Live | Five Finger Death Punch!


Hey guys,

So we’re back with the second installment of the P.O.D., Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch concert I went to at the beginning of the month as a surprise from my parents and friend Brittany.

I just wanted to clear up any confusion anybody might’ve had after I came home from it and the next day when I was busy uploading videos and pictures from the whole experience. Apparently I didn’t act like I had a very good time according to what my mom had mentioned because I wasn’t exactly very talkative like she figured I would be which wasn’t the case at all. It’s just easier to talk about it on here all at once, so I don’t necessarily have to repeat myself over and over again. I also felt like when I did start to open up to my parents that I might forget a few things later while I went to write up this post, so that’s my only reason why I was being a little quiet about it.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can finally discuss this section of the surprise.

Where I left off on the first post was what I thought of P.O.D. and Shinedown’s performance and I have to say they were pretty good, but my focus was on Five Finger Death Punch. I’ve endured mental torture from myself at the beginning of falling in love with these guys in 2011. They were the first all male heavy metal band that I basically liked at the time of the phase started in 2009. I also had to deal with the constant teasing of my dad who turned into a fan eight months after and if anybody remembers last summer I basically bought their newest album “Got Your Six” as a surprise for him.

As the crew was busy taking down Shinedown’s set up and putting up Death Punch’s, I basically sat in my chair patiently waiting and still trying to process that I was seriously going to watch one of my favorite bands live. So once they got Jeremy’s drum set up and the infamous microphone stand in the middle of the stage, I couldn’t contain myself anymore I had to take a picture of it and send it to my dad so I bent down and went through my purse for my phone and once I got it open, I held onto it with all my might and zoomed as much as I could so my dad could see everything even if the photo turned out smaller on his screen. I had to do it twice and as I was taking each picture I kept hearing people behind me start to say things like “that’s so awesome” and “look!” at this point my phone couldn’t work fast enough because I realized they were watching me attempt to take pictures with my feet. Ahh, the joys of being disabled sometimes!


Anyways, the wait for them was so torturous like I’m a patient person but for this, I was way too damn excited! It was bad enough that where we sat you could sort of see an entrance and feet walking around that hallway, I saw Ivan and Chris a few times talking and taking pictures with fans as Shinedown was closing out. When the lights really began to die down, I just got crazy. I had already given Brittany two warnings (before the doors opened to get in and before 5FDP started) that I didn’t know how crazy I’d really get, our only issue was as long as I didn’t end up on the floor it would be okay! They started out with “Lift Me Up” and I didn’t really notice what songs were playing because I was too stuck in my own head to notice that yet! When the lights came on and they started playing and all six appeared on stage I basically screamed my little lungs out and proceed to headbang for the next three songs!

Everything after that though is a little fuzzy for me!

I was concerned about was when they started playing their newer songs off of “Got Your Six” because I haven’t listened to that album a lot since I bought it. I can’t put any new music onto my iPod anymore and I don’t have a good stereo to play and listen to my CDs like my dad does in his truck, so I don’t know the lyrics to the majority of the songs on that album. I don’t even know the whole song of “Jackyll and Hyde” so I listened and watched the crowd and it instantly made me feel better. Their energy is overwhelming! Everybody on the floor, watching them with their fists in the air and jumping up and down, crowdsurf, form a mosh pit were as much a part of the show as watching the band play. The people in the stands where we were, were getting as crazy as the people on the floor! The group of guys below us were drunk and having the time of their lives. It was insane!

I’m seriously having trouble what came first in the timeline in my head. I remember Ivan explaining the “rules” and if you’ve been to their shows or watched any of their concerts on YouTube, you know they have certain rules that they want everybody to follow. One of which is smart for those on the floor area, if somebody falls you pick them back up. The second is for all the guys to not grope the girls, but at least get their number first. That’s Ivan for you! And at some point after doing this, he started to say something about rumors about him and the band. Ivan also said something about how heavy metal was dying out and went “oh, that’s right Kanye West said that” or something in the lines of that and everybody literally started chanting “fuck Kanye” and I almost joined in on that one I’m not going to lie!

