What Is Your Perfect Honeymoon?

So I was watching an episode of Roseanne today and it was an episode where the kids were younger. My mom and I think after they won lottery and Darlene has the baby, the show goes downhill. Anyways, the episode where I got my next blog post idea was the one where Dan and Roseanne plan their second honeymoon. Dan thinks a cabin in Wisconsin is the perfect honeymoon, but Roseanne doesn’t think so. She wants to go to Florida. They end up at the end of the episode, staying at home while Jackie takes the kids. Roseanne tries to be romantic and lights some candles and had some wine. Roseanne teases Dan with wanting either a stream or waterfall effect done by their kitchen faucet. The last part of the scene is of Roseanne spraying Dan with the water and Dan grabs the wine and starts shaking it up and shoots out of the bottle and Dan says, “NAGARIA FALLS!”

So I decided to ask the question to both married women but also single women as well. Where did you go on your honeymoon? What is your ideal honeymoon? These were just some of the comments I got on both of these questions. My mom posted on the comment and said that everybody got drunk but her, because she was pregnant with me. It’s okay, I find that hilarious, so you’re allowed to laugh if you want to! Another person said she went to a cabin where no one knew them. My aunt posted that she went to Franklin, TN but had to leave early because there was a tornado. I only had two singles comment and she said, what every single woman wants to do for their wedding and honeymoon. Go to Hawaii. Even my two main characters of my story went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The other said she’d like to have her honeymoon in Ireland or Paris. So far I haven’t gotten anymore replies on either Facebook or Twitter.

So that only leads to my answer for my own questions. I am not married, so I technically can’t answer the first question. The second though, my ideal honeymoon would be adventurous. Hopefully, my other half would be just so daring and has a big bucket list of travels as I do. So speaking of bucket list, I think my future husband and I should do at least four different things that are on our bucket lists. I think that would be interesting to see what each of us discover about our travels and interests. It’s also out of the box, which is what my life is about anyways. Plus, if we did this for our honeymoon, it would pretty cool to do that for every year for an anniversary gift to each other. You would have to know their lists very well though. That’s only fair. I think going to Hawaii or somewhere warm to too traditional. I mean, that’s what everybody that has lived in the colder places choose to go. I say that, but I’m pretty sure I have “Bora Bora” on my list. I think it’s best to keep that one for a later on in the year kind of gift. Or if your spouse has done stupid, but hopefully you have some common sense to see through the lies of that gift.

This is just my answer to the question. I’m welcome for some answers from you too. If you had a honeymoon, where did you go? And if you’re single, where would you want to spend your honeymoon? 

Happily Never After — Part Five


I’ve been taking a break from finishing this story that I started, what, two weeks ago? I think I need to actually finish it now, since I have nothing else to do at the moment. So the last part I left off was the last minutes until Chloe and Hank are to leave for their honeymoon. Chloe’s brother-in-law John is in big trouble with Brenda and her little sister Claire has to deal with not only Brenda but her four daughters as well. If you haven’t read the last sections. Here they are: Bridezilla Has A Breakdown, Chloe Needs A Drink, Little Liar, and Flesh And Blood.

The Next Morning:

“Did last night really happen?” Chloe opened her deep green eyes and looked down at her left hand saw not only was her engagement ring in full view, but so was her wedding ring as well. Which meant everything from the night before, happened. She groaned at the thought of it all and rolled over to see Hank sound asleep with his mouth open. Snoring as loudly as possible. This is what she gets to live with for the rest of her life. She remembered everything that she hated of Hank, but after last night those things went away. Hank was her shining knight in amour and she knew he would do anything for her. She could already see him treating her like a queen, not like he already does that, but still. I think after being at the mercy of both sides of their families last night and how everything seemed to be ruined by midnight, they were both glad it was over.

