Baby Shower



As most of the world was obsessing over The Royal Wedding, we were celebrating the soon arrival of my little nephew with a shower! Both sides of the world was greeted with a beautiful day; even though that morning we had a small rain shower in which case made it very humid outside, but the sun shined brightly and it was just perfect.

The drive to Blondie and Brandon’s apartment gave me flashbacks to when we were driving to the church on their wedding day over a year ago! Some of the things that were different that we didn’t have to change out clothes at a certain time and my mom and I didn’t see those little boys fighting in the backyard as we drove by. We literally saw one threw a nice punch at the other kid! It was probably one of the funniest things and the highlights of the day!


The place that had the shower was at a clubhouse, which was a little villa, where residents of a nursing home eat and have fun together! They also rent it out for public gatherings, and since we were suppose to get less than twenty people there, it was actually the perfect setting for this sort of thing! My mom, Aunt Cindy, my dad’s cousin Mindy, and Blondie’s friend Raven brought food and helped decorate the fairly large space. We had balloons, confetti, and an “Oh Baby” streamer, it was all so cute! Mindy made a very beautiful cake, that was covered in various shades of blue, it had silver sprinkles in different sizes, as she says they were made of chocolate! One side of the cake was chocolate while the other was vanilla. And in the middle was a picture of the sonogram of little Nolan with his name at the top!

33058690_978443782332283_7371709230643937280_nOnce the guests started arriving, one of the things that they were supposed to do was mark their guess of when little man would show up. Blondie made up with a calendar of the days of June and the first two weeks of July, because “mom refuses to go on any longer” and I’m not quoting that for the hell of it, this was actually written on the bottom of the poster board!

The due date is July 2nd, but nobody believes she’s have him on that day. He’ll either come early, or be stubborn as hell and surpass the due date entirely! If the second option does happen, some of us will be laughing our butts off! I still think Nolan would could arrive on the 30th of June, I might be a little biased with that guess because it is Arthrogryposis Awareness Day! Our mom and dad think he’ll be born on July 1st, which is a special birthday on my dad’s side.

33021462_978024562374205_4879914435528884224_nMy sister wore a very pretty flow-y blue dress she found on Amazon, it was very long and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was very nervous everytime she went walked around the chairs! I thought she looked very beautiful as it suited her and growing belly! I think she only liked it because it had pockets, because whenever I saw her, that’s where her hands would be to try to keep them away from the food!

We played some games, but in the span of two hours, we didn’t get to play all of them! Poor mom spent a good hour trying to put together a homemade Baby Bingo. She and I kept getting into arguments because she could NOT understand that there isn’t 20 words of baby items for all five letters! The other game that my mom wanted to do was have everybody guess how much ribbon could cover her belly! I wasn’t that far off, but the fact that my dad used his waist in comparison to her belly was pretty hilarious! Mindy actually won that game, it was literally almost the exact same length, and everybody was in agreement!

Honestly, Brandon wanted to do the games, he found two that had a similar theme: poop! We did the infamous, “guess what kind of candy bar is inside the diaper” game. I have to say, they originally had 7 diapers, but Blondie burnt the Kit Kat and the plate so she had to throw it outside!

33176599_978441265665868_4140418661699551232_nThe other one has the same origins with “Stick The Tail On The Donkey” except it’s “Stick The Poo” I don’t know who drew the outline of the diaper, but it’s actually very good! The rules to the game, is everybody gets a paper turd, they put their name on it, their eyes are covered, they’re spun and place it on the board.

A lot of people were very close, we only had a few guests actually miss the diaper entirely, but there were like three who were like inches away from the middle, shockingly, we had one person basically place it just right. Don’t ask how I did, I didn’t play this one or the other. Anything to do with poop, kind of freaks me out! And what’s funny is that, I actually want to see if I can change Nolan’s diaper!

One of my favorites we did was a game they played at their baby class! It’s called “Sweet Child Of Mine” and they had a list of things where you had to guess a different piece of candy below, so like “girl’s name” could be Babe Ruth, Kit Kat, and Candy (as my dad put down!) and I have to say, I think dad had a lot more fun with this one! He and our family friend Russell literally stood in the kitchen area and were giggling as they were filling out the paper, we were excited and absolutely nervous about their answers!

