It’s Been A Good Wednesday

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So it’s mid-week and I’ve got to say after my state of mind last weekend and these last two days of being bored and out of it. I can definitely say today was an awesome day! From the time I woke up this morning, it has been nothing but good for me. God blessed with a better day and I didn’t even ask for it. Yesterday, I told my mom that I didn’t think I’d wake up early enough to watch Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America. So I had went on ahead and record it just in case. Well when I got up this morning, it was so bright and pretty that I actually thought it was later than I thought it was, but it was just 5:35am and I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was really weird, but I didn’t really care because that meant I woke up in time. I didn’t sleep in and I haven’t since probably last Friday. I haven’t even taken a nap today either. I’ve had too much energy, but now that the sun is going down, most of my energy is going down. My body is exhausted. It’s probably a good thing I’m taping the season finale of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I don’t think I’m going to crash anytime soon, but I do have a movie to finish. I’ll get to that in a bit.

After I got up, I could hear my dad talking in the living room. It wasn’t time for Blondie to get up, I thought he was talking to ChiChi and eating their breakfast pizza. Don’t ask. As I was rolling over to get readjusted and unwrap myself from my blanket. I heard another voice and noticed it was my mom. Once I realized it was her actual voice, I was really hungry and my stomach wouldn’t stop growling. So I sent a text to my mom saying that I wish we had stuff to make pancakes or cinnamon rolls. I think about an hour later, I heard this really loud bang coming from the kitchen and it didn’t sound a pan hitting the counter or stove. I only heard it once and about ten minutes later, the air conditioner came on and the small puff of what smelled like cinnamon came through my vent and I started freaking out because I couldn’t really smell out but I thought I was just losing my mind because I seriously couldn’t smell it anymore. So I posted a status on my Facebook, I really must be hungry, since I swore when the air kicked on just a little bit ago that I was smelling cinnamon rolls. I think about two seconds later, my mom posted a comment on that status saying I was indeed smelling cinnamon rolls. SCORE!

My sis and dad left this morning at probably the same time. My mom came in my room with a paper plate of the smallest cinnamon roll ever. My mom had to cut it up in smaller bites for me, but even I could measure this little thing. I finished it while she was sitting on the floor using the laptop. And then she had to bring in my second one because I was still hungry. It was 8am when this happened and I already my TV on GMA and I still can’t believe I watched that whole show even though I’ve seen it many, many times before and know if they’re going to have any performers on the show they’re going to leave until the end of the show. So I watched it for two hours straight and I’ve got to say I was glad when I did see five very handsome men on my television screen. I will always be a Backstreet Boys, and I think I had a little too much dancing to their new song and when they performed “Backstreet’s Back” I wasn’t dancing, but I was singing out loud. I couldn’t sing very loud though because my mom went back to sleep right after my second cinnamon roll. After GMA was over, I plugged my headphones into my iPod and had myself a little BSB moment. I am SO happy that Backstreet Boys are not releasing their new album the same day as Five Finger Death Punch.

I spend most of my morning listening to music. I actually didn’t listen to a Five Finger Death Punch song until around noon I think. I was having an inner child moment. I was mostly listening to BSB and Disney songs. I think around 10am I finally took off my headphones for good. I turned on my mini speakers and has anybody ever listened to Disney songs and instantly get tired? They make wonderful lullabies. They literally almost went back to bed, but I didn’t. I didn’t read at all today, but I spent most of my time on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. My dad came home for lunch around noon and my mom made me lunch. The rest of the day I spent listening to music, and just music. It was a music filled day. When my mom went to the store at 3pm, she brought back a movie for me. She brought back Silver Linings Playbook. I’m not finished with it yet but I’ll probably finish it later on tonight since I’m pushing myself to watch SVU tonight. I’m just happy it’s the only thing I’ve got on. Tomorrow I have the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. I’m not so excited about that.

