Better Than The Original


I have always loved remixes. Sometimes the remixes are better than the original versions. Of course it’s all my personal opinion. I can’t even tell how it started and probably when I was in grade school when I was first listening to dance music. I kept it a secret from my peers because nobody was ever listening to the genre as much unless they went to a school dance and at that time we rarely had those! I was hearing a lot more remixes than original stuff that were playing on TV and movies. I still love to hear remixes! I asked on Facebook and Twitter for everybody’s suggestions on what is (in their opinion) the best or favorite remixes ever! Now the first one I got right out of the gate was something that was played constantly on the radio. It’s a good song, but I wanted something that I’ve never heard of and in comes Kirstie from Kimamely Beauty. She gave me so many suggestions that I figured I’d include into this post too! I’ll give some of my favorites, how I found them and some other interesting facts.

I remember finding this song and the one below on accident. Back when their last album came out, a local radio station always had Saturday night specials of local DJs doing mixes outside of my hometown. So both and a couple more listed were found through one of these nights either coming home from a school function etc. I always loved them!

This one will always put me in a good mood! Love it!

Forever apologizing for the picture it puts up first! This one is another that was on the radio late at night, every time I hear it I actually turn it up! Of course, it was never released to the public, much like the one below!

First off, sorry for the bad quality of the video! I found this once when it played on MTV in the mornings. It was NEVER released the way it sounds in this video which sucks because to me, this is how the whole point of a remix is changing the sound of the song. It sort of has parts of one of Fabolous’ songs called “Breathe” in certain areas, but this one of the best remixes if it sounds like this!

I found this remix through Spotify I think! This song came out in 2012 and it was the first time I ever heard both Diplo and Grandtheft. This was the start of the Diplo craze even before it started!

Hey! We’re in 2015 parts now!! I love, love, love this remix! In a way, everything is the same from the original. Kaskade was smart to keep a lot in with his remix, but I feel there’s a lot of differences too! It’s more upbeat and seems longer too! I heard this on Sirius XM BPM a few months ago. I actually heard this before the original and then I realized they both sounded the same and I didn’t have to choose which one I liked better.

Diplo and Grandtheft make a good team! I haven’t heard the original verison of this song because of this remix! They released this on SoundCloud and I think it took me like an hour to cave and hear it! Pretty badass!

I heard this only once on Sirius XM BPM and I remember rewinding my TV twice because I couldn’t… I’m just fucking speechless! I only use the F word when I truly love a song and this is just great! This has got to be one of the best remixes EVER!

This was literally a last minute addition! I’ve watched too many JackÜ performances on YouTube and this has become a new favorite of mine. Always puts me in a good mood too!

Whenever I tweet about music suggestions, there’s like a 50/50 percent chance I will ever get a reply back from anyone. It’s sad, but true! Thankfully Kirstie tweeted me back! I found a common thing with her suggestions, she gave couple by Gordon City, MK, and Friend Within remixes. I don’t think I’ve heard of any one of them before so we’re already getting off on a good start! She seems to like the more chill, house remixes. She gave me a really long list, but I’m only picking some of my favorites!

If you are free at 8pm EST I’m hosting the USBloggerChat on Twitter! It’s my first time ever doing this and I’m talking about MUSIC since it’s Thursday! If you can make it, that would be awesome! Can’t wait to chat with everybody! 🙂