I’m doing the opposite of what I thought I’d do today. I wanted to switch attitudes from yesterday since I had the right attitude for the wrong day. I wanted to be lazy and stay in day and just be relaxed for tomorrow. Its Thanksgiving tomorrow and we’re all going to my nana’s again and I know from experince that my back is going to be hurting like hell. Might as well say this, “Bring On The Pain!” So instead of laying down today I’ve been up since I got up at noon and gotten my hair washed and been in my wheelchair on our computer that I hate. The only reason why I use it is because it has iTunes.

So last night was the finale of Dancing With The Stars, it was a bittersweet thing because after it started I could feel myself crying from the inside. I was so happy to have the whole cast back–some more than others. It was surreal that it was almost over  and thinking that wasn’t any better either. I can only imagine what the finalists were thinking during this whole thing. It was a two hour thing. It started at nine and got over at 11pm. I was watching it alone during the first hour and beginning of the second hour until my mom got home from work just before they told us who finally won the trophy. My parent’s wanted J.R. and I wanted Rob. Go figure! Well I lost for the second year in a row.

I like all three of them, but even I knew it would be between J.R. and Rob. When they were playing Ricki’s moments after she got third place I could feel my eyes get all watery but I don’t cry like I thought I would. I could feel it starting up though but I stopped myself. Some of the other cast members did new routines and some redmened themselves from the first time around. Chynna and Tony did over their Mission: Impossible dance, she blanked during their first try and got eliminated the night after. Not like nobody saw it coming though. She was the second person to go surprisingly. Kristin and Mark did a whole new routine. They did the Jive I think and it was very good! Another dance that was just amazing was Carson and Anna’s dance. He danced to Madonna’s song “Vogue” and he got to dance with one Chmerkovskiy, he teased Tom that there was still the wrap party to get the other one, meaning Maks.

I wasn’t in the mood to watch Metta and Peta. They left the first night and that was probably a good thing because he was bad. I realized as the show kept going on I was like, “oh god, they’re going to show Elisabetta and Hope dance again.” Thankfully Metta and Elisabetta did their original first dances and surprisingly Elisabetta did better this time around than her first round. If you’re wondering she left second week into the competition. Then by the last half an hour of hour two. Hope and Maks came out and did one of their original dances. I didn’t watch them dance especially how last week went. Magazines were saying she took one interview and burst into tears and rejected to do anymore. So I definitely was happy to never see her dance again.

After they went through everybody’s dances and Lady Antebellum performed twice. I just reminded myself that I need to find that first song they performed. I loved it. It was so good. The final two couples had to do a instant Samba to Ricky Martin’s “Shake Ya Bon Bon.” I thought both were good, but I thought J.R. and Karina’s was too slow. Didn’t do much shaking his “bon bon” but Rob and Cheryl were another story. They were good. He definitely shook his “bon bon.” Then it was the last minutes of the show and my mom and I were sitting in my room holding our breath pretty much and then Tom announced the winner was J.R. and Karina. I was upset I lost (again!) but was happy for him and Karina. He earned Karina’s first mirror ball trophy.


Two Night Finale!

So this week is the finale of Dancing With The Stars. It’s been a fun and interesting season. One season where I have not missed out on. I missed one episode and I felt bad because not only did I not watch that episode but I also stopped doing my weekly reviews of it as well. I was very upset with myself after the week where I told myself, “okay next week, you’re doing it again.” I didn’t, but I did do Tuesday reviews of Monday and results show all in one night. That was easier for me.

Tomorrow J.R., Ricki, and Rob will be doing four dances. They’re doing Freestyle at the end of the show. Everybody knows if you’re freestyle is the shit, you might win the mirror ball trophy. Not only will those three be dancing but everybody will be coming back to dance for the finale. Which makes the happiest person ever!! Carson gets to dance again!! That excites me to the core! He was my second favorite. Everybody in my house has a favorite. Unfortunately in my father’s eyes if J.R. doesn’t win everybody just voted for Rob because of his sister’s or Ricki because she’s a female and dancing with Derek. Mom also likes J.R. but what’s the difference though is that she likes all three of them.

I am the same like my mom. I like all three but I do have one certain couple that should win it. I think Rob and Cheryl should win it. Rob has came a long way from the start of the show and until now. He started off very shy and unsure about his moves and everything. Now that he knows the dances and is starting to get things faster he’s bringing his game now. I’m very proud of Rob, he’s proving a lot of people wrong and that’s really awesome! Cheryl’s a very good teacher and she’s been making him a better dancer. Every girl likes a guy who can dance. I know I do!

