March Playlist


I’m back with another monthly playlist! I remember this time last year, after my papaw’s passing I had to cancel a few blog posts that would have went up in those last two weeks. However, I did keep my “March” playlist because I didn’t want to break my cycle. It was bad enough that once I stopped doing the rest of Meggan’s March #PADChallenge on Twitter I didn’t go back into it until December! Luckily, she continued to do them for 2017 because they’re a lot of fun for my nana and I to do!

The month of March is always an interesting though. I always consider it a “green” month even without incorporating St. Patrick’s Day into it. Everytime I hear of the word “spring” I instantly go for the color green. So that’s why I always use different shades in the banners!

I also have a “problem” of listening to Celtic Woman a lot too! Last year I listened to the group because the nice, easy-going music helped with my mind and ease the sad emotions. I still use it to help calm myself but I do listen for pleasure too! That’s why I’ve decided to pick their song “Téir Abhaile Riú” (Go Home With You) because I had found their concert Emerald on PBS during the first week and this was probably my favorite (which was a REALLY hard decision!) throughout the concert. The girls make it very fun and I really love the playful atmosphere they create while singing the song! The beginning of Lisa and Chloe go into the crowd, sitting on different guests’ lap! Lisa dancing with that little girl actually makes me cry!

Another genre of music that was sort of big during this month, that if my papaw was alive right now, would totally tell me off! I have a semi love/hate relationship with rap music. So on days (or in some cases nights) I feel like listening to it I go all in and this past month was no different! Except a lot of Lil Wayne in this sucker!

What were you listening to in March? Do you like Celtic Woman? If so, what is your favorite song?


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OOTD: Clovers


Hi 🙂

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and there was a lot of kids on my Facebook who went all out for it! It was so cute! I remember I was semi into it when I was in grade school, mostly because I didn’t want to get pinched. I bet they don’t tell the kids that now! Anyways, once I got into middle and eventually high school I sort of lost all motivation to wear different things like at school, if it wasn’t part of Spirit Week!

I’m out of school and have been for several years now and somehow I have my love of dressing up for certain holidays again! On the day we went to the bridal expo, mom took us girls to Wal-Mart where I go to shop for new clothes! I managed to buy a good Valentine’s Day shirt and wore it for an OOTD! Now I’m back with another one and I’m mostly excited to show off my leggings!

We have to start with my shirt first! I’m just wearing a basic green shirt. I wouldn’t consider this a clear green. It’s fairly light, so it’s not a teal or turquoise but it’s a nice shade though! I want to say the shirts that I bought were under $3 because they were on sale! It was really gloomy out and very cold yesterday, so I wore my shawl on top which is also green, just darker! It didn’t necessarily work well whenever it rained because there’s no hood, but that was okay!

I decided to do something that I don’t normally do, but I would like to be able to do my own OOTD photos down the line! I’ve always have my mom help me out, which I still had her take my pictures to get the full outfit, but I wanted to be able to get the close ups! Usually I borrow my nana so you can see everything, but I figured I would try this out and with more practice I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. The first picture of my shirt in its entirely was made by me and the good ole self timer! I really like knowing where that button is on my camera now! The second was taken by my nana on hers because her flash is better than mine!

Now it’s time to talk about the pants!

These were definitely an impulse buy! I saw them and knew I had to have them! There were two kinds of St. Paddy’s Day leggings but this one seemed cute and less obnoxious as they look like you could wear them after the holiday is over! My mom has already asked if she could wear them! I think it’s a cross between clovers and an Aztec design! The colors are emerald and light green, white, baby blue and magenta. These were on the pricey side at $7.35 because they are for a special occasion!


Whenever I tried to take a picture of my pants they ended up turning very blurry and we’re still not sure why they were looking like that because I kept my legs completely still, so I must’ve been too close or something! So I had to resort to using my nana’s camera, which was a good call because you can see more of the colors included a lot better here!


So what do you think of outfit of the day? Yay or nay? Did you wear anything special for St. Patrick’s Day?


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NOTM: Mermaid



How are you all today! Hope you’ve been enjoying the day! 🙂

Today I am doing my first “Nails Of The Month” post of 2017! I had given my toes a break from the polish for almost two months. I felt they needed a break to breathe and after I started my physical therapy last month within the first week, I couldn’t take it anymore I had to put something on them!

