Nolan’s 1st Party!


Last weekend we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday with a big party! It’s been a long time since I have been at his house. I told my mom that he had to been around three months at the time, because Brandon and I were watching Black Panther after it just came out on DVD. It was very difficult to keep my eyes on the screen and not on a certain little baby in the pack-n-play! He was surprisingly very good for us, until towards the ending where he wanted to be fed quickly and he wasn’t – he wasn’t very happy! He has yet to grow out of that by the way!

The theme of the party had changed a few times over the coming months, but ultimately they decided on one thing: Llamas! So, in March, my sister found him this cute little llama stuffed toy at the store for Easter and he apparently liked it so much that she set out to find other items to fit in that theme, thus making the entire party about llamas. The only thing that wasn’t in a llama shape was the cake, although she did try to find someone to make one for her back in May!

One of my favorite things that had llamas on it, were our shirts that Blondie found for us. Both sides of the family were given customize T-Shirts of a black silhouette of a llama with whatever we are to Nolan. For example, I am his “auntie” so that’s what I got on mine, but both of his grandmothers have different names. My mom is “Mimi” while Brandon’s mom is “Grammie” to him. I have always had a small stack of tops that fit perfectly on my shoulders and if there was a special design on the front, it isn’t blocked by my hands the whole time the stack was even smaller! I’m very glad to tell you that I can add this to the pack! You can see everything, I love it so much!

My mom and I were the first ones to get there. I was greeted by Chipper and the cats. Chipper was SO excited to see us, but the look on Nolan’s face when he realized that Mimi was the one waking him up from a nap in his crib, was so cute! He was so surprised! He looked stunned when he found out I was there too! We were there about 10 minutes before my dad and our “uncle” Russell came over. Nolan was very happy to see his papaw! He just wrapped his small arms around his neck (and beard) and my dad was all too happy to deny him. Nolan was a little unsure about Russell at first but after a couple of minutes, he actually asked to be held by him and it was so adorable.

They were originally supposed to have 30+ people coming to the party, but since we were under a Tornado warning all afternoon, we were happy with the small get together instead. It was an interesting mix of people though, the best thing was everybody got along perfectly! We ate food, chit-chat with one another, played with Nolan. Our friend Jayde, who is expecting her first baby boy later this year, ate around three cupcakes. She and I made a deal that she could have the cupcakes and I can have the broccoli. I love broccoli! She fully agreed to that! I’m actually shocked on how little I snacked though, because I’m known to eat quite a bit at parties but there wasn’t a lot of room for me to eat by myself or have my mom feed me easily without being in the way of little guy eating his strawberries in his high chair! Honestly, I made myself a deal at the end of the party, I was going to have one vanilla cupcake. I did get my cupcake, but I almost regretted it on the way home…

After everybody grabbed a seat, we decided it was time to open some presents. He got a LOT of interesting toys for his birthday! The first one that “he” opened was from his Grammie and his aunties too. Blondie opened the cards first, which is always a nice gesture even though they are usually the last present anybody ever wants to open, because they usually have a message inside that could make you cry in front of your guests. Nolan was another story entirely, he loved his cards! The one that his Grammie got him had shiny glitter inside the number one symbol on the front, so you could essentially shake it like a snow globe and everything will move around. He literally did not want to put it down! It was in his right hand during the rest of the unwrapping.

These are some of the gifts that I could remember of the party.

  • A small red and blue slide (that was wrapped in Batman paper! I loved it, and I’m not a big fan of him either!)
  • A large stack of different summery clothes.
  • Bubble making lawn mower
  • Tool bench and belt full of tools he’ll need to fix my ‘broken’ wheelchairs
  • A standing drum set
  • A big yellow truck to put all of his toys
  • Paw Patrol trucks with characters of the show
  • A book for bedtime made specifically for him as it has a blond baby named Nolan.

There were a lot more that you will see at in the gallery below. He will certainly be really busy making lots of noises in the next few months! My sister actually sent mom a picture of him standing at the drum kit in the middle of the pack-n-play without any help of the walls after the party was over! We’re getting closer to seeing cutie pie walking around on his own.

