You Have To Be Mental To Accept Metal

Last night I watched something different from I’m use to. I watched a documentary on the music genre: Metal. It was called, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, and it was really good. I didn’t get to watch the beginning of it because I didn’t know it was on and if I had known I probably wouldn’t watch it if it was on the same time as my other shows, but the parts I did get to watch was pretty interesting. I’m a new Metal fan. I can listen to several bands, not all because some actually freak me out. Such as Slipknot. I can’t listen to them, but I do like Corey Taylor in Stone Sour, but I think it’s the masks that really freak me out. But what is interesting is that I like Hollywood Undead. They wear masks too, so what’s the difference right? I think I might know to explain this.

When I was younger, my friend Haley and I were always together, but one thing that kept us separate at times was our music choices. She liked the hardcore heavy metal bands. Even going into middle school, you could really tell our music tastes were different. She was into horror movies, goth clothing, and Slipknot. I liked the clothing, well some of it. I have an old fashioned mind. So I didn’t like odd things like that back then. Everything else freaked me out. It wasn’t until we both got into Avril Lavigne that I could see myself change. I started listening to Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Evanescence around this time. This was around 2003-04. The people she hung around with were people my parents wouldn’t like in the future. Some they liked and the rest were just screwed from the get go. My judgement wasn’t always the best either unfortunately. However, over the years I have been getting better at keeping those thoughts away.

Since then, my music tastes have gotten bigger. I listen to everything, pretty much. The first rock I got into after a few years of staying away from it. I listened to a lot of Screamo. Like, Brokencyde, Drowning Pool, and Hollywood Undead. Around 2009, I got into Drowning Pool’s song, Bodies I was hooked to that song. The screams were amazing! Before long I wanted more music that sounded just like that. Then entered Linkin Park and that took over my musical tastes for one hell of a ride. They may not be at the top of my list right now, but they’re still there. I’ve been into more metal bands, one especially is Five Finger Death Punch. I got into them a little after I got into Linkin Park, my sister’s boyfriend at the time liked both bands and he was my bud so I respected his judgement on music so I listened to them and haven’t looked back since. After accepting FFDP, I started getting interested in other bands that if I listened to them earlier I would have looked the other way. I love Symphonic Rock music, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Nightwish, Xandria, and Lacuna Coil. I love these bands, and the women who sing these songs are excellent at what they do!

So after watching the documentary, I think I try to understand what these other heavy metal bands and when I do I try not to judge but I always have somebody doing that for me. It’s payback for things I’ve said about their music tastes, especially if it’s my parents doing the judging. I haven’t been the biggest supporter of their music back then. My mom was lucky she got me into Prince when she did because everything else that had to deal with rock was shit of luck with me back then. Now that I have this wide range of music flowing around me, I can listen to music I necessary hated back then. My mom has actually supported me with it, dad is another story. He has tried to get me to listen to music from the 80’s a long time ago, but since they judged everything I would listen to back then I thought I had every right to judge their’s. It sucks now that I have grinned everytime he makes of what I listen to now. I can listen to Motley Crue and some Guns N Roses now, but I think that’s as far as I’ll go. Mom’s tried Metallica on me, and it didn’t work. Apparently I have to open and ready for it. I was ready to accept Motley, because I was curious after listening to Sixx:A.M. I will always be surprised in what I will actually listen to.

Mile In These Shoes

There are two things I will never get use to and they are the wondering eyes of teenagers and adults. The second is judging others on looks and not giving them a chance to change your mind about them. These are the things that bug me always, because a lot of people just don’t let go. I put up a pair of shoes and titled this “Mile In These Shoes” because I thought it fit the whole post.

Whenever I go places I get a lot of wondering eyes. Sometimes I feel like a celebrity just not without a lot of security and I’m not known for anything but one thing. It was forever ago. I haven’t gotten stopped for it since 2003. Anyways, I get these eyes everywhere I go and when it’s kids or elder people I don’t usually have a fit about it. When it’s kids ages 10 and up and adults just staring at me bugs the crap out of me. I cannot stand it. It’s like they don’t have any manners at all whenever they do that.

I am all about not judging a book by its cover, however I do it all the time on books. People are another subject. I’m very into meeting new people. I don’t care about what you look like or what you do. I’m going to be a better person than certain people on this Earth do on an average day. I’m not like other people who will just look at you and wonder. If I get curious enough I will either give you a smile or talk to you. Seems like nobody wants to smile to people anymore. They really should too.

You shouldn’t judge a person before you know their life story. Until you walk in their shoes then you can decide if you really want to judge them. In 10 times out of 10 you won’t be judging them again. If you judge me on who I am, God help the both of us. I’ve been told that I have a bit of a temper sometimes. I have no control what comes out of my mouth when I’m pissed off. I’m only in control of it when I’m around my parents, but that’s normal. So I definitely wouldn’t try it. All you have to do is give me a chance to change your mind.