Chloe smiled at her sleeping husband, but then the annoying buzzing of her cell phone ruined every chance of finding happiness on the beach or in their honeymoon suite. She did a quick look through to find her phone without actually getting out of the bed, but her phone wasn’t anywhere near the bed. It was actually across the room, sitting on top of the table in the kitchen. She groaned again, but forced herself to get out of bed, but that’s when her shining knight began to move around. “No.” Hank said, in his sleepy voice. Did he realize that voice was sexy, did any guy realize that or do they do that on purpose? “I have to. It’s been going off all morning.” Chloe said in a hushed voice and patted him on the back to let her go. He moved his form and arms away, and she was free. She sat up and was quickly reminded of how many drinks she had the night before. She was in pain now and didn’t quite realize it was that bright until she started walking into the next room. The trip to Hawaii, might’ve been a bad idea. You’re always worried you’re going to have food poisoning on your honeymoon, not be hung over. She honestly could deal with the hangover than food poisoning instead. She walked into the small kitchen and saw that room service must’ve just came in with breakfast. The smells of strawberries and bananas were amazing! When she got to the table, she saw that she had ten text messages from Brenda and Claire each. All news about her lying brother-in-law John and the meeting with Matt.

After the night ended, Brenda and Claire took her kids home. It was WAY past their bedtime and quite frankly Brenda’s too, but she knew there wasn’t going to be any sleeping that night. She could set fire to all of John’s stuff and then she could get a good night’s sleep, but she had too much to live for and had her girls to think about first. She didn’t want them to feel like they weren’t important, just like their daddy had treated their mommy. How could John treat her like that? She gave him everything. When they first dated, she got him the management job at her work and when she got pregnant with their first child, she gave up everything that made her happy because John promised to be there for her and love her unconditionally. She tried to hold back her tears once again, but it was too hard for her. She was glad that her little sister Claire was there with her and the girls, but as last night started to unfold. Claire had unexpected visitor come over to the house in the middle of the night after they put the girls to bed. “Uh, Brenda I hope you don’t mind, but Matt really wanted to talk things over, is that okay?” Claire said, still unsure on where she wanted this relationship was going. Brenda trying to dry the tears that continued to fall down her cheek,”Um, yeah that’s fine. My marriage is crumbling, you might as well find love at my most worst time ever, but sure go ahead.” She said as she walked away from them. Matt was surprised and kind of curious to know what all he had missed at Chloe’s wedding.

“What the hell was that about?” Matt said as he turned around to watch Brenda go into her bedroom and shut the door. “Uh, well she discovered that John has been cheating on her after all this time.” Claire said as she sat on the couch. He turned his head back around to find his girlfriend sitting on the couch, still in her maid-of-honor dress. The royal blue reflects gently with her pale skin and strawberry blonde hair, she had the same green eyes as her older sisters. Matt was still standing as he memorized her, he loved Claire he really did, but he wasn’t as good as she thought he was. “I have a confession to make…” Matt said in a soft voice. This is what Claire has been waiting to hear for the last few weeks, she’s known about it but she knew if she asked about it, he would just deny it. “You know that girl Erica, that my older brother Mike was dating?” Here it comes, “yeah,” Claire said, looking rather innocent looking. “Well, you’re going to kill me, but I’ve been cheating on you for the past two months.” And there it is! “Oh I know.” Claire said, while Matt’s face turned dark and embarrassed. He never wanted her to find out, but it was a small town. “I’m sorry you had to find out like that.” He said. Claire has had a rough time believing in love. After her father walked away from her family, she never really expected to find something real. “Yeah well, things happen, right?” Claire said with a half-smile. She was handling it a lot better than he ever thought she would. “So that’s that, I think I should go.” Matt said as he sat up and walked back towards the door, he heard faint sobbing from the master bedroom. “Is she going to be okay?” Matt sounded concerned, but for the wrong sister. “Yeah, this is her first marriage and it’s ending just like our relationship.” Claire said back to him as he opened the front door, “I said I was sorry” but as he said those words again, there was no remorse. It wasn’t real for him. “Yeah I know, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Have a good life Matthew.” Claire said in a soft voice, trying to hold back her tears to Yeah, you too Claire.”