Once we were finished with the presents, we moved on watching him eat his smash cake. For this, he had to become semi-naked and as much as he loves being like this, he absolutely hates taking off his clothes! After everything was off, he was placed in his high chair again. I will be inserting the before and after pictures of the cake itself in a minute, but Nolan isn’t necessarily a messy eater, he likes to inspect things so he was really puzzled by this cake at first. He literally only would stick one finger into it at a time. Brandon quickly realized that we’d be here forever if he continues doing this, so to make things go faster, he literally grabbed Nolan’s hands and planted them right into the cake! Nolan was not sure what to do with all of the icing on his hands so he was literally shaking his arms but he actually accepted the fact that it did taste pretty good!

The part that made me remember that I am still teaching him things without even realizing it, was when he started leaning his mouth into the cake. As everybody was laughing and taking pictures at this, I was like “oh, crap!” Whenever I eat in the kitchen, he is at the same level as me, so he can watch me like a hawk, because I do lean into my plate so my tongue can reach everything. So seeing the now one year old mimicking what I do for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, was pretty cute! He was trying his best to get into it, to the point that my sister actually had to hold the cake up in front of him to reach with his mouth! He’s such a smart cookie!

Once he was done eating the cake–well, actually his mommy had to take it away from him! He wasn’t very happy about that, but after he was basically washed down with many, many wipes, he was rewarded with his new toys! He quickly went back to his tool belt and started waving it around in the air. This was also the time where half of the guests were leaving to go home. Russell and dad were one of the firsts to leave because we needed them to be ready to get back into the house, which was a fun mini adventure on its own!

My mom and I left about 10 minutes later, but we were going to get food from Applebee’s and it was roughly a 20-25 minute wait to pick everything up, we decided to go look at the expensive houses in town. I’ve been watching Property Brothers like crazy lately so this was my jam! However between the two of us, we realized how different our tastes in houses were as far as exterior design goes! I still love my ranch-style houses, but even I started finding some of these larger houses to be very beautiful, especially that Tudor house! Once our 20 minutes were up, we went to pick up our food and eventually made our way home!

I had an awesome time spending the day with a great bunch of people, and what I think really made it better was the fact that after the small storm we had, the sky actually perked up. It was sunny again, which was really nice considering how much rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks or so! I also had lots of fan watching my little nephew enjoy time with each family and friends as well!

What do you think is the most weirdest theme for a birthday? What did you think of my day too?

Favorite Scents



So I wanted to talk about my favorite scents today. I literally feel at times like a damn bloodhound because I smell so many things! I can literally get up in the middle of the night and smell something my dad is cooking from the kitchen through the vent. Sometimes I can come out of deep sleep because I can smell something so heavenly!

We’re not going to talk about food scents necessarily in this post, however as you will notice quickly, I have nothing against them! I do love the smell of pumpkin, apple and cinnamon in the fall! Even though I’m not into the whole pumpkin spice lattes or apple pies at Thanksgiving! The only reason why I’m perfectly fine with cinnamon in general is that it makes me think of cinnamon rolls and that’s my #1 favorite breakfast item.

My mom and sister do have their favorite baking scents though. My sister got mom into this Wild Berry Cheesecake and the first time Blondie had it going around in the apartment it wasn’t so bad because she has a big living room so it has room to breathe really, but at our house it only has the living room and kitchen, it can get very overwhelming at times! My dad can’t handle very many sweet smells so this doesn’t mix well with him and it doesn’t make me feel good either when she’s put a whole cube inside the burner. The other one that Blondie likes to use is this Brownie Pecan and it actually really good, but mom and dad absolutely hate it!

My mom had a Scentsy burner that she didn’t really use and we have one in living room, plus a couple of smelly candles – those are mostly used in case of emergencies though! This other burner is now by my window. I don’t use it a lot, but every once in a while I like to put it on and it kind of soothes me throughout the day. I actually like the fruit scents. I don’t know why I gravitate towards them so much but they’re those kind of scents that help generate cravings. I have enough cravings as it is, so different fruits are good to keep me and my stomach neutralize, plus it helps my dad as well!

