Making Things Easier Or Making Things Just Because We Can?

I find the fact with our new technology nowadays, people can invent basically anything and sometimes it makes you wonder, “why didn’t I come up with that?” Well, I have an interesting story to share with you that I came across on my Facebook earlier this evening. It was about the Upsee harness. Now when it comes to different things that makes other people and kids lives better, I am very on the fence about it. Mostly because growing up, I hated getting shortcuts (meaning getting different gadgets and other stuff to make my life a little easier) I didn’t want to take the easy way because I wanted to be like everybody else. I strived to be like the people who I was always around because there was nobody like me around to share the feelings of what it’s like to be in this life. I have had wheelchairs, scooters, and very annoying walkers. I think after trying out the walkers earlier in my life, they’ve just kind of ruined my exception of what walking would be like for the people I’ve seen walk around on their own two feet since they were babies. So ever since the discussion of walkers and such, has me on the edge and makes me slightly uncomfortable because I had an awkward experience walking for the first time. I think that experience though just embrace myself in the wheelchair though. It took me a few years to fully let myself go and be fine with how I looked like in it and as much I’d love the experience of just ruining one pair of pants or shoes, I wouldn’t change it at all.

However, back to the Upsee harness. A mother of a boy with cerebral palsy created this harness that lets a small child walk along side its mother/father/guardian and move the same way as them. For myself, accepting myself the way I am, I support this. When I first saw the pictures, I thought back to the days when my parents and grandparents would stand me up by my arms and let me take a few steps around the living room. It was so uncomfortable for the both of us and as I got older and bigger, I could no longer do that and that lead to the walkers. In the summer, we would put up our big pool and I would wear a floatly over my chest and arms and that was my only way to walk and dance on my feet. So seeing this just makes wish somebody had come up with this when I was younger. I would have used the crap out of this. I might’ve been to learn how to walk with my sister. Oh, okay knowing my competitive side and my parents’ nervous situations that never would have worked in my favor! Anyways, it is a harness that makes the child stand straight up against a person’s legs and they are strapped in and there are even little feet pedals (at least that’s what I’m calling them!) and they place their feet in there and it is lined up with that other person’s feet. They do every movement that person is walking with their legs. So if they are bending their legs up, the child’s leg is moving up too! It’s so neat!

Something that I have never been a fan of and I’m slightly afraid of what the future could be like for us with electric wheelchairs. Everybody should be kind of familiar with the robot legs that people can get nowadays. Now granted I’ve never used them, so technically I have no real say in them, but I don’t like the fact that a machine such as this is controlling how our body moves. I’ve seen the legs and the chair that is basically a regular wheelchair but a person stands straight up. I don’t know why, but everytime I think or see these things my mind goes back to the movie I, Robot and I feel like that people are using the technology to their advantage and making these new things like the legs and chairs, and to some people it could be a good experience for them. I’m just not cool with it. I like things simple I guess. I’ve learned how to move myself in a push wheelchair on carpet without falling off-balance (knock on wood!) and I love my simple four button and one controller electric wheelchair. What’s so wrong with using less of what we really need? I mean, am I wrong to be thinking the way I am?

What are your thoughts on the Upsee harness or the robot legs? Am I wrong to be using less than what the world thinks I need? Because honestly, I think they need to use the technology on how to make the world better for ALL of us and it’s not just how we get around day-by-day. We need to change a few things first, like curbs and public places to be easy access to us too. I think we’re going backwards, making the “cars” to get around first before fixing the places we need to get to. What do you think about all of this?

Here is the article for more information about the Upsee Harness and the mother who invented it: click here please!

Nobody’s The Same In This Society

I have a new Facebook page that I recently liked a few days ago. It’s called, “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made,” It’s a really good thing that they’re doing. I know a lot of girls would love to see a doll with no hair. Cancer kids have it rough and especially when they see their family members, friends, and other people around them have hair and they might be in the beginning stages of losing their’s or have lost it altogether. It’s very sad for them. Lots of little girls play with dolls or bring them everywhere they go so they’re not alone. I don’t know what goes through minds as they look at everybody with hair.

Something I have always wished was a handicapped Barbie. Having a blonde or brunette Barbie was one thing, but knowing their made for what society accepts sucks. There has never been a real handicapped Barbie or a bald Barbie. Why not? Not everybody in today’s society is stick figured, blonde, and brunette. Everybody’s different. There are kids with cancer, physically disabled, mentally disabled, some are big (not trying to be mean), and some even like having unnatural hair colors. Even though I’ve seen Barbie’s with different colored hair, I still haven’t seen everything else I just listed. I may not be a little girl anymore, but if I was I’d still be mad that there’s still not a Barbie that looks somebody like me. I would love to see a bald Barbie and handicapped Barbie someday. Maybe society will finally understand that nobody is perfect. Nobody’s the same.

