Today is the second of October. Our A/C is officially turned off and my room is still a freezer. It is 69 degrees in my room right now. I would love if our heater would come on though. Its even worse when it’s night. I don’t like having my fan on low and I don’t like my door slightly open. It’s sunny outside and doesn’t look windy today. Which is good because it’s been windy for the past two days. I just remembered two things I don’t like about fall/winter. My bones are already stiff and pop a lot. When it’s starting to get fall, my bones get even more stiffer and my muscles get really tight.

Something I am happy about is every month our movie channels add more movies to our line-up. I’ve already watched Tron: Legacy twice in the past two days. Now I’m watching I Am Number Four. Which I’ve already seen it. Now all I gotta watch for is Black Swan. I can’t watch at night. Because it’s considered a horror movie. I don’t want any nightmares at night. I already have less sleep I really don’t need anything else ruining the rest of it.

Alex Pettyfer!

Okay, so I’ve watched both Beastly and I Am Number Four now and I think I’m addicted to both. Even though I think I like Beastly more than I Am Number Four since it did freak me out a little. Anyways, ain’t he hot? This picture I guess you can say, “makes my overaries explode…” I don’t understand that saying but everybody says it to a hot picture of somebody so what the hell, right?

Apparently I’m not too hooked to the brown hair, brown eyes yet. Cause he has blonde-curly hair and hazel eyes. At least in one picture they look Hazel. I usually like the blue or green eyes. But I can handle the hazel eyes this time. His eyes are gorgeous! Especially in this picture. So sturn and powerful. This actually (to me) looks like a painting because of his eyes. You can tell its not because of his hair. What is it with me picking guys with big ears? Is this a sign? Even though my mom says it’s not true. Just curious. Oh, there I go fangirling again!

I don’t know which I like better. Alex looking like this or how he looked in Beastly? He looks manly like this but yet I liked the younger looking of him. He’s not that old but still. Oh by the way, when I was watching I Am Number Four yesterday did anybody else think Dianna Agron looked a bit like his ex Emma Roberts? I was literally thinking in my head, “I bet that’s awkward.” She looked exactly like her. I could be wrong though. Who cares.

I want to find more movies with him in it. Really bad. He is extremely a good actor and amazingly good looking  too. I’m hooked like badly. I think I’ve fallen off the innocent train with my crushes now. Can you blame me though? Look at this dude? I dare you to look at other black and white picture and plus shirtless. Definitely. He’s just dangerously good looking. An if you haven’t seen Beastly or I Am Number Four you are seriously missing out. Really good movies. That’s it!

I Am Number Four: Movie Review

Mom finally got this movie for me and of course I loved it. At first I thought it was going to freak me out. I don’t do well with stabbing scenes. Even though I know they’re fake it still scares the shit out of me. This is the second movie I’ve seen Alex Pettyfer in it. He’s cute with some hair and lots of hair. He’s just cute and a very good actor as well.

The whole was at first a little confusing. It started off a little different than what I’m use to. Usually the main character tells us viewers about the past and the reason why for the mosters to go after them. This one didn’t do that. It was very good though. I was very into it and it kept me on the (literally) edge of my bed the whole time.

I don’t like romance that much. Especially since the girl who played Sarah (his love interest) looked just Emma Roberts who is Alex’s ex girlfriend. Weird much? I think so. Anyways, Number six was bad ass! I think she was my favorite. I wish she had more parts than the ending. The guy who played Sam was adorable. The other guys were creepy looking. I hate monsters.

Not Too Bad.

I don’t think it’s raining right now since I have my headphones on. I went outside earlier after my mom washed out the hairspray and other crap that Katie put in my hair yesterday. After my mom washed my hair I went outside to play with Bootsie. She is a stray kitten that my sister has welcomed to our back porch. She’s so cute and yet very jumpy still. Loves me not so that’s a plus.

While I was outside I was hoping for two things that I wouldn’t see a snake, I am always afraid to see one since that one time my mom and sister found one in the backyard one summer. Not cool. The second thing was I didn’t want it to start pouring. My wheelchair doesn’t work well with rain. So I think I stayed out there for maybe 20 minutes. If I could I want to sit on the porch at her level so she can really rub up against me like she does with my mom and sister.

Even though being outside was good. Not back inside its kind of dull. I think I’ve learned something the first few pages from Denise Richards book The Real Girl Next Door. That even though you might have a bad day, somewhere in that day something was good. That is actually true and I love knowing it now. Today hasn’t been too bad, even though there’s no sun out. I’ve read and apparently my mom got me a movie to watch. I Am Number Four. Yep, not bad.