One day my mom was washing my hair and she used this mango shampoo and it smelled divine! Ahh, I was seriously addicted to it. I could have done without the champagne layer it had but you could mostly smell the mangoes. And I’m not really into mangoes, I’ve only just tried them a few months ago! They’re not bad! So when I found out my parents were going to the store one afternoon I had them try and find me a mango scent to put into my burner and they find this Peach and Mango Citrus blend.  My dad was the one who found it as my mom couldn’t find anything that was just mango. Luckily, I do love peaches so it works too!

One of the most used is the Sangria scent. I really like this one! It’s not a strong scent but I don’t try to use a whole cube because I like to close my door throughout the day and since it’ll only get colder I tend to keep my window locked as well, so mom only puts a small chunk of it and it usually lasts about a week before I need to add more in the little bowl. I know it has berries in it, because a regular sangria does have berries, but it’s not over-ly berry, it’s actually kind of musky too. It’s very subtle but I don’t know if it’s just because I don’t use a lot of it at one time or if it’s just a mild scent in general.

On the day I decided to work on this post, I put up a status on my Facebook asking one of the questions I have below and I got a lot of interesting answers. I knew about the good things about lavender but I had a few people say both coconuts and peppermint. I thought that was pretty interesting too!

What are your favorite scents? Do you change with the seasons? Is there a smell that you think companies should create?


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Happy Easter

I had fun yesterday spending time with family and friends for an early Easter celebration, I’ve turned into the quiet and supervisor of all activities like my Papaw, I’ve noticed this about three or four times. I look like I’m bored but I’m not I have a tendency of spacing out easily and I don’t usually get into things. I was basically around little Chevy and her Aunt Chey all evening. When I first got there, I had been thinking about corn on the comb for three days. Literally dreaming about it! I let dad put mom’s alcoholic slushie drink in her cup and then my mom went up and got the both of us one. I’m not that big of a corn lover, but when I get a craving for something it needs to be met and I devoured it too! I didn’t have any butter in it because mom didn’t think we needed it. We didn’t but mine needed something on it, but it didn’t stop me from eating every part of it. It was so good!

After that mom fed me mashed potatoes and then when that was in my belly I had some pineapple upside down cake. I’ve never had that before but I have baked it with my sister and my nana once. I’m pretty sure Theresa converted me to it. I had it twice last night and I have no regrets. Plus two little Krabby Patty’s gummies. One was in an egg and the other was in the Pinata. I didn’t do the egg hunt but I watched Chey and Chevy try to look for all 42 eggs. Once Chevy got the hang of carrying the box (and I say “box” because they didn’t have a basket for them, so they used the next best thing–a beer box) it was a redneck Easter basket and it did what it was supposed to do too! I also had two little packages of M&M mini’s too! All I did there was smile, laugh and eat. One of the things that I was excited about was doing the Pinata. I have this small baseball bat I got when I was in middle school, it’s never been used before until yesterday and I’m surprised of how hard between Blondie and Sammy punched it, that didn’t break as well!

Originally, they were going to hang the Pinata in the barn but they couldn’t risk the bikers inside and so they used the back-end of an old truck and it had a little hole on the side of it, so Rex put it in there to hold it up and he and Marshall had to use their weight to level it down for Chevy, Chey-Chey, and I because we’re the shorter ones. They leveled back for Blondie and Sammy since they’re much taller. See how cute the little egg is! Chevy loved it too! She carried to “Pa” like it was her little purse, when we let her start swinging the bat Sammy tried to show her to swing with two hands but she didn’t want to go that route and everytime she went to hit the Pinata, you could hear her say in whisper “boom” she was giving herself some sound effects.


When it was my turn to try, I was bit weird because I had NEVER 1.) swung a bat before and 2.) the last time I played Pinata I was too afraid to “hurt” it so everybody else instead. So this was something different for me but I did it and had fun with it! Every time I had the bat in my toes I couldn’t get enough grip on it that after I hit it, that it would stay in between my toes. That part was difficult for me, so I switched it up and did something different. When you’re handicapped, sometimes you can’t go the traditional way, you have to do it in another way that’s good for you. My feet are pretty tough honestly and I have a bunch of bones on my left foot so I knew it would be THAT bad for it. So I gave up on the bat and I started using my left foot and it was a good stress reliever! I didn’t make a dent in it, but it do something else…

It did this… you probably can’t see it, which it wasn’t THAT bad but a little bit after, that whole area around those three bones was REALLY red but it never hurt or anything. Even last night, it wasn’t that bad either. Like I said, my foot’s pretty tough so something like this wouldn’t hurt that bad.


