Album Review: “Tied Down” by Forever Still

Forever_Still_Cover_Artwork-690x690I’m so excited to do this review!! The band Forever Still is a new band I’ve recently been listening to since last August? I’m pretty sure that’s right because they were last minute additions into my Denmark Tune Tuesday worldwide series last summer! The band consists of three members: Maja, Mikkel, and Dennis. This trio has released three EPs last year, which is how I already know the lyrics of a few of their songs on this album. This album is called “Tied Down” and was released last week. I’ve already made myself a mental note to try and get this sometime soon!

The album starts out with a banger called “Scars” this is one of my favorites! It was the first song I liked when I went looking for the band on Spotify! The songs have a raw emotions screaming throughout each one. I think “Scars” is perfect and I’m not being bias or anything. I really wish I could scream like Maja! I’ve got the growling part down, I’m hoping I can match her screams someday! The second song is “Once Upon A Nightmare” I always love these types of titles! It already gives you mysterious outlook of how the song will sound. It does have a soft, creepy introduction to it. The tempo is sort of slow, it’s not a ballad, but it’s still pretty good! Maja’s voice is very different, she has this country sound in her voice; almost a Stevie Nicks type of voice! It’s completely unique from other female fronted bands. Third is another favorite and I LOVE singing it! It’s called “Miss Madness” and it’s another slow track, but the content of it needs a slower tempo for it to be meaningful.

The next song is called “Awake The Fire” and I love how the guitar sounds in the beginning and the choruses! Ugh! It’s a little intoxicating! When I heard this song at first, I wasn’t really into it. I’ve only heard three times but I just couldn’t get into it as much I liked the sound of it. However, there are parts that I like of it now, so I can’t say I hate it fully. A track called “Breathe In” is next and after you hear Maja yell out the word “go” harshly, you’re kind of expecting the whole song to be heavy and fast and it’s not, well until you get into the middle and she takes a big breath in and screams, then the tempo changes and gets heavy then, but that’s about it. It’s not that bad though! Sixth track is called “Save Me” and this one is another slow but raw song. With this kind of title, there’s like a 80% chance it’ll be slow paced and soft than anything else. I like this one. I feel like they’re ballad-like songs are better because it just kind of takes you away from your daily problems and/or thoughts, you get lost in the songs! Those are always my favorites!

The last four songs starts with “Your Light” and it has the rock sound that everybody loves so much, the perfect soft moments just before the chorus start and beautiful sounds coming from the guitars. I love the soft and slow vocals of it, everything about it is amazing. The next is “Alone” and it starts off with my favorite kinds of intro, slow and ominous and then BAM! The whole thing just picks up and I was expecting it to be slower too, not because the whole album is that way, withe using the word “alone” as a title, you’re just kind of expecting it to be that way! I do like it heavy so that’s a plus! Ninth song is “Break The Glass” and I like this one! Mostly because of the guitars again! I think I might have a problem! The last one is the titled track of the album, “Tied Down” and I like how we started with a banger and end with another one. It has the upbeat sound in the intro and then it’s stripped with only Maja’s majestic voice and a piano, before Mikkel and Dennis finally join in again. It’s a nice mix of instruments honestly. Very good!

I think the album as a whole is very good! Considering they are an independent band, definitely surprised the crap out of me! There are a lot of slow tempo songs on it. Usually I’m not a big fan of those types of songs but I’ve kind of grown to like them recently. If you’re looking for some new rock music you should definitely check out this band. All of their music is on Spotify too!

What do you think of the debut album of Forever Still? Are you glad you have all of the tracks that were released on the EPs in one place? 


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Album Review: In This Moment’s “Black Widow”

I am one of those fans, especially in the music world that is less surprised of what happens next. I’ve seen so many changes of different artists/bands that I think I’ve been able to accept change within myself because if things happen that you can’t control, you can either learn how to adapt to it or run away from it. Let’s be honest about that second one, you can’t runaway from everything. In the music industry, everybody is always trying to do something different. From the first album, everything is usually pretty mild; something to get their feet wet and gain a bigger fan base on what they have to offer to their listeners. By the third or fourth album though, all rules are gone and they are ready to unleash themselves from what everybody thinks of them. I think the female fronted metal band In This Moment is one of these bands. I became a fan of ITM kind of late in their reign. They were the reason why I have a larger than life love for any female fronted heavy metal or rock band out there.

