Nana’s Birthday Fun!

Hi ūüôā

It’s been a while since I’ve actually done a big family weekend post! I’ve been wanting to keep some things private, since my papaw’s passing I’ve been really cherishing the time with them and usually we’re not even taking pictures of what we’ve been doing, so that’s the other reason why you haven’t seen a lot lately!

My cousin Taylor and his mom, my Aunt Laurie have spring break the last week of March, where it goes into April. This has always been such a blessing because my nana’s birthday is during the first few days of the month so they get to come down without having to worry about going back to work two days later! They came down without Mike, because he still had to work and that part sucked! They also brought their dog Mila, she’s a lab/German Shepard mix if I haven’t said that yet! I don’t think I have though! She’s such a sweetie and since my aunt and uncle are deaf, she has to be very alert to know what they are saying, and yes she does know sign language. It’s so cute!

They came down on Saturday afternoon, they enjoyed their alone time with my nana. Poor Laurie and Taylor were put to work after a bit after they got there I think. The last time they came down, everybody brought down like 10 drawers from upstairs and throughout both February and March, my nana and I have been slowly getting through them. For the most part, we cleared out I think five big drawers and a smaller one. I moved them into papaw’s room as she finished each one so we had more room to move around in the living room. Thankfully, I had physical therapy in the last two months so my strength was back in full force and I could lift these without having back and neck problems!

I had them folded on their sides and stacked on top of each other in my papaw’s room! I had never left more like Supergirl until I did this! They were heavy, but not as we expected them to be! So when Laurie arrived, she had Taylor carry them back upstairs and now we only have two left and that is mostly DAR and genealogy stuff! Other than that, the living room is as good as new!

On Sunday, my nana had some extra guests come over. She basically had everybody in her family come down, as Rick and Linda were down on Saturday for lunch! David, Katt, my cousin Kristi came down as a surprise, they’re really good at that! Kristi came bearing her almost three-month old “baby” boy Joseph! My nana has been dying to meet this little guy, along the rest of us too! I didn’t know she had come down with them until I was in the car with Blondie, Brandon and Chipper in the McDonald’s drive thru! Unfortunately I can’t hold babies, it really sucks but since he was like under 20 pounds, my thighs are okay with it!

I have asked Kristi if I could share a picture of him, and she said yes, so you guys get to meet the little ham!

We didn’t stay very long as my mom had to work that weekend so when she finally came over, she was very tired and I think only stayed over less than an hour! It was okay since we came back the next day, but David, Katt, Kristi and little Joe went home that afternoon!

On Monday, it was somewhat of a blur, especially in my mind! That’s the one bad thing about family gatherings, is that sometimes my conscience goes in and out, so I tend to forget things that went on if it’s longer than two days! I do remember taking lots of pictures, I will have two DIY projects coming soon! One is a combination of Easter/spring, but the other was somewhat of a surprise. It was more of my nana’s idea, she originally wanted video of it but I figured it would be more than a minute so we compromised and I will blog it instead! I think you guys will like it!

The whole weekend we were expected to get some bad storms, but they kept going to the next day and the next. Our weather is very bipolar here in the Midwest! Since we never got the storms, we went outside a couple of times. I tried to take pictures but it was very bright and I don’t do enough roaming around on the sidewalk that I didn’t feel safe moving a lot plus the bottom of my foot didn’t like the feel of the concrete, so I only managed to get one picture before heading back inside! My mom and Aunt Laurie put up her new bird feeder that Uncle Mike made for her! It’s very cool, unfortunately I do not have a tutorial for that, sorry!

And then finally on Tuesday, we did something that we don’t normally do! In our hometown, there’s a new restaurant called Cakes & Coffee Cafe and they always have their specials of the day hanging outside the building and so whenever my mom and I drive by we always look at their specials! It’s become our thing now! We finally went there to eat and check it out and I was very happy!

The building was a bank for decades before it laid empty for most of my childhood. We moved into the area when I was like six years old and we’ve also driven past it and it looks so modern up against these older buildings, that have been there since the town was established in the early 1800s! It was now owned by a family friend Randy. I always thought it would be smaller once inside, because it just sort of gives you that illusion that it would have a small interior.

