That Awkward Moment

Oh I’m in trouble now.
I was thinking about Justin Timberlake and then Linkin Park popped up in my head at the same time.
At first I was thinking, “what’s going on with my brain now?”
Well then I remembered I had watched the studio session of when N’Sync were helping out Phil Collins in the Tarzan soundtrack last night.
Well that part was fine.
Then I started thinking about how Justin, Lance, Joey, and if I remember correctly Chris all had different hair colors.
Lance an Justin had Bleach blonde.
Joey and Chris had Bright red.
My excuse for not listening to Linkin Park was for two reasons, I thought Chester was scary. The other was his blonde hair.
So here is my awkward moment for the day.

“The awkward moment when you don’t listen to Linkin Park for the crazy hairdos but you listened to N’Sync just fine.”


I am a very big Backstreet Boys fan since 1996. They were my reason for my first stereo. They were also my first CD too. I have been a fan of them for this long so knowing that New Kids On The Block are touring with them. Oh my gosh! It’s literally music to my ears. I’ve been a fan of NKOTB since 2008. That was a great summer! Their song “Summertime” blew me away! I thought Brian was hot. Nevermind. Jordan Knight, Joey McIntreye, and Donnie Wahlberg. Donnie is #1! My goodness is one yummy gentleman. Not many times where I literally lose my mind when I hear a guy speak. Not even Mike Shinoda can do that to me. If they had a song called, “Faint” I’d give it the right meaning.