Why We Need A Vegan On TV!


This is going to be a little different then what you’re used to seeing me talk about on here.

I will admit that I am fascinated about a lot of things, whether it’s the moon, babies or cats, I am pretty much into learning about almost everything! However, there are two things that I’ve somewhat driven myself berserk as far as educating myself on. I am obsessed with history, we all know that. If there is an European History category on Jeopardy there’s a 50/50 chance I’m either going to do a decent job or bomb it. The second one is that I am really into food. In 2014, I discovered the Cooking Network channel on accident while hiding in my parent’s room because there was either a cricket/mouse in there! Don’t ask, you don’t want to know trust me!

One thing that I has been growing within me is my knowledge about the vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free worlds. I’ve been very proud of myself on how much I know on all three types. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms: vegan is a person who chooses to eat things without dairy, whereas vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. Of course, there are similar terms that sometimes go along with these two like paleo which is considered like “caveman” lifestyle, there’s no sugar, wheat, or dairy and there’s also pescetarian and this is someone who only eats fish. And of course, the last one is gluten-free and this is for a person who cannot have any sort of grains. I hope I haven’t confused you! For a while, my mom and I had arguments that vegan and vegetarian meant the same thing!

You’re going to think this is probably hypocritical of me, but unfortunately I am not a vegan, vegetarian, etc! As much as I support the people who do live that lifestyle, I doubt that I’ll ever be able to switch over. Why? I have a father who believes you should have some kind of meat in all of your meals, mostly because this was how he was raised. I do have to say though, I am very slowly cutting out sausage, pork (it’s his favorite), and steak. Sausage is just obvious, I now know what they put in there, but pork and steak though funnily enough get caught in parts of my teeth and I have a rough time chewing!

I have tried gluten-free products before! My Aunt Linda is allergic to gluten and cannot have a lot of breads, which I found out later on that it’s actually caused by heat. The more you work with dough and the more heat draws into it and activities in a way, sort of like yeast! There was one family gathering a few years ago, where she brought down a couple of dishes, (some she had made herself and others that were mircowavable) and there was a “mac” and cheese dish that made out of rice! I was fairly intrigued with the whole thing and I think this is what started me on the path to find out more about all of it!

However, most of the information I’ve been able to figure out has only came from two separate places: internet (mostly blogs and YouTube videos) but one television show! One! Food Network has all of these competition shows and yet, I haven’t seen a vegan or gluten-free cook have their own show! As far as I know Mario Batali is vegetarian and he still cooks with meat, but still there has not been one person who is vegan or gluten-free and has a show based off of that kind of lifestyle yet.

A lot of people are uneducated about the plant-based diets we now have popping up all over the place! So I thought to myself, why don’t I go on a hunt to find some worthy bloggers or YouTube personalities that would be great for TV and who create some amazing dishes for people who want something different in their bodies!


Kalel was basically the first person I really saw as a “true” vegan/vegeterian. Her personality is considered very Californian, plus she is a bit of a potty mouth, but that being said I think if she was able to she would be great as a chef on TV! I found her vegan taste tests as both entertaining and interesting as I’ve only known the alternatives for cheese. I like knowing the varies kinds of “milks” that can be used to create these vegan cheeses such as cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts! I managed to blow my Uncle Rick’s mind when I told him about it, but I think I’m actually going to need to give him a bite of it so I can say “see! I wasn’t lying!”

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The Little Blog Of Vegan

Holly Jade is one of the “newest” vegans I’ve been following on the blogosphere! She’s the only one of this list who just has a blog as her sharing platform plus a number of different publications on websites and magazines. I’ve been enjoying her posts lately. One of my guilty pleasures is going on the desserts section! She’s one of those people who had to change what she ate over health concerns! She’s also not just a vegan, she also supports cruelty free products too!

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Niomi Smart

Niomi was technically the third vegan/vegetarian that I got into, but I don’t watch a lot of her videos, however she’s the only one on this list who has released her first cookbook! I don’t want to she’s the best bet to get a food show because I think there are others who deserve a shot at it too! Niomi is a very respected vegan in her own right and has some very interesting recipes!

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The V Nice Life 

Sarah is another “new” one to me. Since I’d rather watch these “What I Ate Wednesday” or “What I Eat In A Day” videos on YouTube, finding actual bloggers that take great pictures and have appealing recipes is somewhat harder for me to do. I am more about visual, which is the reason why I record about 4 different food shows during the week, but Sarah is both a blogger and YouTuber like Niomi. So I think she would be a neat chef or baker for a cooking show too! She has a more subtle voice so she’s not obnoxious which is great for not only me, but maybe everyone else too!

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One of the main reasons why I wanted to write this post is that I tend to bottle things up inside and in my household, I’m not able to create any of my own meals. It’s definitely something that I would like to do one day, but would I ever consider going vegan someday? This is a very interesting proposition because I think I would like to try pescetarian first mostly because I’m already losing my love of meat in general. I think gradually I would try to eliminate my dairy intake but right now it doesn’t seem like a possibility but I often wonder if any vegans out there ever thought they wouldn’t be able to live without certain foods too. I’m pretty sure they have had those thoughts in the beginning of the transiting phase!

What do you think about veganism? Don’t be mean to others or my choices above, but I would like to hear your opinions!


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The Christmas Cookie Monster Is Back!


On Tuesday, my nana and I tried to get two of our traditions off the ground.