Rebel Beat

Yesterday afternoon, I felt good (even though I was bloated as crap all day long!) and I didn’t really do much. I didn’t go to work so I was actually more bored than I had planned on being. Basically everything I tried doing didn’t last very long. I wasn’t content with one thing after another. I remember not being to listen any of my songs on my iPod all the way through and if I did listen to anything it was last night after Dancing With The Stars, everytime it ends I tend to dream in my head while I have my headphones on that I can dance too. I’m more like daydreaming at night because for one thing it’s dark outside and I know I wasn’t asleep yet. Anyways, I think around 4pm, my mom was on the phone with my nana and she had said something about the cats and I thought well if she brought Ivan in here, that would cheer me up enough. She said no on bringing them inside to play, but I did get to go outside and sit on the back porch. The kittens were mostly around the left side of the porch. I’m pretty sure my dad loves having not only Bootsie by his man cave, but five tiny kittens as well. They were running around, chasing after each other and fighting. Just like Tubby and Rudy used to do with their siblings.

I try to get them to come up on the porch with me, but I think they’re a little afraid of me. I’m use to sitting on my bed with them and now I’m on the ground and yet there is this big hot pink and black thing behind me. Thursday, we had a small storm, and dad was gone for the day. Emily was at home sick and so before the storm came, mom told Em to go bring the kittens inside, along with Bootsie. I don’t think my mom wanted her inside the house, but it was okay. We had five kittens running around our living room. My mom sat in her usual seat on the couch with ChiChi. Emily sat on the right side by the kitchen doorway and I got the way into the bathroom hallway. We actually had our front door open and screen door locked, so we could watch it all from the outside. The kittens actually liked watching it rain, they freaked everytime they heard the thunder crash, but then I’d go back to doing what they were doing before. They tried climbing up the sides of the door and when Bootsie started eating Oliver’s food, Ivan and Oreo had to join in. While Stef was getting love from my mom, Wren was playing with the bag we got for the first batch of kittens. Little Winnie decided she was ready to explore my wheelchair. It’s bad enough that Ivan took a spill off my bed two days before this, but seeing Winnie climb her way up my back tire. I was actually proud. I literally thought that it was going to be Ivan or Stef that was going to do it first, but the under-cat did it first. Did you see what I did there?

While I was outside yesterday, trying to pry the little ones on the ramp, I scoot lower off the ramp to reach them. They kept moving and I wanted to pet them. My mom was inside and my dad was outside, so I was mentally prepared if I tipped over on the side of the ramp, I knew which one was going to freak out the most. Anyways, as I was trying to make different noises to get them wondering and come closer to me. Stef and Winnie thought they were just going to start attacking my right foot. I had it at the side and was paying attention to it. I also had about four gnats trying to get into my ears. I was definitely distracted. I started playing with them that way and as I was just sitting there watching them run around and try to jump off the shovel (which I’ve got to say was freaking hilarious!) they started disappearing under the porch with mama. I knew after that play time with Meghan was over. I started scooted back up the ramp and towards my wheelchair. I didn’t exactly want to go back inside because it was so nice and hardly any bugs around. I’m mostly talking about bees and wasps. I have my right foot pedal off my wheelchair because I don’t need it. So a few years ago, we removed it from its spot and there is literally enough room for somebody small to lay back somewhere on the ground. I even had an arm rest for my left arm because of the left pedal. I just laid back and watched the birds eat and look at the pretty bloomed trees sway back and forth from the wind. It was very soothing! My dad’s friend came over and they went in his “man cave” and chill out. I guess my dad thought I looked bored or something because he asked if I wanted to go back in my chair twice. After the second one I went back in my chair.

It is just 9am and I am already starting to feel like I’m going to pass out. I am listening to my music all the way through and thinking about my books today. So I might get lucky today and try to read my books again after two days of hardly no reading. I had a good blog birthday! I also heard Five Finger Death Punch’s new song “Lift Me Up” and my dad already likes it. It literally took him about 15 seconds to say those words. We’re both excited for this summer. I can see hanging out with him a lot this summer and his truck’s speakers. I don’t care if we go cruise around, as long as I get the hear the power in the speakers. I’ve already heard it this morning and had to crank it up even though both of my parents are asleep. They love me. So I’m going to go now and listen to music and maybe watch a movie. Oh, my dad has already said we might get movies tomorrow. I want to see Silver Linings Playbook and Safe Haven so bad! Okay, I’m definitely going to go now! Bye!

My Monday Definitely Didn’t Suck. Thank God!

