OOTD: Gray



So this is outfit number two that you’ll get to see this week. If I can get everything lined up correctly, the third will be up either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when I’ll have the time to do everything. I actually can’t wait to show off that outfit too!

This picture was taken Saturday morning as my dad had a doctor’s appointment which kind of made me think of all those times he and mom would tell us as kids that nobody is going to the hosiptal or doctor’s on the weekends. Anyways, I went back to my nana’s at 8am. Been a while since that’s happened and the weather was not so pleasnet, that’s why I had to result to having this OOTD taken inside my grandparent’s kitchen because by the time my dad came to pick me up it was pouring down raining.  Another thing I think I should explain, my nana doesn’t use cameras like mine. She’s used to her phone and all that, but I’ve been teaching her so she can help me out if I need it. However, she managed to take TWO pictures of me without half of my head. You can see my smile, but that’s about it. Like she told me, it’s about my outfit not my face!

 Okay, this top is from Hot Topic and it’s actually a hand-me-down from Blondie. She gave me a bunch of her clothes in like September. This is my second cat shirt and it has the cutest (not as cute as our cats of course!) kitty on it but at the bottom of it is a red box and it randomly has “turn down for what” written inside it. It’s actually pretty big on me, very roomy which is nice! The material isn’t thick or heavy like cotton. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got my leggings from but they’re in different shades of gray like my shirt, my mom and I call the pattern “floral” even though we really don’t know what it is! They fit nicely on my legs. They’re the right length, so they don’t drag whenever I want to use my feet. The material is kind of thin, not the best to wear in the winter.

What do you think of my many shades of gray outfit? 

They Moved Out!


After my sister graduated from high school and we knew that she was going to spend her first year of college somewhat far away from home, we had some issues! Our parents were worried about her safety and what she could be doing with her new friends. I didn’t really have an issue, I mean I missed the crap out of her but I’m not going to lie I liked going up and visiting her on the campus. When she came back home for her second year, it wasn’t too far away but she could have that privacy she had while being up state. She met Brandon and things kind of changed for her in a good way.

She and Brandon had plans moving up state together over the summer, but my parents weren’t really okay with that. They like Brandon, our dad really likes him and he doesn’t like very many people, especially anybody his daughters like. So he made the suggestion that he move into the house with us until they find some place closer. He moved in the second to last week of May, they both got jobs at Wal-Mart and things were going pretty good! Back in September, Blondie started her CNA classes along with her regular school courses. She got a job at our mom’s job and she passed her state test a month later! Now she and Brandon have their own little apartment. It’s about an hour or thirty minutes from us, but they’re close to work and school!

I think everybody’s been a little excited about this. At first my parents weren’t thrilled of course, at least they didn’t go through with their first idea! Anyways, I was generally excited because the first thing I thought of was “vacation!!” Sometimes going over to my nana’s whenever we have family down isn’t enough for me. However, there’s one bad thing. They live up on the second level, according to my mother there’s 14 steps. Ick! So much for going there for every two weeks… The weeks leading up to them moving in were spent figuring the color theme and how the hell they were going to get Brandon’s stuff down here, so some of his family came down to help them out a little.

They also took some kitties with them. The two that went to their new home were Toni and Bear-Bear. Toni apparently liked the car ride there then the actual apartment. They had to come back to the house though because Bear-Bear kept trying to hump Toni. We thought getting him fixed would kind of stop that, but guess not! They took Gru instead which makes sense because these are the two they were originally going to take anyways. My mom went to go visit them the other day (I wasn’t so happy about that!) and she said that Gru was LOVING it! So much that he even used the litter box! Last night we had a surprise visit from them, they came back to get a few things, leftover pulled pork from supper, and another kitty. Otis is our runt of Midget’s litter, mom doesn’t think he needed to be outside in the cold so they took him. Now my mom will be over everytime she gets off work to go check up on her cat.

Here are some pictures of their new place!! The color theme they went with are red, gray, and black! That couch is a futon, it folds out flat into a bed so if I can go over there for a night or weekend. My mom has already gotten them to let her stay there if she can’t travel on the roads whenever she works in the winter!


The Ultimate Dog

I am an all lover of animals, except for Spiders and Snakes. I hate them with a great passion. Those just scare the living shit out of me. Sorry, but I am more of a dog lover than a cat lover. Cats don’t mind as well as a dog would. Cats like to sleep more than as a dog would be more active. I am just a dog lover.

We have our first small dog. Before ChiChi we had Sydney and Chance. Chance died in 2008 because she had a brain tumor. We got ChiChi around the time before Chance died, so she learned a few things from the both of them. Chance was kind of old so she slept around and even though she was a Pit Bull, she was so loveable around people. ChiChi is that way after she gets use to you.

Our other dog Sydney was a Beagle and she died a few months ago. Sydney taught her to garud the house. Whenever somebody gave up to the door and knocked they barked so loud they could break the living room windows. Not really, but they were close sometimes. ChiChi is our only dog in the house. She is a short haired Chiwuawua. She has her drama queen days and she’s got my dad wrapped around her little paw. After Chance died, dad pretty much fell in love with ChiChi. As much as I love ChiChi, I still think Yorkies are the most cutest puppies ever!

One of these days I will own a Pit Bull, Husky (my favorite dog breed), Australian Shepard, Pug, and Yorkie. Those are my favorite breeds out of them all. I love the Husky and Australian Shepard for their coats and eyes. I love all eyes. Dogs eyes are so bright. Especially the blue eyed dogs. Chance had a Brindle coat and I have always loved Pit Bulls with coats like that. I like Huskies with both Gray and Red coats. The ones with the red coats are blue eyed than the rest from what I’ve seen. All this talking about dogs is making me want to watch Lady and the Tramp. Not even kidding right now.


Boots With The Fur!

Okay, I was just on Tumblr and looking around on my dashboard and found these cute shoes! I think I actually like the pink ones better than the black or blue. I don’t know what color they really are since the picture looks edited somewhat. Anyways, they’re high heels, they have fur and bows on them! Soo freaking adorable! I am in love with these! I’d buy these and put them on my dresser. Hell, any high heels I buy that’s where I’d put them anyways since my closet is already full of junk in the first place.