I’m a rare chemical. I don’t mix well with other chemicals like me. Hate can trigger an explodation. Yet so can love. It’s an element to some people. Not to me. As much as I dream about falling for somebody I know, my heart doesn’t let it last long before it tells my mind to change the channel. I’m in a tug-a-war with my heart and mind. I can’t get myself to love or make someone love me. No matter how much I try.

Sometimes I think every person in the world should wear Goggles to keep them as far from me as they posibily can. Sometimes I like being alone. I’m away of all the people who have hurt me and the ones who could be next. It’s crazy to think I give everybody relationship advice and I’ve never been in one. I’ve refused to let someone love me. Or have they refused to let go of everybody’s thoughts?

So you say, there’s not any “good girls” left in on this world. Are you sure about that? I think you should change your standards. Sometimes all you need is to open up your mind and find somebody new. Somebody you’re not use to, and maybe you’ll start seeing the changes. However nobody wants to do that because no guy on this planet likes change.