I just got home and I am really tired, sore, and hungry. My hip is really hurting me for some reason, and it hasn’t hurt all day, so I don’t have a clue what’s up with that. It just turned 6pm so I have at least two hours until Dancing With The Stars comes on tonight. I’m just jamming and since I didn’t hear a Five Finger Death Punch this morning, “The Bleeding” just came on my iPod. I did hear Linkin Park’s “Lying From You” on the radio this morning and I still count that as a good thing to hear before I start my day. I remember I didn’t want to, but I decided to ask God to let me have a good day. I asked he and Mother Nature can try to work out their differences and make the sun come out or anything. I just wanted something good to happen. I think I got a little more than I bargained for, because every turn I took today was good. Even though I ran into every corner and door I could possibly imagine, but it never changed my mind about it being good. I make mistakes and running into walls comes with it.

I started my day with one of my favorite drivers. Before she pulled up, my mom and I were out in the back seeing the little kittens. We officially have all five named and so far two of them have homes to go to in two weeks. The names are Wren, Oreo, Ivan, Stef, and WINNIE! The last one who didn’t have a name. My driver was getting me strapped in and my mom was telling her about our kittens and so now she might take of them too. I had a chat with my mom about keeping Ivan, but she doesn’t think my dad would like that considering we already have Rudy and Tubby. So I’m hoping she takes Ivan, because I trust her. I just got to work on his attitude because she had a dog and he’s a little mean. He might do a 180 and surprise us all. That’s what I’m hoping for at least. We spent most of our time talking about my stories and the kittens. I gave her the rundown of The Adventures Of September and Nemo and when it was time to tell her about the other story I worked on this weekend, From Jacoby To Abigail, I couldn’t figure out what prompt I use and I didn’t want to tell her the title without telling her about everything else. So I didn’t tell her anything about it and quite frankly I still have no idea what the damn story is about. I’m really losing it today.

While I was upstairs, apparently I was missed. Even though I only missed two weeks. I only go once a week now. I like it that considering I have more chances to read and write my stories. Those are really bad excuses but you get where I’m going with this. Some of the residents told me they missed me and I spent some one-on-one time with a few of them. One of them loves to knit. He sits in a chair and has his walker close by and just knits. I usually pull up on the side like a car and just talk to him about his knitting. It’s just something that keeps him occupied throughout the day. We both said that if he could do it in his sleep, he would get done with it faster. I don’t understand how he does it all day, everyday, but I guess once you get into a routine everything just looks easy after a while. Kind of like me. Once you know how everything is done and fail your first test, the rest will come easier. At least it should. We didn’t do our normal stuff like we usually do. Monday’s are crafts day. We mostly read to the residents, fixed some of the ladies finger nails if they wanted them done, and played a game at the end of the day. Since I hadn’t been there for two weeks, I hadn’t talk to the girls at all. I think that’s all I did today was talk, and flirt.

I remember during the last two years of high school, I had a crush on one of the maintenance workers and I loved having A lunch, because that’s when he took his lunch as well. So I loved leaving early in those classes and getting to my normal spot and waited to see him walking from the hallway. Thank god I was far away from view, because I practically breathless everytime I saw him walk to the lunch aisle. It sucked though when he was in the hallways or in our classroom, because there was no telling if I would blush or not. I have a history of my entire face turning blood-red, so I prayed and lead my breath everytime he was around. I did talk to him once and I don’t want to go into that at the moment. . The guy that was working in our  room, was such a freaking hottie! He looked like Chris Hemsworth! The first thing I did when we walked in, was see three guys on ladders and this one with sunglasses on just looking so amazing! Once he took off his sunglasses, it was like oh my god, somebody just needs to put me out of my misery! I didn’t know how to act because I haven’t seen a hottie like him since high school. I literally felt like a school girl finding a crush in class. It’s such a cliché, but it works for me! As my mom and I were coming home, I started thinking about people kept saying about “every girl wants to marry a man just like their daddy.” I always remembered saying that was never going to happen. When we were in the car, I literally started thinking about everything. I don’t want a guy exactly like my dad, but I do like guys who is very hands on, likes metal, drives a truck and likes motorcycles. It literally took me two seconds to figure out that I’m f*cked.

