DIY: Spring Cleaning The Cabinets



I went over to nana’s one day and she didn’t necessarily have anything for me to do. So we ended up finding something to do. She asked if I wanted to help her do a little DIY in her kitchen. We were just discussing the DIY stuff she used to do years ago and she just kind of asked if I wanted to help her tidy under the kitchen sink.

There’s always a few times where I actually get happy that I use my feet, because they’re lower to the ground and I hardly ever have to bend over as other people do!

She has these big cabinets and I thought cabinets with two doors were divided by a blockage in between so things wouldn’t collide together (don’t ask why I thought that I just did!). Since there wasn’t anything in between the cabinet it was much larger! However I didn’t do the scurbing inside the space as my nana did that because I was preoccupied with kicking a bunch of coffee containers underneath the kitchen table! Since that space is so big as it literally goes back to the wall, you can fit a LOT in there. I don’t know how she manged to put about seven of these containers back there! We took everything out of it. I tested my strength with different bottles that were heavy as crap! Once everything was out we moved on to the next part!

She has this peel and stick tape in zebra print. She loves it, so much that a lot of her everyday items is covered in it! She’s always trying to find ways to use it and she found a place under the sink!

This required a medium size ruler and a whole lot of patience. Thankfully we both had enough to balance each other out! The two things that I technically “can’t” do is read measures and use the scissors. Plus learning how to tell time, count money, but that’s another story! Despite this, I still did a lot like holding the ruler and estimating the measure. She had to cut the strip and slits for the sides and divider in the middle of the doors. I put it back down on the floor and took it off the paper and cussed when it kept getting undone from both sides. I can be a perfectionist sometimes! After I got it, it looked somewhat equal on both sides so I patted it down to the ground and then we went on to figuring out what we could do about the back parts. She has two drain pipes and a couple of cords that hang against the sides and there’s a lot of empty space in between that and she didn’t think we’d get that far back to do the tape so we improvised.

She has these cardboard sheets, one side is white and the other is brown. She cut a single sheet down the middle to see how much-needed to be cut to fit in the side of the corner. It still wouldn’t all the way in that area but I used a pen to write on the sheet of a rough estimate of where she needed to cut again and I’m not kidding when I say, I was a little more right than I thought I was! It was shorter a little more than I thought it would but it still fit perfectly back there. And then we did the same thing to the middle section, which needed to be a little bit more skinnier than the first one. She had to cut it down twice until it fit good enough between the two pipes, but since it was in such a strange position I kept losing my grip with it and it got stuck a couple of times. Everytime I tried to move up to grab it I almost slammed my forehead into the edge of the sink! I finally had nana push onto my chair to make me stay there and I got one last time and arranged it in place.

After that we were finished with the whole project. Well, nana was done. I could have done another cabinet if I knew I didn’t have to cut any strips of cardboard or use the damn tape. I put everything back inside the cabinets, but one bottle wanted to fight me (of course!) and literally fell over sideways, but thank god it was already far in the back enough that it wasn’t too much in the way of arranging the other stuff! One of these days, we’ll be brave enough to go through the “big” cabinet that holds all of the dishes, both plastic and glass! That’s another challenge for another day!


A few days ago, I was at my nana’s again and I’ve been dying to clean out her big cabinet that has her dishes, both glass,, and plastic! I manged to clear out a small section of the lower level of it but I’m either going to need to be on the floor or more energy to do the rest of that shelf! Oh, that’s a job for another day!

In honor of spring cleaning, what is/was the first thing you fix up? And no, I will not come over and clean your cabinets! =)


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My Poor Papaw


Hey guys!

So I don’t usually post anything on the weekends. I try to keep it empty so I can get ready for the week ahead or finish other things, but this is different. I also apologize if my words are all over the place. I was more concerned of letting it all out then spelling and making sense!

I don’t know many of you follow me on Twitter but for the past few weeks I’ve been asking for prayers for my papaw and the rest of my family. My poor papaw has been dealing with a lot lately. It started with the dementia stuff which I explained in January, but recently we’d been dealing with other stuff.

He went to the ER with a serve UTI and they kept him because they found a mass on his bladder and thought it could be cancer. Well, he was in the hospital for almost a full week and he had surgery to remove the mass. He’s been in the nursing home trying to regain his strength when he walks. He doesn’t walk very much but he does his own transfers to bed to wheelchair and walks into the bathroom by himself because there’s not enough room to take his chair into the bathroom. Anyways, he’s been doing pretty good, but yesterday my mom and dad took him to his doctor’s appointment and found out that the cancer was at stage 1 and non invasive.

