Blogmas: Festive and Winter-y Baby Names!


Last year I did a HUGE thing and made up over 100 name combinations for my second Instagram account. It was kind of hectic but really fun and I was pretty proud of myself afterwards. The page itself is centered around my love of names. I’ve never been interested on how the name(s) mean or sound really, I just share what I think looks cute and different and it allows me to learn more about other cultures too! I am a big learner and obsessed with various holidays and nationalities, and I’ve figured out I can multitask when it comes to creating these posts on my profile.

I had plans to do something similar during the month of October, because I also love fall and Halloween-eques type of names but I wasn’t motivated to do anything, and I was only able to release three girl pairings out of the entire thing. I was so bummed about it, but then I thought about creating a whole post about the names that I feel are perfect for Christmas.

This is one of the largest lists I’ve ever made, and I apologize for its size, but the original list was actually much bigger–I had the hardest time figuring out what to add. (This statement shouldn’t surprise you too much!) What I will do to make this somewhat easier for you is, I will talk about four names from each sex and discuss why I picked them out of the rest in their group, plus give you a fun middle name so it gives you some ideas later on.

Ambrose Gray

One thing you will notice in the list is that I chose some classic names like Ambrose, Benedict, and Emmanuel mainly because they are “warm” names to me. I feel like they are perfect names for boys (or girls) born in the colder months. They are snuggle-y and sophisticated. And despite using the middle as “Gray” I can see a lot of reds, navy blues, and beige colors that could illuminate the essence of the name. Yes, in a way your child will have a grandfather type of name but as they get older, you could adopt a nickname that could work with their full name!

Douglas Wolf

I have seen Douglas making a slow comeback and I seriously am here for it!

If you are interested in boho or nature, I think Douglas is an underdog to both of these styles. I love trees but I always forget to add them in my ultimate list. Douglas firs (or Evergreen trees) are unbelievably gorgeous! Once you see them out in their habitat, you instantly feel Christmas-y and want to do a full-on Griswold move and watch it explode in your living room with its huge limbs. Oddily enough, newborn babies can have a similar effect, but maybe not break any windows with their incredible wails though, but who knows, maybe they can…

Fairbanks Roland

Back in January, I actually began to collect names that were out of the Scandinavian range as that was one country, I talked about in the previous Christmas name posts on my Instagram. I also adore the Frozen franchise, so it wasn’t really a surprise when I just unleashed every week of different ones. However, I decided to change it up a bit and started searching for interesting names based around Alaska, which is how I found Fairbanks.

Why I thought Fairbanks could be a hit is because of two reasons: 1) it is both a city and word name, and these are really in nowadays! So, if you are tired of hearing about Aspen, Boston, and Denver, this could be your ticket! 2) as far as I can tell, Fairbanks is fairly low on the popularity charts. Technically, this combination is pretty low on their significant lists so you could be safe to having you child use an unique type of name that could rise later on.

Lysander Matthew

Personally, I have always had an uneasy relationship with Lysander. I like it, I think it’s interesting and could work around Halloween and winter, so in a way it’s like Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, where it works around both of their celebrations.

I am very impressed with the amount of regal looking the boy names are in the banner. I tend to enjoy hearing bold and masculine names around this time anyways. As I said about “Ambrose” there is something about these classic names that seem to radiant a sense of warmth and wholesome in the next few months. This being said though, I tend to go on a different route with the girls. I like shorter but Christmas like type of styles, thus the many vibes of the festive season.

I paired it with a very beloved name of mine and that’s “Matthew” as I feel like it adds a subtle sweet flair to how sharp Lysander looks and sounds. I don’t usually add other names that could work as possibly sibling sets in these types of posts, but I think Leander and Lior would be cool as they each have a mysterious and regal appeal to them.

Faith Sydney

As with Lysander above, Faith is another one that hasn’t had an easy time with me. I normally to go back and forth with it, but since so many faiths are celebrated during this month, I thought it could stand to make a comeback amongst the charts again. There is another reason to list it here is because Faith is one syllable. People are really enjoying naming their children with one to three syllables and this was the reason why I included Sydney as the middle as it is kind of easygoing and plays well overall.

