The Dresses At Grand March.

So the first part is over with, getting ready for the night and watching the Grand March is done. I’ve been home for a little bit now and I’m really glad to be home instead of dancing the night away. It was fun for the two years I went, but I don’t think I’d ever do it again. It’s kind of bittersweet since if I was to go now I’d be the only one from my class to go and it would be awkward to go with a bunch of kids. I think I had more fun just seeing all the people I hadn’t seen in God knows how long and seeing all these pretty dresses.

I don’t know how the night is going so far for my sister. I know she’s probably texting my mom like crazy. I remembered during Senior year, the only time I texted my mom was before prom was supposed to end so she could come back to change me for Post Prom. It’s going to be a long night for my sister but she is going to love it. At least, I hope she loves it because you only get one Junior prom and there’s not that much pressure during this time. Since prom is in April, all the Seniors have graduation and college on the brain. The pressure is on during that time and prom is the only way to let it all go for one night. Your last night with your classmates.

I like my fashion, dresses especially. I love to critique the dresses to the core. I’ve always done this. I’ve went to every prom from when my cousin was a Junior or a Senior, but I didn’t go last year because it was storming or something like that. Thankfully, God blessed us with a cloudy day, despite the coldness, it was pretty good. I saw a lot more short dresses then the past years dresses. A lot of purples (which I got jealous) and a dress that was repeated. It was a really unique dress too. There were four girls with almost the same dresses on. It was colors that looked the same, it just the detail or the toole that was different.

My sister looked beautiful in her dress. She was lucky to know that there were only two bright orange dresses that walked down Grand March. Her friend Skyela had this slightly pink, reddish dress that had the front lifted up and had a big flower on the side. Most of the dresses this year had something different. Most of the dresses had the front lifted up so you saw most of their legs and they had tons of ruffles. Some were sparkly and had animal print on them, but they weren’t as big as they were in my Junior prom, but mine was called “Welcome To The Jungle” so it seemed like everybody had to have an animal print dress. It was crazy, almost too much.

Memories Of My First Prom

Today is the 19th, three years ago today was a start of an interesting, but hectic Saturday. It was prom weekend. My first ever prom to go to and the night before was spent worrying about everybody’s grips about, the gym that the Grand March would be taking place at. Since I was on the Prom Steering Committee, you had to help put everything together. Which is a bit difficult since I’m in a wheelchair. I felt bad just having to watch. Even though I did help some by getting more scissors and tape. I didn’t stay the whole time since it hurts if I stay up in my chair longer than I have to. Considering I was up at the school for more than eight hours but around 9 o’clock I wanted to go home. The whole day and evening was probably the most stressful thing to be apart of in the entire world. It surprises how much people can get on your nerves and so quickly too.

The 19th was the day, and my Aunt Laurie came down for the special day of both of her nieces go to prom. My cousin Kristi and I were in the same grade and were both on Prom Steering Committee, so anything that happened after that night she told me about and took pictures of everything. We got ready at our nana’s house and I think we were both exhausted, she might’ve been more tired than me since I think everybody wasn’t released by 11 o’clock at night. We got our hair done at the house and while we were relaxing before we had to get our dresses on we sat outside chatting about how nervous we were and about how everybody was acting after I had left. I think we left putting on the dresses and make-up last-minute. Because I remember kind of rushing and everybody getting kind of sad about the fact we were both Juniors in high school, getting ready for our first prom.

When we got up to the school. We had to wait outside and I think it was kind of raining just a bit. Junior prom was a lot different from Senior prom. I didn’t exactly have a date. I wanted, well had to, go down Grand March. I remember weeks before getting very upset because I didn’t have a date to walk me down. My friend that I would sit with at lunch came up with an idea. Her and her boyfriend at the time came up with this little plan. She told me that got on the discussion about me just wanting someone to walk me down Grand March so he agreed to do it. When she came up and told me this earlier within the week I was kind of shocked. It was really sweet for them to think about it. I remember staying outside wondering when they’d get there at the school. My mom went and bought him a flower for him. I was very nervous how this was going to work.

When it was finally to get lined up, my friend Nathan and his girlfriend were already inside the gym for Grand March since our elevator was on the opposite side of the gym, we had to go through the entrance doors like going to a game. We were sitting there waiting to get this show on the road. Well before my mom had left me to get a seat she left me my phone and this was before we put velcro on the back of the phone and on my foot rest so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my phone. Since I had a long dress on, I had the ends tangled up in my right foot and I had put my phone on my foot rest, hoping for the best that it was stay there. Well then I was told I had to go inside the gym and apparently my phone slipped off.