I want to say a little bit after that Jeremy Spencer did his drum solo. You guys don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear this man do his solo, I mean you can hear it in the live version of the double disc of “The Wrong Side Of Hell And The Righteous Side Of Heaven, Vol. 1” but I mean this was right in front of you! I am my mother’s daughter, I have a soft spot for drummers. Another thing that the band is notorious for doing is bringing up little kids in the middle of their set and having them watch the “big kids” and show them how it’s done per se. This is where you see these giant guys covered in tattoos become big kids themselves. I almost started crying because it was so adorable! What gets me is everytime they do this, Ivan manages to find the smallest metalheads on stage and the band plays the most explicit song. This time it was “Burn Motherfucker” and I have to say as much as I sing along to this at home alone in my room I’ve never been so happy I wasn’t around my parents when it’s on because I don’t necessarily cuss, much less  use the “F” word out in public or on here!

I can remember when Ivan and Jason were trying to slow things down. They did an acoustic version of “Wrong Side Of Heaven” which at first, I didn’t even recognize until the second chorus but at this point I was really distracted. Ivan had decided to walk around the front rows and everybody on the floor basically freaked out. However, in the mist of this and switching to “Battle Born” poor Ivan’s mic kept going in and out so his time on the ground shaking hands with fans wasn’t too long.

One of the last things was the songs performed during their encore. My two favorite tracks, “Under And Over It” and I was busy going back and forth watching the band perform and Brittany trying to get good pictures of the members. The last song was “The Bleeding” and sadly I only have the acoustic on my iPod and so I was very happy to hear the heavier version for once. I really let myself hear Ivan’s beautiful voice. I had heard it the whole hour but I think my body finally got the memo that he was like a few feet away and I thought I was going to melt into a puddle.

The memories of the “stars in the sky” as I like to think of them. I’m familiar with these pictures of the audience putting up their many lights. It’s the only time where I don’t hate cell phones in general. I was really surprised to see so many lighters too! According to Ivan, since he could smell weed from his place on stage he knew they had lighters! The stinage of beer had clouded the scents around us, so all I could really smell was sweat and alcohol, every once in a while a sniff of cigarette smoke, but that was it.

Going home after that was a little bittersweet, I wasn’t ready to go back to life yet, but when is anybody ready to go back to normal? Thank you so much for reading these posts! Hope you enjoy them! All right, time for the pictures! 🙂



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Live | P.O.D. & Shinedown!


Hey guys!

So a couple of weeks ago I was given the biggest surprise ever!! As you can tell from the picture above, it was concert, but I’m going to tell you how my mom, my friend Brittany and every other family member and close friends manage to pull this off!

It was probably the end of February when it was announced that P.O.D., Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch were coming to Evansville again. The last time 5FDP was there was in 2012. I remember my mom telling me at the beginning of the month to save up my money, but towards the end she told me that we wouldn’t be able to go. At that time, I had already prepared myself for it and I just accepted it for what it was, but it must’ve been the same day that she began talking to Brittany, a very close family friend, she decided to share that let down. A little fun fact for you, when I was looking for someone to walk me through Grand March for my senior year on Facebook (and yes, I asked for someone on FB)  she offered to take me. She spent the whole night with me and gave my mom a night off in a way. Anyways, these two decided to conspire behind my back. Brittany bought the tickets for this concert and almost everybody knew it but me!

Fast forward to the last weekend of April, my mom had told me that we might go shopping on that Tuesday, which was the day of the concert. I only knew that because I kept seeing the advertisements pop up on my Facebook ever since it was announced! I was excited to go shopping, mostly for the fact I could finally have Chinese food! That day, I woke up around 10am, all of us messed up our sleep patterns so after my mom got up and feed me breakfast and then she told me to take a nap. I had already been awake for two hours and she wanted me to go back to sleep? I did but I thought it was strange to ask that. I got up again around 2pm and my mom got me dressed. I wore my gray hoodie with my tribal skull in the front with my black and red tribal leggings.


Now you’re probably wondering why I’m sitting in this wheelchair. Well, for starters this isn’t even mine! This was my papaw’s and considering he never went fast in it, the left wheel rattles like crazy and it doesn’t have a seat belt! This is my dad’s idea. My electric wheelchair had six bars on the controller after charging all night and the next morning but my mom didn’t think it would hold up “while we walked through the mall…” I still think it would have in both places but that’s my opinion! I also had to sit on a towel off and on throughout the evening. It was not the most comfortable chair but then again I have yet to find the best seat for my butt!

Once we got to Evansville, we took a different turn than we usually do and had lunch at Steak n Shake which is one of my favorites! I literally have cravings of their cheese fries and that’s what I had, a small dish of cheesy fries and Oreo mint shake! It was while we were sitting waiting for our order that everything sort of got weird.