Once you walk in, the amount of space grabs you and then you look around at all of the back and white pictures of how the town used to look like was intoxicating! It was like a mini museum and I couldn’t get enough! We have a well-known celebrity that was born and raised here and it is baseball legend Gil Hodges; there were pictures and a huge plaster head of him hanging above a doorway, but the main attraction is the vault. They still have that little room and the giant door! The space and walls have become a place where you can write your name on! So before we all left, we signed it and my nana had a ball! We even got our pictures done in the actual vault!

This was what I got, just your normal biscuits and gravy with a little cup of fresh fruit! I made the mistake of not asking for a kid’s cup for my drink beforehand because when it arrived to our table, we all looked at like “uh oh!” but surprisingly I could reach it but next time, we’ll be asking for a small cup!


My nana aka “the birthday girl” got the special of the day which was Turkey Manhattan. She let me have a bite of it and it was good! My mom and Aunt Laurie got a chicken salad on a croissant, like a real croissant! They ordered German potato salad as their side! Taylor went in the same route as I did and got breakfast too. He got pancakes and managed to finish his before any of us! That’s a growing boy for you!


After we got back to the house, it was time for cake and my Aunt Laurie made a chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles! Everybody had a small slice of cake and I obviously was too full from my meal because I didn’t eat very much of my piece. I didn’t even have any ice cream!

One of the last things we did was play a couple of rounds of UNO. I have owed my cousin Taylor two rounds of it since November and I managed to win twice but when Laurie joined, she won the next one and then my nana played the last game and Laurie won again! My poor nana still doesn’t know the symbols on the cards, and can barely figure out the colors so she made it kind of interesting and hilarious for all of us! I’m still shocked that I won at all! I literally never win at UNO! I think Taylor was probably surprised too!

I think it was a good weekend with my family! Apparently so good that Tuesday night I crashed so hard that I laid on one side of my bed for six hours straight! And then when my mom woke me up before she went to work the next morning, she gave me another muscle relaxer and I crashed again, waking up at 12:35pm, but I didn’t care!

I apologize for the pictures below, my mom’s camera has been making them kind of grainy in a strange way!¬†

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and exciting?!



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REVIEW | Perfect In ’76

The month of March is a time for beloved basketball fans and the most dreaded time for anyone who loathes it as well. March Madness is exactly that, it is madness! I’ve sadly just realized that it’s not all about college basketball though, for high schools around the United States have their sectionals, regionals, and state championships all in this time too! I don’t know why I am just now figuring that out, but I am.

Showtime took it upon themselves to use it to feature a number of specials on the network for any basketball fans, and since I go back and forth with loving and hating it, (yes, there was a time where I’ve hated basketball!) I found a documentary that I thought would be cool to watch despite the fact that it would premiere on the weekend of my papaw’s passing. I recorded it and hoped that maybe I would leave it to the weekend after so I would (hopefully) get through it in one piece. I barely made a day!

It was called “Perfect In ’76” and was narrated by a fellow Hoosier and musician John Mellencamp and the whole thing discusses the perfect season of Indiana University’s Hoosiers in 1976, it included some of the former players on the team and announcers whether on local TV news stations or radio. It also had the infamous coach Bobby Knight talking about not only the undefeated season in ’76 but also the near-perfect season of the year before when they were beat by Kentucky in the NCAA championship.

One of the things that they first show is Indiana’s landscape of both city life with the campus in Bloomington and rural country sides that is probably the most known feature about the state. The first thing that John explains to the viewer is that “Basketball was invented in Massachusetts, but it was made for Indiana” and included that children were raised on basketball and IU was at the heart of it all. Everything about this scene was true, at least in my family.