Blondie didn’t want to do it, but both mom and dad made her do it. She used to be in softball so we knew this would be kind of easy for her to do. However, she only went twice because after that second time the stick that was holding up the string and Pinata kind of came out of the truck and landed right on her and nobody had noticed it came out so this was probably taken afterwards because Rex is hanging onto it in this picture.


Sammy knocked ’em dead, the boys were supposed to go after her but we kind of figured they weren’t going to even go after Blondie or Sammy. I am too weak to break it open, Chey tried her hardest and Chevy tried too. When we saw the gashing big dent in the side of it, we all like “yup, it’s about to explode.” It did as soon as we noticed the dent, she only had to do one more swing before that candy inside went flying out of there! Packets of M&M’s and Krabby Patty’s everywhere on the ground. For once I actually grabbed a couple off the ground. For my first Pinata experience. I think it was a success!


I hope everybody has/had a wonderful Easter weekend! ♥

Easter Egg Hunt

lightsoutI have a lot of friends who are parents and so that last week before Easter, I’m expecting to see a bunch of pictures of them painting Easter eggs with their kids. I’ve only seen one family post pictures and it was yesterday. Last year I helped the girls in the activities department decorate  eggs with the residents. After painting that ornament for Christmas and it breaking even before we got it home, I brought it upon myself to bring an egg to the girls or residents who can hold things in their hands. Everybody including myself seemed to enjoy it because my toes have an amazing grip that I can practically hold anything but I’m not wonder woman, considering the four eggs I had accidentally dropped on the floor too! Like I thought that whole afternoon, at least I didn’t run over them with my wheelchair. That’s always a plus!

I think the last time I actually decorated an Easter egg was in 2010, because my mom was depressed that a month afterwards I would be graduating from high school and my sister was going to be starting her second year in high school, so she was feeling down about her daughters growing up and I’m pretty sure I was down to do them, Blondie wasn’t but she never is. I always had trouble with painting eggs there’s denying it here! The food coloring stained my feet in a light shade of blue, red, and green. Thank god you could never see the yellow! For us, especially after I had my surgeries we never did the actually egg hunts because I couldn’t scoot as fast as I used to. I do remember after making them we’d eat them on Easter for lunch. I was the weird one in our family, everybody could get deviled eggs but I couldn’t. You had to take the yellow stuff out for me to eat it and douse it in salt. I have never liked the insides and probably never will honestly! I do remember a few times of going over to my nana’s, making the eggs, and then doing the egg hunt over there with my cousins. That was always fun!  There was a few times where we didn’t want to do the coloring but we still wanted to do the egg hunt, so mom and/or nana got us the plastic eggs and stuck candies inside and they have a medium size backyard and they would put the eggs around there and I’m pretty sure that they hid some in the front yard for me so I didn’t have to fight for mine against my sister.

I am going to an Easter party this evening. One of my friends said that they’re doing an Easter egg hunt over there and I’m kind of excited even though I don’t think I’ll be joining in. I think I’ll be the one attempting to take pictures for tomorrow’s blog post. Like I said they have that, an adorable decorated egg Pinta, and a feast to die for! I’m actually really excited but I hope to charge my phone and wheelchair up before the party starts! I hope everybody has a good Easter in case I have too much fun tonight that I end up sleeping all day tomorrow!

The Start Of Easter Week

truth ♡

Hello, good evening!! Hope you all enjoyed your Monday and it’s Easter week! I’m going about this post a little differently. I’m going to sound very weird and a little bit of a hypocrite considering I’m using this poster included with this post, but I don’t care.