32945199_978441325665862_3001902898310283264_nAnd the last one we had time for, was “The Price Is Right”. Blondie has a special talent, she can create beautiful bubble lettering, everybody thought she had traced it, but nope, she did it all!

This game was a bit more difficult as it’s been an extremely long time since I’ve watched The Price Is Right so I was a little bit out of my element here. We were all given of the things listed on the poster board and we had to guess what the price is for each of the baby items, and mom just did it on her own and didn’t get a single one right! Everybody was either too high or low, only Raven was the one who actually got one right, so she got the prize.

At the last we ate cake and Blondie and Brandon opened presents. Now there were pictures of this, but where they sat, there is a huge glare directly behind them and the pictures themselves are very hard to see and I don’t have any way to fix it anymore!

32907044_10204288022078792_2965464713598599168_nThey got a lot of diapers and wipes, one couple actually came with two large boxes of diapers! They have a swing, bottles, monitor, lotion, etc! Shockingly, only three people brought superhero themes onesies! Two were Batman themed, while the other is a full on Spider-Man outfit. People were also considerate to the mommy as well, as she was given facial masks, a necklace with the name “Nolan” on it, and even this little onesie that we now understand had to be left until last, because it made everybody cry! It says “hand-picked for Earth by my great-grandpa in Heaven” this would dedicated to our papaw, who died two years ago.

After that, one by one, people started to leave the party. The ones that helped build everything up, were there helping tear it down, except the layout of “Oh Baby” that pretty much came down on its own! For the ones who wanted to get last minute pictures with mommy-to-be, there was a stack of balloons on the far left side, because poor Raven was in the corner holding up the banners a little longer! I had to get a picture with my sister, and since she’s had contractions off and on after 34 weeks, I didn’t want her squatting down to get down at my level, and I literally told her she didn’t have to do that, but she did it anyways!


Blondie’s Bridal Shower!


Hello! 🙂

Three weekends ago, I mentioned on my outfit of the day post that I went to my sister’s bridal shower! It was exciting and a bit nerve-wrecking to say the least, because most of us waited until like the last minute to figure out what exactly we were going to do while there, like what kind of decorations and games we were going to play. Blondie and Brandon came up with some of the decorations months earlier, but I think a few things will be used for their reception at the actual wedding.

When we got there, we were greeted by their cat Samuel just chilling on a towel in front of the door. Thank god the door opens towards you otherwise he would have been hit. He’s kind of lucky he didn’t get run over either! A few of the bridesmaids Sam, Jayde, Skyela and Alli were there already. Sam and Blondie were in the little kitchenette cooking the beef and chicken for the Taco Bar. The cats kept trying to steal pieces of ice out of the bucket Brandon b18556333_10202948868520790_8267943436613421614_nought to keep the mini water bottles cold the entire time.

The shower was the first time my mom and I to finally meet some of Brandon’s family. I’ve actually been excited to meet his mom since probably last year. I know she’s not my mother-in-law but I still wanted to meet her! He had his mom, sisters, cousin, aunt and grandma there. I felt bad for him in ways, he basically stayed in his “man cave” through most of the shower playing his new video game; that part he probably wasn’t too sad about that! He did come out for one of the games though. When we played The Newlywed Game. I had asked him questions two days before so we could make signs and I realized that not only do I suck at bubble letters that I really need to invest on using my clipboard more since I now have green little dots all over my new cutting board. It’s for my blogging photography, don’t freak out on me too much!

His mom, brought down some very adorable pictures of when he was a baby and toddler for the party game “Guess What Age I Am” and don’t worry, mom found some very cute photos of Blondie when she was younger too! My dad and I had to glue them onto some paper and I wrote what age might’ve been in each one. I say “might’ve” because I had a hard time thinking back how old she really was for each year! I sat between both of my grandma’s, it was the first outing my nana has done since her whole health scare. She seemed18581601_10155343778247520_3354911898878346185_n to enjoy it since Otis basically flooped down into her lap when she first got into the apartment! Nana failed at guessing Blondie’s age in each picture, while my grandma (dad’s mom) and I won a fair amount on Brandon’s. I guess I can’t tell between a few months and a year old!

