Style Inspiration

I am into fashion, I am after all a female. It kind of goes with us. I had read one of my friend’s blog posts for the other day about classic style inspirations. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. That post got me thinking about my own style inspiration. Who helps shape my wardrobe. I am a very stand out but simple girl. I am a rocker and I love to show it off. Between the band shirts and my spikey hair it’s hard to say I’m not edgy. I’m not into the real expensive stores like Hollister and Aero, even though I do have some clothes from those stores. My favorite stores are Body Central, Hot Topic, Vanity, and West Seal. They each compliment me well because Vanity is a sweet, innocent, and simple store. Hot Topic is an edgy, dark, and fun storeTwo different styles that I am in love with!

Nicole Richie is one of my favorite people, from the first time I heard about The Simple Life with her and Paris Hilton, I automatically went on Team Nicole. I just thought she was a beautiful women. Even though I think I had watched a total for two episodes of the show, she was extremely beautiful. Despite not watching more of the show, the more I found out things about her and after she gave birth to her daughter Harlow and created her fashion line Winter Kate I was immediately in love all over again. From her past hairstyles, I’ve never wanted to be more like a celebrity. She’s this simple girl who can make everything look good. She’s got a beautiful face and style sense.

Josie Stevens is one of my favorite out there fashion designers. She loves her pink, but loves to be very creative as well. Her fashion line Josie Loves J. Valentine is probably one of the most unusual fashion lines I’ve seen in a while. She is like Barbie is a real person. I love her dresses and pants. Hopefully someday I will be able to afford something and wear it out of the house. There a few dresses I like and swimsuits that are just to die for! I hope she continues to do more designs because I think this world needs more crazy and expression. Everybody’s just too plain. We need more fun in this world. We shouldn’t take it that serious.

I Wish “Married To Rock” Was Still On.

You ever saw a preview of a new show and think as you’re watching it, it looks like a good show, but I don’t know? Yeah, that’s how this show was for me. I watched this show about three days after my 19th birthday. That’s when it premiered. I saw all the previews for it for about a month and the Sunday night it premiered I was an instant fan of the show. I didn’t expect to like it so much, but I did. I don’t regret it either.

Watching the first episode was interesting. Because I thought my dad would have a cow I was watching it. He didn’t like my sister and I watching Girl’s Next Door, I knew this show wasn’t going to fly with him. So everytime it was on, I would turn it down low enough where everybody in the living room couldn’t hear but I could. Thank god for closed captions too! They were a lifesaver on late Sunday nights! As the season went on, I didn’t care if my mom knew about the show so I watched it around her. She has the reaction I was looking for with dad, but understood that I was older than 15 when I first watched GND. She didn’t have much to say, because I was going to keep watching it anyways.

It wasn’t as bad as what everybody thought it would be. Compared to most of the reality shows on nowadays, it was good. Gave us as viewers and fans of their husbands/boyfriends an insight of what these women go through. I think that’s why I loved it so much. They didn’t care what other people think of them. Self-confidence works every single time. They’re everyday women-wives who are just married to rockstars.

Out of the four, Susan Holmes-McKagan and Josie Stevens were my favorites. Josie was definitely at the top of my list. She was the one who made me laugh the most. I loved her personality and style. She’s just an awesome woman. Susan was second in line. I envied her body! Wait, I take that back, I envied every one of their bodies. Susan is a mom, designer and former model. So my respect for her and what she does was always higher than the rest. I thought Etty was different. I liked her at first, but when she started being mean at Josie on the wedding episode, my tolerance for her shrinked. I just felt bad for AJ. Those last few episodes made me bawl my eyes out. She was my third favorite.

A Thousand Years ♥

Well it’s already being an interesting day. I’m trying to learn Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” Since I usually listen to them through my headphones first and then just to go from there. I’m usually right or wrong. I’ll get the chorus right but the versus I won’t be able to get until I actually look at the lyrics. I’m a fast learner when it comes to lyrics. If it’s a really slow song, like “A Thousand Years” I end up learning the entire song within a day or so. I’m kind of tempted to learn Cassie’s “Radio” and Five Finger Death Punch’s “Remember Everything” but I don’t know yet.

Since Emily had the laptop yesterday while I was on the big computer downloading my songs. She signed me out of my Tumblr account. I don’t have a clue what my password is to it, so I started thinking about changing my nana’s Tumblr that she never uses, into my new account. I actually hate this, because I had Josie Stevens on my original account and I don’t know if she’d follow me back on this one or not. I changed almost everything on there, but the password. Might as well keep the password as it is, since I can remember that. I hate the other fact that I have nobody following me back but my friend Mandy and I was almost up to 60 people on my last one. That sucks!

