OOTD: Decay



I honestly don’t know how many more of these will be up by the end of the week but I hope you like them! I’ve been enjoying writing each one so that’s a good thing! I apologize again for having to take this picture indoors.

This whole outfit is from one brand! I don’t think that has ever happened before! Well, my Thanksgiving outfit is all from one place but you’ll have to wait to see that one! I’ve talked about the shirt before, it’s white with a picture of a man (don’t know who it is!) in light shades of gray around him like in a frame and it has black lettering of “Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake.” I can no longer find a link for it on the website. I got it last winter for Christmas! It’s probably a medium, but it’s fairly big on me and not at all thick in material. I choose to see the good in that, because then I can sleep in comfortably!

So that’s my top, now about my bottoms! They were purchased last week when I got my Harry Potter shirt! They’re solid black pants with white skulls and pink flowers with green/brown leaves. I’ve been calling them my “decomposing” pants. They just remind me of death, but in a good way if there is such a thing! My mom actually liked these; they’re stretchy around my waist. The sleeves are a bit long, I have to roll them up when I want to use my feet, but they’re not bad. They might turn into a new favorite! Lucky for you, I found a link for these. Click here if you want a pair like mine! They are listed as “leggings” but they don’t look or feel like leggings to me.

What do you think of this outfit? 

OOTD: Harry Potter!


Hey guys!

I’ve got a new OOTD post for you! Two weeks ago, my parents took me out shopping for a little getaway as I had some birthday money to spend! I was so happy because I’ve been wanting to go to the mall for a few months but I also wanted to save up my money too. Let’s just say I did some damage! I had fun so that’s all that matters!

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Harry Potter. I have every film on my DVR but I’ve only read one of the books. I would like to read the whole series someday! While we were shopping, I went into Hot Topic and literally in the front of the store were the HP stuff and I thought I was going to scream with joy! My favorite film is Prisoner Of Azkaban and I basically had my eyes glued to this “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good” shirt. I had to buy it! If it wasn’t HP related I’m pretty sure a few people would just agree with it and think of me. This was in the men’s section and S/M size the price is $20.50. At least that’s what it is saying on the website!

The leggings were a funny story! I usually never buy anything from Charlotte Russe. My sister loves it, it’s very girly full of lace tops and a lot of gorgeous high heels. All the heels were replaced with boots when we went in there, I was very sad but I guess not that sad considering I stayed in there and bought three different things. The leggings are so comfortable! The sleeves are really long and they’re a bit baggy on my actual legs but they’re fleece-lined and I thought I need another color than besides black. So I got these in emerald green. I thought this was quintessential autumn/winter look. The website are selling them for $5 right now if you want a pair like mine!

What do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay?

Skull Inspired Wishlist

I’ve got two months left until my birthday! A few of you are probably looking at that sentence and going, “Meghan, September isn’t over yet!!” When your date of birth lands on the first of the month once a new month begins it’s perfectly acceptable to take that month out completely! Now that I have that part of the way, I can say that this really isn’t a birthday wishlist. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers and their different themed wishlists. One day I’ll have a cat themed wishlist on here, just you watch and see!

Back in late July, I made a homeware wishlist of different things to help my nana and I to bake things in her kitchen. I went looking for things that would be good for people who can’t grip as good as they used to, my grandparents are getting older and gripping certain stuff like pens and kitchen utensils are getting more and more difficult to do. So that’s why I wanted to do that post but by the time I had finished the post, it seemed too chaotic and I didn’t see a way to fix it so I just ended up getting rid of it. I might recreate a similar post one day, but right now we’re talking about skulls! One of my favorite things that apparently I don’t have enough of in my closet! I have like three shirts with skulls on them, that are not band related and I have two pants with different types of skulls on them. Like I said before, I don’t have enough! My mom would probably disagree but I know I wouldn’t hear a peak from my dad because he’s just as bad as me!

Skull Cut-Out Shoulder Top – Hot Topic //Skull Pink Floral Kimono – Hot Topic //Black Bow Headband – Hot Topic //Skull & Rose Watercolor Wallet – Hot Topic// Evil Skull Bank – Spencer’s

When I was going to find different things to include on this wishlist, I told myself “no band tees” because as much as I want new ones, I have enough! I think I had to tell myself about ten times while scrolling through both Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I had a lot of problems with what I wanted to include in this post. If you’ve read my previous wishlist posts before, you know I try to keep everything under $20 and this one I didn’t care what the price range was, I just went with what I liked for once! if you love skulls just as much as I do, you can click on each link underneath the picture and purchase the item(s) you like the most.