I was very proud of myself. I joined in on the fun with the games. When everybody was first showing up, they were asked to write out a memory of them and the bride-to-be and since I couldn’t figure out a single memory to share, I decided to say which one and have her guess which guest it is. Apparently I didn’t understand the rules very well, because as Blondie was failing to guess the right person, I thought it was only right to help her out but I kept getting yelled at by our mother because I was giving out hints. To the ones she couldn’t guess right, they were given prizes. It wasn’t until we were on our way home that I figured it that out and then I felt like a dumbass! Anyways, the memories were funny and I thought were better than what we both thought would happen. The last one was probably the “worst” out of all of them because it had to do with her drinking! Poor thing, three grandmothers in the room and she thought she was free from them hearing anything bad! Wrong!

18622914_10202953825844720_22095171_nBack in March Blondie and I had looked on Pinterest for different ones. I found quite a neat games, I kind of thought we could play a Disney related game since the theme of the wedding is half Disney princesses and half Batman, like no joke! Just look at their cake topper that Brandon found on Etsy at the picture above! I will link the different games we played here: The Newlywed Game and What’s In My Phone or use the alternative What’s In My Purse?

I definitely had a fun time! I was in a lot of pain by the time it was all over with though so that part sucked! Poor Chipper sent the weekend at the vet while his brothers were having the time of their lives with the guests. Gru and Otis crashed on a few laps, Samuel begged for taco meat from my mother, but little Tonif chilled out underneath the bed the whole time until she bravely went out into the living room and was stunned of the amount of people and did a U-turn back into the bedroom, she almost hit her back legs on the doorway! I’m thankful Blondie didn’t start crying when that happened! I went back over the Monday afterwards and she seemed more relaxed, even let me pet her which does not happen very much!

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Next will be about the Bachlorette Party!


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Family Weekend



This past weekend has been probably one of the longest weekends I’ve had in a while! I spent three days and two nights at my grandparent’s house! Blondie and Batman were still in Hawaii on their vacation and didn’t get back until Sunday evening! And our folks had one of their bike rallies going on this weekend too. Unfortunately, this rally has a bad terrain for my wheelchair, plus the fact that it stormed and got extremely hot so I’m glad I didn’t go because I probably would have been miserable! So as a backup, my nana would babysit me for a few hours until my Aunt Laurie, Uncle Mike and cousin Taylor came down from up north. They came down as a “summer surprise” as my nana called it!

I was alone with my grandparents for maybe three or four hours which is normal for us! We kept ourselves busy! Poor Papaw couldn’t decide if he wanted to be in the kitchen or in his bed.. so imagine trying to navigate in a somewhat small kitchen with three push wheelchairs. Not easy! My nana and I basically ate, chatted and baked a cake! She likes to get those cake mixes in a box, and usually she gets chocolate cake–she did have that but had a craving too! She had my mom get a Confetti cake this time around. My nana and I are trying to figure out more things for me to learn. I suggested maybe learning the measurements, like teaspoon and all that! Cooking stuff! I mean, I watch these food shows but they hardly show you what to use, you know? I took Home Ed in middle school but since I was in a wheelchair, I couldn’t reach countertops and so our teacher/aides had trouble showing us those types of things in class. So my nana showed me a bit!

Besides learning the equipment to use in the kitchen, I got to beat the batter in the bowl. My nana doesn’t have a stand mixer or anything, she does this by hand! In a way, she was happy to have an extra set of “feet” to help her out! I also helped put on the icing and sprinkles, she mostly did that though! She gave me an off set spatula and I did my best of spreading the icing like Ina Garten, even I was a little proud of myself! I didn’t make it all fancy, but it looked great! How this all started, why I got back into learning (and sometimes re-learning!) things was after my nana had the idea of maybe I could use her small vacuum cleaner. We figured out that I CAN use it! It hurts my toes but I manage! Laurie and Mike got their around 6:30pm and a half an hour after they arrived, I had Laurie get me out of the wheelchair. So I mainly on the floor, scouting on the carpet (in shorts!) the whole weekend! My hips handled it a lot better than I expected! My butt was another story!

