We Need Tiny Rings!

12728959_1062216837175979_1183783930622757393_nHey guys!

So we’re finally in March! This month symbolizes “spring” for everybody that is sick of the nasty ice and snow that they’ve been getting recently! I’ve realized here lately that I’ve been sort of accepting it, which is new for me!

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader and seeing all of the new blog posts that were recently published. I came across one from the ladies of The Flower That Blooms. They talked about a jewelry line called Coconut Lane. They got some cute accessories from them and I am still thinking about that snake ring, even though I despise snakes in general! Anyways, as I was reading the whole post, something clicked.


After reading Rachel and Lauren’s post, seeing the  words “adjustable ring” made me wonder for a second. Is it possible for my long lost dream of rings for people like myself can actually wear? Honestly, it’s a long shot but I don’t think it’s impossible either!

As you guys know I have a small jewelry collection. I shared my infamous, (almost weapon-like) spikey bracelet and my “Meghan” necklace that my mom found by chance at Wal-Mart. I have no rings in my collection, not because I don’t like them. It’s mostly because they won’t fit on my fingers. I asked my mom if she had any other rings besides her wedding ring, she also has a small jewelry collection but only has a few rings herself that she let me take pictures of. A couple of weeks later, I got a chance to look through my nana’s jewelry box (which totally put our collections to shame!) and she let me take pictures of a few of hers too.


Ever since I was little, I was into jewelry. I think they add to an outfit and if you like to wear a lot of black then you can wear some necklaces and earrings for a good add splash of color. I’ve always been into rings, but knowing they wouldn’t fit on my fingers always pushes me away from buying them. I used a few of my mom’s rings as props in these pictures and I apologize for the example photo; I was wearing my pjs! All I wanted to show you guys how much of a difference it is from a normal size ring looks like on my tiny fingers.

I’ve always wondered about my future. I mainly think about marriage though. I’m still on the fence of marriage as a whole. I think almost everybody gets engaged, then married and within the next year they’re heading to divorce! I think if you have a good thing going with your partner, why mess everything up and get married? My heart still wants to find true love, wear that white wedding dress, have a father-daughter dance and wear my wedding ring on my actual finger! I go back and forth on the subject matter, but being able to wear a ring on my finger would make me very happy!

I love those thick, Gothic looking rings but I wouldn’t be able to wear them without the fear of losing one whenever my mom or dad go to take off my jacket. I would like for girls and women that have Arthrogryposis and other conditions that tend to affect muscles to have all kinds of rings in their jewelry boxes.



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My Small Jewelry Collection!



As somebody with a disability, my wheelchair(s) have always been MY accessory. My electric wheelchair being the bulkest, obnoxious one of all! I’ve always loved jewelry. When we were kids, my sister and cousin and I would be over at my nana’s late at night for a visit and she’d be looking through her jewelry box for a necklace or a pair of earrings. We would find these little gems as treasure because majority of them hadn’t been worn in a really long time, so they had dust or cracks on them. I think Blondie and Kristi tried on a lot of the jewelry back then, especially the earrings. I was the last one to get my ears pierced in 2010. It was a disaster but I did like wearing my little music notes and guitar earrings.

As I’ve explained in some of my posts before, having my condition Arthrogryposis my arms and legs are very skinny. The disease affects my joints, I have hardly any muscles in these areas. The only way I can describe how small they are is by comparing them to a toilet paper roll. I think my wrists are a little bit smaller. I can’t wear rings of course, because of the fact my fingers are so tiny, rings of any size just slip right off. So from a young age I’ve had a serious hatred for them. I can wear rings on my big toes, but I’ve never really cared for them. My art teacher back in Elementary got me one and she said something like “we match now” since I’ve always wanted to be like everybody else this was my alternative. I think I only worn it for less than a week before I gave it back to her. Rings are just not a favorite of mine.

I’ve always loved necklaces and bracelets though! The only problem with the longer chain of necklaces the actual charm or whatever is like covered up by my left hand. 90% of the time my mom has to put the charm on top of my hand so it’s visible. I either need to get a shorter chain or a really long one! I have one that is lost and it’s one I got at Spencer’s one time. It’s silver and has a gothic frame of a Victorian lady in black and it sooo screams me! It has a long chain and it’s pretty heavy, so it actually goes past my hand! Leave it to me to lose it! And then I have my two special necklaces. My mom and dad named me “Meghan” six letters and we hardly ever see anything like mugs, necklaces, etc with my spelling. So I’ve always had a “M” necklace. It works, I actually picked it out at Wal-Mart because I didn’t have one and then a few months later while my mom and dad went shopping they were in the jewelry section and she found MY NAME on a necklace and had to buy it. Unfortunately for both of them, I hardly ever wear them, mostly because of the hand thing.