Honor Madeleine

Since 2008, I have been a huge fan of Honor, thanks in part to actress Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren’s first daughter being named Honor Marie. It was during that year that my actual love of collecting names officially started; I’d been storing a lot of them throughout my life, but this was the first time where I saw so many good names at once and my mom and I were just having a field day of sharing our thoughts on each one that was announced. This was the same year that Nicole Ritchie and her husband Joel Madden had their daughter Harlow Winter Kate, which is another beloved favorite of mine too! Honor and Harlow could be a great set as well!

Josepha Claire

This one is for those who would like to get out of using Josephine, now there’s nothing wrong with that variation, I’m actually a really big fan of that style, but I thought Josepha or maybe Josephe could be an interesting royal switch up.

Lately I’ve been doing royal family trees in my spear time, and I just finished doing Marie Antoinette’s maternal family line and Josepha is a HUGE name among her family. The majority of her mother, aunts, sisters, and nieces had it in their fairly large names, so if you are a fan of Marie Antoinette in any way, you could use Josepha as a nice way to represent her or the old Asturian-Hungarian royal family.

Neve Alexandra

One name that I just enjoyed last winter was Neve. I had heard about it prior to using it in my theme, but I never knew it meant “snow” in Italian. As much as I like the word “snow” having it as a name for a human, always makes me cringe a little, so whenever I can find names that mean it, I will definitely go with the alternative immediately. I also really enjoyed putting Alexandra with it as the middle since that’s another way I enjoy creating combinations too, starting small and continue with a longer and strong type of name can make it look almost regal.

Okay, well, that is it for this post. I really hope you enjoyed my selection of names, and the few I gave you with some ideas for middle candidates too. Now I would really like for you to comment below with your favorites from the banner or what you like to see throughout the season.

Top 5 Favorite “Into The Unknown” Covers!



I love Frozen! I only decided to watch it after seeing the SacconeJolys on YouTube. The elder children: Emilia and Eduardo were first obsessed with it and something about them dressing up as Elsa and Anna, just reminded me of my own childhood and how much I still love Disney Princess movies. Afterwards, I had so much joy inside of me and now I am as obsessed as they were, and love knowing they have influenced their younger siblings Alessia and Andrea.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the second film and I’ve been really jealous of every and anybody that have seen it. I’ve done the same things I did before watching the first film, which is only knowing about a couple of the characters’ backgrounds and learning one song from the soundtrack! The main theme: “Into The Unknown” sung by the beautiful Idina Menzel, who plays Queen Elsa and Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA.

I have been thinking about doing this post since the end of January, which is significant because at that time I had found my third favorite cover of the song! In all, I have picked out a good mixture and wanted to share them with you. However, I do not include the band, Panic! At The Disco’s cover because it is on the soundtrack.

1.) Claire Crosby

So, this was the first I found and it started on this mini adventure! Little Claire is seven years old, and at this age she loves everything, especially Disney films! She and the rest of her musical family created a version of their own and I was stunned on how fast they were able to get things together to create this amazing footage!

The video is absolutely adorable as you have Miss Claire walking around this beautiful landscape of broken trees and this eerie lake that definitely gives you those Frozen vibes! She is dressed as both Princess Anna and Queen Elsa throughout the video.

Since this was my first time ever hearing Claire sing before, I was in shock on how much control she has in her voice at such a young age! Of course, she has the help of her parents to keep her voice in a way that will hopefully help ease and make her vocal chords stronger as she continues in age.

2.) Malinda Kat

So, when I found this next video, I actually wasn’t looking, I just stumbled upon it when I was in the mood for choir music inside abandoned churches or Cathedrals because sometimes I enjoy listening to them while I read, and I did find an artist who has two different videos and her name is Malinda. I just fell in love with her voice.  I’d say she has definitely had singing lessons in the past. I found out she had recorded an acoustic version of the Frozen track with some friends Hannah and Tobias and I was just like, “okay, let’s check this one out too!”