Anyways, if you were to look on my Twitter followers/following there is a diversion between UK bloggers and Irish bloggers. As much as I’d like to visit both places I am not from either one but I find it interesting how people from the opposite side of the world speaks, acts, and does things in the daily life that’s generally not as different from us. America’s are addicted to coffee like the British are hooked to their tea. Well, I’m sad to say that I hate both. I’ve never liked either one and I’ve tried different ways of drinking them but I’ve never had the stomach for them. I love the smell of strong coffee but there’s only so much I can take before my stomach starts doing cartwheels. My dad can make a mean sweet tea, but I can’t drink it. I’m the same way with hot chocolate, to me that stuff just tastes like burnt liquid chocolate and it makes me want to cry!

In about three hours it will be time for Dancing With The Stars, and it’s Disney Week! My mom’s been teasing me about it because I’m obsessed with everything Disney. Not to make my case any worse but I have 17 Disney classics in my DVR. Something that happened today was I was apart of another blog chat, this time it was with others apart of a new writing challenge I’m doing now, called “Bloggers Do It Better.” Hopefully, I’ll get that email soon and might work on it after DWTS but I have no idea yet. Tomorrow I have two more chats and then that evening is Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Originals. I’m so excited! I’m hoping my brain works better so I can come up with more posts for this week!

Enjoy the rest of your evening and your Tuesday! ♥

Ketchup With Us: That Christmas Moment Continues To Pop Out

So everybody knows on the first and the 15th I do posts from Mel and Michele. They run a writing challenge called, “Ketchup With Us” and they only do it on those two days. It’s fairly easy to do. They give you a prompt for you and you can post a picture and include with it 57 words about it that goes with that prompt of that day. I’m honestly still new to it, I haven’t done it very long, but I love it anyways. It’s also interesting how both of these ladies have like a ketchup bottle costume. They wear it for their prompts. I have never seen a group of ladies do this since I was at Shriner’s and all of the nurses wore these huge boxes and dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePants. Just because they have the costumes, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously, just not THAT serious! You still need to have fun, and they make it easy to do that at the same time. Like, this week the prompt for today is you have to include a holiday post, past or present. When I saw this, I knew which story I wanted to talk about and as much as it’s not a good, fun story to talk about for me, it’s been a funny memory anyways. So I hope enjoy and join in on the fun of Ketchup With Us!


  • That Christmas Moment You Will Never Forget – You know those really embarrassing moments where I hope your family forgets as your life continues, but they somehow bring it up every chance they get? Well with this, I’m usually the one who brings it up. A few years ago, when I came from having my surgeries, I used to have eggs and cheese all the time. When I came home though, I couldn’t stand them anymore. We all knew what happened when I came home and couldn’t eat spaghetti and meatballs from the can and drink code red mountain dew. I still owe my cousin a pair of sneakers too!

Circles — Part Seven

Pregnancy photography :)A few years before Chloe and Hank had gotten engaged, they had been dating off and on for about six years. They started dating at their junior year of high school. They were so in love and there wasn’t a time where they were apart. If that happened, it was because the other one was grounded. Back then, Chloe was in the mist of celebrating her older sister’s new marriage and welcoming her first niece. Chloe never thought they would make it together after school was over. Honestly, nobody in her family thought it would, after the hell her mother went through. At the prime of their life, Chloe was trying to focus on her future, if in case, they did break up after they graduated. Hank didn’t like the fact that she didn’t believe in their relationship for it to last. So he decided to break up with her. It wasn’t the first time they went their separate ways, but this one was a lot longer. They were apart for more than eight months. She knew what he was doing and even though they were not together, she felt herself become jealous. Hank was around another girl, actually a few girls., one being Nicole Boyd.

Nicole was actually a childhood friend of Chloe, but a really old friend. They were neighbors when they were growing up and they were each other’s best friend. They had matching dresses, Barbie dolls, and every girl’s favorite necklaces. They were this way for many years, until after Chloe’s little sister Claire was born and her father left the home for good. Nicole’s mother Andrea was also friend’s with Sandra, Chloe’s mother. They were happy that their daughters were best friends, but when the town heard of Sandra and Chuck were separating, the entire town was mixed. Chuck was the man of the town and loved to help out anybody who asked him. However, that’s what got him in trouble most of the time too. Chuck was a fairly attractive man, his daughters got his beautiful looks, but they got their mother’s fears. When Sandra and Chuck went through separate ways, Andrea sided on Chuck and said that Sandra was the one who was in the wrong. The girls were in middle school, and they were in band together playing the flute. The fight for first chair was brutal in the beginning of the feud. Cat fights and name calling. They were normal girls. At the end of sixth grade, friendship was in the past. Nicole became the slut of the class and Chloe was nerd in school. Chloe always believed when she would get a boyfriend, Nicole would get very jealous and spread rumors about her. The hatred grew more and more with each passing year that they were around each other.