My family is a fairly large basketball family, it ranges from IU, Butler, Purdue; my sister’s fiance is actually a fan of North Carolina, so he’s the only non-Indiana team in our family, which according to a number of my family members my papaw seemed to hate them with a passion. He was probably not happy how the 2017 NCAA championship ended. Anyways, this man would tape (well, most of the time it was my nana setting it up) almost every game on television so he could watch it whenever he was at home. We’ve had bookshelves and cabinets full of VCR tapes of basketball games around that house! I remember the late 90’s and we’d have family in the living room watching the game and all of us grandkids on the floor not exactly understanding what all the excitement was about basketball, later on majority of my family played basketball in school, I think everybody but my cousin Amy did it outside of elementary school.

Back to the documentary though, I watched it not really understanding some of the stats – I don’t know all of the correct terms and what the difference between a “forward” and “guard” but I have never had a problem with watching it! So whenever they were discussing the different players and Bobby Knight wanting a better offense when he first became the head coach of the team. I think it all went in one ear and our the other. I really liked it though, it was interesting! We all think of Bobby Knight as this angry dude who threw a chair across the court and got escorted off, but to see him like this especially in the last scene where they’re all sitting in the diner and he makes a speech to his former players and gets choked up a bit about how amazing they were and how he always appreciated them. It changes what we see in this person that has such an intimidating persona.

What I really found sort of hilarious, is that literally four days before I watched this Indiana University actually fired their current coach Tom Crean and everybody in my family about had a field day with this news because my papaw called it a long time ago! A month earlier, Bobby Knight had called into a radio and expressed his feelings against his former bosses and I couldn’t contained myself, I had to laugh at that! Gave it a few years and Tom will probably do the exact thing same and we’ll be back rolling our eyes at him.

Have you seen this documentary yet? Do you love (or hate) basketball? 


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Live | P.O.D. & Shinedown!


Hey guys!

So a couple of weeks ago I was given the biggest surprise ever!! As you can tell from the picture above, it was concert, but I’m going to tell you how my mom, my friend Brittany and every other family member and close friends manage to pull this off!

It was probably the end of February when it was announced that P.O.D., Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch were coming to Evansville again. The last time 5FDP was there was in 2012. I remember my mom telling me at the beginning of the month to save up my money, but towards the end she told me that we wouldn’t be able to go. At that time, I had already prepared myself for it and I just accepted it for what it was, but it must’ve been the same day that she began talking to Brittany, a very close family friend, she decided to share that let down. A little fun fact for you, when I was looking for someone to walk me through Grand March for my senior year on Facebook (and yes, I asked for someone on FB) ¬†she offered to take me. She spent the whole night with me and gave my mom a night off in a way. Anyways, these two decided to conspire behind my back. Brittany bought the tickets for this concert and almost everybody knew it but me!

Fast forward to the last weekend of April, my mom had told me that we might go shopping on that Tuesday, which was the day of the concert. I only knew that because I kept seeing the advertisements pop up on my Facebook ever since it was announced! I was excited to go shopping, mostly for the fact I could finally have Chinese food! That day, I woke up around 10am, all of us messed up our sleep patterns so after my mom got up and feed me breakfast and then she told me to take a nap. I had already been awake for two hours and she wanted me to go back to sleep? I did but I thought it was strange to ask that. I got up again around 2pm and my mom got me dressed. I wore my gray hoodie with my tribal skull in the front with my black and red tribal leggings.


Now you’re probably wondering why I’m sitting in this wheelchair. Well, for starters this isn’t even mine! This was my papaw’s and considering he never went fast in it, the left wheel rattles like crazy and it doesn’t have a seat belt! This is my dad’s idea. My electric wheelchair had six bars on the controller after charging all night and the next morning but my mom didn’t think it would hold up “while we walked through the mall…” I still think it would have in both places but that’s my opinion! I also had to sit on a towel off and on throughout the evening. It was not the most comfortable chair but then again I have yet to find the best seat for my butt!

Once we got to Evansville, we took a different turn than we usually do and had lunch at Steak n Shake which is one of my favorites! I literally have cravings of their cheese fries and that’s what I had, a small dish of cheesy fries and Oreo mint shake! It was while we were sitting waiting for our order that everything sort of got weird.