I’m debating on something right now. My dad is letting my mom get this tanning bed, it’s a more of a stand up kind than an actual bed. It’s an early Christmas present. Before they started to clean that half of that room, she suggested that I tan too. I’m scared because I remember all the times those two came back from the damn tanning place complaining they were sunburnt. I’m not that desperate. Even though got to say I hate how I tan legs and arms but my chest is white as snow. So I’m even more tempted to just to try it and see, but I’m scared shitless though. We’ll see!

I’ll Probably Never Get A Tweet Back.

I’m not afraid to admit it but I am a Twitter whore and I’m proud to say this. I’ve been on Twitter for literally four years. I’ve had five accounts. Deleted two of the a couple days after making them because one was just not fun and the second was a diseaster in the making and I should have never made it, but you have to learn a lesson somehow. I definitely did because after I deleted that one I had to delete my first account on Twitter for my actions. I don’t exactly regret what I did, because I was having fun and then I snapped back out of it. I can do that without being judged but not on Twitter apparently.

Two hours after deleting the original account I immediately made another one. I am totally in love with the fact that I can just pretty well explode all my feelings on there on whatever subject I want and not be judged on how I do things. A lot different than Facebook. Since the first day of using Twitter, I made a vow to myself. Don’t tweet your favorite celebs like crazy, they alrealy have fans who do that on a daily basis. I wasn’t going to be tha kind of person and I think that’s where my mature side started to bloom. I’ve tweeted a few people, but I always expect them not to tweet me back. Especially if they have over 100,000 followers sending them tweets at the exact same as me. Sonetimes it’s just not worth it.

Even though I made this vow to myself, I do tweet certain people. I’m a nice person, I’m not as crazy as some who will act like a big shot afterwards. They’re just people. They’re just in higher ground than you. However you do have a right to be excited. My sister got her first tweet back by a celebrity. She tweeted to her favorite cover singer Stephen Jerzak, that he’s cover of a song he did was his best yet. He RT-ed it and said “thank you.” I was sitting up and mom was in my room with me and dad was in the living room. Out of nowhere, I heard a mini scream and feet stomping on the kitchen floor. She went into the living room first to tell Dad. Then mom and I she was SOOOO excited.

While she’s only had one, I’ve had around three. One of the three has tweeted me a few times besides just once. All of the times, I didn’t expect them to tweet me back. I’ve tweeted Josie Stevens, Talinda Bennington, and Lacey Schwimmer of Dancing With The Stars. I’ll explain Lacey’s a little better. Last night Lacey had a Twitter Q&A and she had answered a few questions and I had send her two, I didn’t mean too I just did. I didn’t think she’d answer back so I went on what I was doing. I checked my mentions one last time and there it was, half of my question with an answer and picture. I was stunned and it was midnight on the East Coast and my mom was already in bed so I was a little bummed I had no one to tell so I posted it on my Facebook. Knowing if she woke up in the middle of the night and saw it she’d be very happy and jealous. She loves Lacey too. Sorry mom!

Just Accept It.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m handicapped and I’ve just learned to accept certain things quickly, but something has been inside me that I’ve loved to get out and hopefully make some sense. So I’m just going to go for it. I must be the only one in my fandom of Linkin Park that isn’t bashing Chester’s wife Talinda 24/7. I would love to go back in time to see if they did this when he was married to Samantha. I doubt it though, for some odd reason they seem to like her more than Talinda which is stupid in my book. They should like them both the same.

Should she not be a person because she’s married to him? She can’t go out without having somebody look at her and think, “is she Chester’s wife?” Lots of people hate her because how she’s married to Chester and yet there are some who adore her because she is gorgeous (which she is!) and she cares about other things that nobody wants to accept. Everybody wonders why does she get to speak at these things. Why shouldn’t she? Even though she’s married to him, she’s still a person. She can get a job and she can work, have a family, and be who she was before she married him.

I don’t understand why every fan wants to hate on the wives. What did they ever do to you beside marry your favorite musician? It’s crazy! It’s funny how a few people can get so mad about how they don’t want to answer they’re questions about their husbands band. I follow two wives of musicians. Talinda Bennington and Josie Stevens. At one time I did follow about four others. When I deleted the other account I didn’t follow the others on this one. I think I will always respect them. You should find some way to respect them because if you were in their shoes, that’s how you’d probably act too. We as fans can be fucking annoying. I know I am sometimes when I want to be, but I know when to keep my mouth shut.

If I saw one of my favorite singers or musicians I would get excited at first, but I wouldn’t say anything or go up to them. Everytime I watch something on TV and there’s a part on a interview or something somebody wanting their autograph or picture when they’re with their families just makes so mad. I think I’ve literally yelled at the TV once because of it. As much as you think you should take the oppurnity when you see it, I think you should just give them space. I think going to a concert and that’s it is just enough for me.