The night before, I looked up different dresses and rompers on the Forever 21 website for another family friend’s wedding. I was on Facebook talking to Brittany about them and how excited I was to go out the next day. We had a nice little chat. So to see her pop into Steak n Shake was very strange. I literally turned over at my mom and said, “I just talked to her last night!” She joined our table and ordered her stuff. The woman didn’t even need a menu! Next time I have to remember you can get the shakes without whipped cream and a cherry! Anyways, all four of us sat, ate and talked a bit. I didn’t do much talking though, I never really do!

After a little bit, once I started to slow down eating and gulping down the yummy shake, my mom gives her phone to my dad on which I thought she was going to ask for a selfie and then Brittany goes for it. I wish I could share the video but I can’t unfortunately! She first surprised me with a new SD card which I was like, “awwww” but I was also really confused too then she said “I figured you might need that for tonight” and showed me the tickets and my mouth dropped! I couldn’t scream so my initial reaction was to cry and after 25 minutes everything started to register in my head that I wasn’t going shopping afterwards and instead I was going to see P.O.D., Shinedown, and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH later that night!

They had been planning this for a while and the fact that nobody told me was a miracle. Especially since my neighbor Sammy almost texted me the night before but my dad apparently got mad at her and talked her out of it.

If anybody doesn’t know, this was my first rock/metal concert in an arena. It was also the first time I’ve ever went out to downtown Evansville too. It was a day of firsts I think! The Ford Center is HUGE! Seeing all of these people in their Shinedown and 5FDP shirts was intoxicating! I told Brittany as we walked around these are my people! I felt weird though, I have like 4 death punch shirts in my closet and I didn’t wear one. I wasn’t the only skull wearing person there so I was okay! After getting through the doors, we went upstairs and went to the bathroom and waited in line to purchase a tour shirt. I’ll wear it soon and do another outfit of the day post!

We had some good seats, like better ones than I thought. I’m always afraid of the seat part because the rails that are used to protect or whatever can be too tall and that’s sort of scared me! I’ve read and seen a lot of pictures of other wheelchair users have these issues so that’s my reason! Anyways, we missed the intro of P.O.D. because we were still in line getting the shirt. So technically I did go shopping! Afterwards, we went back to our seats and seeing everybody in their seats was a bit overwhelming. I thought I could live with watching the crowd on YouTube but watching them below was pretty cool. I was very glad I wasn’t down there though! Brittany was the one who took the pictures for me, which I was very happy about because I’d probably worried I’d drop the camera on somebody!

For the most part, watching P.O.D. and Shinedown was pretty good. I knew more songs from Shinedown and I did headbang, not as aggressively because like I said above, I didn’t have a seat belt and we were afraid I’d fall out of my wheelchair! When Brent Smith of Shinedown asked the crowd if this was their first Shinedown concert, my right foot shot up into the air! It was very weird being a part of the crowd. I danced, headbang, and sung along with everybody. I kind of forgot about everything that had happened, my paranoia, etc. I just allowed myself to feel that moment. It was great!

Next week, you’ll get the next installment of my reaction of Five Finger Death Punch’s performance! Enjoy the pictures below!

Have you ever seen P.O.D. and/or Shinedown in concert? What are your favorite songs by each band? My favorite was “Boom” and “Youth Of The Nation” for P.O.D. and “Diamond Eyes,” “Enemies,” and “Cut The Cord” by Shinedown.



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Song Review: “Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch

My dad got an early Father’s Day gift from me late last week.

On the 15th, I saw an article of a magazine premiering Five Finger Death Punch’s new song and of all days, my sound was not working on my laptop! I was pissed because I couldn’t listen to it but then again neither could my dad! I had been updating him on anything for the past few months. Thankfully, the next day Kayla Riley from Sirius XM Octane premiered it and I listened to it first and like a good, clever girl I recorded it for my dad through my DVR. Surprisingly, you can do this! I didn’t have any expectations of the song and I’m saying that as a good thing. When I heard the song, “Jekyll and Hyde” (the title alone sounds like a FFDP song!) I was so freaking happy! It sounds so badass! I feel like it will be everywhere, be great for any UFC or WWE specials going on this summer! After it ended, I immediately texted my dad and invited him into my room to hear it. He’s not like other people when they listen to new music, you can’t exactly tell if he likes a song as it’s playing, he hides it very well! However, towards the end I started hearing a slight tapping on my door mimicking the beat of the melody. He was liked it!

