Writing Prompt: Alexina Meets Evander

I’ve been thinking about different things and I keep having little “fairy tale” visions in my mind. So I’m going with this for today. This might have a few sections later on if I continue to develop thoughts and story lines about these two characters and era. I hope you think this interesting and hope you enjoy it!

fairytalemadness | Tumblr
fairytalemadness | Tumblr

Night and day are united as one, the sun no longer shines outside the clouds as the plague continues to spread throughout the kingdom.
The village outside the palace is dreadfully infected with the disease and all of the staff are not allowed to leave the palace for any reason in case someone were to pass it along to any of us trapped inside.
We are slowly running out of food and since the sickness still affects everybody outside of the castle, we may be resulting in asking for help from other kingdoms.
Father hasn’t written any letters so far asking for more help with the care of our people and we need more food to feed them and ourselves, but my mother has and father wasn’t too thrilled about the fact that a woman wrote to the other kingdoms for their help.
Within a month, the plague still lingers on and we have officially run out of food here in the castle and three different kingdoms deliver their best men, doctors, priests, and food by the dozen for everybody in the kingdom as they said they can’t turn down a lady’s letter.
Father wasn’t pleased that they had brought it up, but inside he did feel grateful.
Since all of these extra people were coming into the palace, my sister and I helped the servants with dressing each room with blankets, towels, and fresh clothes for them.
“How many people do you think will be here with us?” Sloane said, as she was helping me fix one of the beds.
“Mother said probably close to forty people. That is, if the plague doesn’t affect them on their journey here.” I said back to her.
“Alexina, Sloane. They’re here.” Mother came in with three of her ladies in waiting, and two other servants who took over making the rest of the beds.
We grab the sides of our big skirts and follow them down the long hallway to the stairs, we looked down to find close to thirty people in the great room.
All of them kneeling down in front of father, and they stayed there to show their respect for mother, Sloane, and I.
We walked down the stairs and I looked at all of these people, I was expecting more than this, but I felt sad too as that meant the weather took some of their lives.
“Welcome to our home. I know you’ve come a long way and I thank you and my people will also thank you as well. We are in need of your help and we will greatly help you if you need it. Meet my queen, Freya and our daughters Alexina and Sloane.” My father said to all of our visitors, one of the male knights that still kneeled in front of us, had olive skin and dark hair with brown eyes.
He looked distanced but more alive than the rest that kneeled before me.
He didn’t look away from my father’s glaze and I actually wished he would so I could see his whole face and make him feel welcomed here.
“My trustee Nils will show you all to your rooms and then if you will go out to the village and began seeing my people. There will be a safe house for those who leave to do so, as I’m afraid I will not have my wife, daughters, staff and myself infected by the disease outside. Now, good day.” Father said as he concluded his speech.
The young man turned his face down towards the red and gold rug on the floor.
He seemed like a quiet soul, but he seemed kind of adventurous as well.
As father and the leaders of each kingdom walked away to catch up on old times, mother and her ladies in waiting walked towards the servants that came with all of the knights, to help them with whatever they needed, my mother wasn’t like any ordinary queen; she believed in helping any way she saw fit.
Sloane followed suit as I stood along up against the stairs looking straight at the mystery man that got my attention before my father started talking, he finally saw me and gave me a slight smile.
No teeth, but that was enough for now.
The commander got his knights attention by stomping his cane on the floor three times and they all stood up from the ground and turned away to walk up the stairs.
I got out of their way, but just enough that each of them nodded at me and kissed my hand.
When the man grabbed my hand, sparks glowed in his eyes, still looked distant but he was definitely interested now.
“What is your name?” I said in a firm voice but my voice cracked mid-sentence and I felt embarrassed of myself.
“My name is Evander, your majesty. Please to meet you.” He said as he leaned down to kiss my hand and then he gave me another small smile before walking away to the next man came walking behind him.
I kept quiet with him and the rest, they didn’t seem interesting enough for me.

#FWF — Old Prompt

I found an old prompt from Free Write Friday, which is hosted by the lovely Kellie Elmore. The prompt is to finish the story. Here is the first part.

“He pointed me toward the opening in the tree. “I’m sure you’ll be pleased. It’s surprisingly large once you’re inside.”

I didn’t want to trust him, but it was like something took over me. Did he put a spell on me? Well, first off how could a rabbit put a spell on somebody? Unless he’s like that professor on Harry Potter that can change into a cat. Must be a very skilled trick to master. It had just rain, because the ground was still wet. I was glad I opt out of wearing my light pink dress this morning, my father would have killed me for what I’d done to it. Now my old blue dress is being torn at the seams and turning into a dark brown, matching the bark of the tree I was crawling into. I had remember a scene like this from the movie Alice In Wonderland, but I wasn’t Alice at all. I knew who I was and knew this was wrong, but yet here I was looking up inside a dark tree. Once I had my feet inside the tree, the rabbit hoped in too and shut the door. Now it was pitch black and I became a little bit claustrophobic. The rabbit must’ve felt my anxiety levels go up, because then he decided to ask me “are you ready?” I tried to find him, but he wasn’t there so I said, “ready for what?” Then there was a soft breathing behind me, and the thing I knew I heard, “this” and then things went downhill from there–literally!

The ground started going down very fast and I couldn’t control my screams, we were falling at a fast pace. There were lights around us, at different floors, I got a better look at the place where the rabbit was, controlling the lever. “Okay, you can stay screaming now!” As he slowed down the speed of the elevator and when I noticed the lights passing us by, I looked at him and grabbed him by the neck and said, “what the hell was that?!” He looked puzzled at me and pointed at the ground, stating he wanted me to put him down, but I wanted my answer first! However, I wasn’t getting anywhere since I was basically choking the little fur ball. So I put him down and he went back to his place and looked at the walls and pulled the lever back and the whole thing came to a shrieking halt. I fall back against the wall and when I raised my head up, he looked at me and said, “we’re here.” I got that Jackass. The side I was propping myself against had split in two as they opened into a fairly large room with thousands of lights flickering everywhere. Going from a slight dimed room to a room with very good light, my eyes were having a hard time focusing in on everything. The little rabbit passed me and I sat up slowly, but as I moved my feet over the doors quickly closed and I swear I heard the tree laugh at me.

The rabbit was moving fast for his size. Here I was trailing behind him, trying to wipe off the crud off my dress and arms. I’m glad I had my hair up in a ponytail before he talked me into that little scheme. “This is Harlequin” As I continued to walk around, it was like I was a village made up of carnival people. Gypsies, clowns, the bearded lady and her children (who had little beards themselves) and all sorts of animals everywhere, but they weren’t in cages or on chains. They were loose and talking like the damn rabbit. I was confused, but I understood what Dorothy Gale felt like in Wizard Of Oz when she met the munchkins, the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion. It was overwhelming! “Why did you bring me here?” I looked at a mirror and it wasn’t out of glass, it was made out of the raindrops draining from the ground above. My homeland. When I looked back at the rabbit, he wasn’t there, but in his place was a man, fit in the same clothes as the rabbit wore and came closer to me “don’t be frightened.” I was speechless, he was like that professor in Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall could take him anyway though. “I’m not frightened.” He smiled slightly, as he walked towards me and he took his hand out to reach mine. “Let me show Harlequin, I think you will learn to love it.” I took his hand and again here I was in a trance and could not escape.