My HOPE For MAKS Is Gone

It is the end of week nine of Dancing With The Stars, for some like me this goodbye has been long overdue. From the start of the show I did not like Hope and Maks. For one thing, I don’t know anything about Hope except that she’s a soccer player. That’s it. Maks is known for having a cocky attitude and this season was no different than besides having a twin. By the end of the competition Hope started to show her cocky side to the game and from there got some less votes from me.

Although Hope and Maks has a lot more downfalls in their dances, there were actually some dances I liked, which is surprising! Her movie score dance of Toy Story was cute and very good. Halloween week was pretty good too. There was a third dance I liked and it was last week’s dances. I think I liked her Jive more though. They started over and were nice to each other and it wasn’t an intense rehearsal that are known for on the show.

Last night’s show was another story. Not only were they not being like last week, being nice. Hope got a little mad and Carrie-Ann popped off to Maks when they were getting advice from the judges on their first dance of the night. Another thing was Hope pretty much bashed everybody else on the show. That was uncalled for. They needed to go a long time ago. She was even bashed on Twitter last night. So it wasn’t all me. Next week is the FINALS! Who is going to take the Mirror Ball trophy? Rob and Cheryl? Ricki and Derek? Or J.R. and Karina? Your thoughts.

Halloween Special On DWTS

So last night was the Halloween special on Dancing With The Stars. It started at 8:30 instead of 8 because of the Shrek Halloween special. I didn’t watch it but I kept my eyes on my clock to coutdown til DWTS came on. David and Kym started off the show and Hope and Maks ended the individual dances. I can say everybody did well, it wasn’t great but everybody did well. Nobody got any 10’s from the judges. I liked Rob and Cheryl’s dance. They went second of the night. Ricki is injured but she kept on fighting and her and Derek did really good on their dance last night. Since all the tenison from last week from just Len and pro dancer Maks neither one really talked much. I didn’t like Nancy’s dance all that much, however I actually thought Hope did good last night.

After the individual dances were done, everybody were split into two teams. Since J.R. and Ricki tied for first place last week, they were team captains of each team. Rick and Derek’s team consisted of Hope, Marks, Rob, and Cheryl. They were team Paso. J.R. and Karina’s team members were David, Kym, Nancy, and Tristan. They were team Tango. Team Tango did poorly, while the judges loved Team Paso. As did I too, everything they did was on point. While the other team just went out there and had fun. Which I’m not critizing them, because I liked their’s too just not as much as Team Paso. It’s anyone’s game on who goes home tonight.


Broadway Week On DWTS

This week was Broadway Week, which means everybody would dance to songs from Broadway works. I was surprised how many songs I actually knew. There are now seven cast members now, and I somehow know five songs out of the seven. I was actually proud of myself. The reason why I have Nancy and Tristan on here this time is because I am seriously proud of Nancy tonight! She earned her first nine and high score of the season. It was wonderful and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my entire life.

Something else happened that wasn’t a big shocker since he’s done it before. Maksim Chmerkovskiy got upset while Len was giving advice and pretty much bashing Hope. Maks definitly wasn’t having it and he kind of let loose on the judges, but it was mostly Len that he exploded on. Personally, I don’t like Hope. I love Maks! Hope wasn’t my favorite from the beginning. I don’t hate her because she got saved and Kristin and Mark went home. Although I think her best performance was movie scores night. I thought that was good.

They did a group dance at the end and was literally watching my clock hoping it would go slower because I thought they’d turn to Castle as soon as it turned 9pm. It didn’t thank god! I thought the group dance was better than their individual dances, and I loved the lifts. Bless Derek Hough and Tristan McManus, because neither of their partners (Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace) wanted to do that lifts. Ricki didn’t want to do her’s because Derek has a hurt shoulder. Nancy was just not sure of it. They both did beautifully!

My favorites of the night were Rob and Cheryl, Ricki and Derek, and J.R. and Karina. Although the judges were iffy about Rob’s performance I was completely in love with it. I think it’s between Hope and Maks, Chaz and Lacey, and David and Kym. But I could be wrong. I’ve done it before. They were some good parts of tonight’s episode. Guess who came back? Carson and Anna! Carson came into the group rehearsal and flirted with Maks like always. I was so happy to see him on tonight. Made my night even better. Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means elimination. Who will go home? We’ll have to find out tomorrow.