He finally said that was one of their best songs in a while and that he hopes the whole album was like that!

As much as I loved the song, but I can’t say I want the entire album to sound like that. I want songs to all have a different sound, basically a soul between them! Once he left the room, I had to say something about it on Facebook and he got several likes including a couple from his own friends! If you know what’s been going on with my iTunes, good. If you don’t, your loss because it’s a long story and I’m tired of telling it honestly. Anyways, it’s been messed up! My poor dad has been asking me for WEEKS for new CDs for his truck. We don’t have any of the FFDP albums on discs. I’ve downloaded them via iTunes for my iPod. Well, since it’s been messed up I didn’t know if I could burn him any more CDs. Luckily for him, I can! The laptop froze up twice and I had to restart the whole thing to get to work again after the first time, but he finally got his CD for his truck of some of his favorites plus the new track.

I had to make him the CD last Wednesday. I had put all of the songs onto a playlist for him so I could make it for him the next day, He kept driving me nuts so I caved and did it that night. We talked about how good the song was and then I explained to him that a lot of people were saying it sounded too mainstream, almost like it was made for radio play! Now I don’t believe that for a minute. If that was true, the sound of the entire thing wouldn’t be so brutal. And he agreed that there would be no way in hell the band would do it like that. The funny part of this conversation was the fact he kept confusing the word “mainstream” with “extreme” I guess I was speaking too fast for him, which happens when I talk about music in a general discussion. Don’t believe me, ask my nana, she’ll tell you I’m right! When I finally finished the CD, he stayed up while my mom went to bed and played it in the living room on full blast. I had headphones on and I was still singing along to the songs from the other room. I’m sure my mom wasn’t too happy with neither one of us. Even though I can’t put the song onto my iPod at the moment, I’m happy he’s got it for his truck!

Gotta wait until August for the whole album now!

So what do you think? Do you think the song is too mainstream or think everybody’s lost their damn mind? 

My Birthday In 1918 Words

October is always a hard month to get through and I think if anybody has a birthday at the start of the next month can agree with me. Because that entire month before just feels so long and keeps dragging. Well, for the last two weeks of last month, I had told everybody in my family that I wanted to do everything we did last year, just minus the Starbucks coffee. Another thing the night before is also a b*tch to get through too, because you’re just overly excited that you can’t control yourself. It doesn’t really matter how old you are either, if you have things planned to do on that day than you get excited that you can’t contain it. You’ve been holding it in for whatever long you’ve been holding it in for and it’s time to release it. Well, that’s how I was last night. I was dead tired (hey I made a funny!) and as much as I wanted to stay up until midnight, I knew that wasn’t going to be an option. My mom had told me that we were getting up very early to begin with, so I knew I had to get lots of sleep or I wasn’t going to be very fun to be around. Even though I didn’t go to bed to at least 12:30am, I still managed to get up three hours before my mom’s alarm went off. Somehow after noticing it was 5am, I went back to sleep and got up an hour later. I had just enough time to start on my “birthday wishes” that flood my Facebook every year. I also did my Ketchup With Us post too!

When my parents got up this morning, they were “good” in a sense. Dad was in a weird mood. He was seriously cracking jokes for most of the morning and my mom got my hair washed and got me dressed. I had two different outfits that I had been thinking about wearing for today. It’s been a while since I’ve worn my neon animal print leggings from Body Central. I miss those pants, but I can’t wear them when I go to my nana’s for the fear of falling out of my chair. I would have worn just a plain black T-shirt with it. Yesterday afternoon I got the idea of wearing my “Rocker At Heart” tank top that I got from Wet Seal, over my black shirt. So when my mom dressed me, she took the hint yesterday and put me in that and I got to wear my black leggings with white skulls she got two weekend’s ago, they’re also from Body Central. I was pretty much done than getting my hair brushed and grabbing my iPod, phone and bracelet before we left. We had attempted leaving the house at 9am, but we ended up leaving it at 9:30am. Yes, I checked before we left. We had to go over to my nana’s to grab my money that I have been working off for her for the last few months. Go me! After going back to the house because my mom forgot something, we went in the wrong direction than I thought we were going.