Around 9pm, we were all basically bored out of our minds already! We weren’t exactly tired but getting close to it! I bought a deck of UNO cards with me and we played two games, plus a tournament! My nana and I actually won a couple of them too! I was very surprised at her, she was very exhausted that first day. My mom brought me over a little earlier than originally planned, so she didn’t get to have her nap in the afternoon before everybody came over! She still made up past 10pm so that’s impressive! I actually got better sleep than I thought I’d get on that couch. The next day, Taylor and I were the late sleepers, I got up at 10 something, which isn’t bad but my mom sent me a “good morning” text at 7:30 and I sent it back about three hours later! I was tired damnit! Leave me alone!

That morning was a little bit of a blur for me! All I remember of it was Laurie doing my nails for me. I brought my new collection of polishes to my nana’s. I used the green/teal on my toes and the very light pink on my fingers! My aunt was going to have Mike do her nails, but then I stopped her with “I can do them” I’ve done nana’s nails before! I’m not as clean as she was with me, but at least I didn’t spill it everywhere! She got the teal/pink on her hands. My Uncle Mike got pictures AND video of it all! If I could post it on here I would, but I can’t. After that, we had a couple of cinnamon rolls for breakfast and about an hour or so later the next batch of family came down from up north. My Uncle Rick and Aunt Linda came bearing KFC for lunch and it was so good! For the next hour, we sort of lounged in the living room. I had been on the floor since I got up that morning, my butt was already feeling sore from rubbing against the carpet about a hundred times! Ah, scouting! It was its good and bad points about it!

I think they stayed there for two hours. We all talked, both Rick and Linda helped nana with her laptop, and we showed off pictures! A little bit into the second hour, we had ourselves a surprise! My other uncle, David and Aunt Katt came down too. Apparently it was a long story and I wasn’t present in the telling of it! It was so much fun honestly having that many members together and it wasn’t a holiday get together! When Rick and Linda left everything becomes a blur once again. I was REALLY tired that afternoon! That evening we played UNO and Taboo. We finally figured out how to play Taboo thanks to Taylor for reading the directions and explaining it to a bunch of tired souls like us! It was a fun time, lots and lots of laughs! I was actually allowed to come home that night, my folks came back early from the rally and asked if I wanted to come home. I told them no, we still had to play a tournament! You remember the saying of “too much of a good thing?” Yeah, maybe I should have went home that night because I could not sleep in that house for the life of me!! I don’t know what happened, I was sleepy but my brain would not turn off! It was like past 1am when I went to sleep!

On Sunday, I got up at 8am, when I usually get up I stay up sometimes! That couch was starting to not be so comfortable anymore so I was more awake than I wanted to be! Mike placed their air mattress a few inches away from the couch, so I didn’t have my normal amount of room to truly get off the couch in a comfortable way, I just didn’t want to wake anybody up and I didn’t! I knew nana was up, because I could hear her doing the dishes in the kitchen. So I made my escape through papaw’s room on the opposite side of the living room. I went in there and found nana on her laptop instead. I got on my laptop and she managed to wake up Mike in the process, didn’t get to scare him. However, when Laurie got up she was surprised to see me on the floor leaning up against the chair! I couldn’t help but laugh! I used to be the master at this as a kid! I guess I still got it! Laurie made two different rolls this time around, regular and orange. I’ve never had those before and they were so good, but tasted like fruit loops! It has an orange glaze on it! My nana got a kick after calling it a “glaze” I watch too much of the cooking channel!

Do you remember a post I did last year about my great aunts’ collection of spoons? They went to different places in the Midwest and up in Canada to get these little guys? Well, they also collected teacups and saucers too! I’ve heard about these for years and I’ve been looking forward to Laurie coming down so I could see some of them and take pictures. Laurie took out quite a few and I had to be the one to take pictures. I used Laurie’s phone which was a disaster! It was too big for my feet/toes to figure out, the pictures I got were too close and blurry! It wasn’t all a bust though, I didn’t take 100 of them so that’s better than nothing! Majority of the ones she brought out were made in England, but a few were created in China and one we found said “made in Japan” so that was cool! The next time they come down, we’ll try to get more out of there and divide them up between Laurie and I because my nana is willing them to us! I’m hoping there’s an even number of them! I think I’m hoping a little too strongly here am I?

