When was the last time you listened to the radio? Are you the one to plug in your iPod through a cord to hook into your little car radio? My friend has one of those for her car, it’s pretty badass. I remember when I was a kid going to St. Louis, for hospital trips to Shriner’s. The radio was the best thing for us all. The radio kept us somewhat quiet during the trip, until one of our favorite songs came in then it was horror the way to our destination. Because certain people didn’t want anyone to be talking during the song was on.

Last year, we went to St. Louis, and this was our first time were both my sister and I had our iPods plugged into us. We didn’t have to argue about switching radio stations because we hated a song that was playing. She was listening to Justin Bieber and I was listening to Linkin Park. Mom and dad had ahold of the radio the whole way, well I have to take that back. Mom had ahold of the radio. Anyways, seems like nobody wants to listen to the radio anymore. Too old school for everybody. I go back and forth on listening to my iPod and listening to what’s on the radio.

Since my music changes┬áhour by hour, I could be in the mood for rap, pop, and rock at any day. It just depends. When listening to the radio, especially countdown radio stations, they’re an upbeat, pop kind of station. Hardly no rock music. We have the Sirius XM Channels on our TV’s so I am constantly on there and listening in on different channels. I love the Morning Mash Up and the people who run that day-to-day. They are hilarious. They are just amazing to listen to in the mornings. They will definitely get you into a good mood if you’re in a not so good mood. Another channel I can not get enough is Sirius XM Octane. Around noon, I am usually listening to them. Starts my afternoon out great, and my evenings too.

I’m such a music fiend that I can go from my iPod one minute, my TV to the next half hour, then lastly my Spotify account. I love my Spotify account. I’ve got to enjoy different music from there. They have some soundtracks and some tunes I haven’t heard in a while. Yesterday, my Spotify account was replaced with iHeartRadio. When my friend Kate and I were looking to listen to SixxSense, the link to listen to that station took me to iHeartRadio website. Let’s just say, I am in love with it already. It is really easy to use, but you have to take some chances. I have five stations that I can’t stop listening to. I heart SixxSense (of course), Rock Nation, Rock Nation: Top 20 Hits, Linkin Park Radio, and Christina Aguilera Radio. I must have some pop music swirling around in my head. I can’t be lame only liking rock music and nothing else. That doesn’t make me, me.