The Opposite Sex

What I like about the opposite sex. Oh boy! There are a lot of things. I got to say, when looking up pictures of good looking guys on Bing or Google you might want to be specific next time around. The first picture that popped up was a guy’s pants and going down the pictures was a picture of Fred, that kid with the high-pitched that everybody thinks is hilarious. Yeah, after seeing those two things I quickly switched my direction and looked for a lovely picture of Mr. Duhamel. He is a stud muffin. The ideal charmer and the fact he looks very good in an army uniform makes him ten times hotter! That’s what I like.

I’ve done plenty of posts about the opposite sex and what I like about them. I like somebody who is cute, has a great smile and does actually smile more than once a day like most guys do. I like guys who are nice. I’ve noticed over the years that even the ones who cause trouble and ones who could break a person in half can be nice. You just have to find their nice button, and it’s not where you think it is. I like guys who are determined. I happen to be into the ones who are protective, but not overly protective. More importantly I like guys who are open-minded about people. Which in this day and age finding a guy with all of these things is a lot harder than it looks.

Transformers Dark Of The Moon: Movie Review

Today was a good day. Finally got to watch third film of Transformers. Everybody knows I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I heard that they were doing production on it and that was the end of last year. I didn’t get to watch this one in theaters like I did with the second. My nana was in the hospital when I was suppose to see it. Well today we both watched in her living room. She watched the second one the last time I was over, which was Tuesday I think.

This movie was so cool! I knew it was going to be good, but it didn’t know it was going to be this good. I heard it got mixed reviews when it first came out. I don’t see why anybody would think it sucked. It had more action than the other two movies combined, the actors were amazing, the stunts were so crazy, but in a good way. Shia Labouef took a lot more risks than the last one. I have never seen Patrick Dempsay get so mean before. I didn’t really think Rosie Huntington-Whitley was going to be able to do good in it, but she certainly changed my mind quick.  

Didn’t expect it to be a tear-jerker either. My mom and I cried when Optimus Prime got killed in the last one. We were very happy that Sam brought him back to life. Everytime they would the piano part in the beginning of “Iridescent” my eyes would get cloudy. I thought I was done crying during the song, obivously not. There were so many twists and turns. So many different characters, mostly on the Autobots side. I was so happpy they brought Wheelie back into the picture. He had a buddy that my nana kind of fell in love with, Brains. Mudflap and Skids were not in this one, at least I didn’t see them. My all-time favorite Bumblebee was back and he kind of had a makeover. More guns in this movie. The explodations were big too. Not like the one they used in the second one, but they were close.

When In Rome: Movie Review

I just got done watching When In Rome. I was in a movie mood and it was the only movie on our movie channels that sounded interesting. I’m not much of a “chick flick” kind of girl. Not into romance, but I love comedy. Josh Duhamel is just cute, so that’s the other reason why I watched it. I like Kristen Bell too. She’s really good and funny at times.

This movie was funny, and very romantic. I’ve always heard Paris, France was the most romantic place in the world. I guess, Italy is second in line. Kristen Bell’s character kind of reminded of myself and how I think of love. Don’t really like it, or believe it. It seems like there’s nobody in this world for me. After everybody tells me that there is somebody out there. I roll my eyes. I’m afraid to trust a man and I think I just refuse to fall in love because I don’t want my heart-broken.

Can I find myself in Italy, drunk, and talking to a statue in a fountain? No way! Especially if I took four coins from it with those consequences. Too creepy for me. I would buy a mini spray bottle of mace for myself.  Would I like to find a guy that’s similar to Josh? Oh yes, I think every girl/woman would love to find a guy like him.  

All in all, I really loved this movie. I laughed my ass off on some parts. Josh’s character really makes me wish al guys were sensitive, kind, lovable, and hilarious. If I found a guy with all these charactertics I’d be set to go with life. Oh, maybe I should “open up to love” like Beth’s father said to her at the beginning of the movie. If I could do that I probably wouldn’t be so sad all the time.