Honestly, the day after my sister went back to “The Dirty” as she calls it, she was talking to her friends that she was coming back on my birthday. I kind of figured she would show up sometime that day I just didn’t know how she was going to do it. I had told my nana that I knew but never told my mom or sister that I had read that. So when we were talking this “new way” to go where I thought we were going, I started thinking differently. My mom had told she had a surprise for me but I had to wait for the rightful time to get it. Well I didn’t know for sure where we were going until we passed Wheatland, that’s when my inner self was dancing in the backseat. So I had all that time to look out my window and daydream and observe my surroundings. I saw a deer run towards the road, but he was still pretty out in the field. I’ve actually never seen a real deer run in the field before and I just thought that was so cool! Everytime I go for long car rides, I like to look for hawks. I only saw two but I don’t even know if they were really hawks or not. They didn’t look like crows either. They almost looked like vultures to me. I saw a lot of horses, which I see as good luck. As for as many horses I saw getting there, I thought I’d have lots of good luck. That didn’t go well for me sadly. When we finally picked up Blondie, we “rushed” over to our first destination. Steak N Shake.

Last year, I had the less expensive meal. It was just cheese fries and a chocolate milkshake. Well, at first three of us were going to get what we had the last time, but Blondie and dad changed their minds. Blondie goes there with her friends, so she’s really loving their new milkshake S’mores. So dad had to try it too. Their orders were different, but mine basically stayed the same except with the change of my shake. Instead of getting a chocolate milkshake. I got cookies ‘n cream milkshake. It literally spoke to me to try it. Well, we had to wait twenty minutes for the shakes to come to us. Our food came to us first before they did. Once we did get our shakes, I could barely get anything out of my straw and after one taste dad was hooked to the S’mores shake too and my mom and I had to try it too. I’ve got to say it was pretty good and I don’t like real S’mores either and I can still say that was damn good. After we got done with our meals, we went to the mall. We walked around different stores like Charlotte Russe, Body Central, Spencer’s, and Hot Topic. It was very weird to go into Spencer’s and even though it wasn’t our normal store, like it wasn’t too crowded and small. It actually some space for my wheelchair to get around. I was pretty happy about that. The first two stores we actually went into were jewelry stores. One of the stores was the same store I had gotten my orange, spike cuff. We brought it for a key to find others like it. Well, the owner knew that’s what we were looking for and she basically had me try on different ones to see if they’d fit on my ankle or not.

I bought this thick cuff that literally could be considered a weapon, since the spikes on it are very pointy. It’s black and gold spikes and it looks very rock n roll I might add. That was the only one I bought from that store even thought I had my eye on a few others too. After we purchased it we left to go into Claire’s and I found my next bracelet. it is an elastic black bracelet and has small spikes and skulls on it. So I have two bracelets on my left ankle and one my right ankle. After we left that store, we went into Spencer’s and my dad had already went in there and saw the humor shirts and apparently liked the kid shirts the most. I was in still wanting some more jewelry, but I wanted to look around their shirts. I found some very skull-y shirts, but they were like $30 so they were out after seeing that kind of price. My parents found the music shirts and actually found two Five Finger Death Punch and I thought I was going home with both until they didn’t have the other one in my size. So I bought the army green one and now I have four Death Punch shirts. My dad regrets not getting that other one for himself. We went through three other stores after that and I didn’t buy anything else. Everything looks good online and they always seem to have more online anyways, but I was really disappointed that I wasn’t finding much.

When we actually left there, we left with only one bag which NEVER happens. Ever. My sister had to go back on campus to her last class of the day and we actually spent a little bit of time in her dorm room. I swear the more stuff they put in there and change their stuff around, the room gets smaller and smaller. I could barely fit in there and you should’ve seen my mom and I trying to get into the handicap bathroom. That was fun, but thankfully I didn’t run over her feet, not like she could’ve felt it with her biker boots on. When she went to her next class, my parents and I went to the campus Barnes & Noble. When we were there for family day back in September, it was very crowded and I was wanting to look at all of the book instead of the clothes. When we entered the place, it was very large, but sadly looks are very deceiving and I had my phone full of the three books I wanted and they didn’t have any of them. I was very upset. My mom said it best, the place sucked. My mom got my sister’s book she needed for her class and she and dad were sitting eating a pretzel. while I was mad that I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me like that milkshake. They found things, but I was very unlucky.