One of the people who was left to make sure everything was in place and he comes after us, which turned into five of us. One of the parents was standing up there with us, and luckily I knew them before when the guy came around I got a good look of the phone he had and moved my ends of my dress to notice my phone is gone. So I told my friend’s mom, that it was my phone he had in his hand. That was one of the most embarrassing things ever. Once I got it back I was back to square one and I didn’t know where to put it so she offered to keep it in her purse since she was staying for the prom. I was thinking, “thank god!” Grand March started at I think 6:30 and Senior and Junior student councils were to walk first which meant my friend and her boyfriend were one of the firsts to go. I knew where I was supposed to be but my walker wasn’t there yet. He apparently was running back to walk with me. Picture this for second, me and my hot pink wheelchair and coral dress, and this really tall dude walking with me. I had to turn down my speed on my chair and luckily for the both of us I didn’t run him over.

Once inside the middle school gym aka our main place to be. Some people were already in there trying to find their seats and taking pictures. This was the part I was unsure about. When I got up to my table I found out my mom and I were sitting at the same table as the guy I had a big crush on at the time and his girlfriend were sitting at. Imagine everybody at my table, they were a mix of different people you wouldn’t expect to sit together. The added awkwardness of my mom sitting at our table was just the tip of the iceberg. I wasn’t embarrassed about it, however I did feel bad for everybody at the table, but I’m sure even without her there it would have been weird anyways. I was very proud of her not making a scene and said respectful things for the most part. Because that’s all you need is your mother causing your night just blow up in flames.

After dinner, it was the time to dance and take even more embarrassing pictures of ourselves. One of the things I wanted was to get my picture with the Junior group. I’ve seen these pictures with past grades and it always looked nice and fun thing to do. Junior year I remember two of my friends coming up to get me so we could all do this and get back to dancing. After it was finished, my cousin and I got our picture together. I think I took over 100+ pictures that night. I don’t remember when prom actually ended, but I remember going outside so my mom get the bag of my clothes so I could change. After that we were ready for round two, post prom.

Post Prom was the second fun part for some. It was the better thing to do than drink alcohol and have sex. I remember eating a lot during post prom. At prom, for dinner it was comfort stuff, but that also meant it was liable to be very messy too. There was a good percentage of us girls who didn’t eat a lot at prom. If you went to post prom, you were allowed to wear shorts, jeans, and sweatpants. Getting those dirty weren’t so much of a big deal as getting your dress stained. I had a lot of sweets. A lot of chocolate. Finally had something with caffeine since you were only allowed to have either lemonade, sweet tea, or water during prom. We went up to the high school gym, where Grand March was and it wasn’t any traces of that’s where it took place. They had a inflatable bull on one end and a bunch of guys playing basketball. I remember telling my mom, “did they ever run out of energy?” Because the ones who were playing were the ones who danced the most.

I think we left a little after post prom started. I was very tired and I was going to need lots of sleep by Monday came along. Since around that time our winter’s sucked and took away our snow days, especially the one on that Monday after prom. I remember going back to school with hardly any sleep and everybody looked like crap. We were all just dragging. Even the teachers that had helped build everything and stay after, they were even dragging to the floor. It was a fun experience though. I would definitely not do that year after, but Senior year I would. Knowing that it was going to be my last year to do this, and wearing a dress that I didn’t hate after buying it. Senior prom night was just an idea I’d do, go with a friend of mine, walking with her during Grand March, not having my mom there to feet me and do things for me. It was just weird, but fun. I don’t know I just liked that prom better.

The Girl With The Bow

This isn’t me and I’m not talking about the picture. I’ve never been the one to really love fashion. I love dresses! Every year I would go to Grand March for Prom just to see all the pretty dresses. Some of the girls go with the theme of prom, like my class did. Pretty much every girl in my Junior class had an animal print dress on and our theme was ironically “Welcome To The Jungle.” This year’s prom theme was a romantic themed, I’m not sure what it was called exactly, but all the girls wore what I call “sweet” dresses. Mostly were red and white symbolizing love.

I can’t stand makeup. Like, at all. I don’t like how every girl has to put on makeup just to feel somewhat pretty. I’m thinking in my head, “just go naked!” My sister has her days where she won’t wear makeup at all. Which is good because she is beautiful naturally. Then sometimes she just wears mascara and blush and she’s good to go. At least now she doesn’t put 10 pounds of mascara on her eyes like she use to.

I am in love with bows. I don’t know why exactly. Anytime I see a bow I think it’s too girly, but yet everytime I blog about high heels or look at magazines just for the pretty ball gowns I think I go over the “not girly” line. I can’t help it. I’ve never felt good enough or think I have the right style, but yet I don’t care about that anyways. It’s how I use to feel. Now everytime I see something cute online I automatically want to buy it. I’ve never been a high maintence girl. I mean like, I’ve always been a music-buying kind of girl. Now I actually look at clothes and look at the prices, but if it’s over $35 I put it back. I’m definitely a celerance type of chick. This is what shopping at Walmart does to you.