Life Lately | Cattoos & Snow


Oh boy! Not much has happened in the last few days, but I’ve got a couple of pictures that don’t really belong in anything but a “Life Lately” post, so that is what I am doing!

Last week, my mom and sister decided to get matching tattoos. This would be Blondie’s fifth and our mom’s second tattoo. Yes, you read that right. My mom only has one other tattoo that she got a year or two before I was born. It’s on the side of her ankle. My papaw was not a fan of tattoos back in the day so she used to wear a band-aid on it at the beginning before just letting it go, he still teases her that she’s got something on her leg. They got them done on Thursday by our favorite tatted lady, Tracy. She still wants me to come in and get one. Apparently she and my mom have discussed this how things really feel on my body since I don’t have any muscle/fat. My mom still thinks I want one my feet, no thank you! I’m so afraid of anything now that I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it. I like to admire them from a distance. Anyways, they each got an outline of a cat on different areas of their bodies. My sister actually created a word, she put on her Facebook that they were getting cattoos. My mom got hers on the back of her neck and Blondie got hers on the inside of her right arm. She has been wanting a sleeve, so I think that might be the start of it.

Nothing really happened Friday, my mom had to work. Come Saturday though, since it was Valentine’s Day I didn’t think I’d even get anything. I really didn’t say anything bad about during the week. I was pretty good at keeping that to myself but that morning, good grief! Everybody’s statuses to their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses got on my nerves quick. I got up at 9am, everybody was still asleep until my dad heard my TV on and came in, found out that he got me an apple fritter. I thought that was going to be my gift and I was completely fine with that, until my mom got up, and my dad gave me this card. I liked it because the card is something that they would get me, I’m just happy the word “inspirational” wasn’t in it. One thing that I really like about it, was the girl on the front was wearing purple and had a string in her foot, but it was only part of the background. My sister and Batman were also supposed to come over too, but they decided to go back after visiting with our grandparents because the roads were getting slick. Since they left, mom had to give me her gift to me. It is a cute little teddy bear! It smells like her! When the hair by his eyes is facing down, it makes his eyes look more adorable. His name is Roux by the way!

I spent half of my nights in the garage with everybody, watching the guys play pool and watch the basketball games on the TV. While I had a good Valentine’s Day I thought I’d get something for myself, I had my mom get me an iTunes card. My laptop had to do its update and I thought that would be a good idea to do. Well, when I loaded it back up, things were different. All of my music was gone. iTunes kept my purchased songs and put them on this iCloud thingy? Since I didn’t have sissy with me, I had to settle with mom which wasn’t a good idea because she was just as clueless as I was. At first, my iPod wouldn’t charge when I plugged it. After like five hours trying to figure it out, plus going on iTunes support discussion board. I gave up on it. When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew I was going to have to figure out something because my dad wanted me to burn CDs for him and his friends, and charge up my iPod in the process. It will still charge up my iPod and burn CDs but none of my music is on library, I bought one song on V-day but it won’t sync to my iPod. I don’t remember clicking anything to do upgrade or whatever. If anybody knows what the hell has happened, please comment below!

Sunday night while we were out in the garage, basically everybody in there was tracking the snow blizzard that was heading straight towards us and it was a long sucker! It was supposed to start snowing at like 4-5pm Sunday as what my dad said, but it didn’t sprinkling snow until like 10:30pm. When I woke up Monday morning and my mom came into my room, she opened up my blind and both cars were covered with a nice thick blanket of snow. It had snowed ALL day long! I’ve never wanted to go outside more in my life. Everybody who has a daughter and watches Frozen¬†have been posting statuses about building snowmen. My mom did put me in the push wheelchair and opened up the front door so I could see the porch. It was insane! My dad hadn’t gone out there like two hours before and swept it and there was already a blanket of snow covering every inch of the porch. The sun went down about 6:30pm so afterwards I couldn’t tell if it was still snowing or not. My mom said there had to been six inches outside! My dad hates it that everybody has named these winter storms. This is winter storm Octavia.

I’ve finally finished NBC’s new show The Slap. My mom taped that for me last Thursday and I didn’t even have to tell her! I like anything that has Zachary Quinto in it. I don’t care if he’s gay, the scruff looks amazing on him! I also finished August: Osage County. It has Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch in it. I had to stop at the part where Benedict’s character comes on, because I was like is that who I think it is? Two hours after going on my laptop to find out and getting distracted, I found out that it was him! It was a good movie, kind of sad though. I definitely don’t like how it ended. Now I’m just trying to finish Edge Of Tomorrow and out of all the actors in the world, why did they have to cast Tom Cruise in this movie? The movie reminds me of a video game. If you’ve watched it, you might agree with me about this. Everybody else, watch it, you’ll understand! So yeah, that’s been last few days that I thought I’d tell you. Enjoy the pictures too!

my mom's cattoo.
my mom’s cattoo
Blondie's cattoo.
Blondie’s cattoo.
Little Roux.
Little Roux.


My dad got my mom a rose, card and Blondie got her a heart shaped Reese's cup.
My dad got my mom a rose, card and Blondie got her a heart shaped Reese’s cup. My sister got my dad beef jerky.
Anybody know where the hell the road went?
Anybody know where the hell the road went?