Brenda could hear the front door shut. She could hear Claire’s soft sobbing in the hallway. Apparently it’s a bad night for love all around. She hoped that Chloe was having a better night than the two of them. Things seemed to be falling downhill for her and Claire right now in their love lives. Ever since her father left, being able to trust another man has always been hard for the girls. Brenda might’ve been the first to get married, but Chloe and Hank have known each other longer than she and John have. Brenda was willing to do anything to make things work between them, because she was afraid of living alone. Now seeing her younger sister being in a somewhat similar situation as her, made things worse. They had serious issues to deal with, from their partners, to their father, and now the future of it all. Things didn’t seem to go good for long for their family. The only people who seemed to find love were their mother Sandra, who got married to John Walters, three years after our father asked for a divorce and called the girls to let them know that he had remarried too, but while he was still married to their mother and that he had finally a baby boy. He had everything he wanted and all they could do was despise him. The other person who found love successfully was their own sister Chloe, but she has always been the strong sister of the three of them. Hank knows their family well, and will make sure that he never disappoints his new bride or she will find a way to kill him.

Claire and Brenda couldn’t sleep, so instead of talking to each other, they messaged their middle sister for advice…on her honeymoon. Brenda really wanted to control her situation as best as she could without her older daughter finding out that not only did their daddy cheat on their mommy, but Uncle Hank kicked his ass too. Claire wasn’t sure on talking about her love life declining with her older sister’s in despire at the moment. After the seventh message from Brenda and the third from Claire, they both stopped. The time was 3am and Brenda was starving, but she was also nauseous as can be too. She was afraid to eat anything because of the fear of getting sick afterwards. Claire was clearly feeling the same way, so she went into her sister’s kitchen and looked for something sweet to kill the growls that roared in her stomach, when she found nothing pre-made in the cabinets or freezer, she found a package of chocolate chip cookie dough on the side corner of the fridge and grabbed it, She unwrapped the case and grabbed a sheet pan from under the stove. The dough was already pre-sealed for her, so all she had to do was separate each cookie and put them on the sheet pan. She checked the back of the ripped package to see she couldn’t see what she needed the oven to be on. Then a sudden voice appeared behind her, “it needs to be set at 360 degrees” which led to the small scream and jump from Claire, which made the sisters laugh. “Jeez! You didn’t need to scare me like that.” Claire said, still trying to regain herself. “Oh, but where’s the fun in that?” Brenda said, with a grin. Claire turned the knob to the exact amount and slid the sheet pan inside the oven and closed the oven.

Brenda moved from her spot and walked over to her secret hiding spot in the cabinets. The middle one looked like it was just there for decoration, but it had a bigger job to do. Instead it was a great way to hide wine from her husband and daughters. “I think after the evening we’ve had, I think we deserve to have a glass of wine. Or at least, I should.” Brenda said to her minor sister. Claire looked up at her sister and said, “Mom has let me drink. Hell, even Chloe even gave me a drink once. So it wouldn’t be the first time and besides I need one just as much as you do.” Brenda reached up on the top cabinet and grabbed two glasses, and poured themselves a nice round of wine while they waited for those cookies to get done baking. “So have you talked to Chloe since she and Hank left for their honeymoon?” Brenda said as she walked to the table and sat down. “Nope, she’s smart she’s got her phone off.” Claire said back as she took a seat next to her older sister. “I feel bad for texting her this late and about my problems when she should be enjoying herself and her husband.” Brenda said. “Yeah, but knowing Chloe and Hank, I think they’re “over” enjoying time together. Isn’t that what marriage is about anyways?” Claire said as she went to take her last gulp and then realized what she just said to her older sister. “Well, considering my marriage is on the rocks right now and has been for a while, you would think that, wouldn’t you?” Brenda said as she finished her first round before allowing Claire to fill her glass again. “I’m sorry, I’m still kind of used of you not knowing about that.” Claire said as she poured more into her glass too. “It’s okay, I mean I should have seen this coming. John has always been unfaithful to me, even when we were dating in college. He thought I’d never know about it. I actually didn’t catch him cheating on me once in our vacation house in Florida. He apparently thought our housekeeper was hot as hell and decided to bang her right on our bed.” Claire’s mouth dropped to the floor. “When the hell was this?” Claire said as she almost choked to death on her wine. “I think 2007 maybe.” Brenda said, “he said he’d never do it again. Dumb piece of pass.” Brenda said in a slur. Claire couldn’t help but laugh at her last remark.

Okay, so maybe I won’t end this today. To be continued!