A little bit before my mom came over, family friend Brittany came over and visit with everybody for a little bit. She was up early mowing before it got too hot! Wish dad did that sometimes! My mom came over about a half hour after she said she would, which is becoming a normal thing in our family now! My dad’s an early person, and mom isn’t. The whole day we did nothing but play games, talk, eat, and laugh! Which is always great for us! We all pig out and have fun! Poor papaw thinks we’re going to disturb our neighbors everytime we get too loud but no police ever comes to the door so that’s good! My sister was supposed to be home around four in the afternoon, but she had a rough time with her plane that they didn’t make it home until like seven o’clock! Everybody decided to leave around six and when we drove up to the driveway, the cats greeted us! All of the babies were at my feet, literally! From what mom told us, when she and dad came home on the bike, when he turned off the motor they all came running up and I guess dad noticed it first and said, “look…. this is not right.” He can’t say it wasn’t sweet that they missed them though! When I got home, I basically got the same treatment! I was sooo happy to be back in my own bed again but I guess not happy enough that I could sleep like a baby! I couldn’t sleep that night at all!! I don’t know what the heck happened!

I’m still very sad that it’s all over. Blondie got to have a whole week vacation and I got three days. I should be happier and I know my grandparents are happy to have their house back to being nice and quiet without having all of us around now. Didn’t want to leave this post on a bad note, but I did anyways! My bad! That’s what happened on my weekend, how was yours?

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The Weekend Review

865614557This weekend has been a great one! After months of not being able to clean my room, I finally had legit reason to do it. I’ve been trying to hang out with my friend Vikki and her new little baby for some time now. It gets a little difficult to hang out with people when you can’t exactly get yourself from point A to point B. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get me to where she lives but I hardly ever go to that part of town so I knew one way or another she’d have to go over to the house instead. She wrote me on comments on my Facebook status Wednesday night and I had went to bed in the middle of it and my mom had gotten up in the middle of the night and I guess saw the comments between us and decided to help get us together. My dad had been talking about this concert that he and his buddies were going to go to on Friday. So my mom tells her that she can come over on Friday afternoon. We had it all planned out. I was originally going to clean my room Thursday evening after I got home from being at my nana’s house, but I did NOT have any energy when I got home and neither did my mom, so we both agreed that Friday morning we’d clean.

I got up at like, noon and I literally rubbed my face so I could see and went online before anybody put me to work or fed me anything. I had to do a few things and then I could do whatever. By two o’clock my mom had washed my hair and afterwards I was in my chair cleaning the crap out of my room. When I finished, I was in waiting mode and I was texting her a lot, then dad left just before six, and then she got to the house. She stayed for a good couple of hours and it was really nice to talk to somebody that I graduated high school with, I haven’t had a good conversation like that in a while. She told me that ever since she had Miss Jocelyn that she hasn’t been out either. She had asked me before she got there, if I wanted a Yoohoo. I hadn’t had one of those in YEARS! I do remember that one time I had one though, but I don’t remember how they tasted like, if it would soda like or taste like chocolate milk. I do know it’s still in fridge, now whether or not it’s been open by my dad or not is another story. Anyways, I asked her to bring some of her nail polish if she had any and she ended up bringing her makeup bag. She had a lot of pretty polishes but we never got to that point because of Joce but I was very understanding though. She was a good baby honestly. Around 9pm, we were in the living room, we kept hearing weird noises from the front door. I knew it had to been Midget, scratching at the door, but then about five seconds later, we heard words and then a knock. It freaked us out and then I went to get my mom, who was in her bedroom at the time with ChiChi. She opened the door and found Kristen at the door. I was surprised and happy at the same time.10659154_4484263842786_2445763817537496355_n

