It’s been a while! I have not blogged in a month. Well, technically, if I had held off for another week, it really would have been for a month. The last blog post that went up was my annual post of my papaw’s death and the last post I wrote was the one that’s coming tomorrow! I’m hoping to do another “Life Lately” post next week but we’ll see what happens.

This post is about a project I’ve somehow created while I was on hiatus. You all should know by now how much I love baby names. I’ve talked about my favorite styles on here before, but at the end of March I was looking through Pinterest at various boards of other people who make those adorable wood name signs and as I would continue to pin and scroll through the many, many names I kind of found myself somewhat bored with my limited choices so one night I thought, “well I can’t find what I want, I might as well create them!” I have to add I’m not doing wood signs like them, I’m purely using my Paint software on my laptop to make things easier on myself. What I thought would be a cute little board of my favorite name pairings turned into a board full of 400+ names in a matter of a few weeks!

Originally I made the board of names I have always loved and have in my phone’s notes. After that, I found others on a baby names Facebook group I recently joined and anything I enjoy in the local newspaper, on Nameberry’s birth announcements, etc. Finally, after all of those inspirations, I would even literally come up with in the middle of the night, and yes, it happens a lot! I also went back and forth about creating little mini boards for the different sexes, I even have a board of both unisex and unique styles too! Ultimately it just kind of got out of control to the point now my whole lower half of my body hurts after about an hour or so!

Here are some of my recent uploads to the board.

Click here to visit the official board of baby names!

I myself have a wide array of styles, I always tend to stay in between classical and quirky ones. Since doing this, I’ve also realized that I have a LOT of constantly used names, such as “Catherine,” “Rose,” “Alexandra,” and “David.” I tend to overuse several of my family’s names as well. I mainly do that to see what all could fit with each name. It’s one of the most frustrating thing about older names, sometimes you just get stuck and began to experiment with all sort of combinations.

Unfortunately, I don’t really pay that much attention to meanings. It would just depend on the name itself because I have looked up some of them in the past so I have a few stored up in my brain. If you’re interested in a name and have issues what kind of middle name(s) could fit with your chosen favorite, you can always talk to me on my blog’s Facebook page. Send me a message to my inbox and we’ll figure it out together! You could also scroll through the many others in the boards too, and see if you like anything in there too!

What is your favorite of the 6 names posted above? If you’ve visited the Pinterest board already, do you like any in the mini sections? If you want, you could send me requests too!

Bumping Into Strange Boys


It’s hard to say how this started…

I was in this hipster looking little diner, minding my business with a couple of my friends. We were eating the Americana type of food. The type that you’ll have to do about 100 pull ups and squats afterwards. The taste of the cheese burgers and fries would make it seem worth it though!

We were only there for about a half hour, which seemed longer to me. Maybe it only seemed longer because the conversations between my friends and I weren’t very stimulus. They were too busy talking about the attractions like the lush park we just came back from visiting and where they had planned on going to next. As much as I was having fun with my girls and getting away from our normal lives. My mind was elsewhere.

We all had finished with our food when this group of guys came strolling in, full of energy and laughs! They were so loud that I was glad that they decided to come around when we were just about to leave the place. As soon as I started grabbing my coat off my chair, I was startled by one of their sneakers. I am very sensitive to hearing certain sounds, and this squeak was loud inside my head! I dropped my jacket and when I went to pick it up off the checkered floor another set of hands grabbed it from the other side at the same time and as we stood up together, our eyes never losing contact with each other.

“Hi.” this fairly good looking man looked up and said to me.
“Hello.” I said back at him with a slight smile on my face.
“Are you okay? Do you need some help putting this on?” He said, pulling my coat away from my hand and attempting to put it over my shoulders.
“Oh, no! It’s okay. I’m not cold right now.” Obviously! “but thank you!” I said back to him.

This strange guy looked as though he had just found his whole world, but I’m far from ever being an angel. He looked cute with his baby face charm and piercing green eyes. I’m usually a blue eyes kind of girl too. He looked so young, but I couldn’t help feel attracted to him in a tiny way. He had me written all over him, he just didn’t know it yet—Oh snap out of it Catie!