The night before, I looked up different dresses and rompers on the Forever 21 website for another family friend’s wedding. I was on Facebook talking to Brittany about them and how excited I was to go out the next day. We had a nice little chat. So to see her pop into Steak n Shake was very strange. I literally turned over at my mom and said, “I just talked to her last night!” She joined our table and ordered her stuff. The woman didn’t even need a menu! Next time I have to remember you can get the shakes without whipped cream and a cherry! Anyways, all four of us sat, ate and talked a bit. I didn’t do much talking though, I never really do!

After a little bit, once I started to slow down eating and gulping down the yummy shake, my mom gives her phone to my dad on which I thought she was going to ask for a selfie and then Brittany goes for it. I wish I could share the video but I can’t unfortunately! She first surprised me with a new SD card which I was like, “awwww” but I was also really confused too then she said “I figured you might need that for tonight” and showed me the tickets and my mouth dropped! I couldn’t scream so my initial reaction was to cry and after 25 minutes everything started to register in my head that I wasn’t going shopping afterwards and instead I was going to see P.O.D., Shinedown, and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH later that night!

They had been planning this for a while and the fact that nobody told me was a miracle. Especially since my neighbor Sammy almost texted me the night before but my dad apparently got mad at her and talked her out of it.

If anybody doesn’t know, this was my first rock/metal concert in an arena. It was also the first time I’ve ever went out to downtown Evansville too. It was a day of firsts I think! The Ford Center is HUGE! Seeing all of these people in their Shinedown and 5FDP shirts was intoxicating! I told Brittany as we walked around¬†these are my people!¬†I felt weird though, I have like 4 death punch shirts in my closet and I didn’t wear one. I wasn’t the only skull wearing person there so I was okay! After getting through the doors, we went upstairs and went to the bathroom and waited in line to purchase a tour shirt. I’ll wear it soon and do another outfit of the day post!

We had some good seats, like better ones than I thought. I’m always afraid of the seat part because the rails that are used to protect or whatever can be too tall and that’s sort of scared me! I’ve read and seen a lot of pictures of other wheelchair users have these issues so that’s my reason! Anyways, we missed the intro of P.O.D. because we were still in line getting the shirt. So technically I did go shopping! Afterwards, we went back to our seats and seeing everybody in their seats was a bit overwhelming. I thought I could live with watching the crowd on YouTube but watching them below was pretty cool. I was very glad I wasn’t down there though! Brittany was the one who took the pictures for me, which I was very happy about because I’d probably worried I’d drop the camera on somebody!

For the most part, watching P.O.D. and Shinedown was pretty good. I knew more songs from Shinedown and I did headbang, not as aggressively because like I said above, I didn’t have a seat belt and we were afraid I’d fall out of my wheelchair! When Brent Smith of Shinedown asked the crowd if this was their first Shinedown concert, my right foot shot up into the air! It was very weird being a part of the crowd. I danced, headbang, and sung along with everybody. I kind of forgot about everything that had happened, my paranoia, etc. I just allowed myself to feel that moment. It was great!

Next week, you’ll get the next installment of my reaction of Five Finger Death Punch’s performance! Enjoy the pictures below!

Have you ever seen P.O.D. and/or Shinedown in concert? What are your favorite songs by each band? My favorite was “Boom” and “Youth Of The Nation” for P.O.D. and “Diamond Eyes,” “Enemies,” and “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown.



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Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

77b38214ed28aa9f0728a7999e16fa81It’s been MONTHS since I’ve actually done a book review! I haven’t been wanting to read lately and it sucks because I’ve had 2¬†books that I’ve had in my Kindle for several months now! My mom can read a whole book in one day–even though she’ does laundry, dishes, makes dinner, etc–I am the slowest at reading books and watching films and I don’t have a clue why! Anyways, I got this book when the movie and the hype was at its peak. My sister had gotten it on my Kindle to read and she had it for I think three days and then went to see the movie with some friends. She thought because she didn’t cry from either one that she was heartless! I’m happy to say the other day she came home and watched it again, but this time made our mom watch it too. They both cried!

