The Bulldozer and The Crane

It’s the second to last day of this month of September. Yesterday was the day where I actually got to hear “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day. I was hoping this month would go by fast and almost gave up on my vow on myself to not be so depressed this month. I almost madeĀ it another dark month. Since it won’t be over until Saturday, I have until tomorrow to keep up my happiness, even though I’m slowly dying inside.

I wasn’t as depressed as I woke up this morning, but after looking around my room. It’s reminding me of good times I had with friends here. My mind obviously misses the good times too. Everything I tried to do in here still exists and everything I don’t want to miss still floats around in my head. I’ve got a picture on my floor that needs to be in another room. I’m listening to “Nobody’s Home” by Avril Lavigne, and even singing to it. It reflects my life right now. It’s so true for me.

I need another good day or night. I thought since both Linkin Park and The Vampire Diaries were going to be on my TV screen I was going to have a good day. Not looking like it. Maybe around 5 I’ll start to perk up because of Mad About You. I just need something good. A surprise that’s good to just take everything that’s bugging me away.


Wake Me Up When September Ends

Yesterday on Twitter, was the first day of September. From the time I got up that afternoon everybody was posting lyrics from this famous song that everybody feels the need to play in the month of September. That is because of course of the title. It is called, “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” I can see everybody posting the lyrics and title of the song when they’re listening to it, but only on the first day and last day of September. I haven’t even listened to the song yet. Seeing everybody post about it yesterday just made me that September is finally here! No more August. Sad part is, no more summer. But if the heat keeps up the way it is some of the kids might not notice much. September is the time for different TV shows and somewhat cooler weather. For me, it’s a time to show I’m stronger than last Steptember. I will never be that depressed again.