Kristen and her boyfriend came over and stayed at least half hour, Vikki had fed Jocelyn in my room because she was getting a little fussy and while Kristen was holding her, she just exploded all over Kristen. Vikki and I were thinking, it was bound to happen sometime, we just didn’t think it happen to Kristen. Vikki’s boyfriend or fiancée came over to pick them up and after they left, Kristen and her boyfriend left. By 8pm though, I was exhausted! I think I actually went to bed before it turned midnight. Dad didn’t get home until like 1 or 2 in the morning. The next day, it was Sammy’s birthday. She was going to have a carnival theme and she came over Thursday night I think and told us that she was going to have like different things like ring toss and cotton candy. I thought it was fun, especially since I played the crap out of the redneck ring toss. It was originally supposed to be a drinking game but I kind of started a little bit early and somehow the drinking part never got off the ground. We used glow in the dark sticks that hooked to each other as our rings and two together fit nicely around the beer cans. I was apparently a wiz at that game as I was hitting a lot of them, to the point that I could hit two at a time. When Sammy set up the balloons for the darts, I knew that I’d be rusty but not that bad! I only hit one balloon. Sammy and Chey were a lot better than me but I can still throw darts though. Considering I can’t play cornhole like everybody else, ring toss was a definite good game to have for me especially in the dark. I just have to remember now that it would not be smart to pull a thigh muscle sometime afterwards. That night was a blast and absolutely no alcohol was involved for me. Oh, and we might’ve found a bike I’d get to have my first ride on too!

10409054_4484264122793_8996116007302882451_nOn Sunday, I got to sleep in til 1pm, I gotta stop doing that honestly. My parents went on a bike ride with our neighbors and I went to my nana’s again. We had a very interesting topics to talk about, some things were a bit hard to swallow but I got through it and I think I’ve somehow healed myself in a way after having that chat. Two of those topics might be on this blog sometime this week. When my mom and dad got back from their bike ride. I went home with mom and when we got home, I thought it was too damn pretty to spend the rest of the afternoon inside. So I stayed outside hanging out with the cats for the first thirty minutes. Of course, I had to take pictures. I’m lucky I didn’t fall out of my wheelchair while I was petting Midget in the backyard because while I was in my big wheelchair, my seatbelt snapped off and freaked me out, but I was fine. After I was done looking around in our yard and at the trees. I have a huge fascination with our trees. I don’t know why but I do. It’s not the sizes of them, it’s more of the shades of green they go from in the changing seasons. Right now, they’re at a rich green and they look very pretty, but you can’t get a good picture of them because of the sun glaring at them. I also love the lone tree next to our house, it’s got this curve of the trunk and I just love it. It’s not perfect like the rest of them. As I was going from the backyard to the front, Midget was following me. Thankfully, none of them followed me when I went to our neighbor’s house. I stayed there and chatted with about different things. They also have a little kitten, named Twitches and she’s so cute! She definitely liked me petting her and when Sammy put her on my lap, she didn’t quite understand why my hands weren’t petting her so she leaning up to my face and nibbling on my fingers to get my attention. When I went home, my dad told me that mom was going to make a salad. She made a homemade salad with broccoli. It was nice and fresh!  So that was how my weekend went!

Midget (Stormy making a photo bomb)
Midget (Stormy making a photo bomb)
Full in bloom, won't be long til the leaves are gone
Full in bloom, won’t be long til the leaves are gone

Smile The Sun Is Out!

boysOur internet connection was off from probably one in the afternoon until whatever time it decided to come back this morning. I did have a post lined up for today, but I didn’t finish it in time to be published and I don’t want to go back to it because I have no idea what I was thinking about when I trying to do it. Since my sister is here for her spring break, she’s been trying to keep up with her working out throughout the day like she does while she’s at school. So she’s been taking advantage of our backyard and since the weather has been amazing the past few days, the kittens have joined her while she’s thrown a softball and kicked her soccer ball around, but she was pretty bored Sunday afternoon so she talked mom into putting the Wii into the living room and that almost ended bad considering mom tore the sensor jack out of the wall of her room. So we were borrowing our neighbors jack for the time being. Nobody in our house has played with the Wii for a while and so she’s been using it up pretty good, between playing Just Dance 3, bowling, and baseball she’s been using up her energy well. I’m guessing she still regrets playing Guitar Hero too, because by the time she switched to that she was complaining about her wrist hurting a lot.

