Album Review: “Camila” by Camila Cabello

20525195_1322930204483226_4018013353192643903_nCamila Cabello was originally a part of Fifth Harmony. A lot of people were shocked that she left the group, but I wasn’t one of them. After the breakup of One Direction, you start to figure out who would leave first to start on their solo career. For some odd reason, I always thought Camila would go out on her own, mostly because I think she has such a strong voice. You heard her more than you did any of the other girls in the group! Which is what I thought about when Zayn left 1D, he had a very prominent voice. I went through this with both Backstreet Boys and N’Sync in the 2000’s, I mean I know what I’m talking about here!

I have only heard four songs and they’re not even included on the actual album. I was shocked to not see “Crying In The Club” on the list since it was her first real track, back in December 2016 and another one I also enjoy is “OMG” and that features Quavo, it’s actually one of my favorites, but it’s nowhere to be found. I wasn’t too happy about that part, because I mean they are your entrance to the music world as one artist, and if you don’t include them, I think it makes the artist seem they don’t take their early success seriously. They should all be on the album either as the original version or in different forms like acapella, acoustics, or remixes. I don’t know if she intends on releasing a deluxe version of the album yet, but I’m hoping all four tracks they kept off of it will be as part of the bonus tracks.

Anyways, the album starts out with a song called “Never Be The Same” this has been playing on the radio like nonstop lately! I’m not even tried of hearing “Havana” yet and I’ve heard this song a lot more! I like ominous introduction of the song, the low and slow bass-y sound is a good way to start the album. It’s a good love song and despite it being in that theme, it still has a nice beat to dance to. I really like hearing Camila’s voice kind of match the tone of the sound too. Next, there’s “All These Years” and it’s also a ballad, love song. I think it’s a little interesting to start off with two very slow and romantic songs. It brings a different vibe to it! I like the stripped sound of it, you only hear her gentle voice, and an electric guitar. It’s very pretty!

Third is “She Loves Control” and the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the title of this song, I thought it’s going be so sassy! And I was right! Since Camila is half Cuban, she likes to bring that sound and vibe into her music. I think this is mild compared to the next song. It still has that sassy feeling to it that I was looking for, but there’s not much structure to make the song interesting enough. So it’s a bit of a let down for me. After this attempt though, you have “Havana” that features Young Thug and I really love this song! I think the big difference between this song and the previous is the fact that the beat sounds authentic. You get the sense that you’ve transported to Havana, Cuba. It’s very dance-y; I feel the need to the salsa everytime I hear it on the radio. I cannot stop dancing to it! Every part of it is amazing!

And then we have “Inside Out” and at first, you hear this peppy beat. It has a very tropical vibe to it! You will have trouble not dancing to it, but I feel like it’s a weird sounding. I like the lyrics. I don’t have a problem with that, it just sounds weird like the two doesn’t mesh well together. It’s hard to explain what I was thinking about while listening to it. I get like that every once in a while. We move on to “Consequences” and for once I actually spelled it right on the first try! I liked the fact that it’s such a easy going song. Camila has an unique voice and I like it for only having a soft piano and her voice together. It’s very beautiful! And then you have “Real Friends” and I actually liked the lyrics to it first. I can relate to the song right now, and what I really like about it is that it’s not about a specific person like a boyfriend or family member, she’s talking to about a bunch of people that she wants to surround herself with and I bet it gets pretty lonely while working in the entertainment industry.

The eighth track is “Something’s Gotta Give” and it’s another soft, ballad. She’s got a lot of these on here, but I actually like them a lot. I know, I’m even surprised at myself! This is another one where I really love the lyrics, it can kind of go with “Real Friends” in a way. If they were switched around, they would have been an interesting story line. It’s very relatable. Next there’s “In The Dark” this is pretty chill but it’s not bad. For it to be this slow, it kind of has peppy feeling to it. So you instantly feel happy to hear it instead of the other way around. It’s interesting! And then lastly we have “Into It” and I’m glad to say that this is a happy song! Fun and upbeat, which is the perfect way to end this journey I think.