This video feels more casual, almost coffee house inspired. Sometimes I like acoustic music, but when it is mixed with a song that is supposed to sound so powerful with Idina’s voice and the orchestra in the background, to see it basically strip down to only an acoustic guitar and what looks to be like a speaker that Hannah is tapping on to sound like drums was really interesting! Another part that I enjoyed was that even though it was so chilled, they kept on belting out the high notes throughout the song and I was surprised on how much it worked together, because I didn’t think it would sound that great keeping that in with this new tone, but like with most things, I was wrong!

3.) Connor Engstorm

This one pulled me as I was busy listening to Malinda’s reindintion, but I think the main reason why I wanted to listen to it is because the title of it said “symphonic metal” and I thought to myself, “this is going to be awesome” and after my first video was over, I switched it to this one.

This video is cute, it really is. It takes place at Grant Central Station in New York City at the beginning of December so there are Christmas lights up all around and everyone is bundled up in heavy jackets and have mittens over their hands and you hear a little bit of heavy metal blaring through your speakers as these two characters are playing cat and mouse on screen! The vocals featured on the song are Anthony Niccolo and his wife Val while Connor is in charge of everything else.

As someone who absolutely loves symphonic metal, I felt as both a critic and lover of this cover. I didn’t know how it was going to sound like at first and I will say, I did not love it right away. This didn’t happen until I actually finished. Anthony and Val have two different styles in their voice. Anthony definitely has that almost glam rock tone about him but Val is more demure to him but not where they are belting out those high notes, that’s when she really shines! I was a bit wary of this transition but ultimately I ended up really enjoying it!

4.) Acapop! KIDS

For this video, you have a fairly large of kids that are singing in acapella, which means there really is no music in the background, but for this performance the kids are creating the beat along with singing; they take turns in the role of singing and becoming the various  instruments. I thought it was very cool to go in this direction, because they made it into a very clear pop song and I think that was the main reason why I liked it so much because they managed to completely change the genre of the song!

5.) Musicality

This cover is the newest to be released to the world, and it resembles the previous video because of the amount of people involved in the project. Here you have teenagers instead of children, so they’ve probably already went through their puberties and their voices have changed and sound older.

One thing that I liked about the video is the look of the space they’re in, it looks as though they are in a newly painted warehouse in all white and they are dressed in winter colors of white, grays, and baby blues. It looks so dreamy and lovely! I think fashion helps bring out the mood of the song especially in the way of the previous group, where they are singing in acapella. The phrase of “less is more” really shines here!

So, I think that is it! If I find any more or you have a cover or video that is not featured above, please send me the link to check it out! Most importantly, you should definitely check out the other videos that everyone I have featured in this post too. Before I go, I’d also like to know your overall thoughts of the new Frozen movie too, just don’t spoil everything for me, okay?


Life Lately | Three!



Happy Father’s Day! This past week hasn’t brought anything new and so this post will probably be short too. When I schedule posts, I try to separate them out so I can have room for ones such as these, OOTD, and flash fiction posts! Whenever I do this, you usually get four posts in a week. I just checked and if I don’t decide to switch anything out, there will be five posts going out this week. This one being your starter! I haven’t had a WHOLE week of posts in months and I actually love only having three go out because it gives me a chance to have a break and I’ve been seriously addicted to scheduling posts ahead too. I just hope I don’t annoy the living crap out of you guys!

This past week, we’ve been dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Bill I guess, I kept hearing the name “Bill” everytime I was on the local stations whenever they were discussing the weather. We’ve had nothing but rain and storms. I do have to say, I’m happy we don’t live around the ocean because you know they got a little more than just tiny thunderstorms, they got the hurricane itself! No tornadoes or power outages either! Since it’s done nothing but rain, I’ve been really stuck indoors, I haven’t gotten to see the babies much. I got my hair washed last Sunday and my mom puts me in the push wheelchair so I have somewhere to go after she’s finished. Even before she got started, I spent a few seconds trying to relax and not freak out about going on the kitchen counter and being at the edge of it. I’m deathly afraid of heights and this always freaks me out! Sometimes I do better than others, but anyways the cats were at our back door and the babies are still nursing off of Bootsie, Midget, and Wren. Ozzy (who is our gray/white kitty!) was nursing off of Midget and she decided he was dirty, so she began licking his neck and top of his head. Well, he was returning the favor a bit and was cleaning her too. It was so cute! And then I guess it felt pretty good that Ozzy put back his head and completely fell over backwards. My mom and I just burst out laughing! He seemed pretty unphased by it afterwards.