Hank knew how Chloe felt about Nicole, but they were done. She wanted to keep things the way they were, but she missed being in that relationship. She missed Hank. She wanted to think about her life first, because she had been so about her life as an individual for years and felt worried about her parent’s marriage that nothing about love looked appealing to her. Other than that, she definitely missed being around Hank and had heard he missed her just as much. While she was work, she had got told by one of her co-workers that she got something. When she walked back to her desk, she found a vase full of red roses. There was a card saying, “Sorry, I was wrong, I can’t live without you.” She couldn’t believe Hank could be that sweet. Chloe always figured he paid one of the ladies at the flower shop to write something sweet on the card for him because the writing wasn’t even in his writing. It was a good gesture though! After she got home, she called him and they got caught up on their time apart and Chloe felt a piece of joy talking to him again and when they decided to give it a go again. She never asked him about the girls he hung out with, and he never brought them up either. She felt like it was the best relationship in the world and after a while, her family started to love him as well!

Now after all these years together, here she was, with her husband’s child–well, possibly. As much as Chloe wanted to keep Nicole out of their honeymoon suite. It’s some nerve that she showed up while they were on their honeymoon, almost like she was planning this all along. Chloe wanted to chill out, and be cooled and collected, but her rage was peeking up behind her. The only reason why she hadn’t exploded on her former best friend is because there was a five-year old sitting on the chair, eating the leftover oranges from this morning’s room service, Nicole sat in the chair next to the small table with her young son, who looked more like her than Hank. The little boy sat quietly but smiled brightly at his mother and at Chloe. Hank was out walking by the ocean. “How did you know that Hank and I would be here, of all places?” Chloe said, as shr stood up against the doorway from the bedroom to the living area. “My mother called me yesterday afternoon when her neighbor came home from your gorgeous wedding.” Nicole said, “I still can’t believe he actually married you after telling me that he would be there for James. After I had him, I moved on and moved here. It’s always sunny and warm. Even though I moved away from Hank, I still wanted him to be a daddy to his son.” Nicole said as she rubbed her son’s curly hair down. Hank had curls when he was a baby, but every baby has curls. James wasn’t a baby anymore. He was five years old. Nicole was looking for her child support. That’s all she was there for; not for her son’s needs, but for her needs. That’s all she’s ever been.

Little James sat on his chair and asked politely if he could have a drink water. Nicole looked around inside her bag for a juice box, but didn’t find one. Chloe felt for the child. She left her place by the wall, to grab a cup from the cabinet and fill it with water. She brought it back and instead of giving it to Nicole. She put the glass on the table and watched the five-year old smile big and say “thank you” and grab it and attempted to get a sip without dropping it on the carpet.  Ten minutes later, they heard a key cling against the door. Hank was back from his walk and as he opened the door and saw his beautiful wife kneeling by James, he also saw an old girlfriend/one night stand of his. He was going to need a whole day to explain himself to Chloe. “What is going on?” Hank, said out of breath. “I don’t know, Nicole and her five-year old son James showed up a half hour ago saying you might be the father.” Hank turned his head as quickly as possible towards Chloe, who was now on the edge of tears. “He’s not mine, I swear! She even knows that. She even told me that he wasn’t mine.” Hank said, almost yelling at both of them. “Well, those others I was with, turned out not to be the father and you’re the only one left I was with at that time period.” Nicole said with her arms crossed. He turned and looked at little James, who looked distanced. “He doesn’t look like me. I mean, you were with other guys, how am I the only one left?” Hank said as he stood up again. “I wasn’t that big of a slut as many people thought I was in high school.” Nicole said, “Even though you have a kid.” said Chloe, as she tried to keep in her laughter. “Fine, don’t think you are the father. Take the test and let’s find out.” Nicole said, as Chloe looked back at Hank, “Fine.” Hank said in agreement.