My HOPE For MAKS Is Gone

It is the end of week nine of Dancing With The Stars, for some like me this goodbye has been long overdue. From the start of the show I did not like Hope and Maks. For one thing, I don’t know anything about Hope except that she’s a soccer player. That’s it. Maks is known for having a cocky attitude and this season was no different than besides having a twin. By the end of the competition Hope started to show her cocky side to the game and from there got some less votes from me.

Although Hope and Maks has a lot more downfalls in their dances, there were actually some dances I liked, which is surprising! Her movie score dance of Toy Story was cute and very good. Halloween week was pretty good too. There was a third dance I liked and it was last week’s dances. I think I liked her Jive more though. They started over and were nice to each other and it wasn’t an intense rehearsal that are known for on the show.

Last night’s show was another story. Not only were they not being like last week, being nice. Hope got a little mad and Carrie-Ann popped off to Maks when they were getting advice from the judges on their first dance of the night. Another thing was Hope pretty much bashed everybody else on the show. That was uncalled for. They needed to go a long time ago. She was even bashed on Twitter last night. So it wasn’t all me. Next week is the FINALS! Who is going to take the Mirror Ball trophy? Rob and Cheryl? Ricki and Derek? Or J.R. and Karina? Your thoughts.

The Insprinig Couple on DWTS: @LaceySchwimmer & @ChazBono

So it’s Wednesday, and last night’s elimination was a sad one and opened a can of worms. Right after Dancing With The Stars were over I got offline and I didn’t see the other half of the drama that happened during Monday’s show. Chaz and Lacey apparently didn’t like the judges comments, mostly it was Bruno’s comments calling them “animals.” I’m sorry, but that is just mean! Both have done good for the past what six weeks into this competition. I understand the judges are there for to give things to work on, that’s fine, but what Bruno said was out of line.

I have to give Chaz credit. At the beginning of the show, he battles an injury on his knee which played a part for two weeks. He also battles all the criticism from all different kinds of people before the show even started. Nobody thought he would go as far as he did. He showed everybody. His fans kept them in the competition. Despite what the judges thought, Chaz and Lacey were amazing and I was glad to see them dance this season. There will not be another person like Chaz on Dancing With The Stars with as much as much heart and courage.

Julianne Hough Comes Back To DWTS!

This is going to seem a bit sad. My mom and I didn’t start watching Dancing With The Stars from season to season until Season 9. She watched Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger take the Mirror Ball that year. Afterwards, we both started watching it and taping it and discussing which ones we liked and didn’t like. So we never really saw Julianne dance at all.

When DWTS were celebrating their 100th episode, which took two days. They went over  freestyle dances from past seasons. Julianne was in two of the dances featured in the countdown. My mom and I absoluately love Derek so we kind of love her too. I watched her in Burlesque and loved her in there. She looks really good in red hair by the way!

I am very excited to see Footloose. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to see it in theaters or not. I’d like to, and I think my mom would like to see it in theaters even though the car accident scene will make us cry right off the bat. Nobody else likes dance movies except mom and I. So I’d rather watch it with her than anyone else.

I’m not looking forward tonight. Well I’m looking forward for her dance with Kenny, and if you’re trying to figure out where he’s from. If you’ve seen Center Stage: Turn It Up he plays the male lead. The first time I seen the previews for it my mind kept going back and tried to figure it out who he was. Anyways, and Julianne and Derek are going to dance together, which to me would be awkward. Dancing with your brother? Too weird. They’ve done this for several years I’m sure they’re over that awkward stage by now. I’m not looking forward to the elimination of the night part. Definitely not looking forward to that.