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Every once in a blue moon, I’ll check out my Reader and read some new blog posts. I found a new tag that seemed really fun to do, plus I had done something similar with my Twitter username that same week! I have grown to love these different blog tags now; they’re usually easy to come up with and you’re able to schedule them way ahead in time, so really they’re like the perfect post when you’re really lazy!

Ally Writes Things is the one that shared it on her blog. She does a LOT of really cool tags that are just not about books, because that’s one reason why I never liked them before the end of 2018. I have been tempted to do quite a few of the tags she’s done in the past, especially the movie based ones!

The Rules For This Tag:

  • Spell your name with other blog names
  • If you have a long blog name, feel free to shorten it/only use part of it!
  • Write a bit about each blog you mention to tell the world how much you love them.
  • Pingback to the creator of this tag
  • Pingback all the blogs you mentioned so they can see why you love them.

Here are the blogs and mini shout out to the people behind them!

G – Geeky Tourist | Emma has a wonderful blog on her hands! She talks about books, movies, TV shows and even some science too! The blog post that made me love her was the Harry Potter locations in London (she also has one based in Edinburgh too!) and considering I am a BIG fan of the Harry Potter films this was right up my Diagon alley! Get it?

O – Sorry, unfortunately I don’t follow any “O” blogs!

T – The Little Blog Of Vegan | Holly Jade runs a vegan blog (duh!) but it’s not just about vegan food she talks about, it’s everything that makes up the vegan lifestyle! So, she has posts about why she wanted to go that route, plus discusses other cruelty free products like make up, clothes, etc. Everybody can learn a lot by her blog and you can definitely find yourself scrolling through the many recipes she has created late at night, trust me I’ve done this once or twice in the past couple of years!

M – Moving Picture Review | Shona has a great movie blog! She loves various of genres, and has inspired me to talk about movies again on here too. Since 2017, I have been open to discussing my individual favorites and what kind of genres I like to stick to, but I’ve even started to explore others that I might have lost interest in over the years or maybe have been too afraid to watch before, so she’s done a lot for me in that aspect!

E – Ella Was Here | Ella is a gentle soul. She really makes me happy, her posts always help me feel calmer and her entire blog is like my inner aesthetic I think, it’s just beautiful! How I want mine to be one day! It seems strange to describe it like that, but once you check it out you’ll (hopefully) know what I’m trying to say!

G – Gin & Biscuits | Kristina is a beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger. Her blog is gorgeous! Really easy to read, which is one thing that I search for in blogs because there are some with itty-bitty font and you have to squint your eyes to read each word. It’s super annoying! Anyways, I like to mostly read her lifestyle and travel posts. They’re always so bucket list worthy!

H – The Howling Wolfheart | I found Kitten’s blog by chance and from the moment I went on it, I fell deeply in love with it! I am a sucker for nerdy blogs. I like being able to find similar interests with people, especially bloggers, and if they are proud to talk about their superheroes, action films, etc I will forever follow them!

A – Absolutely Lucy | I love Lucy’s blog a lot! She makes you want to travel to places that maybe you have never considered before! She’s been one of my mentors in the blogging world, I’ve learned a lot from her and she is always honest and sweet to me!

N – Nourish ME | Steph is a very fun blogger, she talks about various topics from mental health, baking, make-up, books, the list goes on. I like to see what the bloggers really enjoy and I think she has the perfect mix of things that I think everybody would like as well!

So, what did you think of this? Truth be told, this was actually a lot more difficult than I originally thought it would be! I’m also very glad that I talked myself out of including the “Blog” at the end or I would never get this up for you! Despite this though, it was pretty fun to talk about some of my friends again. I hope you go and check out these blogs and enjoy yourself!

OOTD: Miss Marvel


Hello my friends!

I finally get to talk about this outfit. I actually wore this for Christmas but that whole day was a bit weird so I ended up forgetting about it. I didn’t think you would be waiting this long to get the actual post but okay!

If you guys didn’t know I am a HUGE nerd! I’m into a lot of superheros and a couple of vilians that even I didn’t realize I was into but I am! My poor mom is like my sister, they’re not into superheros. She only knows about Avengers, well Hulk and Captain America. She’s been nicknaming me lately “Miss Marvel” and I’ve been saying in my head “Captain Marvel” even though I’m not a blonde. She only calls me that because I’m mainly into Marvel superheros.

This outfit is pretty light, except for the socks. They’re like little booties! My shirt is while with the picture of all four Avengers: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk in comic form in gray, on top of them is the word “MARVEL” in pink bold letters. It also has two thick circles going around the edge of the sleeves. My mom thinks it looks like a jersey type of shirt because of the short sleeves alone. The leggings I’m wearing I bought those months ago, we found them at Walmart but like everything else in my closet, didn’t have anything to go with it! They’re like a royal blue, with the word “fearless” in bold letters on my left pant sleeve. Unfortunately, they’re not very thick so cold air goes right through them when you’re outside and they’re also very long on my legs too. I can literally cover up both of my feet with them, which I have to say I love!

What do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? What superhero and/or villians do you admire? 



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Blogs That I Love #15


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Blogs That I Love” post. I’ve been thinking of doing at least two more weeks of these before the year is up. I’m not doing a big one of them all because that would be a disaster. I’m already doing too much in those few days as it is, so I’m opting out of it. I’ve got to say though, since starting these things over the summer has brought me more joy than anything else. Picking and focusing on these selected few to be featured on my blog is so fun to do. Like I say everytime I post one up, I don’t do it to get anything else out of it. It’s just something to build other bloggers and sites up and if they were having a bad day or week, it’s just a nice gesture from another blogger to say “your blog is awesome” and that’s important to hear from others sometimes. These blogs are my favorites of this week. If you haven’t followed them yet, I suggest you do so! Enjoy!

  1. Flat Eleven – Kelly has been one of my favorites for a while. I kind of feel bad that it’s taken so long to get her and blog onto one of these posts. I found her blog over the summer. At first, I would read it every now and then. I wasn’t too into like I am right now. It wasn’t her writing style, I think it had to do with her theme/layout that was sort of my problem. I could barely read it before, but now I have no problem. Kelly is an American, but she lives in London. She is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger but occasions she’ll write about her travels and food! When she blogged about her honeymoon in Hawaii, I was in awe of her beautiful pictures. She is so lovely and sweet!
  2. Fresh & Fearless – This next blogger is kind of special to me, he’s my first male blogger that I’ve ever been friends with¬†since finding the flood of bloggers last spring. Aftab is from England and is an awesome person, but if you’re not careful though he will wake up your hunger in the early mornings. He is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger too! He does a LOT of food posts too. If you’re looking for a place to eat in London or surrounding that area, I’m pretty sure he might have some suggestions and reviews you could read on his blog. Aftab is so sweet and I enjoy talking to him on Twitter too.
  3. Smoon Style – Simone Simons is the lead singer of Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. She is also a blogger too! I recently found her blog I think the same time I found everybody else, over the summer. She’s a beauty blogger, but likes to talk about her life on the road, fashion and of course food! She’s a makeup artist and a new mommy she now lives in Germany. I’ll be honest I only read her blog here and there, not because it’s not any good. It’s a great blog to read, but with always finding new blogs certain ones don’t get the attention they deserve. Sadly this is the only one of the bunch were I’ve never commented on because I don’t know how, so I’ve never talked to her personally like everybody else, but maybe one day I will! If you’re into beauty and food, you will love this blog!