I went on four different websites, but ultimately got lucky with Hot Topic and Spencer’s. Let’s start with the shirts I’ve selected. I found the one on the left first. I actually love shirts like this, that have cut outs or fall off the shoulders completely, with Arthrogryposis, our shoulders are a little awkwardly shaped. They’re much smaller and so necklines that are wide are like our worst enemies. I’ve always had trouble keeping my shirts up on my shoulders. By the time I was in middle school, I had given up on fixing them and just letting them off. I love the cut outs on this shirt. If you click on the link, the back of the shirt has small cut outs. It’s pretty awesome! Another thing that drew me into the shirt was that fact it’s not just skulls, it’s got roses on it! I’ve never been a big fan of roses but I feel it’s most used flower to include with skulls. So I deal with it. The next one isn’t a shirt or jacket per se, it’s a kimono and I love how these are becoming a popular fashion trend! They’re light and soft, which would be perfect for my hands as they can be sensitive to different textures. I just loved this one! It’s so pretty, even though it’s pink! I like how I managed to pick two different items that have some girly touches to them!

Now onto the accessories! This was another thing I had to tell myself to stay away from but I mean it as stay from the jewelry! I have more than enough bracelets to last me a few years! I’ll say I have all these bracelets and I don’t even wear that much as I’d like to. I think I’m more afraid to wear my spikey ones because I’ve been told by different family members that they could be used as weapons! Anyways, I had to get creative with selecting other stuff. My hair is in that awkward placement where it’s not short, but not long enough yet to be put up in a ponytail so we’ve resorted to using headbands, but I only have a plain black one. I found this one and I kind of fell in love with it. It has skulls. It has a bow and it’s black! What else do you need? One of the things that women and girls have are purses in different sizes and quirky designs. I’ve had a few in my lifetime, but I’ve never had a wallet and I feel like that wallet was pretty cool! Not dark, but unique or I could just get that shiny gold skull on the left side of it. It’s a bank, can’t say it’s a “piggy” bank because it’s not a pig but look at it!! I love it! It’s so me right?!?!

So what do we think about everything I’ve included into this post? What would you buy first?

My Spring Hot Topic Wishlist

The good thing about doing these fashion wishlists is that everything that you’ve picked out looks good online. At least that was my mindset for while I was working on the collage for this post. I thought about maybe picking out my favorite swimsuits that were really cheap, but then I backed out of it. I don’t know you might see it anyways! I’ve decided to do a little wishlist of my favorites on the Hot Topic website because I’ve been thinking of going shopping and since I haven’t been able to actually get out because of the constant weather changes, I thought I’d make a collage and maybe with a miracle I can go out and buy the ones I liked the most! All items are under $30 and I don’t even know how I did that because I wasn’t even looking at the price tags at first! So good for me!

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I am not the most girly girl in the world. I own a LOT of black colored clothing and I’ve never been shy about it because as every girl knows, black goes with everything! I also own too many band tees! Every time I go into Hot Topic I became this little kid that’s entered the candy store, but there’s no candy! As every girl and woman will want to do this spring/summer is try to get out of wearing darker shades of colors and into something brighter and fun! As much as I’d like to shed some of my dark clothes! I know that’s what I look good and feel comfortable in. I’ll be honest I had some good intentions going into this I promise and then it all fell apart!

I am a BIG fan of In This Moment. It was one of the first female fronted metal bands I got into several years ago, so when I saw this on the website I knew that this would be a must if I saw it in the store! I don’t own a ITM shirt yet and I’d like for this one to be my first as it’s the black and white version of their first single “Sick Like Me” cover. I love that song a lot! This shirt is priced at $22.50. The next one is another Of Mice & Men shirt. If I got this one, it would be my third. The price for this shirt is $15.99. Trust me, if you think that’s bad I found like three Paramore shirts and I’d like to have them all if I could! The next shirt can only be describe if my mom would give the look of “really?”  when she saw it, but it’s true and the price shows it at $22.50. Fourth shirt is another shirt that if I saw in the store, I’d buy instantly! I love me some bass! Sorry, I can’t help it. This is also priced at $22.50 as well!

The bottoms were difficult for me, because I think I’m more okay with showing off my arms than with my legs. So I still like to cover them up. The first pair of leggings is black with lace on the sides. I love black lace more than any color lace honestly. I feel it’s more sexy! They cost $26.50 and I’m hoping I got that right because at first I thought it said $36 instead! The next one was called purple galaxy even though on the website, they do NOT look even a tiniest shade of purple. All I see is like turquoise. However, I’ve always wanted some galaxy leggings! They look amazing on everybody else’s legs and I think I’d look pretty good in them too! These cost $19.50 which was less than I thought they would! You guys know how much I love my skulls! I have always wanted the bones of my waist to my legs for a few years too! They, again, look cool on everybody else. My turn? I think yes!! These leggings cost $26.50! My last one is a skirt. Yes, I said a skirt, the only way I’d get a skirt of any kind would be because it had some skulls on it. The price said its $22.50. As much as I like my legs covered up, I don’t like to be miserable in the hotter months, you know? So I thought this would be a good start in the right direction.

So what you think of my choices? If you like Hot Topic too, what is on your wishlist? Do you have any favorites that you’d like to get for spring/summer?

