Nail Polish Haul!


Last week, my parents and I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things, and I’m actually serious when i say “few things” too! The last time we went I hardly got anything for myself than besides gummi worms and two T-shirts, this time I went with full intentions on finding something that will keep me occupied during the days of the week at home.

I had it in my head that if I was REALLY desperate enough to just go ahead and buy paints (red, yellow, blue) and see what I can do with them. I’ve never been interested in painting! I hated doing it in school, even though I could hold a brush and do everything else, but there’s also cleaning off my feet and not getting paint everywhere! So instead, I got one of those fuzzy/velvet posters that you color in with markers and a deck of UNO cards. They say on the packaging of the poster that its “mistake proof” and I laugh everytime because its not true! If the velvet is very thin, it’s not going to help me from running off the design! I always lose whenever I play UNO. I finally talked my mom into playing me the other night and she thoroughly kicked my ass! I won two games, but she actually kept score – something that I didn’t know you had to do after finishing a round! We were only supposed to play til 200 points but we were tons of fun that she kept bumping up! We played for a whole hour and a half!

I’m not a huge girly-girl. I have my good days but it’s rare! I hate makeup on me, probably because I don’t exactly know what works for me and my skin tone. I also don’t like it because I can’t put it on myself, somebody else has to do for me and I just hate doing that! However, I can make an exception when it comes to nail polishes. I love doing other people’s nails! We went into the makeup/nail aisles of the entrance of the store. It was the last place we went into and I got six different colors of polishes! Whenever I have my mom or Blondie get me some nail polishes to store at nana’s house, they usually come back with glitter polishes! My nana and I actually despise the glitter polishes, mostly because they are a bitch of get off with the remover stuff! I find it hilarious that I bought six of them and yet I know I’ll only want my toe nails painted. I’m not much of my fingers painted like I used to, it’s difficult to get to them so I find it better just to do my toes instead!


I decided to do a haul of them. I was feeling very spring/summer-y and bought a mixture of bold and pastel colors! I think my mom and I had a little bit too much going through the lit rows of colored polishes. The first two are from Sally Hansen! I actually surprised myself because I bought a light pink shade and if any of you know me really well, you know I hate the color pink with a passion, but this one looked so cute and innocent. It’s called “Hardcore Party.” The green is more like a lime green, this was my mom’s least favorite of the bunch! She literally said “ugh” when I told her it was pretty and it is! It reminds of early spring, before all of the rain comes in and evolution makes the shade of the leaves to go darker. This one is called, “Limestone” which seems to fit it perfectly!


The next set is from Xtreme! These two are my more bolder shades of the group, especially this yellow! I’m actually in love with it, because it’s not like a light yellow, it’s got more of a gold-ish tint to it. It’s still very much a bright yellow, but it’s a bit darker too! It is called, “Mellow Yellow” and the blue one was my last purchase! I have been on a blue kick since last summer! I haven’t been able to get a blue in any shade since I let my friend’s daughter Katie do my nails last July! The blue isn’t like a baby blue like maybe I would have liked it to be, but it’s not boring either! It looks like the color of the ocean which is ironic since my sister has spent most of her week in Hawaii on board a cruise! So this might remind her of the ocean when she gets back! This one is called “Big Teal” and I love the name of this one don’t ask me why!


Before I became a blogger, I never cared to read the brand and since reading this off, I’ve been trying to think if we’ve ever tried any of them! Sally Hansen, yes we have!! The last brand is called Pure Ice and I’ve never used this brand before! The first one is like a peachy color, very, very light. I’m thinking about pairing it up with the yellow or green polishes! The picture is making it look more like an orange, but it’s not I swear! The other is another blue-ish shade! This one looks more minty to me than the teal one. It’s very pretty! Unfortunately finding any information about what the colors are called, hell even finding them on the Wal-Mart website was a freaking bust! Sorry about that! I’m hoping that everybody loves the colors and hopefully in the next month or so I can get some more! While we were in the aisles, there were rows of polishes empty, so I’m hoping next time they’re fuller and we have another fun time selecting new colors! By the way, all of them were less than $2 each!

Weird Feelings, Batman, And A Glitter Pumpkin

I’ve been going a hard time at the moment.

