Tune Tuesday | Norway 2016


Hey guys,

This week we discuss musicians from Norway! I am slowly running out of Norwegian acts for these posts. I only have one for next year’s so I’m going to need some help in figuring out who to use for 2017! I’m thinking ahead of myself, so let’s get back to this year as we are heading to the end of this year’s summer theme! I hope you guys are still enjoying these posts every week!

This first singer I found through fellow blogger, Steve Says, music section. It is Elizabeth Kostova. From what I’ve gathered after hearing her music on YouTube, she’s a pop singer. I thought she’d be a little darker in her music, but this is good too! The songs she has up on the channel sound very sultry! If you want to look into her more, beware, there’s an author with the same name!

Second is somebody that has a bit of a bigger audience: that is Aurora. I was a bit shocked when I found out that she wasn’t American! Aurora is pretty young, I think she’s like 19 years old! I like her music, it’s right up my alley honestly! Sometimes all I need is something dark, but whimsical to get me out of my depths of my mind.

Do you know any more Norwegian acts that I need add or check out, let me know!