Never Gonna Leave This Bed

I’ve been in a content mood. It wasn’t rainy as it was yesterday, but still the weather outside just drained every bit of happiness out of me. I think I wished for Thursday to go right for this weekend to go right too. It’s okay though. I can deal with a sucky weekend. Now I can’t say that the whole weekend sucked, just certain parts. My cousin Kristi came down yesterday afternoon and hung out with my sister and I at the house for a few hours. Her parents were supposed to come down too, but one of them was sick for the majority of yesterday afternoon. Around, 5pm both Kristi and Emily went to hang out with their friends for the evening. I spent my evening with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Five Finger Death Punch, and Jake Parker. When my mom got home from work she released the older kittens from their cage in the kitchen. Both of them were in a good mood for lovings, and that’s what I needed too. I needed to be around Mr. Lovable and Humpty Hump (don’t ask) for a few minutes. Thankfully my mom stayed in there, because if she ever leaves the room they usually find a way out of my room. They’re smart cats let me tell you.

I’ve been feeling better. I actually used my phone today, like texting wise. It was kind of strange really. I finished Hannibal last night (yes, I watched it at night) so I didn’t have anything to watch. So I mostly spent my time writing a short story about a three-legged pit bull and blind cat. It is happily titled The Adventures Of September and Nemo. I got two chapters up so far. It wasn’t formed by a prompt either. I had this idea stuck in my head while I was working on ideas for Enemy and I finally caved in and wrote them out. It is the only story that doesn’t have a password at the moment. So it’s located at the top on the right. I also read my book for an hour too. I got through two chapters. I like it, I don’t exactly love it like I thought I would by now, but it’s still fairly early in the book. So it could change. Now I’m getting ready for bed and watching TV and listening to my iPod. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me, but I hope it’s something good. I need something good right now. I’m hoping for a good day and some sunshine.

I Was In For A Treat.

I have had an interesting day, but I think I say that about everyday. At least I can say it was an “interesting day” instead of a “bad day.”  Today definitely wasn’t a bad day though. I had a good morning, considering I thought I would get a rude awakening by my mother at the butt crack of dawn. I also thought it was going storm last night and it didn’t. Somebody was watching over me. I had been looking forward to watching the Golden Gods Awards for almost two months. A storm wasn’t going to ruin my excitement, because I knew YouTube wouldn’t fail me. That’s kind of sad to say out loud, but when your satellite and power has gone out without any really bad weather is around, you’re preparing yourself for everything that could go wrong in advance. That’s what I did too. For two days straight, I drove myself insane because I thought I was going to miss Five Finger Death Punch’s performance. The funny thing was, when the red, well “black carpet” pre show was on, there was no sound whatsoever when it first started. My heart sank, but then I started to laugh at myself, because I didn’t exactly prepare myself for that to happen. It’s a music awards show, it doesn’t do any good without sound. You may get an awesome picture, but it isn’t awesome without the sound of everything. Since I couldn’t watch it last year (and I tried) I was in for a treat. I’m surprised I lasted for as long as I did.

I got off track again. My bad! My mother told me when it first came on, that she wanted to get up early and I thought that was stupid to tell me because I kind of figured I was going to dead to the world. I went to bed right after FFDP’s performance was over and that was at 12:48am, so it wasn’t so bad. When I got up this morning, I just thought my mom went without me. Left me in bed, but then when I rolled over and looked at the clock and it said 8am, I was shocked. I did not expect to wake up so damn early. I tried to push myself to sleep, but it didn’t work. I got up, like physically up at 9am, and got online because I kind of figured I would stay up after reading my stuff. My mom was still sleeping while I was doing all of this, she didn’t get up until 10:30am. It was so weird to spend the first few minutes after she got up not listening to my headphones. Since my headphones were broken, I couldn’t listen to them in between performances I didn’t want to watch and when my mom got up the next morning. It sucked so bad, considering I live to listen to music before I go to bed and after I get up. So to now have that, really crushed me.