When we finally left, I looked sad and miserable. I was fine with how things turned out. Not every birthday is going to be like you thought. I did get one thing I knew I’d get and that was my sister. I did get more jewelry and I got to eat Steak N Shake. I’m just surprised I came home with more money than I thought I would. When we got home, all of the kittens greeted us at the door and things just kind of went back to the way they were before. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good day though. Here’s what you have to realize, it could have rained all day long. As many times that dad had to pull on the brakes, we weren’t in a car accident. Blondie could have had a full schedule of classes today and couldn’t come hang out with us. My wheelchair could have crapped out in the middle of the day (which it almost did) and I could have hit something and broke it. I had a good day today and I am glad I asked God last night instead of giving me a good day, he did what I asked for, I asked him to let me see the positive outlook on things if the day wasn’t going in the right direction. So the next time you complain about not getting out and doing things or your day isn’t going as happened, just think of the ways it could have gone in another way. Take everything positive and switch them around. Plus, you can always ask God for some guidance too. Good night.

Almost To The End Of The Pumpkins

It’s been another long day full of pumpkins and being creative. After tomorrow, my nana and I will be officially done with them. Tomorrow we’re going to be doing the big one for my mom’s front porch. While my mom and dad were away for the day, we spent our time in the kitchen doing these pumpkins. After spending twenty minutes on Friday melting the crayons on the other pumpkin and all that, we were kind of bored. I don’t think we should have complained because today we worked our butts off and got two pumpkins done in probably two hours or so. I may be wrong about that, but I’m not for sure. Anyways, we did two pumpkins and we mainly used our creative side to the extreme today, along glued and glittered our fingers and toes for the rest of the time. It was all fun though! By the end of our time together our bodies hurt and my toes were red and sore from doing everything. We did my nana’s pumpkin first and she wanted hers to have a face and look cutesy. We used an old case of railroad paint my dad probably bought a few years ago and tried that out and we also used yellow, black and hot pink nail polish. We actually used paint brushes today too! I was never good at paint in my art classes in school, but the one thing we had a problem was the black paint and glue running down her eyes twice. I’m just happy the glitter wasn’t that big of a deal as its been for the last couple of times we’ve used it.


After we completed the first one. We took a break and I ate cheese puffs, because I was running out of energy. Luckily this time around, I actually ate lunch and that kept me going for a bit. When I was finished I figured I’d get some of the stuff that my nana forgot to grab. Getting these things off the counter and floor almost landed me on the floor. That would have been hard to explain. Usually I have good balance whether or not I’m in the push wheelchair or not. I have to push things out-of-the-way, but thankfully they’re not that heavy for me to move over. My nana found fabric paint the other day, she had a lavender and gold paints. We used those two for my pumpkin. We tried to use it the normal way, but they were both too difficult for me to do, so we ended having to take off the top off the gold paint and use a paint brush to put it on. My nana had to teach me how to work it on, since it wasn’t very thick at first. I started brushing it on and making the letters for it. After I was finished, like literally! My legs were done when I finished with the last letter. She ended giving them an extra coat since she’s worked with it before. She’s also the one to squirt the lavender polka dots on the tops. They we’re supposed to be swirls, but that didn’t happen and I was quite all right with that.


I was so glad when we finished with that last one. My feet were hurting so much. I find it interesting that I can’t get any inspiration to do my regular drawings, but these pumpkins are my other outlet. I think my nana also likes it too. I think my mom just likes it because it makes porch look pretty. Last year, when I decorated the pumpkins I felt like I was a little kid again coloring on a pumpkin with a marker. Now I just feel like a creative person. It’s also nice to actually follow through with one of my never-ending ideas for once. I haven’t done that since I did my Linkin Park drawings, but I think it’s because my nana wants to do it too, so it’s helping me reach for that mini achievement for the both of us. Now we’re going to start planning for our holiday stuff for October and December. Boy, my family is going to be thinking we’re crazy by the end of the next two or three months.

Talking About Music When I’m Eating

Why is it my dad chooses to come in and talk to me about Five Finger Death Punch when I’m eating? I do not get it, but I guess after complaining I haven’t fangirl with anybody yet since the new album came out on Tuesday. So I guess this was a given. I had been waiting to talk about it with a friend of mine and I have talked with a Twitter follower yesterday. This is the second time he’s came in my room while I’m eating and wanted to talk to me about them. I’ve got to say, it makes me proud and smile, but when I’m eating and watching a special on TV at the same time. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I shut up my feelings and let him go on. Of course, when I wasn’t talking back he got bent out of shape, but I was chewing! What did he expect? He kept saying it was one of their best albums, then he had to ask if I thought so. Second question was, when I didn’t really answer that first question. When he asked what album I liked best and I said War Is The Answer was my favorite, he asked me why. I told him it was because it is one of those albums that I can listen and not skip songs in between. We both agreed we liked American Capitalist too. I thought after those two questions were answered, I thought he’d let me eat in peace but nope. He came in my room and started asking me about this one song on the album the he just didn’t like at all.

