Sisters Of The Light

I listen to a lot of music. Something you can always picture me buying is rock music. We know this already, but I’m not just an “all male band” lover. I love when the girls can get ugly in people’s faces just as much as the guys and yet look and sound beautifully. Since 2009, when I officially got into rock music, I got introduced to Flyleaf and Paramore. Both bands were off the hook, but something I liked with both bands. Besides Hayley’s hair, she really had some pair of lungs on her and the lead singer of Flyleaf, Lacey can scream like the rest of these guys. Except the difference with the females is the octaves they bring and they sound less freighting. Until one day, I had the guts to listen to Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil is in the genre of rock music that I really love, which is Symphonic Rock. Which takes classical instruments and heavy guitar riffs and drums and puts them together. I love how it sounds. When I first heard about what the genre was called, I went looking for even more bands and I was pleased with what I found.

Lacuna Coil, was one of the first bands I got interested. I had just started to listen to Sirius XM Octane and they had been playing a few songs from them like, “Spellbound” and “I Won’t Tell You” and after I heard these two I instantly become hooked to them. At that time, I was still using Playlist. I looked up even more songs by them, and found out they had been around for a while. Which made me feel bad since I discovered on them so late, but it’s what I’m known for actually. After them, I started listening to Evansecence and Flyleaf even more. Then my heart said, look up more bands. I did. I found Nightwish, Within Temptation, In This Moment, and Xandria. There were a few others but those just didn’t seem to click with me. These bands definitely won me over. Out of all of them, In This Moment is probably my second favorite after Lacuna Coil. Maria has some lungs, she doesn’t even sound human, but it works. She’s such a good screamer, I love her in the song, “The Promise” I am seriously addicted to that song. I’m listening to another one of their songs and she just did a big scream. Ahh! I love it!

Here’s some of my favorite songs from all these bands I’ve listed. Hope you enjoy! ❤

Top 10 Favorite Rock Songs… As Of Now.

I’m into rock music, not so much the classic rock. The whole 80’s music is just not my scene. I was also born in the 90’s so I got to represent the 90’s era to a T. Even though half of the music was run by teen pop, mainly Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and N*Sync. Which isn’t bad. Now I’m into rock music, and been into it since early 2009. Everybody thinks I’m hooked to Linkin Park, which is correct but got a few others that I am into right now that I think you guys would love to. Some are old and some are new.

  1. Red Sam – Flyleaf
  2. Under And Over It – Five Finger Death Punch
  3. Badass – Saliva
  4. Lies Of The Beautiful People – Sixx A.M.
  5. Bottoms Up – Nickelback
  6. Crawling Back To You – Daughtry
  7. Bitch Came Back – Theory Of A Deadman
  8. Cryin’ Like A Bitch – Godsmack
  9. Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin
  10. Extreme – Valora

So I Thought

Since starting up my new Facebook two days ago, and hooking up my Twitter to my phone I’ve been thinking about how freeing it feels to be done with people who forget about you. I’ve only had two people try and add me from my original account. I clicked “no” on both because only I’m adding the people. If I add you, you’re very lucky. So far I’ve kind of lost my way of only adding family and Twitter friends, but I had to add the few others because two reasons. 1) Three girls actually do talk to me and I knew I wanted them on my new one. 2) I had a few of my sister’s friends because they are sweet to me and I can’t deny them.

When I was adding stuff on my profile on my facebook I thought about things I wanted to change from my original facebook. Like, less pages. Already not doing that. Despite having over 44 pages already. I think I have a lot more than that. Especially on my “Music” part. I knew I’d be screwed there. So I thought about something else I wanted to make sure I had on this one that I didn’t have on my last one. I even asked my mom if I could add it on my original but she told me no, well since this is my new one and totally my own choice I added it. I haven’t felt bad putting it there, and I don’t really care if some people want me to change it because I’m not. If you’re wondering what I added, it was “women” on my Interested In column. I like both, and with my past with waiting for a guy and their stubborn selves I just need to see.

I think that maybe the reason why I feel so free. I’m not hiding, well I still am hiding from a few people. Not everybody has figured out that I made another account and deleted the other two for good. I kind of regret the fact I deleted them without saving all my Picnik pictures first. Whoops! I’m also thinking about adding some people back onto my new facebook. I hate living in a world of hate. I hate when my family has their downs, and I think I’m ready to make nice, but nobody wants to really listen or understand my reasons on it. They think I should just hate everybody because they hate on them. I’m more caring and the worry bug. I miss how things use to be, but I can’t change everything, and I shouldn’t have to fight for everything especially people.

So that’s what I’m feeling today. So I thought I’d share it with you all.

Modern Christian Music.

I’m in a unique state of mind today. I’ve been listening to lots of different Christian bands/artists. I’ve been watching Live videos of Skillet. I love Skillet. My sister Emily got pretty much everyone in my family into them. We practically have every song from the “Comatose” and “Awake And Alive” albums. My favorites are “Rebirthing” from the “Comatose” album. I am addicted to “Hero” and title track “Awake And Alive.” My sister and I love the remixes too! Before I was looking up Skillet songs, I was watching and listening to Toby Mac. I don’t really like Christian rap and I don’t have any idea why.  Emily got me into “Tonight” like always, and she was right again. John Cooper is hot! But my favorite will always be Jen Ledger! I found some songs from the “Tonight” album. I liked “Captured” and “Changed Forever.” Another band my sister got me into is Fireflight. I’m listening to right now, the song is “Desperate” and I love it deary! I love “Unbreakable,” “Stand Up,” “You Decide,” and “Those Who Wait.” 

There’s a Christian band that my sister didn’t have to get into and that is Flyleaf. I love Flyleaf! I got into Flyleaf in 2008 after they released their song “All Around Me” and I was hooked ever since. Lacey is such a good singer! I actually like a good number of their songs! I’m that addicted. I was tempted to buy a whole album of their’s when it came out but I had only known 2 songs and I didn’t want to rish buying something that I wouldn’t like later. Apparently, I like it now! My cousin Kristi got me into Pillar. That was interesting I heard a good song from Pillar after we listened to Hollywood Undead. Nice combination! I’m trying to think of more Christian bands that I listen to, but I have no idea who else I listen to. I listen to Krystal Meyers, and Philmont too.