Afterwards, they took him back to the nursing home. He was exhausted from the day, but literally an hour after coming back his laps came back and found out that he was back in the hospital for renal failure. He was transferred to another hospital and to be put on dialysis. During this time, I was at my nana’s house and I felt hopeless because she was upset because I know she wasn’t with him and then we have so much family drama going on, everybody’s acting on emotions and nobody can be right or wrong. I feel like I can’t have my own feelings without somebody looking down upon me because I’m not siding against them and it sucks. I’ve been trying to stay out of everything and be silent but god, everybody wants to test me! I’m trying to focus on my papaw, but yet be there for my papaw. I can’t be there for everyone. It’s just in my nature though! I’ve been trying to kind of fix that for years and yeah, as you can see nothing’s worked!

All I’m asking for prayers or positive vibes for my papaw, nana, and the rest of my family to attempt to understand each other and not push each other away because I know neither one of my grandparents want that to happen. Please don’t pray for me, they are my first priority.

Thank you.

My Papaw Has Dementia


Hey guys!

Today, I’m doing something very different. I don’t normally talk about serious matters of the family until I have permission, but I finally got my mom’s okay to do this post. I have two reasons why I wanted to write this: in case anybody needs information for somebody close to you that has dementia. My second is I really needed to talk about it out loud before I explode!

I wanted to give you some background about my family, or at least my mom’s side of the family. I’m hoping that after I’ve gotten this one out, I can finally share those posts I have been saving since November about the great aunts. I know more information about her side since I’ve been around them more later in life. My papaw (my mom’s dad) is very interesting and I hope to God I don’t sound bias or anything, but he is!

He was pharmacist for 47 years! My grandparents have been married for 50+ years. Every anniversary, they would always celebrate it by going to Red Lobster. Our whole family took them to eat out at Red Lobster for their 50th anniversary in 2011. It was very cute and nice to be out fancy with my family. Everybody ate like kings that day! My papaw has a train room in the house, unfortunately it’s upstairs but it doesn’t stop him from going up there. He’s ordered and made a lot of model trains and tracks. He’s obsessed but in a good way! Whenever we would come over after school, he would be sitting in his desk and painting a side of a train so delicately!

We’ve been noticing a sight change in his behavior. I say “we” but it’s mostly been my mom and nana. He’s been forgetting a lot of different things in the last several months. My nana has had to explain a few things, like where everybody lives and where everything is, especially in the kitchen. More recently, the changes has increased; now he thinks somebody is going to take them back home, when he’s already home. They moved all over Indiana, spending most of their time in central Indiana before moving into the aunt’s house down south. My nana also thinks whenever he takes a bath and eats breakfast in the mornings, he should be going to work but he hasn’t been to work in a long time.

When he first started going a little loopy and I mean that in the bad way. He was mean to basically everyone. He wasn’t napping, drinking coffee/water like he normally does in the middle of the day either. He ultimately went to the hospital. I don’t necessarily know what all happened for him to go there, but I’m pretty sure these were the basic reasons. They did tests on him to see why he was acting the way he was. The main reason was he got mixed up with different medication and took too much. Now everybody watches over him like a hawk. He hasn’t been medically tested for dementia yet, but my mom thinks it’s very mild.

We’re mostly afraid of the bad really days, because we don’t want him to spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. He’s not going to like that. What hurts me the most is that I’ve been trying to comfort everybody and full myself up with as much of his stories of Hawaii, family, hear fun times with his friends Harold and Dick, etc as I can and I’m still scared of the inevitable. I know it’s going to happen, they’re both end up in a nursing home. If one goes, they both go because the house is too big and everybody’s already in agreement on that part. It’s always been known in our family that once they’re out of the house then it’ll be set for safe and that really bothers me, despite the fact that the living room and upstairs creep me out! I’ll explain that story on another day! I’m not ready to see my grandparents go into a nursing home or see somebody else living in their house either. I mean, all the holiday and family gatherings spend there. I’m pretty sure that’ll hurt me a lot.

I want to end this post on a good note, so I’ve decided to include some funny stories that my papaw has done throughout my life and some recent things that has happened while on his good days where he’s slept and drank lots of fluids.  My parents only allow me to go over there whenever he’s “normal” and not combative with everybody.

I feel like everytime I talk about my grandparent’s, I’m mostly talking about my nana. It’s not that I try to do that, my papaw and I have a special bond. I only watch sports with him. We share the interest of Butler basketball, cookies, storytelling and running our wheelchairs into walls. I love my papaw and enjoy being around him. When my mom started to hint that he was showing signs of early dementia, I kind of brushed it off. I didn’t think she was serious, even though she is a registered nurse, I still didn’t want to believe her. In my defensive, I don’t think I was the only one in my family that didn’t want to believe her either!

The other day, we really knew there was something different about him when he had to be taken to the hospital I think like, two or three days before Christmas. I wanted to come right out and say why I was asking for prayers for my own family on my social media accounts, but at the time I didn’t know how serious it was. Unfortunately, I suck at gaining information about it. My nana has said she’s been reading up about it. She’s been reading about how to act around him and his behavior towards others. My parents cook their meals, mostly breakfast and supper. They’re getting spoiled on breakfast with my dad (he does make great breakfasts!) and my mom takes me over there around lunchtime on certain days and we eat lunch with them and I feel like he’s been missing that. We used to it that every weekend, but then we stopped.