I think as a whole, the album was actually really good! I thought we’d hear more of her Cuban roots on this, especially with the blowup of “Havana” I figured that there would be more songs like that or similar then just the three that we were given back-to-back. I didn’t like that, since she had a lot of ballads on here, there are many spots to put in one of those tracks, but they didn’t. However, it doesn’t change my opinion of it overall, I mean it’s a good first release. I wouldn’t say it’s the best of 2018 so far but we’ll have to see what happens later on in the year and maybe it’ll hit the top ten.

Are you a fan of Camila Cabello? If you listened to her debut album, what were your thoughts about it? Do you have any favorites yet?


Album Review: “Glory Days” by Little Mix

12963825_581651975344801_7071364152317692484_nI’m back with another review and it is all female British group Little Mix newest album “Glory Days” and I was very intrigued about having a new album to listen to but has it really been a year since “Black Magic” came out? It’s shocking to me how much time can pass! And also how these singers can put out another album within a year since all they do nonstop is touring and promotion! That’s one thing I’ll never understand I guess!

If you’ve never heard of Little Mix they consist of Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, and Jade Thirwall. They competed on the British version of The X Factor and was the first girl group to win on the show in 2011.

The first song to start off the album is “Shout To My Ex” and I love this track a lot, I just wish it got more air time on the US radio ways. It’s the ultimate pop, break up and motivational song. There’s not too many times a song can bring out three different topics but in this, it works. Second is “Touch” and I get an airy vibe out of it. It is very catchy in the choruses and that works great with the exotic groove it has throughout. There is an acoustic version of this song on their deluxe edition. “F.U.” is next and it has a very simple introduction, light beat and the girl’s vocals shine. It has a jazz/soul sound but it is definitely a “screw you” to a boyfriend, somehow this works and what really gets me is that I actually really like it.

Next is a track called “Oops” and again, it has this cute, soul/bluesy feeling with the piano and drums. It features American singer Charlie Puth and I love how deep his voice against the girls – they’re not going too crazy but it’s a nice balance. Fifth is “You Gotta Not” and again, I love their sassy attitude! This is what got me interested into the group so much; the introduction to this one kind of had my name written all over it. It’s fun and has a perfect dance beat I think. If you think it sounds like a Meghan Trainor song, you should probably know that she was one of the co-writers! This next one is down to my style as far as the amount of bass it has, it might actually rival “Grown” in their last album. It is called “Down & Dirty” it has a deep bass-y and electronica sound, and they don’t really do these normal EDM sounds but it has a nice tone to it. It makes it raw and dirty, it’s really good!

I was very happy to see how another badass song was after that banger, it is appropriately titled “Power” and it starts out with these fierce stomps, it has that pop but in-your-face sound and between both Perrie and Jesy’s vocals. I’m just blown away, it’s so good! I actually hope some DJs make a few remixes out of it, because it’s worthy of it for sure! Of course, nothing lasts forever and we have to go back to discussing the ballads on the album, the next is “Your Love” and even though it is slower, but it’s still a mellow beat. I guess if you’re going to talk about how love makes me feel like, you’re going to want something that would go with that feeling, so it works!

This next track is called “Nobody Like You” and this is a ballad at its best. Little Mix has the best ballads, that’s one thing that they truly rock at because of their diverse voices. I also love the eternal sound, as it continues the true sound never fades it actually grows with increased tempo. It’s gorgeous!

I love the fact that “No More Sad Songs” has an upbeat sound, there’s nothing more annoying when certain people title songs like this and they’re disgustingly slow and sappy. This one is in the middle but it’s still something I’d prefer to listen to any day! And we are back on the dance-y side of music again, the first thing I thought of what it started was old school hip hop, like something of Will Smith in the late 90s! Anyways, I think the song is really good even if it has a sexual motive behind it… Last song of the standard edition is “Nothing Else Matters” and surprising it’s not a slow track! I know this will be another weird description but I get like an early 2000’s pop song, at least that’s what I pictured into my head when it first started playing! It’s pretty good too!

