EP Review: “All In” by Hysterica

As part of last year’s Tune Tuesday travels, we “traveled” to Sweden and I shared my love of the all female heavy band called Hysterica! I have listened to their last two albums and genuinely love their sound and as much as I love female fronted bands, I have never listened to an ALL girls band and liked them this much! The band consists of lead vocalist Anni De Vil, Bitchie on guitars, Satanica on bass, and Helln’ on drums. I’ve been looking forward to this new EP, and so when I saw that it was out last month, I wondered if us in the states would get it too. Luckily, a few weeks ago I went on my Spotify and found it on their profile.

The first song is called “Lock Up Your Son” and I am really glad that it’s got this mysterious beginning and suddenly it gets very heavy! Anni’s vocals are really good, meshes well with the sounds of the guitars and drums. Anni’s harsh vocals have gotten better and I’m so glad about that! She didn’t really do them in the first album, but with the second she did and it wasn’t the best I’ve heard. So to find out through this EP that they’re more powerful, it’s so awesome! Anyways, the second song is the title track “All In” and it sounds so good! I love how the guitars sound in this one the most! I love the chanting of “all in” at the end of the choruses! Always something fun to add into a song I think! Definitely a good song to sing along to during their live shows! It gets kind of soft towards the middle and has a nice somewhat gentle guitar solo at the end.

The next one is called, “Free Me” and it is a slower at the beginning and as Anni starts to sing everything kind of dies down but then picks back up. Honestly, there are a lot of elements to this one that I should like, but right now I don’t. So moving on to the next one and it’s called, “You’ll Remember My Name” and boy! I love how this one sounds so much! It’s so heavy and mighty! You know after a while you tend to forget that these are all females making this sound. Everybody is so used to seeing males guitarists and drummers, but these women have perfected their craft so well! That’s why it’s so important to listen to the music and not go by who is the one making it. I could have been fine if this one was an instrumental. As much as I love Anni’s vocals on this one too, I would’ve still liked an instrumental of this one! Last song is called, “Ease My Mind” and it starts off with an acoustic guitar with Anni’s beautiful voice! It’s really nice and clean.This could be another favorite of mine!

Tune Tuesday: Sweden


This week we’re in a country that has a BIG music scene! We are in Sweden! I bet one of the first acts you think of that comes from this beautiful country is the pop group, ABBA. I am sadden to say that we hear or think of Sweden, that’s not the first thing that pops into my head. I like of bands from Sweden! It’s crazy on how much music I’ve found in the last couple of years that I’ve been turned on from Sweden! Let’s be honest here for a second, when I got into the metal band Nightwish, I didn’t know that there was a singer before Anette Olzon. I also didn’t care either, from the first time I listened to them I fell in love with Anette’s voice and I still am! Now that she’s left NW and gone solo, I’ve still been hooked to her music. I’ve listened to her debut album, Shine probably five times and from that first listen I immediately put the album on my favorites list of albums! I’ll just say it is very difficult to get on that list. That means I felt something while I listened to it and heard everything. A lot of the times I listen to albums I get so lost inside the album and I lose out the whole thing. For me, going into this trance isn’t neccessarily a good thing. Anyways, two others that I’ve decided to include are Avatar and Hysterica. I was introduced to Avatar, when their first album dropped and their first single played on Sirius XM Octane channel. Hysterica is an all female heavy metal band. So if you thought my female fronted side was fierce, this is just worse. I found them to be freaking awesome! All of the members play the insturments and sing + growl are female. How about that for the ones who say metal music is a man’s world?! Since Avatar is the only all-male band here I think I should let them start out the listening portion. So enjoy and rock on!

Smells Like A Freak Show by Avatar

Bloody Angel by Avatar

Hear Me by Anette Olzon

Follow Me by Pain featuring Anette Olzon

Girls Made Of Heavy Metal by Hysterica

Fighters Of The Century by Hysterica

Heels Of Steel by Hysterica

Heels Of Steel


For certain songs, I love lyrics to be sassy and sometimes in your face. Most of the time, it’s the men ruling that kind of attitude, but women are bringing out their own sets of rules and accepting the challenge to outdo the boys. Sometimes, the guys think it’s hot. I got into this one band by accident, but I think I get into them all by accident. This band is an all female band from Sweden and they are called Hysterica. They’re the modern-day version of The Runaways, and I think I was searching for other female fronted bands and somehow found their song “Heels” in the process. I love this song so much that I have found it to be empowering for me.

It’s empowering in a way to think you’re not going to let anybody get in your way, because you’re a female. I have been thinking that it’s just not about high heel shoes either, I think it’s any kind of shoe that makes you feel comfortable and that brings out that side of you that surprises the crap out of everybody else. The heels are a symbol to make you feel comfortable in your own skin no matter what and you can be as sassy as you want to be as well. Since I don’t wear shoes at all and being empowered by socks is a little weird. I’ve always been the one to scare a person away by my wheelchair. So my heels are my wheels. I mean, I am hell on wheels! I don’t mean to scare people away, it’s just a lot more funnier to run over a person’s foot when they’ve pissed you off. Or at least you used to be fun. I haven’t done it in a long time. I ran over a grandpa at a football game a while back and I haven’t forgiven myself yet.

I think women need more things to feel like they can take on the world. If you need a full closet of shoes to feel like you can conquer the world, I’m happy for you. If you need to wear your prized cowboy boots around when it’s about 100 degrees outside, I bow down to you. If you can’t walk on your own two feet and have a wheelchair, use crutches, or plastics, I am very proud of you. A lot of people think that woman aren’t smart enough or tough enough, I think we are. We just have different tolerances and ways to defend ourselves. We are not worthless or useless, as long as we keep the confidence up, nothing will get us down. That last line of the song, “get down on the ground and kneel/kiss my heels of steel” sounds a little kinky, but it’s not it’s saying something meaningful that you should kneel and kiss my feet because a female is not going to put up with your shit. That can be a certain individual or the world in general. We should raise up against the negatively and fight for ourselves. Nothing can stand in our way.