My parents decided to enjoy yesterday’s beautiful weather too and dad got the bike out and took my mom out riding with her new leather jacket and boots that she got on Saturday. I decided that since they were going out that I would sneak into the living room and watch Blondie play baseball. The babies were outside and they have been enjoying the nice weather a lot that everytime my parents open the back door they go running out to play, it’s so cute! While I was watching Blondie play, she was messing with her phone and I decided to see if anybody was at the door and only Midget was, and ChiChi really enjoyed me being on the floor too! She jumped on my legs and licked my face. Three weeks ago, I traveled into the living room because I was bored and I haven’t scooted on my butt into  any place in this house for so long that my thighs actually burned and were so sore. I’m happy to that when I scoot into the living room yesterday they didn’t hurt as much, but that soon came back to bite on the butt because after a couple of games my sister switched Just Dance and did dances before asking if I wanted to do it, I said sure because I wanted to have some fun too! So she carried me to my wheelchair and grabbed one of my elbow pads because my pinky toe isn’t the strongest toe ever and I have a tendency of dropping the controller on the floor because it just gives out. I’m so low in the chair that the sensor had trouble with finding a couple of times, and when you’re doing dance moves that’s not a good thing, but I got eight points with five songs.

By this time my parents were back and my sister was being nice and she got me a drink because apparently between the sweat, the pain in my thighs, and my breathing it sounded like I needed one! I asked my sister if getting eight points with only doing five songs was a good thing? For one thing, never asked her able-bodied sister who gets four to five stars with each song she does, because I think in a way I deserved the look she gave me. She gave me this look like “ehhh…” and what is funny was my mom was watching her and she saw the same expression I did and we both called her out on it. Thankfully, I’m the type of person who sees the humor in almost everything so she’s forgiven because I was stupid for not rearranging my words better. After that, she took out the batteries and we had been watching Ridiculousness the night before and we taped the new episode for dad and since we were all in the living room having a family moment we ended up watching it together, this time with fewer commercials! Today, my mom said it’s supposed to be like in the 70’s and to me, that’s perfect weather to go outside and go on a walk, but there’s a big chance the ground is still moist and muddy, so my plans may not be accomplished but that’s okay maybe my sister will be ready to play Just Dance later this afternoon.

Trifecta Writing Challenge: Turkey

Rules for Trifecta Writing Challenge:

Write a piece for the word, using the third definition. The piece must be no less than 33 words and no more than 333 words. You have to use the word given to you. The word for this week is TURKEY and the third definition is “three successive strikes in bowling.” And no, I did not know that word meant that too. 

It was the afternoon, my mom and sister were fiddling with their phones while I was bored out of my skull.
I had remembered about the fun times my sister and I had playing with our Wii.
I thought after a few more practices I think I could get better at Just Dance.
After asking for her to play with me, twice.
She finally caved in and said, “I’ll set it up for you, but I’m not going to play with you.”
Inside I was sad, but then again it could help if I just did it by myself.
So I said, “that’s fine” and she set it up for me.
I played a couple of rounds and had my workout for the day.
My legs could only take so much movement before I fall out of my own chair.
So when I took a break, I wondered if we still had those sport games or not.
After bragging about the points I got, I asked my sister if we still the sports.
She said “yes” with a heavy sign, like I was annoying her.
We’re sisters, we’re supposed to do that from time to time.
Anyways, I exit out of Just Dance and attempted to get myself through Tennis and Bowling.
I’ve played Tennis probably twice and I’ve never played Bowling before.
My sister has, she said it was difficult.
Lucky for her, I like challenges.
As long as I don’t fall out of my wheelchair while playing it, I’ll be okay.
Well I tried to do my first swing and failed miserably.
Try holding it with your foot, push the button underneath, while balancing her body on the edge of the seat.
It’s not easy!
Well, in a normal person’s eyes if they saw my score sheet they would say I wasn’t any good, but the turkey was probably my favorite thing about it.
I didn’t see the others.
I told my most and sister.
They were proud of me too!