Falling Asleep

There are a lot of songs I can full asleep to. It’s always the ballads that are really slow and voices are really low. You can’t help it. Sometimes, if you’re not like me and you keep your volume all the way up, you can go to sleep in the middle of a song. Especially if it’s a very meaningful song. Those are always so comforting to just relax and let go of whatever you’re thinking inside your mind. Then the next minute you know you’ve passed out and you weren’t even tired to begin with. Instead of just listing one song, I’m going to list four songs. All of these songs have the power to make me fall asleep.

Sisters Of The Light

I listen to a lot of music. Something you can always picture me buying is rock music. We know this already, but I’m not just an “all male band” lover. I love when the girls can get ugly in people’s faces just as much as the guys and yet look and sound beautifully. Since 2009, when I officially got into rock music, I got introduced to Flyleaf and Paramore. Both bands were off the hook, but something I liked with both bands. Besides Hayley’s hair, she really had some pair of lungs on her and the lead singer of Flyleaf, Lacey can scream like the rest of these guys. Except the difference with the females is the octaves they bring and they sound less freighting. Until one day, I had the guts to listen to Lacuna Coil. Lacuna Coil is in the genre of rock music that I really love, which is Symphonic Rock. Which takes classical instruments and heavy guitar riffs and drums and puts them together. I love how it sounds. When I first heard about what the genre was called, I went looking for even more bands and I was pleased with what I found.

Lacuna Coil, was one of the first bands I got interested. I had just started to listen to Sirius XM Octane and they had been playing a few songs from them like, “Spellbound” and “I Won’t Tell You” and after I heard these two I instantly become hooked to them. At that time, I was still using Playlist. I looked up even more songs by them, and found out they had been around for a while. Which made me feel bad since I discovered on them so late, but it’s what I’m known for actually. After them, I started listening to Evansecence and Flyleaf even more. Then my heart said, look up more bands. I did. I found Nightwish, Within Temptation, In This Moment, and Xandria. There were a few others but those just didn’t seem to click with me. These bands definitely won me over. Out of all of them, In This Moment is probably my second favorite after Lacuna Coil. Maria has some lungs, she doesn’t even sound human, but it works. She’s such a good screamer, I love her in the song, “The Promise” I am seriously addicted to that song. I’m listening to another one of their songs and she just did a big scream. Ahh! I love it!

Here’s some of my favorite songs from all these bands I’ve listed. Hope you enjoy! ❤







Get Your Heart On.

So I just listened to Simple Plan’s new album that came out in June and I’m wondering why I never saw anything about it but just ads for “Jet Lag” featuring Natasha Bedingfield around June or July. Don’t really remember what month I saw them post it on their facebook. The Pulse on Sirius XM channel just started playing yesterday and that’s how I heard it for the first time. Last name around midnight, I watched the music video and really loved it. I’ve been trying to listen to their new album on YouTube since 1:09am this morning. I got through probably three songs before going offline. I just finished up listening to it and I was actually more impressed than I thought I would be.

I’ve always been a fan of Simple Plan. They were one of the first rock bands I started listening to around 2002-03 era. It was Simple Plan, Good Charolette, Evanescence, and Avril Lavigne that ruled that time. Nowadays, it’s Avril Lavigne and some of the other three and lots of other bands that I got into afterwards. I’ve always been interested in Rock music I just didn’t like the “scary” bands. What I’m meaning there is pretty much Five Finger Death Punch, but they’re like the only metal band that I actually will listen to and watch their music videos. Everything else around FFDP is pretty much screwed. I won’t give them half a chance. I have enough rock bands as it is.

Here’s my favorites from “Get Your Heart On” album. Enjoy!