I didn’t exactly know if I wanted to do just a book review and that’s it, but I think while I’ve got both still fresh in my mind (for now) that I would do a little of comparing the differences between the film and book. To make my life a little easier, I actually made myself a mini outline of different things that happened in the beginning of the book that I thought I could share in this post. Like for instance, in the book, the story takes place in Indiana, which made me feel at home because I thought it was hilarious to read the references of Pacers, Butler, and how bipolar Indiana weather can be. The last one is completely true by the way!

Another thing – well, actually two more things that go along with what I had included in my outline. In the beginning chapters, where she’s at the mall with Kaitlyn or her mom I don’t remember, a little girl by the name of Jackie comes up to her asking questions about her oxygen tank and why she has to wear it around everywhere she goes, Hazel even takes it off her nose and puts it up to the little girl’s nose to show her that oxygen comes out of the little tubes to help her breathe. I thought it was such a beautiful moment in the book, it even made me cry a bit! Of course, this wasn’t included in the film because it is such a small scene in the book, but for the next section I’m about to discuss I think it should have been. Hazel and Gus talk about “cancer perks” and Hazel voices her own opinions about it throughout the book. I’ll be honest reading this book was strange because in a way, I never expected to compare myself to a fictional character before! Hazel doesn’t like the perks of cancer whereas I don’t like the perks of being in a wheelchair or disabled period.

I finished watching the movie a day after finishing the book, so of course I took a day off in between because I had to think of things that I liked and what I didn’t about the both of them. I’ll be honest, when I finally started reading I knew who were playing Hazel and Augustus. I didn’t necessarily see Shailene Woodley for Hazel Grace. However, I thought Ansel Elgort playing Augustus Waters though was the best idea. I definitely saw him in that role so well! As for minor characters, only Laura Dern, who plays Hazel’s mom, Nate Wolff who plays Isaac, and Lotte Verbeek as Peter’s assistant Lidweij were the only ones who I thought fit the roles. ¬†Everybody else wouldn’t be my first choice. I definitely had a different outlook on how Peter Van Houten’s character would like, and the dude who played him wasn’t doing him any justice. Beside this. I was fine with everything else. There were a couple of things that I felt were more forced than it was in the book. Like, the line that Gus says when they’re out to Oranjee when they taste the food. When Ansel said it, it made me cringe. It just sounded so (weirdly) natural when it’s said in the book.

“I want this dragon carrot risotto to become a person so I can take it to Las Vegas and marry it.”

My last complaint is how the ending went. I just didn’t like it. That goes for what actually happens to one of the characters and the endings of the book and movie. I understand that with films, you have to cut out some of the scenes in the book because they might be unimportant or too small to keep. As much as both made me cry my eyes out, I just didn’t like that change between them. See, this is the reason why I don’t read books that have films made after they’re published. It just makes me more critical. However, I did enjoy reading the book and everybody was right, you will enjoy it more than watching it unfold on screen. When I finally finished watching the movie the other night, I texted my sister like two minutes later and said, I cried more while reading the damn book and it’s true! I did! The last thought I had when I turned off my Kindle was “that was beautiful.” Not too many stories I read get that kind of love from me anymore.

Have you read the book or watched the film? Or both? What were your thoughts about it?

Autumn’s Paradise

10348599_370384826471518_7396170439867049853_nMy family is really understanding and I think accepting my life as a blogger. I never thought I’d ever say those words but it is definitely true. One day out of the blue, I guess I was just finished with editing a bunch of pictures and I decided to show my dad and I ended up just showing him the whole lot. Ever since he’s been real accepting any kind of pictures, even pictures of his bike. My mom and sister takes pictures of different things and places for me and sometimes I don’t even have to ask. It just happens, which is what happened yesterday with my sister. She and Batman were supposed to come down yesterday for the day, but they couldn’t. So instead they went out and adventured out of their dorms into the George Rogers Clark memorial. There’s nothing like sitting in the garage with your dad and his friends and your sister texts you out of the blue and tells you she’s posted pictures on her Facebook of their day out for me. To me, that’s like the best thing ever.