Every week, we would get a call at our house, he usually leaves a message on our answering machine making sure my dad knew that he hadn’t gotten lottery tickets and that he was going to win the big bucks! However half the time he calls he’s not addressing anybody in general, he’s talking to our dog ChiChi. He’ll literally go “Hi ChiChi, please tell your daddy or mommy that we need lottery tickets today. ” If you got this on your machine, it would warm your heart into a little puddle.

In 2009, he had to go to the hospital because he got a really bad infection in his foot. He is losing feeling in his feet, so if he sticks himself on accident with anything sharp, like in this case a staple that went right throw through his sock and shoe. He got an infection and ultimately lost his big toe on his right foot. After he came home, he did PT to learn how to walk again, but only to use a walker for a couple of years and now he just stays in his wheelchair. I got to see his foot after he had his toe amupteed, it was disgusting! I had front row seat too! It looks so good now! It’s a little weird that he’s missing a toe, but it’s more cool than gross.

He was a pharmacist in the army, we are always hearing stories about him being stationed in Hawaii He is a storyteller, now you all know where I got it from! It doesn’t matter if there’s a lot of people around or the same two people that were hanging out with him the day before, he’ll tell you a story about the funniest things ever!

The other day, my mom was doing errands and my papaw was talking about a time when was working in Hawaii, they had a dog that would scratch at the door. Her name was Amber. Somehow we got on the subject of baseball and like I’ve said before, I don’t watch sports. I don’t know anything about basketball. My sister does, definitely more about baseball than any other sport except maybe cheerleading! She would have loved what we were discussing that day, however he couldn’t remember the pitcher’s name, but apparently he was in Hawaii too or something like that, and he has the perfect play for a Dodgers game once and he was very upset that he couldn’t remember the guy’s name, but what got me was after he left the room he found pictures, one of them was a Buick convertible with him and a friend in the army overlooking mountains and ocean of Hawaii, plus a little doggy named “Amber” in the front!

I’m sorry for making everybody cry while reading this post. You’re used to more positive stuff on here and wham! I publish this one. I needed to speak out about it though. So I hope you didn’t mind it that much! Thank you for reading this post! 🙂


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Blogs That I Love #20


Look what’s back!!

The last time I did one of these posts was in March, that seems like a really long time ago actually! I really miss doing these posts but I’ll be honest when I made my Bloglovin account at the beginning of the year, I didn’t think I would basically follow every blog in sight. I still do Twitter blog sprees too so I’ve been seeing a lot more posts than I probably should and I think I got too overwhelmed picking and choosing blogs to share on this series.

  1. Sarah In Wonderland – This girl is such a sweetie, like seriously! I have really appericated her friendship in the last couple of months. It’s kind of weird but interesting that we even became friends in the first place. We join the SpoonieSpeak chats on Fridays, sometimes she even hosts them! She has quite a few invisible disabilities but somehow we instantly clicked. As much as I wish she slept better at night, I do like our chats. Late afternoons for me, but really late night for her! She of course, lives on the opposite side of the world. She mainly talks about health, beauty and lifestyle topics. I usually read her disability posts than her other posts, but she has an amazing blog overall!
  2. Cardigan Jezebel – Meggan is another sweetie and I am a bit envious of her because she lives in Ireland at the moment. So imagine all of the gorgeous fall pictures for a second! She is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. I really look forward to her blog posts, mainly the lifestyle posts, but I’m starting to like more of her fashion posts. Another feature she’s been talking about more is her obsession with hair dye. So far I haven’t guessed one damned color right!
  3. Heroine In Heels – Laura is one my favorite food/travel bloggers out there. If I could I would literally do a whole list of my favorite travel bloggers ever, you all would understand my wanderlust in a heartbeat! She talks about other topics too, like fashion and does reviews on restaurants, clubs, etc so if you read those posts before you’ve had anything to eat, you’ll be 10x more hungry than you first started out trust me!


Five Sentence Fiction: Lucky


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

The week: LUCKY

The sun soars from the east to the west, the birds sing in the early morning til sundown, the morning dew absorbs in from the ground and travels a long way to the trees to make it bloom again.

Temperatures rise from the winter cold, people are finding their favorite flip-flops and sandals, and kids are counting down for spring break and summer vacation.

Clouds come and go, but it will never stay for there some peace in mind for those who give themselves some hope and feel the bad times were heaven-sent to them to show them to the right path.

So think to yourself as you feel your heart beating strong, someone is hearing theirs go softly and their breath keeps growing shallow, as you can take a few deep breaths in and out.

You should consider yourself lucky for everything around you, the people who you surround yourself with, and the nature that continues to grow as the seasons end and begin again.