When we went to my nana’s, I was kind of tired, but then again I felt good too. That still doesn’t seem normal, but I’ll go with it. My mom left to get food and went to one of the small stores first, and she texted my nana while she was gone. She said that she had a huge ass surprise for me. That instantly freaked me out, but my nana and I first thought of well maybe she saw somebody and they were going to come over to the house. I really got into that thought and took it a step further and thought my cousin Kristi was done and she met up with my mom first and was going to surprise us when she got back. When my mom got back to the house, there wasn’t a car behind her and nobody came out the backseat or passenger side. So both of those went flying out of my head. My nana and I were still confused. My mom couldn’t control herself, so much excitement going on inside her. She knew that nana uses me money and that she found it at the store on sale, and guess what it was? A new pair of headphones! I was so happy! These suckers are huge too! They look like studio headphones. When my mom went to take them out of the box, plugged them into my iPod, it was just long enough from my head to my toes. You wouldn’t think it would be a big issue, but with me. It is.

When we got home, I listened to my iPod and new headphones. I’m still getting adjusted to them. I’m not used to everything sounding the way it does, but I remember feeling that way when I got my purple headphones. After that, I started watching Dr. Phil and I was sitting up on both Facebook and Twitter. My mom came in with our only little calico kitten, Stef. My mom had given me a warning that she was in the mood to run around. I swear once she left the room, the kitten turned into the sweetest thing ever. Even sweeter than little Ivan. Stef wanted to follow every move I made. I was sitting on the bed, so I wasn’t moving much but when I was, she was right there by me. She was very clingly. I think she wanted me to hold her, but she kept climbing up my shirt and hands. I found that cute, because she kept meowing at me and we were having our own little conversation. I would be meowing back at her and she’d keep climbing up. I was afraid she was going to come up to my face if I wasn’t careful. She walked around my bed a bit, and once I saw a oppurity, I scoot back towards the wall and the little turd followed me and just laid in between my legs. Since I was basically trapped, I had my mom grab my remote and Kindle and I started reading one of the books I had brought prior to getting the one I just finished. I am not reading Battlescars: A Rock & Roll Romance by Sophie Monroe. It is pretty good so far!


My new poster!!
My new poster!!

This picture is a lot smaller than it started off being, and the quality is bad too, but I had a bad glare and my mom couldn’t take the picture with my light on. I ordered it a few days ago and it was supposed to come in between the 12th or 17th, and it came in yesterday afternoon. The only reason why I didn’t say anything about it yesterday’s blog post but I just wanted that one to be about the new released albums and singles. Which by the way I finally got to use my iTunes card today! Anyways, I’ve had an interesting day feeling what felt like “summer heat” in full swing and we’re not even into summer yet. It was 80 degrees today. That’s crazy! Now it’s cloudy and I hope if any storms we’re supposed to get isn’t bad. My back hasn’t hurt as much as that’s a good sign. Well, I’m hoping it is at least. Okay, that’s all I wanted to share with you all today. Have a good night or good day!


Yesterday, I was in a very content mood. This has happened twice. It happened when I was drawing my first portrait in two years. I was in one of those moods, where I was bored out of mind. I didn’t exactly want to watch TV or listen to music. I wanted to do something, but not in my usual routine. So I got in my wheelchair and didn’t even have to think about the positive thoughts, because I was already in this vibe where I was going to get this done one way or another. It was the same thing all over again for this drawing. The only thing different about the way I did this drawing was that I did everything on the floor. This is what my TOES do when they’re bored.

The drawing is a lot darker than it does in this picture. There is a bad glare on the picture. We had our front door open so the sun was glaring from the door.  I tried to have my mom take a picture of it, just by itself, but my phone made the picture really small. So I’m not posting it on here. I like pictures of them side-to-side because it helps me what needs to be fixed. The beard is definitely not finished. The hair is as good as its going to be. Everybody seems to like the eyes a lot. That was the first thing I worked on yesterday. I did the mouth and nose last, I used the beard as my guide.

Most of the lines are erased, except for the ones that help my dad make the frame. I know I’m not done with it yet. I don’t want to mess it with too much, since I have a history of shading another layer and messing something up in the process. To me, the picture kind of looks animated. Especially the eyes. Wow! I am looking at both of them and can feel them staring back at me. I’m pretty proud of myself and how I controlled my attitude yesterday as I was working on it. Everybody that came around was loving it. After I finish this, I will start on my next one. Which is a special I’m doing. I will not be posting it on my “Artwork” since it is different from the rest. So when I get everything finished with that one, I will move on to the next one in line. Oh, and if you don’t know who this is, it’s Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch. So one down, three more to go!