Tron: Legacy Move Review

Last night, one of our movie channels preimered Tron:Legacy. The remake of the old movie in the 80’s. I’ve never seen the first but my dad has, and who wouldn’t watch this one because it is a remake. I’m not too picky about if movies were made a few years ago, because the technology back then sucked. Not much they could do. Now they can do anything. I’m surprise I’m even saying this, but this movie is better than Back To The Future Part 2.

I love everything about this movie. Jeff Bridges (Kevin Flynn & Clu) and Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley & Tron) both come back to play their roles in the first Tron movie that came out in 1982. Garrett Hedlund plays Sam Flynn, who is Kevin Flynn’s son. Olivia Wilde plays Quorra, who is a ISO and the last of her kind. Michael Sheen plays Castor/ Zuse. James Frain plays Jarvis, who is Clu’s right-hand man. Am I tempted to watch the first one? Not now.

I’m finally listening to the soundtrack right now. I’ve been wanting to listen to it, but I’ve been forgetting like always. If you’ve seen the first movie, and wondering if you should see the second one. I think you should. My dad’s not going to watch it, but that’s because he’s stubborn. If you haven’t watched the first one yet. I’d definitely watch this one. It’s really, really good.