I explained that my nana and I have been figuring out what we should do about our cookies. So I guess she couldn’t wait any longer, she messaged me on Twitter that morning and said she had fixed up one batch and we’d do the rest later. My parents had to go to Evansville, for some more Christmas shopping. When they got back my mom took me over and I stayed there for five hours. We didn’t exactly go right into fixing the rest of the cookies. I had to see her new laptop, figure out how to fix her phone but that never got fixed because even I don’t know how to do that and I did it a few months ago for mine. Anyways, after that I let her smell my candles I got over the weekend, and I “tried” to explain my thinking of how to do our gift bags for this year’s Christmas. I made out a list of couples and singles on paper to see who would get what. Surprisingly, everything that was crowding up my brain was unfolding and making me feel all better because I was getting it all on paper and explaining what we should do.

I’ll explain that a little bit later in the week. Complete with detailed instructions I promise. By the time I had finished with that stuff, my mom and sister were coming over to wrap presents. They know some of the details of the goodie bags, not much because I’d still like it to be a surprise to them. In the mist of figuring all this out though, my nana and I worked on probably six batches of cookies, I got to somewhat bake today. I got to arrange the cookies in the way that worked for her, don’t worry she washed my toes! After that, I admired them from a safe distance and watched them bake in the oven. My grandparents are so lucky to have that little window and light to see through and watch anything rise up as it cooks/bakes. I felt like a damn kid the whole day! Everytime the buzzer would go off, we’d switch baking sheets and put the new batch of freshly baked cookies into another pan to store for a bit so they could rest. We both realized today that I watch too many Food Network shows.

 My mom thought that since it had rained the night before and throughout the time they were gone, that we should take the push wheelchair along instead, so I don’t track mud through the house. I understand the point of that, but considering how I’ve been able to move around without sliding out of the seat and being in the way of my papaw while he’s in his chair, plus the fact I could’ve actually used an actual table than a chair as my work station. I thought it was a bit stupid. I ended up getting through about it and with less pain than I thought I would come home with, so that’s okay. Everything seemed to want to work with me and thankfully my patience was intact. I think I have finally figured out how to do frosting on cookies. I’ve always had a hard time getting the frosting from tub to cookie. I asked my nana if I could have another spoon, I wanted to try another trick I learned from Giada, Ina, and Ree. She found an offset spatula, it was a small one too. So I used my right foot to take the excess off the spoon. I wish we had gotten a picture of it while my mom and sister were there. They saw me do it, so that’s good enough for me.

When we got home. The first thing my dad asked was where were the cookies. I think we made the mistake of making the cookies so early in the week before as now I’m worried that since they’ll be part of the bags that they’ll be stale. My nana mentioned she was making the last batch the day after, which I was hoping she’d wait until early this week in case those batches did taste a bit stale. Oh, and I changed my username on my Twitter for the holidays. Majority of my Twitter/blogger followers have added a Christmas theme to their names. Some have actually worked well for their names, but I knew nothing would work with my name. Until one suggested “Sugarplum.” So you can all call me “Meghan Sugarplum” for the time being. Okay, time for the pictures of the cookies! This is the part you all came for I’m sure!

This was something that took us three tries to get. At the last minute I had my nana take it for me because I was to far away to get a good picture of the cookies inside.
This was something that took us three tries to get. At the last minute I had my nana take it for me because I was to far away to get a good picture of the cookies inside.
The cookies just coming out of the oven.
The cookies just coming out of the oven.
This was taken just because the last batch of cookies we made.
This was taken just because the last batch of cookies we made. Nana got confused on one of the packages, because my mom got her a package of chocolate chip cookies. So when my nana went to cut into the wrapping, she didn’t know what it was until the last minute. She managed to stop herself twice in the middle of this. We ended up getting two or three chocolate chip cookies. I ate one of these by the way!
We used store bought icing, it was REALLY soft. Got it all over my toes! We used food coloring to decorate the cookies. A few pastels colors, totally not Christmas-y, but it's okay! We had about seven of these small plastic bowls of different colors, we had two different shades of green. Also, a peach and brightly yellow colors too!
We used store-bought icing, it was REALLY soft. Got it all over my toes! We used food coloring to decorate the cookies. A few pastels colors, totally not Christmas-y, but it’s okay! We had about seven of these small plastic bowls of different colors, we had two different shades of green. Also, a peach and brightly yellow colors too!

If Only I Could Cook…

Giada De Laurentiis is one of my favorite chefs. I watch the Food and Cooking Networks all the time. I know what time everything comes on. Especially Everyday Italian and Giada At Home. I love watching Everyday Italian. I think I’ve learned alot even though I’m just watching. Since I watch both networks, I’d love to cook. I can’t cook since I can’t reach the counter and I don’t think my dad would allow me to help or cook something. Would you really allow me around knifes?

Giada loves Oranges, Lemons, Rosemary, Lavender, and Chocolate. There are a lot of things like Lentials and another gain that I can’t think of she uses that I have never head of before until I watched her use it on Everday Italian. If I was ever to cook I’d take everything I’ve learned from Giada and hopefully get the rescipe right. I think my first dish I’d try would be a simple, easy dish. Maybe like Fried Ravioli with Maranria sauce. I think that would be a great dish to try on my own. One of these days, I’ll go for it.

Giada is my favorite chef, but she’s not my only favorite chef. I also love David Rocco, I learned the word “Antipasta” from him. The word means Appetizers. Didn’t find that out until two months ago. I like Bobby Flay and Michael Symon. They’re like the two cute chefs on Iron Chef America. I’m addicted to that show as well. I love watching Paula Deen with her sons Bobby and Jamie. She’s like watching my nana cook just on TV. My nana also doesn’t cook that very often anymore either. One of my newer favorite shows on the Cooking Network is Spice Goddess. I love different cultures anyways, so seeing how Indian food being made makes me want to go to a Indian resturant. I also want to go to an Italian resturant. I have never been to either resturant. I’d like to expand my taste buds further. I watch Cooking and Food Networks whenever I ate too. I’m weird like that.