As far as bracelets go, I love them!! I’m actually okay with the fact I can’t wear them on my wrists. I do actually have one bracelet that can fit on my tiny wrists. I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago from my friend Tabby from England. It is a friendship bracelet, it has this heart charm that has a key entrance in the middle and it is incredibly small but fits like a glove on my wrist! I almost cried when my mom put it on my arm for the first time, because it’s so difficult to find anything that’ll fit.  If I do wear it, I rather have it on my right hand because it’s much lower placed on my body. Tabby has the other one that has the key on it! My mom recently got these animal bracelets she found at CVS, she likes to wear different bracelets and has worn a few of mine before! I have like two, I have a purple/turtle and rainbow/elephants. There are supposed to mean something each one but I don’t have a clue what these two mean so I’m sorry! The first bracelet I ever bought myself was when Blondie was at school up north.  We went into this artisanal accessories store called CeCi’s by this lady, I found this orange bracelet that had spikes glued onto the string. It can be considered a cuff I guess. It fits on my legs like a glove and it’s honestly my favorite bracelet! I regret not getting the red one that day too!

I have a small batch of bracelets that I got in the span of two years I think. I got this pack of bracelets once in Spencer’s again. They came four in a pack, black and silver with different charms. I have one that says “Love,” a cross, skull, and the last one was a bunch of silver studs. All of them have a elastic band so they can stretch and slip onto my feet. My heels are VERY large so this is considered a brilliant invention! I have another bracelet that has skull and spike charms going through around it. It is black and a dark gold shade. It brings out my rocker side! However, not like my big one! I have another cuff I got from that place CeCi’s and it’s huge! It also has giant spikes on it too!! We have a saying in my family, that it can be considered a weapon!! I have to be extreme careful whenever my mom goes to lift me up so that I don’t stick her! This is definitely my favorite of the bunch!

I think that’s all of them!! Hopefully in my future OOTDs I’ll actually remember to wear some of them so you can get a glimpse of what I go through wearing each item I’ve described.

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Roll With Me: The Perfect Getaway/Alternative Fashion Haul

Have you ever looked out your cars windows and thought the sky ahead looked like fresh new painting? Have you ever looked at the ground that you were slowly passing by and notice that there were three shades of green? These are just two thoughts that came to me this afternoon as we were coming home from our little family adventure. It’s kind of funny that this even happened because it has done nothing but rain and storm for the past few days now. Weirdly enough, as we were on our way home it was actually raining! We literally got home just in time before the small storm came through. The sun has come out a few times and it made the day all that much better for us all. I like being out of the house, but being out of our hometown does something else too. It makes things even interesting to kind of hope not to run into anybody you know because you know if you do, your parents embarrass the living crap out of you. For me though, I’ve just learned to ignore those feeling of insecurity. They say that Holiday World is the perfect getaway, I highly disagree with that!

It’s absolutely hilarious that when my sister and I go shopping, we each have different styles and complaints about one another. We’re sisters, it’s normal to be like that! I mean, we don’t yell at each other for our clothes that we choose. However, when she calls herself fat that’s when I find the urge to yell at her because she’s not that at all. She’s very into the floral, light, and jeans fandom. Her favorite stores are Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe but we only went into Forever 21 this time around. Our normal stores we go into were the ones we actually never made it to them. The only store we went into that’s basically a tradition for my dad and I, we like to end our day by going into the candy store and finding sweet treats to rot our teeth with, and this time we got to expand our tastes. He let me get chocolate covered pretzels this time around and I’m proud to say they did not melt on the way home. Just don’t ask me about the sour fruit roll ups, because I have no clue if they made it or not. I think the trip all around was pretty successful, between thinking we weren’t going to go when I got up this morning since it was cloudy as crap. I have been working with my nana doing odd jobs for her and basically spent $70 worth of stuff in literally two stores!