If you have read my album review I did on Tuesday and I had even asked a similar question like the one he was telling me. He didn’t like the fact that when ivan goes to say “I saw God today, and said SHE’s ashamed” and he didn’t like the fact that he was talking about God as a woman instead of a man. So it got dad curious and since I don’t know the right answer to that, I just had to hear his theories. The part of this whole thing that made me crack up was the fact we listened to like four songs on volume 13 and 14 on my stereo. I never get my stereo that loud even on a good day. Since I was eating dinner, so was my mom, who was sitting in the living room and had to hear FFDP loudly. I was literally waiting for her to come in afterwards and give me that look like, “what started that?” I would just giggle and say I’m sorry because I didn’t start the conversation, he did. I can’t wait to start this back up in November again. God, I’m now hoping the new album comes out the week after my birthday.

Album Review: The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol. 1 – FFDP


It’s not like I needed an excuse to be happy on this glorious gloomy day, but I do have one and I’ve been freaking excited for it for the last three months, and maybe a little more if you really think about it. It is finally the day all of the knuckleheads can finally go crazy and relax for a bit until the chaos starts back up at the end of September and I’m just making a rough guess to when the next round of madness will start up for when Volume 2 will be released in the fall. With only the release of their first single, “Lift Me Up” featuring Rob Halford of Judas Priest and the live performance on The Golden Gods awards, I thought we were all going to explode. These guys have a knack for teasing us, don’t you think? Since they’ve started up on the Mayhem Festival, they’ve been nice enough to upload a lot of webisodes over the last few weeks. I think I can finally say, I am caught up on all of them. Whoohoo!

At the beginning of the month, my dad and I thought we weren’t going to make it through the whole month to get to hear the infamous album I’ve been hearing about for a year and a half. Anyways, on Saturday, I literally had to tell myself, you actually made it! Only three more days to go! Who knew those three days would go by so freaking slow? That always happens when you’re looking for to something as big as this. Well now, I think I can start this review and I’m so excited because it gives me another excuse to listen to all the way through…again! Yes, I said “again” you should have seen me this morning I thought I was going to punch my laptop a couple of times because Spotify wasn’t loading as fast as I wanted it to, I’ve been told by my dad that he was going to listen to the new album before I got the chance. I got up at 11am and fixed up my mini speakers and had to wait 10 minutes and panic that he might actually get his wish and then it worked and then I was drifted off to heaven, or was it hell. I don’t know, I couldn’t really tell. Okay, let’s start after their first single and get to “Watch You Bleed” now.

I love how this song starts out. Everybody knows I love intros so much, and it is very simple acoustic and Ivan sings it so nicely and yet powerful and then shortly after it starts, it gets more upbeat with the guitars getting more aggressive and the drums start up. It stayed very upbeat and has a nice simple guitar solo and then breaks down again to the sweet acoustic sound and the song ends with Ivan singing softly as it fades away into the next song. Honestly, after hearing bits and pieces of it their YouTube videos, I though I’d like it a little bit more than I did. It’s still a very good song, but right now it’s not a favorite. The next song is “You” and I think I am in love with this song. I was watching a video of an interview with Jeremy and Jason and the reporter asked them what their favorite songs was and this was a little bit after the performed on Golden Gods and we really didn’t know what the track list was at that time, but Jason said there was a song called “You” and he loves it! And I’ve got to say any song that says boldly “I don’t give a fuck about you” makes me a very happy girl. I don’t know why, it just does. Anyways, it’s a very fast pace song. I don’t see how Ivan can do this vocally, because he’s basically doing his screams and roars throughout it, but it’s fast as hell. I love how the guitars sound on this one a lot. It’s just a really good song.