It’s so hard to put together a summary of an album at the end of these reviews because you feel like you just put all of your thoughts while talking about each song, but as a whole you have to basically give it a mental rating. I do think it’s a great pop album, very different from their previous albums as far as how many ballad-like tracks are included, but I don’t think it’s so good that I would give it a full 10/10, you know? Which I hardly ever rate my reviews, but for this I think it would be fair to give it an 8 out of 10, and that is still very good!

Have you heard of Little Mix’s “Glory Days” yet? Which songs are your favorites?


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Album Review: “Get Weird” by Little Mix

12193505_709120279189680_7315014755169342993_n.jpgThis has been a long time coming considering this album came out in early November. I know I suck! I really did want to do the review then but that whole month was not the best for me…

I’m a new Little Mix fan. You can blame it on LucyAndLydia from YouTube. They’re the ones that got me started on them. I’m definitely team Jade and Perrie! I think all four girls are gorgeous and have beautiful voices! I’ve been meaning to listen to their previous albums and over the summer I finally had the time to do it. I haven’t finished listening to all of their first album DNA but I did complete Salute. After listening to their recent release I have to say out of the three, this is best album yet! This album sounds more adult against the first two, they were more pop oriented and slightly kind of boring for me. This album has some depth and it’s just different in a good way!

All right, so let’s start off with their first single that came out in late September, just in time to be put into the rest of the classic Halloween related tracks. “Black Magic” is still being played EVERYWHERE! In last Wednesday alone, it popped up on my TV about four times in one hour! This track is definitely pop worthy, I didn’t realize how “dirty” it was until after a month or so. Those titles seem so innocent until you hear the song about 100 times in two months before you find out how naughty it really is! However, it’s still a great song! I am slightly over it though. The second song is called “Love Me Like You” and this one used to drive me nuts! I keep wanting to put the word “do” at the end because of Ellie Goulding! Anyways, this one sort of reminds me of Grease when they say “sha-la-la” in the beginning. The whole song is very slow, pop-y, but has this old bluesy/jazz soul to it. I’m hoping more pop stations play it so they stop playing the other one all the time, that sounds so mean, but give the other singles a chance people!

The next one is called, “Weird People” and I feel like this one is like MY song since I am a very weird person! This is another track that has an old feeling to it, almost 80’s pop vibe! I like it! I love how in every song on this album sounds so different! The fourth song is “Secret Love Song” and I really love this introduction. It’s so slow, almost a capella like. I’m still learning everybody’s voice in the group but I really like how you can’t tell who’s who, they sound like one person which is what you’re hoping that happens in a group. This song features Jason Derulo and at first, I didn’t like it but now I do. It’s a nice balance in voices! There’s a second version of this track, which is basically the same song without Derulo. I actually like it better even though there’s nothing really different with it! Next one is another upbeat track called “Hair” and this one has a total different sound to it. It’s very poppy, but has some hip hop accents. I feel like this is a very honest breakup styled song! I wish you could hear the word that is bleeped out in the choruses!

