Song Review: “Do You Know Who You Are” by Atreyu

Since I’ve been listening to a lot of dance music in the last few months, I haven’t found a lot of great rock tracks. I know even I’m a little disappointed at myself! I’ve been listening to Sirius XM Octane like crazy though trying to break this cycle a bit and I think I’ve found the song..

I’m technically not a big fan of Atreyu. I’ve only liked maybe two songs over the last four years and for some weird reason I was actually excited when I heard they were releasing new music this year, but unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with the band or listen to their album “Long Live” all the way, but then again I still haven’t¬†finished listening to FFDP’s album either! My dad isn’t too happy about that, but I heard this song “Do You Know Who You Are” the other night and when I heard it the first time it was like in the middle of the song and I didn’t care much for it. And then I heard the beginning of it and I had to rewind my TV just hear that introduction again. Those types of drum intros make you think of Queen’s “We Are The Champions” and I HATE when songs remind me of other songs but this one is really badass so there!

Besides the straight drums at the beginning, I also love the harsh screams of the lead vocalist too! At first I wish there wasn’t any singing involved but then the more I listened to it, I started to fall for that too! There’s something very weird about this song, because I normally hate like great, fierce introductions but a slow, easy-going track all the way through. There’s nothing about it that I really hate and that is unheard of with me. I usually have something bad to say but I don’t, I fucking love it!

What do you think of this song?