. It was about her Most Memorable Guests. Oh my gosh! That last one really got me. That mother really made me think. We don’t know when our time will be. We should live it up as much as we can. I hope it doesn’t end this weekend. I want to go to my Nana’s this weekend and have lunch with my family on Sunday. We didn’t get to last weekend because my mom had to work. It would not be cool if the world ended this weekend or this summer. Anytime really. I don’t even want 2012 to get here because of all the stories. We’ll just have to see I guess.