I don’t know what to call whatever I’ve been feeling in the last few days, it’s been difficult to get myself out of it I will say that. I don’t know if it’s an early sign of my depression creeping out of the shadows again, but I’m already feeling weird about it. The really sad part of all is that the feelings of lost, confusion, and silence (for my case, that’s not good) came about two days before the celebration of my birthday weekend. It was there deep inside my soul and I could feel it rising slowly. I’ve been telling people, that I’m feeling really lazy. Which it could be, in all honesty I’d love it if I was wrong and these are signs of the flu or something. Anything but the deep hole again.

Tuesday, my sister and her boyfriend, who I’ll be calling him “Batman” on here because he’s a HUGE Batman fan. As a Marvel fan, I feel he’s like Hydra and a traitor because he likes a DC character more. I never said any of this to me, but I’m sure my sister will be reading this part to him and letting him know about what I think about his taste in characters. I have nothing against Batman, I loved Christian Bale in the Batman movies and I’ve actually supported Ben Affleck in the role for the future movies. Anyways, Blondie and Batman came over to my nana’s Tuesday afternoon. Mom had a late afternoon as it rained the entire day! I was still surprised she took me over there while it was raining. She did my grandparent’s errands and the twins went with her. It’s never official if my sister’s boyfriend doesn’t go to the store with my mom. For some reason, this is now a tradition. Not saying my sister’s had a lot of boyfriends or anything, but the ones that have met our grandparents and ate at their house have to go through the grocery store once in a while.

He came back to our house and we ate pizza and bread sticks. Another rule we have is that every person that comes to the house has to get through the barking of our dog ChiChi. The smallest dog is like a little devil. Nobody gets through her and she’s starting to get bad, we were all dreading to go home! She did better than what we were all expecting her to act. She only barked and growled at him if he made any sudden movements or walked from one side of the house to the other. Poor guy! We educated the boy with having him watch the movie Major Payne. He told Blondie that he hadn’t seen it and that led to that night of both of them on the small couch, I got to sit in my dad’s chair, which was uncomfortable! Mom sat on her couch and on her phone practically the whole time. Once it got towards the end of the movie, we were all feeling bored with it and Batman realized that he had seen parts of the film. I think I mentioned to mom that we should show him what ChiChi likes to do when the The Golden Girls is on. She went in her DVR and put on one of the episodes so it played the theme song and she just let it rip! Howled the whole freaking song! Of course after she finished she thought she deserved a treat so mom got her one from dad’s ole stash. He’s got her all spoiled!

On Wednesday, I went back over to my nana’s as we still had one last big pumpkin to finish. Who says just because it’s no longer October that you can’t decorate anymore pumpkins? I think when it becomes December, that’s when it’s not cool to do them anymore. Anyways, we had decided to decorate it with glitter a few weeks ago. We did a LOT of things backwards. We were not prepared at all. I could have basically talked and ate my head off the whole day without working on it and I’d been fine. This pumpkin was the largest of the bunch I swear! Since it so large it was very difficult for both of us get it off the floor and onto our stool. So we basically spent a good 25-30 minutes trying to get the aluminium foil and newspapers to cooperate with us so we could arrange it onto our improvised area. It was the worst idea ever! Because as we were putting on the glue and spilling majority of the glitter on the pumpkin, I noticed as she was trying to move on its side that the glitter wasn’t just on the paper/foil. It was going on the kitchen floor too. I felt like shit because I was the one who poured the blue on it and the excess fall over it and a good amount of it was in a circle on her carpet. By the end of it, the only three colors we used you could easily notice was the light blue and red. Thankfully, she has this swiper and it got most of it, so now the floor looks like the stars are on her blue carpet.

Thursday…. I don’t know if I should say I felt lazy or just lonely. I even had Oliver, Midget and Stormy come into my room and lay on my bed, I even got an Eskimo kiss from Stormy too! It was so cute and sweet! He’s starting to understand that he is allowed to lay out on my bed too. Since I’ve been feeling a little off I’ve been watching a LOT of TV such as Family Feud. Good God that show is awesome! Steve Harvey is the best host since Richard Dawson. I’ve been enjoying some new tunes. Lots of One Direction, my mom got me an iTunes over the weekend and I bought two 1D songs. Technically I didn’t have to buy “Little Things” as I had it already on our old format but it never downloaded when we put it on my laptop. I’m still missing a lot of music that was on my old iPod. This is how my week has been for me. I’m hoping it’s just the gloomy weather making all weird. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll feel better, but we’ll see!




The mess of the finishing project. The part you never see in the normal DIY/craft posts!