That One Eye.

I’m in love with eyes. I could never have this much eye makeup on ever. To be quite honest with you I don’t even like makeup that well. I liked it on other people, but not myself. I always have a problem with people getting too close to my eyes. Going to the eye doctor isn’t much fun for me. It never has been. When I was little, I had an allergic reaction to some type of eyedrops and I think after that I never liked eyedrops.

When commercials would come on about different eye makeup and if they’re advertising anything in purple I will instantly want it, and I’ve had eye shadow on before and I’ve had Mascara on too. Eye liner is not my friend. Knowing a pencil is coming at my eyes freaks me out. I’m always afriad somebody’s going to poke my eye and I’ll be blind forever.

I have a lazy eye, it’s not as bad as it use to be. Crazy thing is we found out about it around the same time I had that allergic reaction. If you don’t know what a lazy eye means, it just really is an eye pupil that can’t stay straight ahead and goes over the side. I have to focus it really good to make it striaght. I also can’t see that good unless it’s in big words. My right eye is mainly the more domaint and normally I have to wear glasses but after several years I stopped wearing them. I’ve never liked them and I probably never will.