Our first baby, Tubby has been coming back around the house lately. For the whole winter we thought somebody had him inside because he was bulky and really nervous being around us, which made us really sad! He’s our lovable kitty, he’s the one who use to give Blondie hugs! He’s like a dog I swear! Well, since he’s been spending majority of his time around our front porch because everybody else is in the back. Yesterday I went over to my nana’s and when we came back to the house my mom put me on the porch and I spent a few minutes petting Mr. Tubster. He’s so sweet still and loves rubbing up against my feet! Late that night, I was about to head to bed and I guess my mom went into the kitchen to check on the babies one last time and found Felix (who is apparently a girl!) and Otis cuddling each other on the porch and my mom just scooped them up and brought them into my room for a bit. Felix is from Wren’s litter and she’s a little bit afraid of humans still, but she was really calm this time around. She’s definitely a lot bigger than Otis and I love her big eyes! Otis was getting his mommy lovings! My mom just loves him so much, but he’s been getting more curious of his surroundings and everytime we let him down on my floor or bed, he wants to roam! And he is a fast cat I will say that!

Late last week, it was Miss Chevy’s birthday. She turned three and it makes me feel so old! She’s still this itty bitty little baby in my head. She got a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party! My mom and dad went out to Wal-Mart and got her a few outfits and tutus. Apparently the tutus were my dad’s idea! The other day she came over and she wore this bright green tutu and she looked so cute in it! So now she’s got more! Now I’ll be honest, I love Frozen and my mom knows it but she keeps forgets which character I like the most, which is Olaf! She came home from shopping with two new pairs of shorts for me and she also got me an Elsa shirt. So now Chevy and I both have Frozen shirts. I’m twinning with a 3 year old, how sad am I? Teresa made her cake for her. It was REALLY adorable! While we sat outside, the sun decided to make its first appearance in a while and the clouds faded. The temperature was hot/humid but it wasn’t as bad! The bugs weren’t even that bad either. However, there was mud everywhere and a normal person would want to go through it as hard as they can, but Chevy and I weren’t in the mood! She got a new pair of shoes and she didn’t want them to get dirty and took them off after five seconds of putting them on!

The kittens pictures below are of Penelope aka “Nelly,” Felix, Oscar, and Ozzy! All three are of Wren’s babies and figured out all of them are girls! We’re trying to switch Oscar’s name, but we liked “Felix” so much that we’re keeping it. Poor things! Well I hope everybody enjoys their week! ♥

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Top 3: On My DVR

UntitledI am so sorry about last week! I didn’t realize that I had even forgotten about it until Friday afternoon. What really got me was the fact that ALL day Thursday I kept thinking to myself, I’m supposed to be doing something right now, what is it? I had looked that morning to see what the word prompt was for Five Sentence Fiction, but I didn’t have any ideas or inspiration for it so I knew that wasn’t it. This week, I thought since I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately. My poor DVR just adds more and more everytime I go looking for something to watch throughout the day. If I find something that is rarely played on the movie channels I don’t watch it at that point of time, I record it instead so I can just skip parts or commercials. I’m actually going to be talking about TV shows, but I will say that I recorded From Justin To Kelly over the weekend. I don’t care what anybody says, I loved that movie! I wanted all of Alexa’s bikinis and wanted to slap Brandon’s face without whipped cream instead of Justin’s cute face! I’ve also been getting interested in Machine Gun Kelly and been watching the hell out of those Kellyvision episodes on YouTube at night. Now I’m either going to embarrass myself even more or I’m going to make a few friends out of this next part. Who knows!