Click “Like” for Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made’s Facebook page! (:!/BeautifulandBaldBarbie


Victoria’s Secret Angel

Up until recently, I have never given myself any thought to being pretty or anything. Unless there was something I was wearing and I just loved how it looked I actually felt pretty. I’m trying to consider all things I hated about myself. Like, beauty and being an inspiration. I’m trying to fix both of these but they’re proving to be harder to get through than accepting. I found this picture on Tumblr, the account is called, “perfect bucket list.” Yes, this is one of the many I reblogged.

It’s going to take me awhile to accept my beauty, but I started thinking about this picture and thought, “You know how many girls don’t like themselves because of all these models?” Every girl in the world wants to be beautiful. To be told, if you are pretty you got the better part of life. That’s not all true, some models strave themselves for these jobs. To be stick thin, because the designers clearly make things in one size. Thank God for the designers who don’t design for just those types of girls. Sometimes I hate fashion because of how they make these girls think about themselves. I’m for sure one of these girls who looked up to these gorgeous women and later hated my body for not being like their’s. It’s one heck of a curse.

I normally don’t watch the VS Fashion Show, for one it’s nothing but tiny girls walking around in lingerie, until they put their second line Pink on. The other day I had decided to watch this video of the opening of this year’s fashion show. It wasn’t what I thought, except the tiny girls. Then that night I got to thinking, I’ve seriously got to stop doing that, especially at night. I dreamt I was a Victoria’s Secret Angel. I was a their first handicapped angel. For me to not be able to get I’m an inspiration to others I dream up this and I get a little bit depressed. I should stop dreaming of things that will never change. Unless the fashion industry has a crisis of not being able to find the “right” girl, they chose somebody like me. Not saying, it would never happen. It’s just going to be someone really gorgeous and confortable in their skin, and the designers to just go for it to make this happen. I don’t know maybe this dream is a sign that maybe it will happen soon.

Watch Me

When you’re a senior you’re allowed to do your own pictures for the yearbook. Of course they have to be school appropriate, but you could have better backgrounds and kind of be yourself in your last picture in the yearbook. I already had ideas in my head of what I wanted to do, but the only one that I actually did was only take one picture of myself in my wheelchair. The rest I was out of my chair. Sometimes I have the right mind set and doing these pictures I still had that. My wheelchair doesn’t make me who I am.

I’ve had lots of trouble with accepting myself. Anywhere I’d go people would stare and ask questions. I’ve got to say I’d rather them ask questions than just stare. I’ve never really felt beautiful. I went to both of my proms and only felt pretty during my senior year. I’ve grown to hate guys because they would never give me a chance. They’d look the other way as if they knew I was falling for them. I was always jealous of my sister. She had the good looks, she could walk, do sports, and had every guy my age flock around her. I’m not as jealous of her anymore. I’m just realizing she’s not as flawless as I thought she was or other girls for that matter.

Some things I have learned to accept. I can’t use my hands. After so many tries when I was younger of putting cranyons in my fingers and only making lines I gave up. I started using my toes for picking up different things, writing, and drawing. As the years kept rolling on, I’ve figured out texting, picking up CDs, lifting heavy things, and my favorite (which everybody gets a kick out of) flipping people off with my toes. Before I had my back surgeries in 2002 I could reach my fingers and legs. I had ways to itch my eyes and face. Now since I have pins in my hips to help keep my rods in place (or something like that) I lost that but I figured out how to find something else to fill in that hole. I use to be able to scoot everywhere and get myself on and off the couch, bed, and stairs. Now I can’t do that because I’m so damn heavy.

Lately I’ve been listening to Sixx:A.M. and keeping myself busy with telling stories about my life on here. Kind of hoping to help myself and others that even though I’ve been like this forever I’ve found ways. I hate when somebody I know starts to act like they can’t do something. It really bothers me, because then they’ll use me as an example. Thing is, I’ve complained about not doing things and later found out I can do things just in a different way. I’ve tried to keep telling myself there are worse people out there in this world. Because it’s true. It’s fun to be me at times, because I can get sassy sometimes. People should really expect me to do things. If you tell me I can do something, I might come back and kick you in the ass. Just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean I should let it get to me. I shouldn’t let people get to me but that still happens.