This one was my favorite tracks when I first listened to it mid-November! It’s called “Grown” everything about this song is on point! I love the sassy lyrics so much! This beat alone is just awesome! The hums make the ending of the choruses that much better! All that bass just makes me so happy! The next one is “I Love You” it’s slower, but not one of my favorites. It kind of sucks sometimes when you go from two great, upbeat song then to a ballad. It’s a total buzzkill for me! The song’s not bad though! The one right after it is luckily back on the upbeat side. It’s “OMG” and I swear I’ve heard it somewhere recently, but I hope I’m not getting it confused when I listened to it the other day! How embarrassing would that be?! This is another song that has a 80’s pop sound to it, but it’s not bad. It’s actually pretty catchy during the choruses. I’ve recently found another favorite on the album, it’s called “Lightning” and it is so different! It’s very slow, ballad-like and then when the chorus starts it kind of climbs higher in tempo and then there’s the weird bass drop, with a child like voice saying “but I do” in the breaks. Whenever the verses resumes though, the tone is back to mellow and it’s a really nice balance especially with the changes. Also, I love the use of singers singing in Latin in the bridge. Like, that’s never in a pop song! It gave this song an added fierce presence to it.

The next batch of songs start with “A.D.I.D.A.S” and of course, I thought of the shoes! They’re definitely not talking about shoes though. This has a nice bass, bluesy beginning to it and I like that. I like the clear sound of the piano and beat together. It’s kind of mellow in sound and somehow talking about sex in this beat is pretty good! The eleventh track is called “Love Me Or Leave Me” and boy, do I love this one! It’s so gorgeous with just the vocals, piano, and violin. It’s the perfect ballad. Another favorite! The one after that is called “The End” and it has a Pentonix feel to it, because there’s no beat, just the “bum-bums” and snapping. The group is harmonizing throughout the whole song. This is so good, it’s another favorite track.

I know the album was released as a deluxe edition, but I’ve decided to end this review here. I hope you all understand. There are four bonus tracks. I have to say I was really impressed with this album. I was not expecting to like it so much! Maybe next week it’ll be featured on my favorite album of 2015? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Have you listened to “Get Weird” yet? If you have, which songs do you like the most?

Tune Tuesday | South Korea


When I was just starting writing out the countries I wanted to “visit” for this year’s Tune Tuesday worldwide series, I thought it would be cool to add new countries to the list but sadly take out others if I couldn’t anything for them. I’ve got to say, South Korea was only a thought, when I wrote out dates for each country and musical act to write about, it wasn’t on my list. After I got through Denmark I started figuring out that I listen to a lot more Kpop music than I originally thought I did. So I ended up adding it in last minute so I hope you enjoy!

I think one of the things that draws me into music from all these different countries is that almost everything sounds different from what we, as Americans hear on the radio. Technology has its good parts about it, finding good and interesting music can be easier to find through social media sites. I think it’s fair to say I’ve found more UK music through my Twitter than any other country, but I do get lucky sometimes. As far as talking about music from Asia, it’s a bit more difficult. Since about 80% of Asian musical acts do not sing in English, it is pretty difficult to get English or any other foreign listeners to go outside of their comfortable zone as far as listening to something in another language, but if everybody likes Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias (who sometimes sing in Spanish!) I’m pretty sure hearing Japanese or Korean wouldn’t be that big of a deal!

I’ve noticed lately that some radio stations are getting comfortable with sharing music in other countries from all over the world, some don’t even sing in English and yet I’ve still heard them on these big radio stations like the Sirius XM channels. It’s great to finally see some variety but I’m worried if playing their music will influence them to change up things, like their sound and/or will they start releasing tracks in English or other languages they may not be familiar with? When I heard an all girl group called 4MINUTE on a countdown of music discovered on YouTube being played on a radio station, I’ll be honest it caught me off guard but it wasn’t that bad! I listen to a lot of music in different languages so this wasn’t anything too new for me! However, the group would be my first Korean act I’ve ever listened to and liked afterwards. One day I remember going on Spotify and having myself a little fun. I didn’t want to talk about one KPop group in this post so I went out of my way to find some more. I ended up finding Girls Generation too. This group is a large group, definitely not 5-6 girls, there’s like 8-10 of them. Of course, after years of being a group they’ve switched singers in and out, so the number decreases at times too! They’re not bad! They have tracks that have parts in Korean/Japanese and maybe a chorus in English like 4MINUTE but it’s all pretty great!