“Well, do I get a name to a pretty face?” This voice appeared back into my conscious.
“Oh, sorry! Sometimes I just space out! My name is Catie.” I said in a panic, gosh, does he realize how I’ve been staring at him!
“It’s all right. My name is Devon.” He said, looking over at my friends who were now staring at me like I was part of the statue they were looking at in the park earlier. “Where are you ladies from?” He said and the rest of his posse circled around us.
“We’re from a small town.” Jessica said, trying not to reveal too much of ourselves to them.
“Okay, well that doesn’t really help! Where? Do you live outside of NYC?” One of his friends said trying to push the topic a little more.
“No, we live in Boston!” Tracy said in a shrieking voice. Jess and I took our focus off the hunks in front of us for a second and turned to look at Tracy. “Look, sorry about to break up your little love fest. but we gotta go! Come on girls!” She said while tugging onto Jessi’s left hand and pushing me with all her might away from Devon’s gaze. I couldn’t blame her, by that time I was already imagining what he looks like without his shirt on! Tracy was moving so fast that I braced myself with impact of the front door. Thankfully, there was a gentleman ready and willing to open it for three crazy, lovesick girls from Boston!

Once outside away from the group of boys, I grabbed my jacket off my shoulders and put it through my arms and got a whiff of musky scent that he had left behind. It definitely wasn’t the normal teenage cologne I’m used to smelling at my house full of pre-teen brothers, but it smelled of something much older! I cherished that smell for hours, walking in the cold air with my crazy friends. I was back to my old self, distracted by missed opportunities!

I was just in the mood to write something last night and this was the ending result of one of many prompts you can find on Pinterest! I ended a free write type of thing before the blog chat started! 


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Skull Inspired Wishlist

I’ve got two months left until my birthday! A few of you are probably looking at that sentence and going, “Meghan, September isn’t over yet!!” When your date of birth lands on the first of the month once a new month begins it’s perfectly acceptable to take that month out completely! Now that I have that part of the way, I can say that this really isn’t a birthday wishlist. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers and their different themed wishlists. One day I’ll have a cat themed wishlist on here, just you watch and see!

Back in late July, I made a homeware wishlist of different things to help my nana and I to bake things in her kitchen. I went looking for things that would be good for people who can’t grip as good as they used to, my grandparents are getting older and gripping certain stuff like pens and kitchen utensils are getting more and more difficult to do. So that’s why I wanted to do that post but by the time I had finished the post, it seemed too chaotic and I didn’t see a way to fix it so I just ended up getting rid of it. I might recreate a similar post one day, but right now we’re talking about skulls! One of my favorite things that apparently I don’t have enough of in my closet! I have like three shirts with skulls on them, that are not band related and I have two pants with different types of skulls on them. Like I said before, I don’t have enough! My mom would probably disagree but I know I wouldn’t hear a peak from my dad because he’s just as bad as me!

Skull Cut-Out Shoulder Top – Hot Topic //Skull Pink Floral Kimono – Hot Topic //Black Bow Headband – Hot Topic //Skull & Rose Watercolor Wallet – Hot Topic// Evil Skull Bank – Spencer’s

When I was going to find different things to include on this wishlist, I told myself “no band tees” because as much as I want new ones, I have enough! I think I had to tell myself about ten times while scrolling through both Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I had a lot of problems with what I wanted to include in this post. If you’ve read my previous wishlist posts before, you know I try to keep everything under $20 and this one I didn’t care what the price range was, I just went with what I liked for once! if you love skulls just as much as I do, you can click on each link underneath the picture and purchase the item(s) you like the most.

I went on four different websites, but ultimately got lucky with Hot Topic and Spencer’s. Let’s start with the shirts I’ve selected. I found the one on the left first. I actually love shirts like this, that have cut outs or fall off the shoulders completely, with Arthrogryposis, our shoulders are a little awkwardly shaped. They’re much smaller and so necklines that are wide are like our worst enemies. I’ve always had trouble keeping my shirts up on my shoulders. By the time I was in middle school, I had given up on fixing them and just letting them off. I love the cut outs on this shirt. If you click on the link, the back of the shirt has small cut outs. It’s pretty awesome! Another thing that drew me into the shirt was that fact it’s not just skulls, it’s got roses on it! I’ve never been a big fan of roses but I feel it’s most used flower to include with skulls. So I deal with it. The next one isn’t a shirt or jacket per se, it’s a kimono and I love how these are becoming a popular fashion trend! They’re light and soft, which would be perfect for my hands as they can be sensitive to different textures. I just loved this one! It’s so pretty, even though it’s pink! I like how I managed to pick two different items that have some girly touches to them!

Now onto the accessories! This was another thing I had to tell myself to stay away from but I mean it as stay from the jewelry! I have more than enough bracelets to last me a few years! I’ll say I have all these bracelets and I don’t even wear that much as I’d like to. I think I’m more afraid to wear my spikey ones because I’ve been told by different family members that they could be used as weapons! Anyways, I had to get creative with selecting other stuff. My hair is in that awkward placement where it’s not short, but not long enough yet to be put up in a ponytail so we’ve resorted to using headbands, but I only have a plain black one. I found this one and I kind of fell in love with it. It has skulls. It has a bow and it’s black! What else do you need? One of the things that women and girls have are purses in different sizes and quirky designs. I’ve had a few in my lifetime, but I’ve never had a wallet and I feel like that wallet was pretty cool! Not dark, but unique or I could just get that shiny gold skull on the left side of it. It’s a bank, can’t say it’s a “piggy” bank because it’s not a pig but look at it!! I love it! It’s so me right?!?!

