Stop And Stare

Everything I try to do. Especially the newer things, I’ve somewhat regretted it. I learned to pick up my fork and spoon with my toes when I was young. Then, I couldn’t stop myself it seemed like.¬†Coloring came next, then writing and drawing in grade school. Then I learned to type with my toes. That is one of the things I defintely don’t regret doing. Next thing was picking up little things and CDs. Middle school came and a few days before my 16th birthday. I got my first phone and evantually started texting. In just a little amount of time I learned to do alot of things.

The newer things, I played Kornhole yesterday and I’ve never played it before. My sister and I ademptted to play it. That was interesting. I couldn’t get the bags in the hole but Emily could 3 times. I should have thought about this better. She use to play softball. So she has an arm. My feet are a little rusty. I sucked but I still had fun either way.¬† When I was Senior in High School, at our Post Prom there was a booth that was for Darts. This is how crazy I am. I decided to see if I could do it. I hate being curious, because I could kick me in the butt later. So anyways, I did this for fun and I actually popped a ballon. Which made my night even better. Then when we went on our Senior Class trip to Holiday World, they had Darts so being the “shit” I am I went for it to show my mom. I didn’t think I was create a crowd but I did. I only did it twice because people were slowly coming over to watch me throw. I never got all three but I did get one and I think thats when the crowd formed.