Stay Close

This was posted on Fireflight’s Facebook page today. It was on my News Feed earlier and I’m listening to it for the second time today. It is so good. I like new music from bands that I’m into. I didn’t know about Fireflight about I think about a year ago, my sister told me about this song she wanted to sing for when she auditions for American Idol, that hasn’t happened by the way. She made me listen to her sing along to “Unbreakable” and that was it for me. I loved that song and it is a very good song for my sister to sing. Since then I have bought more Fireflight songs than her. I still have three songs I love that I need to get but I keep forgetting them everytime I have an iTunes card. By the way the time I get a card, I’ve usually found other songs and they end up being pushed back even more than before. One of these days I’ll get them though, but I think I killed “Unbreakable” for my sister. I play that song more than she does now.

Fuzzy Pants and Dirty Dancing

This has been an interesting two days. Yesterday was better than I expected it to be minus a few things. Today I woke up not as early as yesterday morning, but it was still earlier than I’ve been getting up before Thanksgiving even arrived. I woke up this morning with my bladder about to explode! I hate that and I woke up at 5am. I got about four or five hours of sleep, which is better than I thought I’d get at all. Since I took a three-hour nap after we came home from nana’s, I seriously thought I wouldn’t get any sleep that night, but Just Dance I think¬†wore everybody out. After I did “Tightrope” for the second time in a row I was pooped and said, “I’m done for the night.”

Today though was fun. We went black Friday shopping in town. It wasn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. I kept imagining all week long that it could be very crowded or not at all. It wasn’t thank God! Mom found some work scrubs and Emily found some cute flats and a shirt. I’m somewhat picky when I go shopping. I’ll stop and look at different things and show mom or Em but I don’t usually want it that bad enough to get it. I usually want an iTunes card, and I got one of those and I should be making a list of songs right about now too. Mom found some cute yoga and fuzzy pants and got those for me for Christmas. Then when we were in the movie section, she pointed out “Dirty Dancing” and then I found “DreamGirls.” I love that movie, but she got Dirty Dancing instead.

After that we went back to nana’s house and eat her fruit and veggie trays. I think I ate too much veggies today. Before I even started eating the veggies I had a cupcake, nana was good and made cupcakes instead of an actual cake. While I was eating the cupcake I almost got choked on it, I was trying to chew it and breathe at the same time. It doessn’t work like that. Today my Aunt Laurie, her boyfriend Mike, and her son Tate are going back home. I’m sad about that, because mom’s home this weekend, but Emily’s got a basketball game tomorrow night and apparently it’s suppose to storm. Which means I’m not going to it. Oh well, I’ll go to the next one that’s on a Saturday.

List Of Songs For The Next iTunes Cards.

I went a little overboard with this. I just wanted a list of about nine songs for this weekend’s iTunes card I should be getting when my mom and sister get their nails done. Well when I went on Spotify to get some more songs to put on my list I kept going and going. Before you know it, I have 26 songs on this list and that means I’m going to need more than one card for all of these songs. I’m going to hope it doesn’t get any bigger of songs will be going down the list. They aren’t in order or anything. So here you go! Here’s my list of songs for my next few cards, that’s actually sad to say really.

1. Lightweight – Demi Lovato
2. In The Dark – Dev
3. Badass – Saliva
4. Lies Of The Beautiful People – Sixx AM
5. Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin feat Valora
6. What You Want – Evansescence
7. Far Away – Marsha Ambrosius
8. Fight For Love – Elliott Yamin
9. Familiar Taste Of Posion – Halestorm
10. Understand – Christina Aguilera
11. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) – Three 6 Mafia
12. Chasm – Flyleaf
13. Cassie – Flyleaf
14. So I Thought – Flyleaf
15. Enemy – Flyleaf
16. Fly Here Now – Leona Lewis
17. Let’s Get Crazy – Casse ft. Akon
18. Single – Natasha Bedingfield
19. 3 – Britney Spears
20. Hang With Me – Robyn
21. Miracle – Cascada
22. A Never Ending Dream – Cascada
23. Pyromania – Cascada
24. I Am Woman – Jordin Sparks
25. All Good Things (Come To An End) – Nelly Furtado
26. Mile In These Shoes – Jennifer Lopez


I was just on our other computer. I was on iTunes since our Internet was pissing me off. I was curious, and I am STILLon my Disney songs and I started looking around. My hopes were somewhat down. Because I’ve tried to looking before and didn’t get anywhere. Well I actually found The Lion King. I was speechless! So excited! So I started hoping maybe I’d find more soundtracks.

I ended up finding. The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Hercuales, Aladdin, Mary Poppins and other modern Disney movie soundtracks. They need more of a variety. They need to put Lion King II Simba’s Pride, Cinderella, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast. They do have two albums on there, that are called “Disney’s Greatest Hits” but they only have Volumes 2 & 3.

They are both filled with different Disney classics. Like from Pinnochio, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and more. I am curious to know where Volume 1 is though. They don’t have it up where the other two were. So when I have enough money or ever back on there I will search for it.

Added plus to my day, I also found a soundtrack I’ve been looking since I was little, but could never find it. Two Disney facts: Both Anastasia & Thumblina are NOT Disney movies. They are MGM movies. Although everybody thinks they are. I did find Anastasia on there, but you can’t buy the songs individuality. You have to buy the whole thing. Which is what I’m gonna do the next time I have an iTunes card