So what do we think about everything I’ve included into this post? What would you buy first?

The Social Media Reunion.

UntitledI’ve been inspired to write this as I am still stunned by it. When I was in high school, I was heavily inspired by the upperclassmen as any freshman would be. I think it’s better to be influenced by your older peers than to be afraid of them and I think anybody can agree with that. I knew a LOT of kids in the class of 2009 and the only reason why I wanted to be like anybody in my own class is because of this specific group of girls in this class. I thought they were the coolest group of girls and as I’d find out later in my life one of the sweetest groups that I needed up being around too. I remember my freshman or maybe it was my sophomore year. They sat up against the far side of the wall and in the middle of the cafeteria and they wore, I wouldn’t say the trends of that year because I didn’t even know what was trending that year. I never knew because that wasn’t me to know all that. Anyways, I was influenced but also pretty scared to “step” on anybody’s shoes too. I didn’t want to make an ass of myself but during their last year in school, I actually sat with them a lot during lunch and felt part of them even though I was a class below them. They always made me feel welcome whenever I was around them. I was always mad that the popular clique in my class was sports related group of girls and I never played sports so I didn’t feel welcome by them, plus the fact I NEVER felt welcome with the whole table. By the end of our last year that whole group of girls crumbled and from there, I no longer wanted to be apart of them because they had nothing I wanted anymore.

Now that it’s been a few years, I actually talk to a couple of the girls in that small group, remember how I said that in my class after our last year the table kind of crumbled? Well, so did theirs as the years rolled on too. It was kind of shocking to me because I thought nothing could break these girls apart but something really ended their friendships with one another and I was actually sad because in a weird way I was still feeling inspired by them even though we hadn’t seen each other in two years or so. As years went on, they each went on a different path, some had kids, got married, got engaged, and things were going up and down for each of the girls. I still think these women are as strong and fearless as the day I met each of them in school. Three of them I’ve known since we were all in Elementary. Now I found out that sometime this month they are supposed to have their five year reunion. I was pretty amazed that it was time for their reunion and then two seconds later it dawned on me that, it meant next year it will be MY five year reunion. I told my mom this as we were driving my sister to her new school for the start of her first semester of her sophomore year. Now that’s a way to make your parent feel old! Funny thing is, she told me she got a paper in the mall before we went to Plummer advertising that her 25th high school reunion was coming up too. I thought it was interesting but really weird too.

I have always wondered if I’d ever go to any of my future reunions in my life. I find it hard to go into a building were all of my past classmates and their partners/spouses would be with them too. Would we “hang out” in our old cliques again? Would it feel like high school were we are ignoring old friends that annoyed us and the temptation of “stealing” somebody else’s ex? Reunions seem like a thing of the past to me as sites like Facebook keep you up-to-date on things. Those old classmates have added you as a friend on there and even though you approve of their request you still do what you did in school, ignored them. I feel like the younger generations that have always used Facebook to keep up with their friends after the decline of MySpace don’t want to experience a reunion of sorts because what’s left to know when you can easily find out on their Facebook profiles? I’m still pretty indecisive about if I’ll ever go to any of my early reunions. I do know that later on as the 20th or 25th year reunion comes around I would want to go to it because those are BIG years. Yes, a five year reunion is still a big time but we’re too into social media still to know the importance of experiencing a reunion. I’ll leave this here with two question. Have you went to your high school reunion while having a bunch of your old classmates on your social media account? Do you think these younger generations should still make the trip to go to their earlier reunions?

Pant Legs

This is a fashion post. However, it’s also about thoughts. My thoughts about pant legs. Since I use my legs and feet as my hands, sleeeves are the enemy. Average people hate the fall/winter seasons because of having to where long sleeve shirts everwhere. Yes, it keeps you warm and keeps you from catching a cold, but they’re so annoying! Picture yourself sitting up and writing something really long, and anytime you fix your pen/pencil. Your sleeve on your comes down. Drives you crazy!

Same difference for me except I do things backwards. I own more pants with big sleeves. My legs are really skinny. So my pants on my waist are big compared to me. I have these pants from Victoria’s Secret second line Pink. They are yoga pants. Everytime I get up or try to at least. Whenever I try to get my blanket on me at night they fall down my legs and my legs and feet get cold at night. It’s not fun.