Tune Tuesday | Hungary 2016



So today, we’re in a new country for Tune Tuesday! This was a later addition to the pack actually and came from Twitter too! Every once in a while I find great music from my Twitter whether the band itself finds me first or I go off and find them. Surprisingly, it’s usually a member of the group finds me first and after a listen or two I add them to my regular listening party or put them on here instead!

I don’t have any other bands or singers from Hungary, so these guys are the first and that’s actually a good thing to say you were the first before anyone else! Sorroinia is, I feel like I found when I went out on a following spree, which happens a lot more than I care to admit. They are a symphonic metal band which right away should make you nod if you are familiar with me! Anyways, they are not just symphonic metal, they have some gothic sounds in their music too! They’re pretty good!

Do you listen to Sorronia or any other bands and/or singers from Hungary?

Wanderlust Tag


I found nice and short tag on Faye Olivia’s blog! I thought it would get my brain away from all the cold and ice roads for a while. I hope you enjoy and I tag anyone who’d like to fill this out too! 

Where was your first plane to? – My first plane ride was back in 2003. A year after I had my surgeries, we went to Florida as my Make-A-Wish wish was to go to Disney World. We spent a day up in Indy at the highest floor, we could hear the planes coming and gone overhead. It was really weird!

Where have you traveled to that you would love to visit again? – A place I’d love to go back to, probably Disney World. I feel like I didn’t do enough to remember anything we went to see there! I remember our little community more than the actual theme parks!

You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going? – Oh boy! My heart lies in England! I would love to see the castles, museums, and be able to shop at Zara or Topshop! I’d love to go to Ireland, Poland, and Amsterdam too! If this was to ever happen, I imagine just picking one place would be heartbreaking for me!

Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or car? – I’d rather travel in a car, but one day I will travel by a train!

Favorite travel website? – Girl VS. Globe and Curb Free. I love Sabina’s posts and pictures, but Cory’s different as he’s in a wheelchair too. Reading about travel destinations by somebody who will give you detailed access for handicapped people is so awesome!

Where would you travel to just eat the food? – Just the food…this might scare a few people but I would L-O-V-E to go to New Orleans, and Portland (both OR & Maine).

Is there a place you would never go again? – I’d never go back to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Went there YEARS ago for school and it was so short and boring!

Do you prefer the Window, Aisle, or Middle seat? – I’d rather prefer the Window seat, but I love the clouds!

How do you pass the time on the airplane? – I don’t remember how we past the time on our plane rides. The ride to FL we had a nice lady and her family going to Cabo, I think. It was airplane ride #1 out of two for them. She talked to my mom and I and shared a brownie with my sister and I! It was so much better than peanuts! I remember I kept looking around at everybody.