  1. With Great Power The Stan Lee Story: Yup, I found this Sunday night, as it was a late night for me. I went looking for something to watch/record for tomorrow. As I was going up and down the movie channels, I found this very sneaky title and I was having some trouble reading the lettering because my eyes were getting tired. All I saw was Stan Lee but I also thought to myself that I could’ve been seeing “Spike Lee” instead. I thought, well I’ll just tape it and see which it really is when I get up. I somehow went to sleep and when my mom took me to the bathroom before she went to work, my DVR had its little red dot on, meaning it was recording something. I literally had to think about it and even told my mom, I don’t even know what I’m recording! Well, I watched Monday afternoon and I really enjoyed of hearing the life of Stan Lee and about how Marvel comics got started, heard a little bit about Jack Kirby and I must be learning as everytime I hear his name I think of Thor. I can’t imagine a guy at his age doing all these things STILL! I mean, he just doesn’t stop and I absolutely love the man! I love finding him the films, he’s like Waldo, but without the red and white hat. He’s got the glasses though! I throughly enjoyed it and I had to tell my dad off as he called him Spike Lee and he made DC comics. You can tell he never read a comics in his lifetime. I haven’t either but I still know the difference and I am totally Team Marvel!
  2. Houdini – I had only seen the previews a few times. A lot less than when History channel premiered Bonnie & Clyde. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it too! They premiered the first part of Monday night and the second on Tuesday. They’re fairly long, I’d like close to two or three hours long. Like, any person in the world I’ve heard the stories of the Great Houdini, but I’ve never been too sure about the whole magic acts. Don’t get me wrong, some acts are pretty cool! What Houdini has done, just kind of blows my mind a little! In the movie, especially the first part the underwater scene were he goes head first into the Chinese torture tank full of chains and locks on his wrists and then the locks on his legs above him keeping him inside the actual tank. Out of all of the things that they’ve been showing the viewers, the tricks themselves and how they really did it all. The elephant act is the one they never really revealed and it sucked, because I was literally trying to figure it out! Adrien Brody is doing a wonderful job of making this legendary magician come alive once again.
  3. The Making of “Frozen”: Yup, I watched AND recorded it. One of the things that I tried to do was denied that Disney was done with making likeable Disney princess. When I first the previews of both Tangled and The Princess and the Frog I didn’t want to watch them because of this reason, well everything changed when I saw the previews for Brave and when I watched the movie, I liked the differences of these Disney Princesses. They didn’t seem too perfect and too fairytale like. When I finally watched Frozen I was basically in big trouble. You know when my sister is addicted to it, you’re very close behind. I LOVED IT! Olaf is my favorite character! I mean, who doesn’t love warm hugs?! I get WAY too excited when I hear the songs, “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and “Let It Go.” Now that I’ve gotten to see how everything was made and hear the animators, actors, and directors expressions over the movie and everything going into it! The fact that my favorite song wasn’t supposed to be in the final cut and somebody finally said “put it in” just made me feel really weird and really glad at the same time! Seeing the actual sketches of how Elsa was supposed to look like before they changed her. Plus, seeing the animators act out different poses was pretty hilarious! When they announced that there will be a short of Frozen made a little more happy than I ever planned on being!

Gingerbeard Men.

It’s been a few weeks or maybe a month since I’ve had one of these babies. My grandparents get frozen meals, from meals on wheels. They come with beard and those little butter thingy’s. I don’t know what you call them, but they’re adorable! They also come with milk/juice and little cookie bags. Papaw usually eats the ones in the actual bags. However nana leaves me with the Gingerbeard Men cookies.

My nana told me this year for Christmas we were going to adempt to bake these. I was actually suppose to find a rescipe for them too, I forgot. Last year we decorated cookies, that was fun but yet interesting too. Ever see a nineteen year old who does things with her feet dunk cookies in a bowl and 73 year old grandmother try not to throw them down on the floor. Picture two fold up chairs together, two prachment paper sheets on each chair, one pan, two bowls of different colors, and a bunch of cookies.

It was quite a workout for both myself and my nana. However it was also fun too! Trying to figure out how to get them covered without them falling on the floor was interesting. We tried to keep Casey (my grandparent’s dog) as far as we could from the kitchen. Oh, we also had sprinkles too! That wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be since the bottle didn’t want to fit into my foot so about half would go on the floor. You could see little sparkly dots on the blue carpet. Of course, they couldn’t match the carpet.