Five Sentence Fiction: Furious


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: FURIOUS

She had nothing to do with the situation that was in front of her, but that didn’t mean it didn’t affect her just as much as it affected everybody else, she found solace in her mind and thought about the actions she would express if nothing could be incriminating.

She thought of her emotions and wedged a war between what was right and what needed to happen, she wanted to get the revenge  on that other person didn’t want, but she couldn’t take the lies of denying soul who just wanted to be free; if you wanted to break free, you need to push back and demand your freedom.

The kindred soul that lived inside her body failed to keep up with raging dreams of fire and pain, her body cried out as the devil had found himself a way into her life again, and wanted to join in on her schemes to break hold of this monster that caused so much horror in not just her life, but others as well.

The truth was slowly coming out and as everything came down for the monster, the truth didn’t seem to phase that person at all, the thoughts of red still flashed in her eyes.

Nothing was about her, but it sure as hell wasn’t going to end at her.