Five Finger Death Punch, Peach Ribbons, And No Sleep.

Today has been one of my longer days. You know the quote “expect the unexpected?” Well that pretty much describes my day. I didn’t know what today would bring, but I went along with it. With that being said, I regret waking up at 4:48am this morning. It’s 4:17pm now and I feel like collapsing at the moment. My parents woke up early and my mom came into my room around 8am taking my wheelchair into the living room to be charged up. I actually freaked out a little because I didn’t understand why she was taking it out of my room this early in the morning and smiling like a crazy person. She told me we were going to the mall. I freaked out but I was excited. Before she came in, I could have gone back to asleep and I would have slept all day like the past four days. I was glad that I wasn’t doing that today.

We first went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, to get my sister’s shin guards and shoes for soccer. Let me just say, it was weird for me. I was totally out of element considering it’s a athletic store and I couldn’t do sports in school because of my disability, unless you count Powder Puff Football. Which everybody in my family did just to make me feel better since everybody else has done at least one sport in school. My sister has done pretty much every sport she could and now she’s doing soccer and cheerleading this fall. God help us all! Anyways, while she was getting her stuff. My dad was in “the lodge” part where they have guns and fishing stuff. I didn’t know that was part of sporting stuff. I went back and forth between the two of them because I was a little down. I was very happy with we left though.

When we got up to the mall, I only wanted to go to two places. Before we left, I had enough time to look up online about sales in my favorite places. I looked at Vanity and Hot Topic. Found out that Vanity was having 30% off clearance sale and I was a very happy person. I looked on Hot Topic for a Nickelback shirt. So when we first got there, my mom went to return some uniforms and my sister and I went and did some window shopping at Maurinces. Emily found three shirts that would have looked great on her and she was going to try them on and I kept reminding her to try them on before mom came in because mom would have the final say in the shirts and she wouldn’t get them. And she complained about me being a complicated shopper.

We went into Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal afterwards. Emily and I have had good luck finding clothes we like in both stores, but I mostly like going into Charlotte Russe because of all the shoes. Everywhere you go, they’re high heels. I saw my first pair of heels with spikes on them and saw another pair that was leopard print that was blue and was covered in glitter. I was in love and I hated myself even more because of my feet. If I could, I would have bought both and put them in a glass box. I know I’m officially weird. Mom and Em got scarves there and Em was loving some of the shirts at Wet Seal. I was just loving the fact that the first two stores we go into and hardly nobody were in them. Thank god for school! I didn’t feel guilty of being in the way like I usual do everytime we go shopping.

We went to Body Central after, and that’s where I got the pants I’m wearing now. They look like leather pants but they’re not. They look like what Sal Costa from My Darkest Days would wear. After we ate, mom and I went into Hot Topic. There was a pretty big difference between the last time we were there. I could hardly get there and the place was packed. This time around, nobody was really in there and it seemed like they had more space for my wheelchair. Maybe the last two times of complaining I couldn’t get through helped. Wishful thinking. Mom ordered a Nickelback shirt for me. I also got another Five Finger Death Punch shirt. Which means I have two now. I love my obsession with band merch! If I could I’d buy all my favorite bands shirts and be the happiest person on this planet. I would need lots of money though. Downfall right there.

The last place my mom, sister and I went into was Vanity. I love that store and that store actually got on my favorites list by accident. My aunt wanted to buy me something for my birthday and we were at the mall during Black Friday and I wanted to go into this store and I saw this camo shirt with neon orange font that said, “Camo is my favorite color.” She bought for me. Sadly, I can’t fit into it anymore but I visit that store a lot. I like to be a little bit girly with this edgy side to me. Vanity has that. Thank god!

By the end of our journey around, everybody was starting to get tired. I think I was the most exhausted considering I’d been up since almost 5am. Emily wanted to go back to Wet Seal one more time, so mom went with her and my dad and I went into this little candy shop. My dad and I love our sweets. I love hard candies, gummy stuff, chocolates, and sometimes sour candy. Apparently he was in the mood for the sour stuff. As soon as he saw those sour ribbons, it was like a rocket went off. He got Strawberry, Banana and Strawberry, and Watermelon. He got the Peach for me because I thought it would taste good and I was right. Right after he paid for it we went outside to leave and we both fell in love with the Peach ribbons. I think between the both of us, we were regretting getting only two of those. He originally was going to go back and get some more but decided not to. I kind of wish he did.

All in all, it was fun day, but I am soooooo glad it’s over. I have missed Dr. Phil and will probably not watch Blue Bloods tonight. Mom also got me movies too for this weekend, I think I’ll watch them tomorrow. I have to keep myself up though. It’s only 5:01pm and I’d rather go to sleep around 9pm. Hopefully I’ll hold out until then. I’ll put some Five Finger Death Punch on to keep me awake. So that’s my post. Sorry for not updating for the past few days. Been kind of busy sleeping.