According to my nana, the Wet n Wild polishes are VERY strong (smell wise) and I had to resort to trying out my polishes given by my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike, the brand is called Secret Lace and they are in these tiny bottles, you can read the post of all of them here! I thought the blue one was a cute color to use, since it is still winter where I am, despite what the weather and birds seem to think!


“Teal” by Secret Lace:

The color is more of teal because it changes to a green in different lighting. It’s naturally shine-y, considering it came with a matching blue glitter bottle! It’s actually better as a stand alone. It has its own glittery notes too. The first night I had them, I finally figured out what the actual color reminded me of, and it’s been a long time since I’ve watched The Little Mermaid movies but I kept thinking of their fins and most randomly was the children’s book Rainbow Fish, because of the glitter in the bottle!

As you can see from the pictures below, I decided to go all one color this time around. I’m pretty big at having four toes one color and one toe in a different shade, but I couldn’t make up my mind which one so I left it and I actually like it! If I were to use this one again, I’d probably pair it with a bold red, now my nana has two different shades of red. A nice rose-y red and the other is a dark red, but I’d definitely use the ruby red color for this!

So what do you think of my nails for March? Yay or nay?



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WEEK FIVE | #PADCardiaganJezebel



We’ve started another month and Meggan is continuing with her photo challenge! I’ve known about it for almost two weeks, but I wanted to keep it a secret from anyone who only follows my blog posts! If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me talk about how excited I’ve been to have a new set of challenges for March!

I should probably explain why the title of this post is different from the picture I’ve included above! First of all, since I started this in February, it was week one and that’s what I titled this whole thing by how many weeks I’ve done. So the month might start over again, the posts can’t because I’ve already used that title. I’m sorry for the confusion!

DAY 1: Currently…


I’m actually starting on my summer posts. Well, it’s my Tune Tuesday summer series I’ve been doing for the past three years now! Every summer I do a worldwide “travel” posts for each week. This year, I’ve taken off China, South Korea and Egypt and added quite a few others I’ve talked about in the first year like Japan, India, and Italy! Two of my “new” travels are Puerto Rico and Romania! As you can tell, the whole thing starts up May 3rd!

DAY 2: Fresh!


I like the fact that these challenges allow me to think out of the box; make me use different items than the normal go-tos. As for the “fresh” challenge, nothing wanted to work and I ultimately gave into my first idea and used the dryer sheets. I honestly don’t know what these are, I just know the little cuddly bear!!

DAY 3: Hello!


Okay, this picture might look a little cruel but you can’t deny it’s cuteness either!!

This is what happened to our screen door. Technically, this is door #2. Every cat that has ever been adopted by my sister (us!) has literally tore it up! My dad has had to fix it countless times! The reason why we’ve had to have them replaced so much is because of this. Our cats try to figure out a way into the house and they will do anything to get inside! That’s Grumpy peeking at the bottom, he’s the main cat that does it the most!

Now they’re finding ways to get into other places including sheds and cars! Bear Bear was missing for three days, guess where he was? In my dad’s building because apparently nobody does roll call before locking anything!

DAY 4: B Is For…


B is for basketball. I mean, it is March Madness after all! This is my papaw’s little basketball poster that has IU’s game schedule, which in ways it’s traditional to have in every family kitchen, but a waste when they don’t include channel numbers at the bottom for everybody’s TVs!

DAY 5: In My Bag!


As you can see, I didn’t take this picture! My nana did so I could keep my camera into my purse/bag.

I have camera, phone, pen, and two pieces of paper full of blog related stuff! This is technically the best What’s In My Bag post you’ll ever get out of me because I am totally lame! I don’t have a lot that I need to pack around. If I need my laptop for the night I put it in my Vampire Diaries but that’s it.

DAY 6: Indulge!


I needed something that would be good for this challenge and thank god I still had this picture in my “media” area because I was going to include it into a blog post for next week, but it technically doesn’t fit anywhere so I removed it. I feel for this little picture though! This is the reason why I take three shots of something because the first two were blurry as crap and I couldn’t tell until I went and uploaded my pictures!


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