When their last album, “Blood” came out last year. I didn’t even listen to it on Spotify, when I had the money to get it, I got it. At that time, I had only heard their title track and “You’re Gonna Listen” on YouTube. I was instantly hooked. I was actually shocked of how fast they announced that they were going to release a new album in 2014. The shock only lasted but a day until I heard “Sick Like Me” and I was like, “Blood” was just the start. We had some warning of what kind of direction they may go with this album as they have said they liked the theatrical side they got to go as far as bringing it to a live show. Now that it’s out, I’m happy that Maria is letting herself out more and more. She’s becoming of a teacher in a way, I always liked the singers who didn’t care about what anybody says and nobody really tells them what to do. The fact that she’s in a band full of four other guys, they help create the sound behind their vixen. Without Chris, Travis, Randy, and Tom the songs would not have body and be so damn powerful. Not saying Maria isn’t powerful but I mean I look beyond vocals and lyrics first, so they build me up and grab my attention first.

So to really start this album review off, this get into the songs. The introduction is my kind of intro, it’s called “The Infection” and it has the pull you in closer to death kind of intros. Once it is finished, then “Sex Metal Barbie” begins and oh my god, do I love this song! Of course, when they released it on Spotify it took me three days to be able to listen to it out loud. When I first heard their cover of Nine Inch Nails’ song “Closer” and realized that I was trying to learn the words to this very dirty song and my parents were just inches away from my room. Everything that has the word, “sex” I tend to be a little careful. However, I think this is an amazing song. It sounds like ITM song but I really like that little drop of the chorus. Makes you want to dance, but not in a sexy way. This is the ideal song for every hater of their music. The next song is “Big Bad Wolf” and I love this song too! That intro affects me in the same way of “Sick Like Me” it just builds me up and turns me into something else. I have yet to figure out what the metaphor is for this song. The lyrics alone confuse me, but I like everything else about it so I’ll deal with it.

The next round of songs are ones that I haven’t heard yet, well except for one but I only listened to it twice and both times it gave me a weird vibe. It doesn’t matter though, because I listen to the album more and more I’ll grow to like it too! The first song of this round is called “Dirty Pretty” and it’s got this dark, slow, but sultry sound to it. In ways, it sounds like a true ITM song but it’s also different too. It’s got a good balance of something familiar and new. I like it. The next song is the title track, “Black Widow” and I have always loved those songs that bring in this old radio/TV sound and the intro is of this old reporter telling its listeners of the dangerous effects of a female black widow spider. This is a brilliant metaphor of Maria as even me, as a woman too, just one look at this woman and she pulls everybody down to their knees and commands your full attention but with her fierce screams she does she can very well kill you by bursting your ear drums. The song “Sexual Hallucination” with featuring vocals of the band Shinedown Brent Smith is a very deep, slow, and sexy duet between these two singers. The first single off the album is next, “Sick Like Me” and since I actually did a music video review of it, I don’t think I really need to talk about it, but I will leave a link for you to check out what I really think of the video and I do review the song a bit too! Click here.

The next song is the one song that makes me feel funny, “Bloody Creature Poster Girl” it definitely doesn’t sound like a ITM track but I’m not quite sure if I’m meaning that in a bad way though. You do hear Maria’s infamous screams but it’s got this bluesy/jazzy vibe throughout the song even with the guitars, it’s a jazzy/metal sound. Next up is called, “The Fighter” and I already like this title. The beginning of just the calming piano and Maria’s clean vocals are just beautiful. This song is another finding strength and fight song for anybody who needs it. This might one were I’ll know every word to it and be able to sing it out loud. The next song is called, “Bones” and it’s that familiar sound of a dark and full metal feel. I’m pretty sure those drum sounds would be amazing on my stereo on the chorus part. The next is very interesting, it’s called “Natural Born Sinner” and if I didn’t know any better, I think Maria says a part of a verse in the Bible, I could be wrong. The song is another metal sounding kind of song, some synths throughout it but it screams (well, technically Maria screams it) metal. The next one leads into the last one of the album, “Into The Darkness” and it’s very, very dark. It’s got a very demonic and good battle at the beginning, Maria is whispering to a strange dark voice and then she starts to break down and cries, then the actual song starts to take form and its called, “Out Of Hell” and it’s a piano and story telling type of song. Maria has an amazing way of bringing out the darkest side of herself and showing her vulnerability to the world.

I think this album is amazing! It’s very different from what as their big fans thought it would sound like, but that doesn’t always mean that those bigger fans will like it either. If you buy the album as a deluxe there are two extra songs, I’ve decided not to include them inside this review. They are called though, “Turn You” and “Ribcage.” If you’ve listened to the album already, I would like to hear what you think of it. What are your favorite tracks?