Now to talk about what I got, I wanted to put it together with another thing. The ladies (Mel and Michele) that run Ketchup With Us are doing a lists theme for the whole month of June! So I decided to incorporate what I bought at the mall into this little thing. So it’s a two-for-one deal in a nutshell! The two stores that I went into and bought stuff was at Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I almost bought two different floral leggings at both Tilly’s and Forever 21. I am LOVING these floral designs especially the sunflower and daisy designs. The only downfall is I have nothing that would go with them than a black shirt. At the end of our day, I asked my mom how much money I had left and we literally right by Tilly’s again and I was just tempted to go inside and buy them but considering I only had $3 left, I knew there wouldn’t be any way that I’d ask my parents to pay especially since they were definitely done walking for the day. So I didn’t get those leggings and this is probably the first time ever that I didn’t buy any leggings at all. Yeah, even I was surprised!

I’ve been really into the band Of Mice & Men for about six or seven months now. For anybody thinking in their hands right now, yes I went into Tilly’s to see if they had any Austin Carile shirts in the store. They unfortunately didn’t, but while we went into my ultimate favorite store Hot Topic, my main attention was to find Of Mice & Men shirts and they had a LOT to choose from and I was excited! Since they were having a sale I bought one and got another one whatever percent off. Whenever my mom went up to pay I decided to go wait by the door to make sure I could get out without tipping anything over. My mom came back and told me that the cashier wanted to show me something. She showed me the small tattoo of the “&” symbol and I was SO happy because as soon as she saw my reaction she started telling us about how much fun seeing them, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues on the American Dream Tour. She said that she had a hard time containing herself around the younger girls that were fangirling uncontrollably. I could literally live in that place and just talk to her and listen to the amazing music that was playing.

While my sister was in the middle of shopping at her favorite Forever 21, I’m sorry but every time I go into there I always wish that I had dried mud on my tires just to create a little something to take away the damn brightness of that place. It is absolutely too girly in there for me. So my dad came in to take me into Spencer’s. I like the clothes in there mostly the music tees and graphic tees covered in skulls and flowers. We did find the mother load of different Sons Of Anarchy stuff. I was very tempted to buy the Jax Teller blanket I am not going to lie! I ended up finding the jewelry part and was memorized with all of the skulls and gothic stuff that I could just stayed in that area all day if it wasn’t for the stuff on the opposite side of us. I ended up buying a small pack of different black and silver bracelets and when we found out that they were having a sale too, I ended up getting the necklace that I pointed out to dad before we found mom. It looks very gothic and considering years ago I would never wear black, anything with skulls or anything else that was related to the gothic style just smacks me right in the face every time.

This was the first one we found and I like the song "You're Not Alone" a LOT! So I had to get this one just for the song and what it represents to me.
1.) This was the first one we found and I like the song “You’re Not Alone” a LOT! So I had to get this one just for the song and what it represents to me. To buy this top click on the image!
2.) This was the second shirt and I totally forgot to feel the symbol for my hands as they are very senstive to different textures especially anything with glitter. It's got gold glitter and the picture doesn't do it justice at all. If you want to buy this top, click the image!
2.) This was the second shirt and I totally forgot to feel the symbol for my hands as they are very sensitive to different textures especially anything with glitter. It’s got gold glitter and the picture doesn’t do it justice at all. If you want to buy this top, click the image!
3.) FIVE bracelets in one small little package. Not a bad deal honestly. After we paid for them my mom was concerned that they won't stretch around my ankle but they do! Thank god! Sorry but I couldn't them on the website!
3.) FIVE bracelets in one small little package. Not a bad deal honestly. After we paid for them my mom was concerned that they won’t stretch around my ankle but they do! Thank god! Sorry but I couldn’t them on the website!
4.) This beautiful piece was the first to really catch my eye. I saw a few like this one on different sites and I'm glad I found one like them in the store. I love the black rose and the thornst a lot. If you want to buy this piece, click on the image!
4.) This beautiful piece was the first to really catch my eye. I saw a few like this one on different sites and I’m glad I found one like them in the store. I love the black rose and the thorns a lot. If you want to buy this piece, click on the image!

For just the heck of it, I’ll even share a song from a band that I have never heard of until today while we were in Hot Topic. The band Chelsea Grin was playing in the store just as we were about to leave and I was seriously headbanging throughout the whole damn song. I literally told my mom that when I got home I was going to put it on my Spotitfy playlist. As soon as I got home, it was the third thing I did and I even liked and added a few others into my rock/metal playlist too. I always find a good song in the different stores I go into, but Hot Topic always has the best music playing. Sorry!