Tune Tuesday | Ireland


I’m kind of starting off this week like last week’s post. Last year I had met a lovely girl by the name of Claire and she is a fellow blogger-friend of mine. Since she is from Ireland I thought I’d ask her about some of her homeland’s famous singers and bands. She happily suggested a couple to me and I wrote my post based off what she gave me! Also like last week, this year I’m happy to have gone such lengths to find more Irish acts. I knew about one but I wasn’t for certain and that is why I ultimately left them out of the post last summer. The other one I’m sharing with you I actually just started listening to in past couple of months!

When I first started hearing the band The Script on the radio, I figured they were either from Ireland or Scotland, didn’t know which one, but anyways I’ve been hearing them since 2010 I think. I wasn’t too into them when they first put out their first single, but as you know after a while I started to come around. I really liked their third album, I was really into “Hall Of Fame” thought it was a real bold move to have a rapper like will.i.am on the song. With their newest album, I’ve been noticing with each song being played on the radio, I’ve actually liked on the first listen! The next band is called Kodaline and I’ve never heard of them until a few months ago, I was on Spotify and was on one of many mood playlists I follow, and found a song of theirs and actually liked it enough to put it on my playlist. Recently their song “The One” has been playing on the radio and I quickly found out that was the song I found on Spotify! Weird how that worked out, but they are a good band!

Hall Of Fame – The Script ft. will.i.am

The One – Kodaline

Breakeven – Colbie Cailet (Script Cover)

Tune Tuesday: Ireland


It’s tine for another week of getting to know another country fill of great music. Ireland is another place that I would to visit someday. I’m grateful to know a couple of people from Ireland, one of which is a blogger, Claire of Fine and Dandy (formerly Dainty Ghosts) calls Ireland her home. It’s so interesting on how certain people you talk to online shows you their personality like you were talking to them face-to-face and Claire does just that! She has been so nice to me in the last few months, she even has contributed to this post by adding more Irish music. I already had two I was going include but I thought it would be smarter to find music by artists and bands that I haven’t heard of yet. Is it bad that I remembered telling my mom that I wouldn’t listen to folk music, but yet I have everytime I turn on Celtic Woman? I love the very earthy tones of each song. Every song has a different feeling and you feel at one with the world. No wonder I’ve gotten so into nature lately!

 Only Time by Enya

She Moved Through The Fair by Celtic Woman

You Will Become by Glen Hansard

Come Back Home by Two Door Cinema Club