The title track I guess you could say, “Wrong Side Of Heaven” when I first listened to it, I thought it was a ballad. I love the slow introduction and this acoustic guitar at the beginning and the drums, then as the chorus starts it to get a little more uptempo, but when it ends it goes back to the slow ballad feel. It’s a very good balance between the two and the lyrics were interesting. Ivan talked as God was a woman and I am very curious to know why he thought to change of what everybody thinks of God being a man, and he says “she” instead. I thought that was interesting, but the sound of the song is like a slow, nice guitar riffs throughout. It’s a different song that I don’t feel like it would have worked with any other lyrics. I think they both meshed well together and I actually love that to pieces! The next song was one of the songs I listened to on YouTube on Sunday, because my stupid ass couldn’t wait any longer. Remember that interview I told you about, well Jeremy had said that this next song was his favorite, my friend and I were kind of like, “Oh, I cannot wait to hear this one!” That was the reason why I caved in over the weekend. The next song is called, “Burn MF” and this sucker gets me very happy and excited. All thanks to the intro too, I love Jeremy’s drumming at the beginning and the guitars cutting in and when Ivan comes on and explodes with the chorus with, “burn mother fucker burn! Burn mother fucker burn!” That was the second part that got me and then Ivan gets really mean and angry and it just breaks down and it’s the best song on the whole damn album and I’m not even done yet, but I’m still saying it.

Well, the next one is called, “I.M. Sin” and Ivan is so strong and bold with this song, I think it’s like a little bit like “Salvation” but a little bit more bigger than that song. I love the chorus a lot. You can definitely get pumped up with whatever you’re going to do, and then Ivan “talks” and I love it when he does that and then you get a lovely loud guitar solo to balance out Ivan’s voice. It’s a pretty good song, but it’s not a favorite yet either. Now instead of going back and doing the song over, I’m adding the version featuring Max Cavalera, from the band(s) Sepultura and Soulfly. He is singing in Portuguese, which I thought was a nice change in it. The next song is “Anywhere But Here” and man, if there was any way possible to get Ivan to sing on the original version of the band In This Moment’s song “The Promise” I think everybody would love it. But you can’t, but we do have this one instead. It’s a sort of upbeat-ballad and one version Maria Brink doesn’t appear until the end, but on the second one she’s on throughout the song and even does a scream or two. It’s a good match and everything in the song works beautifully. The next one is “Dot Your Eyes” and I heard my dad say four times this will be the best song on the record and then I had to get a long lecture about why he loves Death Punch so much, even thought for seven months straight I got my ass made fun of because I liked a metal band that “worshiped Satan,” well jokes on you dad! Anyways, I like this song and it’s another one of those that will get you pumped up and the second version of the song features another male vocalist, Jamey Jasta from the band Hatebreed.

I think the next song is one of those songs that gives you the time to think throughout the song and it’s just a ballad with aggressive guitar riffs and Ivan sings this song with a lot of emotion, at least I think so. Everybody says “music speaks when words don’t.” This song makes you want to cry and think about things as things can indeed get worse then it already is and I love this song, but I can’t listen to it a lot or I’ll just bawling my eyes out and that’s not pretty! The song I’m talking about is called “M.I.N.E. (End This Way) and it’s a damn good song! The next one after it is, the cover song we’ve all been hearing about featuring Tech N9ne and it’s LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock U Out” and I think it’s freaking bad ass and for some odd reason, everytime I hear it I think it’s this generations version of Run DMC with Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way,” except they covered this song and got another rapper instead. I thought it was pretty cool! My dad even said he liked it! The last song “Diary Of A Deadman” was, from what I heard, was supposed to be an instrumental and that’s it. Ivan apparently liked it and gave it a shot and put some pretty powerful words together, I love how it sounds “spooky” in a sense and I am happy I can hear Chris Kael playing bass throughout it. The guitars sounds awesome and Jeremy sounds great and unique too! I honestly didn’t want it to end, I wanted it to keep on going and never stop.

This was definitely worth the wait. Sadly, I have to wait a little bit longer to actually download it onto my iPod because my dad and I have no money at the moment to go buy it. I want the uncensored and Deluxe version and I think my dad won’t mind because he will freak out if the words “mother fucker” is bleeped out from “Burn MF” I mean, come on! I can’t wait to do this all over again in the couple of months. It has been fun chatting with other fans and get psyched up and hopefully they’ll continue to post videos. Cross your fingers! By the way, just wanted to let everybody know, this whole review is what I thought of the album, you are welcomed to think otherwise to the songs that I described, but it’s just my thoughts here. Whose ready for the fall and volume 2 of The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell? I sure as hell am!