The George Rogers Clark National Historical Park is located in Vincennes, Indiana.¬†Frederic Charles Hirons designed the memorial and in 1936 President Franklin Roosevelt signed it as a National Park. Murals inside the building were designed by Ezra Winter. She got quite a few good pictures of different structures, but sadly I don’t know what some of them are called, except one and it’s the statue of Francis Vigo, he was Italian-American who assisted General Clark and it was built in 1934 by John Angel. Another part she got was the Lincoln Memorial Bridge,1484204_370384946471506_5780330454036034519_n it is located in between Vincennes, IN and Lawrence County, IL. As for the rest of her pictures, even with the editing process it was still difficult to figure out what some of the structures had written on them. I’m sorry I can’t find anymore information about them.

While my sister stayed in her normal area, my Uncle Dave and Aunt Katt had to take a load down south.¬†They went to Biloxi Beach where it was 70 degrees and sunny. Definitely not the cold ass weather we have in the Midwest right now. Everytime they visit the beach, they like to write different messages in the sand, take pictures, and post them on Facebook for whoever they were for, my sister and I finally got a beach message! You wouldn’t think it would be that BIG of a deal but I’ve always gotten a little jealous of everybody else, it was a nice surprise finding that on my aunt’s Facebook.¬†They went to a mustang show, that my mom told me while we were in the car on our way to nana’s house yesterday, she literally said “motorcycle show” instead of “mustang show.” Sounds like my mom is still reeling the fact that dad put his bike in his building for the winter. That was a sad day for all of us. I know it’ll be back out in April, but that’s a long time from now! I don’t know if my mom and I can wait that long! It’s even longer for a bike rally! We’re not going to even go there.


I tried to edit the picture the best I could so you could read it clearly but I didn’t want to ruin the picture entirely, so this is what you got. The sand there is like really white and shiny, the best example I could give is Edward Cullen’s skin when he goes out in the sunlight. No hate! My aunt has brought my nana like a big cup full of sand from different beaches they’ve been to, she honestly doesn’t care, well I take that back she’s a got a deep love for California so I’m pretty sure she’d rather have Cali sand more, but it’s sand. This weekend it was just my mom and I at my nana’s house. I got to take my big wheelchair again. I’ve got a good idea of what we’re going to do to my nana’s kitchen table for our Thanksgiving dinner/lunch whatever you want to call it. My sister comes home Tuesday night and according to our mom, we have the job of breaking bread apart. I don’t know if my mom remembers me having to do it last year, but I do because it wasn’t pretty and I did it wrong a couple of times but I kept getting distracted by¬†Major Crimes¬†episodes we missed so we decided to watch it in my room at that moment. It was a bad idea!

I still have no clue how this week is going to go, as I was told one thing and everything might be messed up just a tad. It’s okay though, I can wait. Last night I went over to the garage, it was so beautiful outside yesterday afternoon and evening. We went over kind of early than we normally do, because we got back home at like 9pm. I was hurting and I don’t honestly know how or why I was hurting so much as I didn’t do that much yesterday that would make my hips hurt so much. I watched everybody play pool, sing and dance along to the radio. My mom let me try some of her southern comfort last night before we left, it wasn’t so bad but I hated that after burn! Rex brought over a bottle of whiskey that according to my mother tasted like cotton candy fireball. She’s been listening to too much Pitbull in the last couple days. I had my Dr. Thunder the rest of the night, I was a bit jealous I didn’t get to taste the fireball stuff but after eating two bread sticks and two slices of pizza, I’m thinking that’s the last thing I needed. I might be taking my iPod and headphones along with me tonight if I have to listen to country and classic rock again tonight. I doubt the guys will switch it on our pop “junk” tonight like they did last night, it was only supposed to be for a joke but it ended up staying on longer than they wanted it to. I think they should have changed it after my mom started dancing and singing to it. Apparently my mom can still embarrass the living shit out of me. Who knew?